Top 10 Wealthiest Musicians in the World | 2022

For us lovers of music who do all of our most mundane tasks to the beats and melodies of beautiful music, it’s common to wonder if our faves will make it to the list of the top 10 wealthiest musicians in the world in 2022.

Regardless of the genre, the public widely and globally appreciates music because the best musicians invest their time, talent, and effort into producing the best tunes. Though they often have other sources of income, their input in the music industry guarantees a steady income.

Although there are usually updates on the list of the richest musicians in the world, we have compiled a current list for your free perusal.

Go ahead to see if your favorite made the cut!

How much do musicians make?

A working musician should make at least $35,300 per year from their music career, including other income streams like endorsements and tours. However, the wealthiest musicians in the world earn a lot more than this.

It is often tricky to estimate the average salary of musicians considering the flexibility of the music industry. While singers often get cash, cars, or houses from their other ventures, the music industry, with a revenue of about $50 billion, provides a respectable living from streaming, tours, and live concerts.

As streaming services like Soundcloud continue to gain adoption and birth new music sensations, it is even easier to create, release, and record music without the aid of a record label. So, we expect an influx of new singers on this list in the coming years.

Who are the wealthiest musicians in the world in 2022?

Below is a table of the wealthiest musicians in the world in 2022, including their net worth, age, and nationalities.

RankMusicianNet WorthAgeNationality
1Kanye West (Ye)$2 billion44United States
2Rihanna $1.7 billion33United States, Barbados
3Jay Z$1.4 billion52United States
4Andrew Lloyd Webber$1.2 billion73United Kingdom
5Paul McCartney$1.08 billion79United Kingdom
6P-Diddy$885 million52United States
7Herb Alpert$870 million86United States
8Madonna$850 million63United States
9Dr. Dre$820 million56United States
10Celine Dion$800 million53Canada

1. Kanye West – $2 BILLION

wealthiest musicians in the world

Kanye West is the wealthiest musician in the world, with a net worth of about $2 billion. He achieved this feat with investments in real estate, brand endorsements, and his music career. Over time, he has sold more than 160 million copies of music records.

Kanye West is a leading figure in the beautiful music world, mainly hip hop. Besides being a musician and rapper, he is well-known in fashion, entrepreneurship, and screenplay.

Although he is quite a controversial character, he has won over twenty Grammy Awards. He is also a father of four though he recently divorced his stunning wife, Kim Kardashian.

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2. Rihanna – $1.7 BILLION

wealthiest musicians in the world in 2022

Rihanna is not new to the world of the richest celebrities. In 2012 and 2014, she was also included among the top ten highest-paid stars by Forbes.

Now, the second wealthiest musician in the world is Rihanna. She is also the richest female musician in the world.

However, a sizable portion of her income does not come from her music but rather from her lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty, worth about $270 million, and cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty, worth $1.4 billion.

This Barbarian sensational 32-year-old singer has raked millions with her cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty. According to reports, the label produced $570 million in sales in 2018, significantly increasing her net worth.

3. Jay Z – $1.6 BILLION

wealthiest musicians in the world in 2022

Born Shawn Corey Carter on December 4, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York, born Jay-Z is still a titan in the music industry, especially rap with 24 Grammy awards. He is married to fellow pop star Beyonce Knowles.

He started his musical journey in the 1980s. Since then, he has produced some legendary albums, including The blueprint in 2001, the black album in 2003, 4:44 in 2017, and more.

He also started the successful record label Roc-A-Fella Records, which has sold over 100 million albums. He also holds a sports agent license and works for his team, Roc Nation Sports.

Besides his reputation as a global rapper, Jay-Z is well-known for being an excellent investor and businessman.

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4. Andrew Lloyd Webber -$1.3 BILLION

wealthiest musicians in the world

Andrew Lloyd Webber is yet another incredible giant in the world of music. He is also one of the wealthiest in the world. The shrewd composer, songwriter, theater director, television personality, and businessman Andrew Lloyd Webber was born on March 22, 1948.

He began learning the piano, violin, and French horn when he was 6. He kept polishing his skills and has maintained his position as the top earner in the industry. Andrew has composed 21 musicals and two film scores and has received an Emmy Award, 6 Tonys, 3 Grammys, an Academy Award, a Brit Award, etc.

5. Paul McCartney – $1.2 BILLION

richest musician in the world

Sir Paul is a gifted multi-instrumentalist with about 32 songs reaching the Billboard Hot 100’s number one in his name. He has also twice been acknowledged in the Guinness Book of Records.

