What To Do With Shredded Paper: 22 Creative Ideas

There was a time knowing what to do with papers I shredded was a big challenge to me. To be honest, I was always pissed off having all those bank statements, old bills, and other private documents that I just wanted to dispose of heaped around the house without knowing what to do.

But now, those experiences are history because I was able to coin out some creative things that I can do with those shredded papers.

Creative things I meant are not composting and Recycling. That doesn’t mean that recycling or composting shredded paper is wrong.

You can recycle your shredded paper, but the truth is some of the recycling centers don’t do anything with shredded paper. And even if they do, you have little or nothing to benefit from it.

Then composting shredded paper, it is actually the most environmentally friendly solution for dealing with shredded paper.

The downside is that it’s not all papers you can compost. For instance, glossy paper or cellophane from envelope windows cannot be composted because they aren’t biodegradable.

Also, in the process of trying to recycle or compost those papers containing private information about you, it can get into the wrong hands. And you know what it can cause you.

To be on the safer side, use those papers you shredded in your office and at home to your advantage.

And if you are wondering how to go about it, here are 24 creative ideas on how to use them.

These are ideas I have tried out, and they all served me to my satisfaction. So don’t think it’s one of the ways I want to drag traffic to this site.

Having that mindset while reading this won’t allow you to pay full attention. So, I will advise you carefully read through.

22 Creative Ideas on the Uses of Shredded Paper

Here are the uses of shredded paper that you can at the comfort of your home make.

#1. Use it to prepare Chicken Nest

You can use your shredded paper to build a chicken or bird nesting box. If you don’t want to buy materials for nesting boxes which are a bit expensive. Shredded paper can be an alternative.

A friend of mine who has a poultry farm spent almost every week buying nesting box materials until he got the idea that with shredded paper, he could make a comfortable nest.

And you know what? He sees it now as the best option because it keeps his chickens clean and relaxed.

Apart from chickens, if you have rabbits, you can also use them to make rabbit nests and I tell you, your rabbits will love it.

#2. Make a Paper Mache

This is another creative thing you can do to produce. Back then in Kindergarten, we were taught how to make paper mache.

Then mold it when moist to form various articles. And it was one of the funniest activities I enjoyed most because I always create beautiful things with it.

So, with the papers, you can help your kids to be creative by teaching them how to paper mache with it. And Believe me; they will love it.

#3. Use it as a Fire Starter

Winter season is fast approaching, and the need for a fire starter will increase if you are using wood heat. With shredded paper, you can make a fire starter in your fireplace or campfire.

#4. Shredded Paper can serve as a Cat litter alternative

If you have a cat is quite expensive in the long run. Cat litter always creates tons of waste and may contain toxic chemicals that harm the environment. But with Shredded paper, you are sure it’s free and toxin-free.

The only downside is that your kitty may refuse to use it. Have patience and train your favorite fur ball to accept the cat litter substitute.

Start with a base layer of regular litter and a top layer of shredded paper until your cat gets accustomed to the paper.

#5. You can turn your shredded paper into Bouquet

You know, buying beautiful flowers can be very expensive. And when you consider the cost, you may even want to forget to buy any at all

With shredded paper, you can make beautiful flowers with no cost attached. Imagine making flowers that are unique and gorgeous without having to spend much.

#6. Turn your Shredded paper to Sensory Bin

This is another creative idea you can employ instead of heaping those papers you shredded at that corner of your house.

You will enjoy this most if you have children who might be struggling with a sensory processing disorder.

Normally, Sensory bins are very expensive because of what they are being used for. But, with a shredded paper sensory bin, your child can learn to be creative.

#7. Shredded Paper can help you grow your green beans

A friend of mine that grows vegetables once called me and said, ‘ Queen, my vegetables, especially green beans, don’t grow well because they don’t have moisture, and I don’t know what to do’.

Remembering that I had read a book that talked about how shredded paper can be of help, I advised her to give it a trial which she did, and it worked.

One thing about green bean seeds is that they need lots of moisture which when supplied at the planting stage can make them not grow well.

Generally, shredded paper help protect your green bean seeds and help them retain moisture.

#8. Make seedling pots

Want to know more uses of shredded paper? Try making a seedling pot. Seedling pots are those little pots that you first plant with before transplanting.

They are always made with an egg carton, clay, or newspaper. Instead of buying one, You can make your own seedling pots out of shredded paper. If you are a farmer, this idea is one of the best for you. So, try it out now.

