13 Places you can get Freebies on your Birthday in 2022

Birthdays come only once a year and are worth celebrating in the best ways possible. You can make your birthday or that of your loved ones a memorable one this year by giving them freebies. I tell you, they won’t forget it in a hurry. This article provides you with a list of the best 13 places you can get Freebies on your Birthday.

Actually, I have been in some of these places and what they offer, is top-notch. In fact, ask me for accounts of my birthdays 10 years down the line, I will give you a detailed account of my birthday experiences all because of the free freebies I received from loved ones then.

Back to where to get freebies, there are countless outlets that offer freebies to the birthday celebrants, and each year, they have more catchy offers for people to grab. The major challenge most people encounter is that they often time miss out on the opportunity to get freebies.

If you love freebies but have been missing out on the opportunity to grab a few on your birthdays, then hopefully, this article can put a stop to that as we reveal the best places you can get freebies on your birthday.

13 Places you can get Freebies on your Birthday

The places listed below offer various kinds of freebies ranging from food to coffee and other valuables you are certain to love.

#1. Godiva Gourmet Chocolate

Location: In all USA States

If you love chocolate or you want to celebrate a friend that can kill for just chocolate, the first place that should come to your mind when considering where to get freebies on your birthday is Godiva Gourmet Chocolate.

At Godiva Gourmet chocolate you can get Chocolate Strawberries, Chocolate Covered Snacks, Coffee & Cocoa, Chocolate Bars, GODIVA Biscuits, Wrapped Chocolates, and assorted chocolates.

Another interesting thing about this place is that aside from just birthday celebrations, you can also get chocolates for anniversary, sympathy gifts, wedding gifts, or even Thank You gifts.

Also, The Godiva rewards club gifts its members’ free chocolates on their birthdays. So, as a member, you get one chocolate each month as an entitlement.

#2. Jason’s Deli

Location: 350 Pine Street Suite 1775 Beaumont, TX 77701 USA

Another place where you can get freebies on your birthday this year is Jason’s Deli. For me, I love Jason’s Deli. This is because, at Jason’s Deli, you don’t need to wait until your birthday to get free ice cream.

They offer free ice cream on a daily basis. Jason’s Deli up the ante when it’s your birthday by offering a freebie voucher valued at $5. You can use the voucher to purchase panini, salad bar, or soup cravings at Jason’s Deli.

#3. Moe’s Southwest Grill

Location: In all USA States

Are you aware of the freebie offer at Moe’s Southwest Grill? They offer a free burrito birthday freebie valued at $5 – $10.

At Moe, you will have various types of food on its menu, including burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, salads, stacks, burrito bowls, and salsas. And also, every order comes with chips and salsa on the side.

All you need do to stand a chance at this opportunity is to sign up for their reward program. And in doing do find out the location near you because it’s in all the states in America.

#4. Starbucks Coffee

Location: In all USA States

For lovers of Coffee, Starbucks coffee should be a place to consider. Starbucks offers free coffee as a birthday freebie to members? All you need to do to be entitled to the Starbucks birthday-free coffee is just to become a member at least 30 days prior to your birthday.

#5. Jersey Mike’s

Location: 2251 Landmark Place Manasquan, NJ 08736 USA

If you prefer sandwiches on your birthday to any other gifts, then the best place where to get freebies on your birthday is Jersey Mike’s.

When it comes to quality at Jersey Mike’s, there is nothing like compromising. In fact, refusing to compromise has been an important part of their heritage.

They ensure they offer only the cleanest, tastiest cuts of meats and fine, aged cheeses. Another interesting thing about Jersey Mike’s birthday offer is that you can use the voucher anytime you want.

This voucher which is up to $15 can only be gotten if you sign up. And the only way you can be entitled to this offer is to sign up for the birthday freebie at least 24hrs to your birthday.

#6. Ra Sushi Voucher

Location: 1390 Lancaster St, Baltimore, MD 21231

If you relish the idea of a free meal at Sushi, then this offer is for you. Ra sushi is known to have branches scattered all over California, Texas, Maryland among other cities.

Sushi is known to reward customers with free birthday vouchers valued at $20. All you need do to stand a chance of winning a free voucher is to ensure you are a customer and sign up for their preferred customer email program, which they call The Hook-Up.

#7. Edible Arrangement

Location: 150 Se 2nd Avenue, Suite 1-G, Miami Florida

Edible Arrangement should be another option for you if you love chocolate and you need it as a gift. All you need to do is to signup to become a member.

At this place, members get a sumptuous 12-piece bouquet of fruit-covered chocolate as a reward. The offer comes with other great perks, including VIP gift reminders so you never forget your BFF’s special day or your anniversary ever again.

#8. Benihana Voucher

The Benihana outlet is one of the best places you can get freebies on your birthday. They offer a voucher valued at $30 for a birthday freebie.

The offer is available to people who join their eClub. With the voucher, you can use it to get free food or alcohol on any day except on weekends.

#9. Landry’s Select Club Gift Certificate

Signing up with Landry’s steakhouses such as McCormick & Schmick’s; Morton’s offers you a chance at a $25 voucher.

The voucher can be used for a treat at any of Landry’s outlets. Also, Landry is known to be affiliated with hotels like Hilton and members may use their vouchers at affiliate hotels.

#10. Black Angus Steak

Location: In all the USA States

Black Angus is the way to go if you reside Southwestern part of the US. Black Angus offers you a birthday freebie when you become a member of its Prime Club. Members of the club are rewarded a birthday steak valued at $30. Please note that the deal can only be used once.

#11. AMC

Do you love popcorn? If you love popcorn and would love to get them for free as a birthday freebie then you may need to visit the AMC theatre during your birthday. When you go to see a movie at AMC, you may get free popcorn as a birthday gift.

#12. P. F. Chang’s

Location: 7676 E. Pinnacle Peak Road Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S. 85255

If you love Asian food like me then the P. F. Chang’s is a place you should visit on your birthday. They offer Appetizers or desserts as birthday freebies to people who sign up for an offer.

The best part of the offer is that you can use the deal anytime you wish during your birthday month.

#13. Red Lobster

Location: 450 South Orange Avenue Suite 800 Orlando, FL 32801 USA

The Fresh Catch club has some very sweet perks, including a free surprise on your birthday. Red Lobster has been committed to seafood sustainability since we first opened our doors in 1968. 

Visit the place for a nice birthday treat.


If you have little or no money to treat yourself to a memorable birthday fun fare, with these places you can get freebies on your birthday.


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