James Paul McCartney was born in Liverpool, England, on June 18, 1942, and has worked with other celebrities like Kanye West and Michael Jackson.

He boasts of two inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the first was as a member of the Beatles in 1988 and the second was as a solo artist in 1999. He also has won an Academy Award and 18 Grammy Awards.

According to Wikipedia, in 2020, he had an estimated net worth of £800 million and was one of the richest musicians in the world. Now, he is the fifth of the top 10 wealthiest musicians in the world in 2022.

6. P-Diddy – $885 MILLION

richest musician in the world

Born as Sean John Combs on November 4, 1969, Puff Daddy is another person that ranks among the wealthiest musicians in the world. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and producer born in New York.

Puff Daddy, or P-Diddy, owns Bad Boy Entertainment, his record label. He makes a significant portion of his money from music, his Sean John clothing line, perfume business, and popular MTV show.

Winner of three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards, P Diddy received a nomination for his clothing line’s Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) award.

The brilliant rapper and men’s wear designer is renowned for leading a wealthy lifestyle. He frequently represents riches, flying on private jets, driving expensive cars, and taking luxurious holidays.

He sure can afford the display with a net worth of $930 million.

7. Herb Alpert – $870 MILLION

richest musician in the world

Another famous name among the wealthiest musicians in the world is 87-year-old Herb Alpert. He is considered the most famous trumpeter in the entire globe. At 87, Herb Alpert is still in high demand to perform in plays and concerts, and of course, he gets paid handsomely for these shows.

As a young boy, Herb Alpert fell in love with music and started learning how to play the piano and trumpet. He has received many awards, including the Tony Award, eight Grammy Awards, and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007.

With a net worth of $870 million, he ranks sixth among the top 10 richest musicians in the world.

8. Madonna – $850 MILLION

richest musician in the world

Popularly known as the Pop Queen, Madonna was born on August 16, 1958, yet many Americans still regard her as one of the best singers and songwriters.

Madonna started as a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist in the famous rock band Breakfast Club. Over time, she shot to fame with her debut album Madonna in 1983. This album hit number eight on the Billboard 2000. 

In addition to owning Maverick Records, a children’s book series, and other health clubs, Madonna is a Golden Globe-winning actress. Without a doubt, Madonna has made an enduring impression on the music industry.

With a net worth of $850 million, she is the proud owner of 11 cars, including the BMW 7-Series, Mini Cooper S, and Mayback 57, and is the 8th wealthiest musician in the world.

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9. Dr. Dre – 820 MILLION

wealthiest musician

Another icon in the music industry is American rapper Dr. Dre. His real name is Ander Romelle Young, born on February 18, 1965. He is a skilled musician who plays a keyboard, sampler, drum machine, and more.

The CEO and founder of Beats Electronics and Aftermath Entertainment, Dr. Dre, is also recognized as one of the key figures in the evolution of hip hop.

He has even helped launch the careers of some well-known musicians, including Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent. However, Dr. Dre has only released two albums in his name; the Chronic, which sold 6 million copies globally, was one of them.

He eventually sold Beats Electronics, his headphone company, to Apple for a staggering $3 billion. This surely justifies his position on this list of the wealthiest musicians in the world.

10. Celine Dion – $800 MILLION

richest musician in the world in 2022

The 10th wealthiest musician in the world is Celine Dion. This remarkable Canadian singer was born on March 30, 1968.

To date, she remains a household name because of her impressive input in the music industry. Her beautiful Titanic soundtrack launched her into the international spotlight. Now, she has albums in English and French, earning her many awards and prizes.

She has the all-time highest concert residency, as she has charged $500,000 per show in Las Vegas. Her Celine Dion’s 1000th show was in Las Vegas in 2016.

FAQs about the wealthiest musicians in the world

Who is the richest musician in the world?

Kanye West is the wealthiest musician in the world, with a net worth of $ 2 billion

Who is the wealthiest female musician in 2022?

Rihanna is the wealthiest female musician in the world, with an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion.

Who are the wealthiest musicians in the world?

Here are the wealthiest musicians in the world:
Kanye West (Ye)
Jay Z
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Paul McCartney
Herb Alpert
Dr. Dre
Celine Dion


These are the top 10 wealthiest musicians in the world. The list consists of music industry icons from rap to hip hop, pop, and classical genres.

While Kanye is currently the richest musician in the world in 2022, the other singers on the list also have impressive accomplishments and net worths.

So, did your favorite make it? *winks*



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