7 Easy Ways to Get a Free Laptop | All You Need to Know

Today’s world is fast becoming a global village, so one has to be connected online to keep up with this trend. And to stay connected, you will need a laptop or phone. Need a free gadget? Here are easy ways to get a free laptop!

The internet contains lots of articles about ways to get a free computer, but I can assure you that most of the posts you would find on the internet about getting one is false. They are nothing near the truth about getting free laptops.

Most of the proven methods of getting free laptops, which I will share with you in subsequent sections, are not for everyone; otherwise, everybody would have one or two laptops. Although even if you don’t fall among the eligible category, I will reveal shortly that you don’t have to fear as there are other ways to purchase extremely discounted laptops.

Over the years, the major categories of people who have gotten free laptops are students and people who fall within the low-income tax bracket. There are many opportunities for this set of people to get free laptops.

All you need to do is increase your chances of securing a free laptop that falls within the two categories stated above.

This article will focus on the easy ways to get a free laptop. So, you need to read through it carefully without skimming, and you will be glad you did.

Before you continue, you can quickly navigate through the table of contents below to learn what the article entails.


The following list included companies and foundations known to have given out free laptops to people over the years. If you are closed as a low-income or currently a student of a recognized institution, this is your chance to get one.

#1. Komputers 4 R Kids

This is an NGO that provides free laptops to kids living in California. The organization has been around for some while now and is known to have donated lots of laptops to California kids.

They get these computers from businesses and individuals; refurbish it before donating them to underprivileged California kids. The NGO also gives low-cost laptops to schools and other NGOs.

The aim of the Komputers 4 R Kids program is to help schools and other organizations build computer labs to make education easy for kids.

#2. The OnIt Foundation

The OnIt Foundation is one of the popular organizations that given out free laptops to people. The opportunity to get a free laptop through this method is strictly for citizens of the United States, more so, there are some eligibility criteria to be met for people applying for the OnIt Foundation program.

To stand a chance to get a free laptop through OnIT Foundation, you must meet the following;

  • You must have a child in K-12 school grade.
  • Your child must be attending a public school in the US
  • You must be considered a low-income earner
  • All applicants must be living in the U.S at the time of applying for this program

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#3. Computers with Causes

Computers with causes are known to have given out thousands of laptops since its inception. The foundation collects donated computers to give to underprivileged kids, returning military officers, and homes in need of laptops.

To get a laptop all you need to do is to visit the website and fill in an application form where you would explain why you need a free laptop. The organization aims to ensure that the most deserving are the first to get a free computer.

Check out the site to learn more about their operation and apply accordingly if you need one.

#4. Online Colleges

Attending some online colleges is one way to get a free laptop. Most online colleges give their students laptops or iPads to facilitate their programs. However, in most cases, these online colleges include the cost of the laptops in the tuition fee.

So if you are applying for an online college offering free laptops to its students, you are encouraged to make a search to ensure the tuition fee is not inflated to cover the cost of the laptops. Visit the button below to see the list of online colleges offering free laptops.

#5. Online Public School

Some public schools in the United States have online options for students who prefer to take lessons from home. If you are attending a public school in the US, you may need to check with the school authority to ascertain if this option is available at your school.

This is one of the methods to get a free laptop. These online public schools give free laptops to their students. Are you attending a public school? Or do you know anyone who wishes to attend an online public school? Such persons can get free laptops.

#6.The Aftrr Foundation

Aftrr which stands for Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse is known to give out free laptops to people in need. Over the years, AFTRR has worked with several organizations in cities and states to help people in need with free laptops.

If you need a free computer, all you need to do is to visit the website through the link below, there you would find a locator map that would direct you to organizations in your area where you can obtain free laptops.

#7. Local library

Here you cannot get a free laptop to take home but many local libraries are sure ways to access computers and the internet easily. To use facilities in the library, please note that you have to obtain a membership identity card.

Membership ID cards at libraries are necessary for security reasons so that the librarians get to keep tabs on people who make use of the libraries.


I believe this article satisfies your search for ways to obtain free laptops? If you don’t fall within the category of people eligible to get free laptops through any of the methods listed above, you may need to search for means to get discounted laptops.


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