10 Best Youtube Channels for Writers

As writers, we are constantly striving to develop and improve our craft. There’s always more to learn. Whether you’re studying a new genre, brushing up on tropes, or learning how to market your novel. Even if you are practicing new ways to outline your latest manuscript, you need inspiration.

Great writers are also excellent students. And where do we all go when we want to learn something new, whether it’s fly fishing, microwave maintenance, or DIY truck bed hot tubs- YouTube! But it’s not all car parts and kittens. There are numerous secrets to learning about writing, publishing, leadership development, and marketing your books.

Fortunately, YouTube has many free writing resources you can access from the comfort of your home. In this article, we have highlighted ten of the best YouTube channels for writers. These YouTube channels would help you improve your writing skills.

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10 Best YouTube channels for writers

You must constantly push yourself to grow, dig deeper, and explore new territory to be a great writer. You continue to hone your craft and devour information to write better, publish faster, and delight readers with your stories and content.

This isn’t your boring English professor’s list, nor is it another blogger’s rehashed list. This is a hand-picked list of the best YouTube channels for writers.

The best YouTube channels for writers are-

#1. ShaelinWrites

Shaelin Bishop is a fantastic writer and vlogger. She’s only in her twenties, but she’s already written more than eight novels! Her videos are jam-packed with useful information on everything from plot to point-of-view.

They are longer than many AuthorTube videos, which simply means they are comprehensive and leave nothing out.

Shaelin began her YouTube channel while still in school for creative writing, and she recently graduated. That means her information is current and accurate. She discusses things she’s learned from her professors, so it’s as if you’re getting several experts in one YouTube channel.

ShaelinWrites is one of the best YouTube channels for writers. The channel has over 94.7k+ YouTube channels. ShaelinBishop posts a video every other day and maintains that constant flow of subscribers. They have almost 2.9k views on every post.

Visit ShaelinWrites

#2. iWriterly

Following Shaelin is iWriterly, the brainchild of author Meg LaTorre. Meg’s videos cover a variety of topics. She delves into craft topics such as tropes and characterization. She also offers excellent advice for both traditional and indie publishing.

Meg discusses everything from contacting literary agents to locating a cover artist for self-published authors.

Meg worked at a literary agency before going it alone as an author, blogger, and speaker. That means she has valuable insider knowledge of the traditional publishing world. Her videos are of professional quality, and she is candid about the positive and negative aspects of publishing.

iWriterly ranks high as one of the best YouTube channels for writers. The channel helps you stockpile ideas and put your writing into perspective. They also have about 96k subscribers, with more than 7k views on every post. iWritely post almost every day of the week. Constantly churning out top-notch content.

Visit iWriterly

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#3. Brandon Sanderson

At this point in my writing career, I’m convinced Brandon Sanderson’s author content has more fans than his actual books. Brandon is a best-selling fantasy author. He is also committed to the writing community. Brandon information on his website and his podcast, Writing Excuses.

He did, however, give a guest lecture at Brigham Young University. All thirteen of his lectures are available on his channel. And, believe me, he is the coolest professor you will ever have. For fantasy authors, this is a must-see channel.

The channel is one of the best YouTube channels for writers. Brandon Sanderson has 383k subscribers. For every post, he has about 22k views. He gives premium writing advice- amongst other things. If you have an interest in the serious part of writing, this YouTube channel is for you.

Visit Brandon Sanderson

#4. Terrible Writing Advice

This is exactly what it sounds like Terrible Writing Advice. Everything the vlogger advises you to do is something you should avoid. So, what makes this one of the best YouTube channels for writers? It’s a lot more useful than a lot of writing advice.

Furthermore, the videos are entertaining: animated and rife with sarcasm.

It’s all too easy to hear common writing advice and think: Sensory description? Check. What drives the characters? Check. However, locating the errors is much more difficult. So, if a piece of Terrible Writing Advice sounds like something you did in your novel, you should probably rewrite it. (When it comes to fantasy battles, I’m looking at myself!)

With 412k subscribers and 78 videos, terrible writing advice is one of the best YouTube channels for writers. They make writing sound so interesting, that you would want to dig in immediately. This YouTube channel has its style, using animations and comedy to teach you. If you want to do some serious learning while having fun, you should consider using this channel.

Visit Terrible Writing Advice

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#5. Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula

You can thank me later if you haven’t heard of Mark Dawson and are considering self-publishing. Mark is a highly successful indie author. He has turned his expertise into a business assisting other self-published authors.

His channel covers everything from book formatting to earning a six-figure income. He also does not rely solely on his knowledge. He interviews other independent authors regularly to share their experiences and expertise.

