10 Wealthiest Fictional Characters In 2023

A fictional character refers to a character or entity featured in a narrative artwork (such as an opera, novel, television series, or film). The character could be entirely fictional or be based on an actual person.

Numerous fictional characters have appeared in various well-known and acclaimed films. Some of them are wealthy in their roles and are known worldwide.

This article compiles the 10 wealthiest fictional characters from films or television with net worth connected to them. The net worth attached to them is their fictional wealth.

 Let’s go through the list!

What is a Fictional Character?

A Fictional character is an invented person or entity in a narrative like a book or a movie. The writers base their fictional characters on historical characters, stories they have heard or read about, characters they have met, or characters from different works. 

A well-written character can allow you to connect with your audience, and it could also create an interest in the character.

So, because of their physical characteristics, you can instantly recognize cartoon characters from comic books and cartoons like Batman, Captain America, Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, and Spider-Man. 

In contrast, memorable book characters rely on the reader’s imagination, although they often spawn TV, film, and video game adaptations.

The characters of these popular films can be role models, such as the female lead character from The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), and Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) in Game of Thrones.

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Top 10 Wealthiest Fictional Characters in 2023

These are the wealthiest fictional characters in 2023 and their net worths. They include;

  • McDuck Scrooge
  • Carlisle Cullen
  • Tony Stark
  • Charles Foster Kane
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Richie Rich
  • Tywin Lannister
  • Mr. Burns
  • Lara Croft
  • Jay Gatsby

#1. McDuck Scrooge- $65.4 billion

wealthiest fictional characters

Scrooge McDuck first made an appearance almost 67 years ago when he was featured in the Donald Duck story’ Christmas on Bear Mountain.’

McDuck’s name and his character connect McDuck to the first Dickensian Scrooge, and it is because of his generosity that he is most well-known. 

Because of the complexities of Disney, McDuck has a pretty different look than his cousin Donald; as an anthropomorphized duck, Scrooge wears pince-nez, spats, and the top hat.

At the age of 13, McDuck left Glasgow to head to McDuck. From there, he began to build his fortune and quickly earned millions. Over the next few years, He continued to collect cash, which was stored in massive “Money Bins.’

Has a rocky relationship with Donald is strained due to an incident during the time he forced Donald to polish cash at the cost of 5 cents per hour. In 2007 Forbes estimated his riches at $28.8 billion. This number has grown drastically.


#2. Carlisle Cullen – $46 billion

wealthiest fictional characters

When vampires began to emerge from the coffins, fantastic fortunes were discovered—one of the most prestigious homes from Carlisle Cullen, a 370-year-old vampire living within Forks, Washington.

Three centuries ago, the small sums kept in his bank grew into billions due to the power of compound interest.

Plus, the intelligent investments were made per the guidance of his daughter Alice (who can see the near future). Like other wealthy investors, Carlisle Cullen maintains a moderately modest and low-profile lifestyle.

#3. Tony Stark- $12.4billion

Self-proclaimed genius playboy, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Ironman Tony Stark built on his father’s successes by developing Stark Industries and the Iron Man suit.

In later films, Stark is increasingly portrayed as a philanthropist who works to create methods of producing renewable energy that is clean and off from the armor industry. 

Despite this shift, Stark never lets go of his irresistible wealthy kid look. He is one of the wealthiest fictional characters.

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#4. Charles Foster Kane- $11.2billion

wealthiest Fictional Characters

Born into a struggling Colorado family, Charles Foster Kane’s fortunes changed when he was a youngster when his parents got an underground mine for a small amount, only to discover that the mine was very wealthy in gold.

The young Kane relocated from New York, where he began building what would later be a huge media empire by buying his New York Inquirer newspaper.

Well-known for his participation with yellow journalists, Kane was one of the first to grasp the media’s immense potential and established the first method for trying to exert influence even when it meant losing money.

Besides his extensive media portfolio, Kane has various genuine shipping, estate, and retail food companies.

#5. Bruce Wayne- $9.2billion

Wealthiest fictional characters

Following the death of his parents as a young teenager, Bruce Wayne inherited Wayne Enterprises, a huge company that operated in every aspect, from shipping and defense to energy.

The murderer of his parents was granted parole (and was then shot in the Mafia). Wayne ran away but returned several years later as if there was nothing to do, with an enormous trust fund in his possession.

