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Chicago is one of the most amazing cities to visit in the US. Home to 2.7 million persons, according to the 2020 census, the city is filled with promising opportunities and endless activities in the world of business and economy.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the wealthiest suburbs you should consider moving to on your next trip to Chicago. Before we list the richest subs in Chicago, let’s give you a sneak peek at why you should visit Chicago.

10 Wealthiest Suburbs Of Chicago 2023

Our list of wealthiest suburbs in Chicago was selected based on per capita income. Here’s a list of the wealthiest suburbs of Chicago:

  1. Winnetka
  2. Kenilworth
  3. Glencoe
  4. Inverness
  5. Barrington Hills
  6. Lake Forest
  7. Oak Brook
  8. North Barrington
  9. South Barrington
  10. Highland Park

1. Winnetka

Image source: Tripadvisor

Per Capita Income – $98,139

Winnetka is a village in Cook County, Illinois. With a population of 12,428, the North Shore community makes up one of the richest suburbs in Chicago.

The median household income in Winnetka is pegged at $207,955, which is above the median household income of the New York-Newark area, which is $62,963.

In the area of jobs, the commercial and financial sectors, scientific, health care, management, and sales sector make up the five most popular occupations.

Winnetka has an average house value of $1.4 million, which is seven times the national average of $173,600 for all homes.

2. Kenilworth

Per Capita Income – $97,381

Kenilworth, Illinois, is a village in Cook County known for its prominent Wall Street of Chicago and its walled community, The Kenilworth. Kenilworth is one of the wealthiest suburbs in Chicago.

With a median household income of $209,000, Kenilworth is one of Chicago’s richest towns. The city’s median home value is pegged at $1.18 million, with a median rent price of $3,600.

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3. Glencoe

Image source: chicago.curbed.com

Per Capita Income – $96, 649

Glencoe is a lakeside village in northeastern Cook County, Illinois, United States. With a population of 8,836 people. Glencoe is located in Cook County and is regarded as one of the most excellent locations to live in Illinois. Living in Glencoe provides homeowners a rural feel, and most residents own their homes.

Glencoe is one of the wealthiest suburbs in Chicago, with a median income of about $971,000. The cost of living in the village is valued to be 16% lesser than the national average of housing, estimated to be $390,000.

According to Census data, Glencoe’s homeownership rate is above 80%, while the unemployment rate is low.

4. Inverness

Image source: gettyimages.com

Per Capita Income – $91,623

Inverness is a small hamlet in Cook County, Illinois, with 7,616 residents. It is considered one of the best places to live in Illinois as it offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes.

The median household income in Inverness is &88,710. In terms of the net income of members of a particular household, Inverness has 2.8 people per household.

Inverness offers its people a lifestyle not typically offered in many Chicagoland’s other suburbs. Most home lots are at least one acre in size, and most residential avenues appear to wander across the countryside.

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5. Barrington Hills

Image source: gettyimages.com

Per Capita Income – $91,555

Barrington Hills is a fantastic village located the Northwest of Chicago, close to the Des Plaines River. The city’s population of 10,327 residents makes it the second-largest population in Cook County after Rolling Meadows.

Barrington’s closeness to Chicago makes it easy for business persons to commute to the city.

The median household income of Barrington is $120,000, while the median home value is $660,000, making it one of the richest suburbs in Chicago.

In addition to the city’s high median household income, the city has one of the lowest poverty rates at just 2.% compared to the 14% in Illinois.

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6. Lake Forest

Image source: lakeforest.edu

Per Capita Income – $86,004

Lake Forest is a city in Lake County, Illinois, in the United States, with a population of 19,367, according to the 2020 census. The city is located along Lake Michigan’s shore and is part of the Chicago metropolitan area and the North Shore.

This rich city boasts of one of the highest median incomes in the nation, with a family income of $142,000 per year.

In addition to being home to most of the richest people in America, Lake Forest is also one of the best places to live in the United States.

7. Oak Brook

Image from visittheusa.com

Per Capita Income – $81,213

Oak Brook is a small village in Cook County, Illinois, with over 8,163 inhabitants according to the 2020 census. This suburb of Chicago houses the headquarters of several companies and organizations, including Ace Hardware, Blistex, Federal Signal, and lots more.

The average household income in Oak rook is $77,387, while the median gross rent is $1,846.

Most residents are female (100:90), yet males earn 1.37 times more than their female counterparts. The median property price is $748,700, while the median household income is $132,500.

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8. North Barrington

Image from realtor.com

Per Capita Income – $78,326

North Barrington is a village in Cook County with a population of 3,047. The community is seen as a suburb of Chicago.

