Top 10 YouTube Channels for Learning Italian

The only other option to increase your vocabulary in Italian is to read books in the language. Nowadays, Youtube channels are a very effective method for learning Italian. They can teach you the proper pronunciation, intonation, and accent of the Italian language if you discover the right ones. You can find Italian videos in a variety of places.

Popular YouTube channels that have fluent Italian speakers are among them. Their goal is to make Italian understandable to everyone. We have compiled the top YouTube channels for learning Italian!

The top 10 Italian YouTube channels are entertaining and educational tools for language study. However, not every channel will suit you, depending on your level of expertise, interests, and personality. You can find our preferred channels listed below. See which ones you like the best, then subscribe to them.

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Top 10 YouTube Channels for Learning Italian

You can learn much about the Italian language by watching lessons on YouTube. You can hear different voices, hear the correct way to say words, and choose when and where you want to learn.

It could take a long time to look through the hundreds of channels on YouTube. That’s why we want to give you a guide to the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.

#1. LearnAmo

Subscribers- 214K


The two talented and personable Italian teachers, Graziana and Rocco will take excellent care of you first. Additionally, two of the top Italian YouTubers are among them! We adore how understandable their videos are and how precisely they communicate.

We particularly enjoy their video on Italian Gestures. It is a popular subject given how significant body language is in Italian culture. They have three excellent playlists if you’re interested in learning about Italian grammar.

They delineate the grammar requirements for each group of the CEFR (A1-A2, B1-B2, and C1-C2). If you’re unsure of your Italian proficiency level, you may click the link below to check it out. Theirs is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.


#2. Italy Made Easy

Subscribers- 192K


Italy Made Easy is the channel for you if you want to laugh while learning Italian! The channel’s creator, Manu, teaches Italian and creates humorous instructional films. Learn Italian Pronunciation, Safety, and How to Avoid Weird Situations in Italy are just a few topics covered.

You might also want to look at Manu’s advanced lessons and webinars if you wish to advance your Italian. He also offers them for a modest cost on his channel. Italy Made Easy is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.

Italy Made Easy

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#3. Italiano Automatico

Subscribers- 339


Italiano Automático is our next preferred YouTube channel for learning Italian. The material is perfect for learning Italian because it gears toward intermediate language students.

Lessons on video with Italian and English subtitles make them so special. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.

Alberto presents the learning methods that he has utilized in an amusing and novel approach. For his series of street interviews, attempt and grasp at least 70 percent of the content.

Listen to the discussions as often as necessary (from 5 to 15 times! ). Enjoy the process most of all!

Italiano Automatico

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#4. Study Italian With Lucrezia Or Learn Italian With Lucrezia

Subscribers- 518K


One of our best YouTube channels for learning Italian is Learn Italian with Lucrezia. Thanks in part to Lucrezia’s playful, inventive nature. And partly because of her incredibly beneficial classes for both advanced and novice students!

View videos like Passato Prossimo: Choosing the Right Auxiliary Verb and Friends, Food, and Yoga. You can see how varied Lucrezia’s YouTube channel is. She covers a wide range of topics. This includes Italian food, culture, and language.

The vlogs that make up many of Lucrezia’s videos are quite intimate. They provide viewers a special window into an Italian person’s life. These are best suited for intermediate and advanced learners because they are entirely in Italian. They also have Italian subtitles if you need them.

Study Italian with Lucrezia


#5. The Travel Linguist

Subscribers- 453K

Views – 54,910,531

This channel teaches fundamental words and phrases in various languages, including Italian! Twenty various “learn Italian” films, including ones with survival vocabulary, common words, and phrases.

This channel teaches greetings, directions, dining, shopping, and safety training. You can access it under the category “Italian 101.”

You can progress from “Greetings Level One” to “Greetings Level Two,” and so on. That is because they divide each lesson into distinct learning levels.

This is by far the best study Italian for travel YouTube channel out there with all the phrases and greetings. The Travel Linguist is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.

The Travel Linguist

#6. Live in Italy

Subscribers- 3.3K

Views- 463,222,173

Italian-born Marco Nisida, a host on this channel, assists viewers in getting ready for their upcoming trips to Italy!

Using examples from his diverse cultural experiences, Marco offers some of his original advice on learning Italian. Live from Italy is one of the best YouTube channels for learning about Italy.

His YouTube account features instructional films at three different levels. It also has technical videos that demonstrate how to conjugate verbs. With this channel, in no time, you would be able to speak fluent Italian. Give it a try! And don’t forget to subscribe.