When Wayne Enterprises was listed on the stock exchange during his absence by CEO William Earle, Wayne himself was able to retain control over the business through numerous shell companies he created using the trust funds he had.

Wayne might not know anything about business. However, you can count on him for sound advice, particularly from his family butler and confidant Alfred Pennyworth, friend, and the new Wayne Enterprises chief executive officer Lucius Fox.

#6. Richie Rich- $5.8billion

Richie Rich, the only child of the industrialist Richard Rich Sr. Richard Rich Sr, lives in Richville, where he lives as a humble young rich child.

His hobbies include:

  • Going to school.
  • Playing with his robot cleaners Iron and Butler Cadbury and, more recently (in the current relaunch in the graphic novel).
  • Spending his money on charitable causes.

#7. Tywin Lannister- $1.8billion

wealthiest fictional characters

Tywin Lannister, the Lord of Casterly Rock, is the patriarch of the Lannister family and one of the wealthiest fictional characters.

Their wealth comes from mining, and they have the gold-rich mining in Casterly Rock and the Golden Tooth under control.

The Lannisters have recently gained immense political power, with Tywin’s grandson being crowned King and called the”Hand of King.

However, this new power hasn’t resulted in a significant increase in the family’s net worth as of yet as a costly war with the Starks taking a lot of resources. Tywin has never had difficulties obtaining credit. But, the Lannisters are famous for paying their obligations.

#8. Mr. Burns- $1.5billion

Charles Montgomery’s “Monty” Burns’ wealth is different from episode to within The Simpsons.

As a Yale Graduate and World War II veteran, Mr. Burns was deemed trustworthy by President Truman and was enlisted to carry the Trillion Dollar Note to Europe in the context of America’s contribution to reconstruction. 

The trust, however, was lost when the note ultimately made its way to the hand of Fidel Castro.

#9. Lara Croft- $1.3 billion

Wealthiest Fictional Characters

Lara Croft is one of the wealthiest fictional characters. However, she is more famous for her adventures than for her immense fortune. Born into a wealthy British family and was the child of Lord Henshingly Croft.

She’s never been satisfied with her comfortable and luxurious life. She has always preferred to live the life of an Indiana Jones and get in trouble in the most exotic locations around the globe.

Her archeological adventures have added to her family’s fortune with amazing discoveries like the city never found in Atlantis and Pandora’s Box. Additionally, she earns a small amount from the travel-related books she’s created.

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#10. Jay Gatsby- $ 1 billion

Wealthiest Fictonal Characters

Growing up on the prairies of North Dakota as the son of a farm family Jay Gatsby (born Jimmy Gatz) was aware of his poverty.

Gatsby dropped out of at the age of 17 from a Minnesota college after becoming fed up with having to earn a living being a janitor. Gatsby was able to spend the remainder of his life traveling the globe on a yacht along with billionaire Dan Cody, acquiring the fashions and tastes of the rich.

Following Cody’s death, shortly before WWI’s beginning, Gatsby joined the infantry and was the first to meet the woman who would become his love, Daisy.

From that point on, Gatsby spent his life earning a fortune as an entrepreneur-like bootlegger during the prohibition period to erase any evidence of his humble beginnings and prove himself worthy of the love of Daisy.

FAQs on Wealthiest Fictional Characters in 2023

Who is the wealthiest fictional character?

The top ten wealthiest fictional characters are:
McDuck Scrooge- $65.4 billion
Carlisle Cullen – $46 billion
Tony Stark- $12.4billion
Charles Foster Kane- $11.2billion
Bruce Wayne- $9.2billion
Richie Rich- $5.8billion
Tywin Lannister- $1.8billion
Mr. Burns- $1.5billion
Lara Croft- $1.3 billion
Jay Gatsby- $ 1 billion

Is Lara Croft a Millionaire?

Yes. Lara Croft is a billionaire, although she is more famous for her adventure than her immense fortune.

Who is the wealthiest superhero?

Black Panther.
With a net worth totaling more than Batman and Iron Man combined, Black Panther is the richest comic book character of all time.

Who is the richest cartoon character?

Scrooge McDuck. McDuck has a net worth of $65.4 billion.


We have listed and analyzed the top 10 wealthiest fictional characters to exist. This net worth attached to them is their fictional wealth.

We hope you enjoyed going through this list!



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