On average, most city houses in North Barrington are valued at over $1 million. The average income of each household is above $71,000.

North Barrington has four wonderful outdoor parks (over 33 acres) for the residents, with Eton, South Eton, Lenoard, and Lafferty Park. In addition, the community gives residents easy access to theatre, culture, and shopping while retreating to their homes.

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9. South Barrington

Image source: chicagotribune.com

Per Capita Income – $70,004

South Barrington is the ninth richest community in Chicago, with a median household income of $69,004 annually. The ideal price rate of a property is $841,900.

This suburb in Chicago has a low poverty rate of 1.8% which is relatively low.

This wealthy suburb of Chicago features some of the largest homes in Illinois. Moreso, it is the location of the well-known megachurch Willow Creek Community Church, Goebbert’s Pumpkin Patch, and Farm.

10. Highland Park

Image source: chicagotribune.com

Per Capita Income – $68,688

Last on our list of the top 10 wealthiest suburbs in Chicago is Highland Park. With over 29,76 persons living in the community, Highland Park is ranked as one of the most economically thriving suburbs in the Chicago metropolis and one of the top 100 most affluent towns in the United States.

The average income of a household in Highland Park is $66,816 annually.

Why You Should Visit Chicago

Because the Chicago Bears practice site is located adjacent to Lake Forest, Highland Park is popular with professional athletes. Because of its closeness to the team’s practice facility in neighboring Deerfield, Highland Park is home to several players of the championship Chicago Bulls of the 1990s, including Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, B. J. Armstrong,[27] and GM Jerry Krause.

Chicago has everything you could desire in a great international city: magnificent buildings, incredible food and entertainment, and a history of worldwide contributions to art, culture, and technology.

Here are a few reasons why you should visit Windy City.

1. Its unique dishes

You can’t visit Chicago without trying its famous deep-dish pizza. With its stringy mozzarella, rich tomato sauce, and golden crust, this decadent meal may appear overwhelming, but it is a must-order. Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s are the traditional deep dish options, with locations across the city and suburbs.

2. Beautiful skysrappers

Skyscrapers are an essential element of Chicago’s history as the city that invented them. The best early examples and restored Art Deco masterpieces from the 1920s merge wonderfully with some of the world’s tallest and most innovative structures to produce Chicago’s skyline of more than 100 skyscrapers.

With new ones coming all the time, the city’s architectural prestige is a beauty.

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3. World-class museums

Chicago has the best museums in the world. Whether you see the world’s largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex at The Field Museum, the Western Hemisphere’s most significant science museum at the Museum of Science and Industry, or learn more about the city itself at the Chicago History Museum, there’s always a place to visit.

4. Diverse ethnic groups

The diversity of Chicago’s population and communities contributes to the city’s excellent cuisine culture. Chicago has historically been a truly cosmopolitan city, with considerable concentrations of Latinos, Italians, Irish, and Poles. From Chinatown to Ukrainian Village, Pilsen to Greektown, there are growing regions throughout the city where you may experience distinct art, culture, and life.

5. Musical heritage

Chicago has a rich musical history, having birthed various notable musical forms. Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Willie Dixon’s Chicago blues are still tremendously popular, as is “Chicago-style” Dixieland jazz.

The city’s landscape is littered with jazz and blues clubs, and the Chicago Jazz and Blues Festivals take place every summer. House music first appeared in Chicago in the 1980s, gaining its name from The Warehouse nightclub.

FAQs On Chicago

What is the safest Chicago suburb?

Buffalo Grove is one of the safest places to live in the Chicago suburb. Your chances of becoming a victim of violence in Buffalo Grove are 1 in 8,642.

Which is the richest suburb in the US?

Home to tech billionaires, Atherton is the wealthiest suburb in America.

What makes Chicago unique?

Chicago is famed for its stunning architecture, active music scene, incredible food (particularly deep-dish pizza), and iconic neighborhoods.

What is Chicago known for culturally?

Culturally, Chicago, Illinois is well-known for the invention or substantial progress of a variety of performing arts, including improvisational comedy, house music, industrial music, blues, hip hop, gospel, jazz, and soul.

What is the most expensive house in Chicago?

The Parrillo Mansion on Burling Street in Lincoln Park is the most expensive Chicago property ever for sale. This “single-family” residence covers 8 city lots and was specially built in 2010 for $65 million by Richard and Michaela Parrillo.


Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US with about 100 suburbs. It is that city where your appetite for art, architecture, sports and of course, food will be quenched.


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