15 Best Connecticut Solar Companies | 2023 Careers, Location

The most crucial choice you’ll make about your investment in solar panels is mostly the decision of which solar companies to use. It can be hard to search for the best Connecticut solar companies.

However, you can be sure you’re making the right decision by checking out a few things about the companies, for example, Inflated performance promises, high sales techniques, and other factors.

So, based on a variety of criteria, we compiled an honest list of the 15 best Connecticut solar companies. Giving you the pros and cons of each company, for better decision-making.

Knowing that not all solar companies are genuinely real, based on their unfulfilling promises, we choose to help you make the right choice from the well-researched list of the best Connecticut solar companies.

Let’s get started already.

Connecticut Solar Incentives

Residents of CT are eligible for the 26% federal investment tax credit (ITC). A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar decrease in your overall tax obligation.

You might receive a $2,600 credit against the federal taxes you owe if your system costs $10,000.

If your federal tax burden is small, the tax credit can be carried over for several years.

Additional financial incentives for solar energy to search for (not accessible in all states):

  • Credit for state taxes
  • Using net meters
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, or SRECs
  • Utility providers may provide rewards
  • Counties and cities’ incentives
  • Sales tax exemptions and property value growth

How to Pick a Reputable Solar Installation Companies

  • Examine customer feedback and evaluations of the solar installer.
  • Learn about the guarantees provided.
  • Verify the qualifications and certifications of the solar installer.
  • enquire about the turnaround time
  • Look for unique solutions.
  • Choose between a local or national solar installation business.
  • Get several estimates. Get quotes from at least three solar energy providers.

CT Solar Program

A new residential renewable energy scheme developed by PURA in 2021 will alter how solar owners get paid for the electricity their systems generate and supply to the local electric grid.

Best Solar Companies For Residential in CT

Earthlight Technologies.

How Many Companies Make Solar Panels in Connecticut?

In total, CT has 138 solar businesses. Ecology Watch For those wondering whether going solar in CT is worthwhile.

We believe that the sheer volume of competitors in the region demonstrates the value that households in Connecticut are attributing to solar and renewable energy sources.

10 Best Connecticut Solar companies

These are top-rated solar companies in ct. All of these solar companies have stood the test of time. Highly rated by customers.

below is the list of the Best Connecticut Solar Companies:

#1. Tesla

Contact Tesla, a well-known business that specializes in cutting-edge inventions and goods in the solar energy market, if you have a property that is interested in switching to solar energy and looking for the newest technology.

Tesla is an expert in new technological advancements and research. A range of services are available upon request, including roof and site evaluation, specialized system design, complete equipment installation, and help with the permitting procedure.

The company offers a variety of technology, such as covert photovoltaic solar panels, solar roofs composed of shingles that harness solar energy, and batteries that store extra energy for later use.

Tesla offers quotations to prospective clients that fully account for labor and supply costs. Installations can be made to blend in with a building’s current aesthetics.

This company works with both commercial and residential clients, and it guarantees that a qualified manager is in charge of every project. The company has the best solar panel companies in CT.

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#2. Green NRG

In Connecticut, Green NRG is a well-known provider of solar energy systems and equipment for both commercial and residential buildings.

The business specializes in lowering the cost of solar energy for people from all walks of life. It collaborates with several well-known companies, such as Bosch, SunPower, and AleoSolar, to guarantee the caliber of its equipment.

Customers can select photovoltaic solar panels from Green NRG based on their energy requirements and spending limit.

Additionally, the company offers a variety of financing choices, including leases, and assists clients in locating tax breaks and rebates.

Additionally, its skilled staff provides a wide range of services, including site assessment, bespoke system design, and full equipment installation.

Free consultations and prices from Green NRG that take into account labor and equipment costs are offered to everyone who rested. Services are discounted for senior citizens.

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#3. Sunrun

Sunrun works to ensure that the most recent solar energy technology is at a fair and an affordable price for both business and residential buildings throughout the state of Connecticut.

Since the business’s opening approximately ten years ago, it has provided services to more than 180,000 clients.

Sunrun’s main focus is on Solar photovoltaic panel installations, and the company also assesses each property to make sure it will benefit fully from solar energy.

Interested parties can get in touch with the business to request a price for services taking to account the costs of labor and supplies.

Again services offered by the company’s qualified specialists include designing and installing specialized systems, setting up equipment, and performing routine maintenance and monitoring of solar panels.

Sunrun is renowned for its flexible payment options, and customers can decide whether or not to buy the solar system, or would choose to lease the machinery.

Customers can choose whether they want to spend money on a Brightbox solar battery to store excess energy for later use.

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#4. RGS

RGS, one of the biggest solar energy companies in the US, works to lower the cost of renewable energy for homes and businesses in states like Connecticut.

When the business first started in 1978, interest in green energy quickly emerged. To offer customers trustworthy yet affordable solar energy, RGS combined with Alteris Renewables in 2012 and collaborates with other reputable energy companies. Enphase, SolarWorld, Fronius, and Unirac are a few of the company’s affiliates.

Photovoltaic solar panels and batteries are not needed immediately, they are energy for later use, it should be installed by qualified RGS specialists.

Each system is tailored to the property’s needs, and every building and roof will be examined to determine whether they can support the demand for solar energy.

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#5. REPOWER America

Residents in Connecticut and other states around the nation who are looking for a company that offers dependable and economical solar energy systems can get in touch with the experts at REPOWER America, a solar energy company.

When local solar energy companies around the country decided to collaborate to guide their clients with the best services at competitive prices, REPOWER America was brought in.

The combined company works with each of its clients and supports the local economy by hiring skilled local specialists.