Mark Dawson has about 17k+ subscribers with 498 videos. He is one of the best YouTube channels for writers. He also has a lot of great reviews and testimonies from people with who he has helped their writing careers.

Mark Dawson’s self-publishing formula is one of the best YouTube channels for writers out there. If you are a writer, you should check it out.

Visit Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula

#6. Writing With Jenna Moreci

“Hellooo everybody!” begins writer Jeena’s videos, greeting in her unique style. You may occasionally see her cute pet dog Buttercup appear in her videos. The relationship they have would make you smile instantly. Her followers adore her hilarious explanations of everything.

From writing tips to business questions, her amusing commentary on any writing-related topic will compel you to watch her every video. She also has a sizable Instagram following, where she entertains everyone with her awesome daily posts.

Writing with Jenna Moreci has 269k subscribers. The channel also has over 294 videos. She makes most of her videos in her house, calmly explaining the intricacies of writing you would have overlooked. She runs one of the best YouTube channels for writers. If you are a start-up writer, you should visit the channel.

Visit Writing With Jenna Moreci

#7. Reedsy

Reedsy is well-known in the writing industry for its resources for aspiring authors. This growing YouTube channel has over 500 helpful videos covering a wide range of writing topics. They publish weekly and collaborate with many bestselling authors to bring their viewers the best writing advice.

Reedsy has 110k subscribers and 614 videos. It is one of the best YouTube channels for writers. They upload constantly, ensuring you get the best writing advice on the web.

Visit Reedsy

#8. The Creative Penn

Who wouldn’t want to get writing advice from a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author? Joanna Penn, the best-selling author of 27 books, runs the YouTube channel in addition to her popular writing blog of the same name, The Creative Penn. Her channel has over 700 videos, which should cover any writing-related question.

The 46.9k subscribers of The Creative Penn go a long to show how useful this YouTube channel is in the life of writers. They currently have 808 videos with more than 1k views on them. This is no doubt, one of the best YouTube channels for writers.

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#9. Jerry B Jenkins

It’s blockbuster time, y’all!

Jerry B. Jenkins has kept it focused and straightforward. The videos on the writing process and his personal life don’t deviate much. Jerry B. Jenkins, the author behind this channel, is a mega-bestselling author (Left Behind series) who has contributed to nearly 220 books.

We can be confident that he understands what sells and what doesn’t – and well-crafted manuscripts are high on the “what-sells” list.

He is popular for teaching writing to both young and new writers. This channel has about 133k subscribers with over 66 videos. The videos are impactful and very enlightening. You would enjoy using the tips you have learned from Jerry B Jenkins.

#10. Ellen Brock

There’s a lot of love in the air. If you want to take control, start looking at your manuscript through the eyes of an editor. If you agree, Ellen Brock’s channel should be your new go-to YouTube channel.

She shares insider tips on how to write better characters, scenes, openings, and endings. Her assistance does not end with the writing process. There are also a few videos about publishing.

She has a video for you if you struggle with “killing your darlings,” especially your beloved character creations. This piece of writing advice should be on every writer’s playlist. Her channel has 120k subscribers with 95 videos. She writes and enjoys reading books.

Ellen Brock is one of the best YouTube channels for writers. 

 Visit Ellen Brock


Being able to research your craft is one of the most important aspects of being a writer. Are you creating a fantasy series? It’s time to bring out Ellen Brock. Do you want to write some weird sci-fi short stories? Examine some iWritely.

However, learning as much as you can about writing can be more nuanced than this. How does one go about working on a scene? Is your story riddled with tropes? Don’t worry, there are YouTube channels that can assist with this information as well. We listed the 10 best YouTube channels for writers above. Feel free to pick from any of them.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a YouTube channel for writers?

Yes. We think that at this point, there is a YouTube channel for almost anything. No matter the type of writing you intend to do, you can find a guide on YouTube. They provide you with even more avenues and mediums for learning the craft of writing.

Are the YouTube channels for writers worth it?

Absolutely! The YouTube channels for writers would show you mistakes that you have never even noticed. Overall, they help you become a better writer.

Is writing one of the most popular YouTube topics?

Well, No. Other topics are really popular when it comes to YouTube. However, this does not mean that the YouTube channels for writers are any less effective.

Which are the best YouTube channels for writers?

ShaelinWrites and iWritely rank high on the list of the best YouTube channels for writers.

Is it possible to sell books on YouTube?

Yes. YouTube isn’t just for writers. You can also host your videos; hopefully, people will find you organically. However, if you want to sell more books, you can’t simply post them and forget them. You should share or embed your videos on other social media channels.



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