You can get started with the link below.

Live in Italy

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#7. Italian Pod 101

Subscribers- 461K


You’ll get more self-assurance using this channel when speaking Italian in public. It’s excellent in demonstrating when being courteous and casual in social situations is appropriate.

There are more than 100 videos. Watching just one will teach you something new about “Summer Vacation Words,” “Holidays,” or “Vacation Plans.” Italian Pod 101 is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.

With 461,000 subscribers, Italian Pod is doing something right. And guess what? For every post they make, their number of views increases more than the last one. If you want to learn Italian easily, we recommend this YouTube channel.

You can use the link below to watch some of their videos, and also don’t forget to subscribe.

Italian Pod 101

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#8. One World Italiano

Subscribers- 183K


Learn Italian in Cagliari, the capital of the island of Sardinia, with Veronica and friends on this channel. They share these lessons on their YouTube channel from a real school they constructed for visitors and immigrants to Italy.

Her instructional videos for learning Italian are more engaging and enjoyable to watch. This is mostly because of her images, costumes, and place settings!

If there is any YouTube channel that promises to have you speaking Italian in no time, it is this channel. She gives information and teaches words that most other YouTube channels ordinarily neglect.

With almost 200,000 subscribers, this channel could be exactly what you need. It is undoubtedly one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.

One World Italiano

#9. Easy Languages

Subscribers- 1.19M

Views- 13,658,287

This YouTube channel can be useful to anyone who isn’t just interested in Italian. Russian, Czech, French, Greek, Mandarin, and of course, Italian are just a few of the languages you can learn. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.

The majority of the videos are in the language they teach in. Yet immersion is still one of the most effective learning methods! We think that this channel sells so much because it gives you the option to learn other languages very easily.

Unlike most other YouTube channels with this feature, most of its content is free. It allows you to watch and learn, without having to spend anything but your mobile data. Easy languages break down the intricacies of Italian and ensure you get the hang of the language as soon as possible.

Easy Languages

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#10. Weilà Tom

Subscribers- 104K


Finally, Tom’s YouTube channel has a lot of instructional videos for both English speakers and those who desire to learn Italian. This feature makes his YouTube channel special. It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Italian.

Additionally, he has produced many vlogs under the name TomVlogs. Following Tom on his different excursions they’re a great way to learn Italian. View videos like Tom’s Favorite Italian Songs Playlist and Tips for Speaking Italian More Quickly.

With this YouTube channel, you have the opportunity to experience a different mode and style of learning. He is good at what he does.

Weilà Tom

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Frequently Asked Questions on YouTube Channels for Learning Italian

Where are the best YouTube channels for learning Italian?

LearnAmo, The Travel Linguist, Live from Italy, and Italian Pod 101 are currently the best YouTube channels for learning Italian. These YouTube channels would have you speaking fluent Italian in no time. All you have to do is be dedicated to each of them.

What method is most effective for learning Italian?

Those serious about learning to speak Italian fluently might consider enrolling in an Italian immersion language program. This is most likely the quickest way to learn and master Italian. These schools typically offer morning language instruction and afternoon excursions.

How can I quickly study Italian on my own?

The YouTube channels for learning Italian listed above are a way to start. Also, watching Italian media at home is a fantastic method to immerse yourself in the language. You can also play games to learn Italian; read and write; and utilize apps to learn Italian.

How long does it typically take to learn Italian?

You can need between 4 and 8 years to get an intermediate level if you take three courses a year. Private classes could help you learn much more quickly, but it depends on how many hours you put in each week. You could probably learn Italian in 1-2 years if you took three lessons of 60 minutes each week.

Is Italian difficult to learn?

No. Italian is frequently regarded as one of the simplest languages for English speakers. However, remember, it is going to be difficult if you don’t put your mind to it. Put all you can into it, and you can make full sentences with them in a few months.

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YouTube videos might support your learning process if you wish to learn Italian! You don’t even need to take up a pen to learn Italian.

An excellent way to learn a language is to watch videos. You can hear many different voices, hear the proper pronunciation, and choose when and where you want to learn.

These best YouTube channels for learning Italian are a way of getting the hang of the language fast. Whether you want to learn a few words for a trip or just love the language, the best way to learn Italian is the way that works for you. (Alprazolam)

Feel free to go through all of the best YouTube channels for learning the Italian above. Check the one you are most comfortable with before sticking to it.




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