#9. Alternative for Wood bricks

This is one of the uses of shredded paper that you can give a trial today. With this, you can heat your home.

In making a fireplace, your paper can serve as bricks of fuel to use in place of coal in furnaces. This is very easy when compared with wood bricks because you won’t have to chop wood.

#10. Prepare Animal Bedding

This is another creative thing you can do with shredded paper. With shredded paper, you can prepare animal bedding that will make the animals feel more comfortable.

Even though you don’t rear animals, you can help that friend who rears animals give his animals the best shelter ever.

#11. Shredded Paper can be used in your Garden

If you have a garden, you can use your shredded paper in your garden. Doing this will be better if you are done with making animal bedding. So, you can still get back those ones you gave your friend to make bedding.

#12. Make colored Basket

This is another creative idea you can try out. During the festive period like Christmas or Easter period, there are baskets kids carry around, which normally eggs, food, toys, or other gifts, depending on one’s culture.

You can actually make this basket with shredded paper. The only difference is that before you shred the papers, first color them. This will make your basket look colorful.

#13. Shredded Paper Table Mats

A table mat is another thing you can make with shredded paper. Just like the basket, to make colorful table mats, you have to first color the papers before shredding them.

#14. Make an Art Work

For kids, this is one of the best ways to be creative. You can help your kids learn how to be creative with the papers you shredded.

Two years ago, I visited an uncle who has smart kids. Knowing that with papers, I can actually help them learn the work of art and at the same time have fun. I taught them how to make and design pictures and sculptures which I used as a finishing agent to hold them together.

It was a really fun time for them because they enjoyed every bit of it. You, too, can do the same for your kids.

#15. Shredded Paper Mulch

Shredded paper is one of the best options for mulch. Then you can use it to cover the ground around flowers, shrubs, fruit plants, and anywhere else you may need it. This will help prevent weeds and retain water like a champ.

Making mulch is one of the common uses of shredded paper.

#16. Keep away pest

Do you know that with your shredded preparation you can scare away pests from your garden?

Yes, you can do that.

Using your shredded paper, you can make a scarecrow that you will place on a swing or bench to keep away birds and pests. This method is very cheap and less stressful.

#17. You can keep your seeds healthy until planting time

Just like you can use shredding paper to keep your beans seeds moisturized, you can also do the same for other seeds. Once you cover your seeds in shredded paper, it can help protect the newly sown seeds and retain moisture too.

#18. Make firm cushions

You can use shredded paper to make firm cushions by kneeling them together.

Stuff the papers tightly into any sturdy bag, seal it with duct tape, and you’ve got a kneeling pad or firm cushion. These are nice for gardeners or anyone who kneels a lot while doing projects.

If you’ve got a broken canvas shopping bag that can’t be repaired, this is a great chance to do something with it instead of throwing it away.

#19. Alternative for confetti

Planning to be confetti for your wedding? With your shredded paper at home, you won’t need to spend a dime again. Just cut those papers into pieces after coloring, and you have confetti.

According to Wikipedia, Confetti is small pieces or streamers of paper, mylar, or metallic material which are usually thrown at celebrations, especially parades and weddings.

#20. With shredded paper, you can make your own paper

Another use of shredded paper is producing more paper. I have tried out these several times, and it worked. I was able to produce beautiful papers.

You can make sheets of paper that you or even your kids can use for drawings, sketching, gift tags, and any other stuff that needs paper.

#21. Make a Sachet

Scent a wad of paper with essential oils, stuff it into a decorative organza bag, tie it up, and voila – a nice little sachet to use or give away.

You can also throw in some dried herbs or flowers to enhance the scent. These actually make really nice little DIY party favors that are affordable and easy to make.

#22. Use Shredded Paper to wrap Gifts.

It sounds impossible, right?

I once thought it was impossible to wrap and package something with shredded paper until I tried it out.

If you have things that need to be packaged with soft materials, then try using shredded paper. Instead of going for bubble wrap, that is expensive, you can tightly wrap those gifts with shredded paper without being afraid something will rub, bump, or shift.

You can also use it to pack stuff like breakable plates and cups you want to put in storage.


Now, you have seen that there is a lot you can do with your shredded paper aside from recycling them. So, go back to where you heaped them today and start trying out some of the creative ideas listed above.


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