REPOWER America provides several different services. A tailored energy system can be designed for a potential client’s site, and they can help with permitting equipment installation, and routine maintenance.

The company also offers a selection of payment plans to make everyone’s switch to solar energy more reasonable.

Since its inception, Repower America has installed over 10,000 systems.

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#6. Vivint

In Connecticut, Vivint’s is to supply both commercial and residential buildings with cost-effective solar energy systems that make use of cutting-edge technology.

This business was taken over by the Blackstone Group in 2012 and is still regarded as one of the best solar energy businesses in the country, till this very day.

The 2013 People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite Customer Care Provider and the Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year are just two of the numerous accolades Vivint has received for its customer service.

The company offers a variety of services, including land evaluation, bespoke system design, help with permitting, equipment installation, and initial system powering and monitoring.

To guarantee that clients deal with people they can trust, Vivint employs local talent.

Solar PV panel installation is the company’s area of expertise.

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#7. Direct Energy Solar

For businesses in Connecticut, Direct Energy Solar takes pride in being a reputable installer that offers cutting-edge equipment at competitive pricing.

The company provides local expertise and individualized service to commercial buildings. To boost the local economy, Direct Energy Solar employs skilled local workers.

The design of a unique system, assistance with permitting, and the installation of all the equipment are some services that are offered to help establish the sustainability of solar on roofs and properties.

Over 240,000 business clients have received service from Direct Energy Solar. Development of standby and cogeneration, solar energy battery systems, and cheaper prices for photovoltaic solar panels are some of the company’s new offers.

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#8. Sunlight Solar Energy

Paul Israel started Sunlight Solar Energy In th88, which continually offered reasonably priced sustainable solar energy systems tailored to the needs of individual commercial and residential properties in states like Connecticut.

Also, this company is pleased to be a part of groups like the Renewable Energy & Efficiency Business Association, Solar Connecticut, and the New England Clean Energy Council.

The organization offers various services, including land evaluation, complete equipment installation, and help with permitting.

For those interested, Sunlight Solar Energy provides free consultations and specialists in mounting photovoltaic solar panels.

A potential 10-year workmanship warranty and guarantees are provided for each project.

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#9. Ross Solar, a ConEdison Solutions Company

In 2017 SunPower was made Commercial National Dealer of the Year, Ross Solar, a ConEdison Solutions Company, for this and many other reasons, the company now takes pleasure in providing trustworthy services to both commercial and residential locations in Connecticut.

Each company’s solar solutions are specifically tailored for each customer because it only works with qualified individuals familiar with the distinct needs and climatic conditions of inhabitants in the northeastern United States.

Assisting the customers with permits, site, and roof viability evaluation, and bespoke system design are a few of the services offered. Technicians install photovoltaic solar panels that are made to produce as much electricity as possible.

In addition to selling and installing battery systems, Ross Solar, a ConEdison Solutions Company, also stores extra solar energy. The company’s electricians connect the batteries to the new power system.

Potential customers are allowed to judge the company’s quality for themselves. You may view before and after pictures of completed projects. As granted by the company.

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#10. Skyline Solar

Skyline Solar is a low-cost energy provider with multiple accolades from Solar Power World Magazine, including #2 in the nation for rooftop contractors and #5 for residential solar contractors.

A close-knit group founded the business in 2011, to assist homeowners in finding a simple way to switch to solar energy.

The wide service area that Skyline Solar serves includes whole states like Connecticut.

The organization offers various services, including site inspection, equipment installation, and the specific design of every system.

The company, which specializes in photovoltaic solar panels, always hires local personnel to boost the local economy and guarantee that customers deal with people they can trust.

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Top 5 Solar Companies In CT

From the rating on ecowatch.com and reviews on other platforms, we see that these are the top-rated solar companies in CT.

#1. Earthlight Technologies


  • Affordable prices
  • Provides items made by top manufacturers and technicians with NABCEP certification.


  • Reports of lengthy installation wait times

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#2. PurePoint Energy


  • Provides goods made by reputable producers
  • Makes donations to charities
  • Many financing options


  • They have fewer service options
  • Expensive

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#3. Momentum Solar


  • Superior warranty protection
  • Concierge service ensures A steady flow of communication.
  • Representatives are authorities on regional laws.


  • Slightly fewer service options
  • Only in 11 states

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#4. EnergyPal


  • Reasonable costs
  • Helps homeowners find the most qualified installers for their projects.
  • Can provide answers to all of your unanswered solar query


  • Your location affects the services and options available.

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#5. SunPower by New York State Solar Farm.


  • Superior warranty protection
  • Owned and maintained by a family
  • Provides products from top manufacturers and round-the-clock client service


  • Minimal service area
  • Expensive

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What is the highest-rated solar company in California?

SunPower Solar
ADT Solar
NRG Solar
Elevation Solar
Stellar Solar

Who is the most reputable solar company?

Sunpro Solar.
Blue Raven Solar.
Momentum Solar.
Palmetto Solar.
Trinity Solar.

What are the best solar panels in California?

Momentum Solar has the best customer support.
Palmetto Solar offers the best customization options.
Sunrun is the best for leasing.
Tesla has the best technology.
Sunlux is the best regional installer.
ADT Solar has the best solar warranty. solar warranty.

What solar company has best solar panels?

Most energy-efficient: SunPower.
ADT Solar: Top Defense.
The most user-friendly is Momentum Solar.
Best Advantages of Blue Raven Solar.
The best solar roofing options for green homes.


Seeing the trends on the best Connecticut solar companies, you should know about choosing the one that meets your need by now.

If you want to work with any of the solar companies in CT or only need their services, it’s up to you to select among the best Connecticut solar companies listed above.

We hope this piece of content was helpful. Do leave a comment on the comment session below.


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