15 Best Ohio Solar Companies | 2023 Careers, Location

Ohio ranks 25th in the country for solar energy, generating only 0.0091% of its electricity from the sun. Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio reduced the state’s goal of producing 12.5% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2026 to 8.5% in 2019.

Despite these setbacks, the solar company in Ohio is expanding. Ohio is a “solar hotbed” due to its large expanses of flat, inexpensive land and demand from companies seeking to meet clean energy goals.

One of the most important decisions you will make when going solar in Ohio is which best Ohio solar company to work with. While you should expect very little to go wrong, you will need their help at some point during the system’s 25-30 year lifespan. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners have had their solar panels installed by companies that have either gone out of business or provided poor after-sales service.

 Solar companies typically will not service other companies’ jobs, leaving these people as “solar orphans” in the industry. In this article, we will assist you in locating the best, most reputable Ohio solar companies and ensuring that you are a satisfied solar system owner.

Are Ohio Solar Companies Worth it?

Ohio Solar Companies can be worth it, depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating whether Ohio Solar Companies are worth it:

  1. Cost: Solar energy can be a cost-effective solution for reducing energy bills and achieving energy independence. However, the upfront cost of installing solar panels can be significant. It is essential to compare the cost of installing solar panels with the potential savings in energy bills over the system’s life.
  2. Energy savings: Solar energy can generate significant energy savings over time, which can offset the initial cost of installation. Ohio has moderate sunlight, meaning solar energy can effectively reduce energy bills.
  3. Environmental impact: Solar energy is a clean and renewable source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions. Individuals can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment by investing in solar energy.
  4. Incentives and rebates: Ohio offers several incentives and rebates for solar energy installations, including tax credits, property tax exemptions, and utility incentives. These incentives can help offset the cost of installation and make solar energy more affordable.

Ohio Solar Companies can be worth it depending on the individual’s goals, budget, and energy needs. Researching different companies and comparing costs, incentives, and energy savings is essential to determine if solar energy is a good fit.

How To Choose Ohio Solar Installers

In Ohio, finding qualified solar installers can be difficult. Some Ohio solar companies sell equipment, while others install residential solar panels. Many solar panel system installers are available, particularly in states with robust solar power markets. 

You must conduct thorough research to find the best installer for you. Are you having trouble deciding on Ohio solar installers? Here are some helpful hints!

#1. Look for Recommendations and Customer Reviews

FAQs and other information about solar installers in Ohio are frequently available on their websites. However, it would help if you looked at third-party installer reviews or recommendations to determine whether they can meet your needs. 

You may know someone who has installed solar panels and can share their experience and recommendations. There are numerous online resources available to assist you in making educated decisions.

#2. Track Record 

How long has the company been in operation? When it comes to solar panel installation in Ohio, experience counts. This is especially important if you have specific needs. 

Installers with a lot of experience may be familiar with the laws and policies in your area. This is critical because each jurisdiction has its own set of rules regarding solar power systems.

#3. Will They Complete the Task?

It is critical to understand whether the installers you will hire will install the systems or if you will use a subcontractor. It is related to assessing the team’s experience. 

Although an installation company may have a successful track record, more is needed to translate into a system if the work is assigned to inexperienced workers.

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#4. Options for Finance

Depending on your financial situation, you have a variety of options. A system can be leased or purchased. The best solar installers in Ohio will assist you in determining the best option.

#5. Which System Is the Best Value?

Every solar panel system is not the same. This is fine because each situation is unique. An experienced installer will consult you to determine which system is best for you and whether solar power is beneficial in your specific situation. 

A solar panel installation takes about two days. There is more to the installation process than just the panels installed by professionals.

Depending on where you live, you will need permits and applications. Some installers will handle all the paperwork and red tape on your behalf.

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What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Going Solar In Ohio?

Here’s a quick rundown of the current benefits and drawbacks of going solar in Ohio:

The benefits of Going Solar in Ohio:

  • Solar Panels can be purchased, financed, or leased.
  • PPA is also an option.
  • RPS Achievable and Solar Carve-Out
  • Simple Interconnection Regulations
  • Exemption from Sales Tax
  • Net Metering Across the State

Drawbacks of Going Solar in Ohio:

  • Utility Rates on Average
  • There is no Solar Power Rebate Program.
  • There is no State Solar Tax Credit.

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How Much Does Solar Cost In Ohio?

Going solar in Ohio costs about 6 cents per kilowatt-hour over 25 years (also known as the Levelized cost).

This means dividing total system costs (which, as we’ll see, can be thousands of dollars upfront) by total kWh output over the system’s lifetime yields 6 cents per kWh.

Compared to the 25 cents per kWh you’d pay the utility company over the same time, it’s not a bad deal.

Now, let’s talk about the upfront costs. A typical 5 kW system in Ohio will cost about $19,000, less than in some other Midwest and Southern states.

The federal solar tax credit will reduce that total by $5,700 (30 percent), leaving homeowners with a bill of just under $15,000. 

Readers should remember that this figure can vary depending on the installation company, the energy efficiency of the solar panels, the system capacity, and other factors.

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What Are The Solar Financing Options In Ohio?

Ohio is one of the few states that allows residents to go solar in four ways: direct purchase, solar loans, solar leases, and power purchase agreements (PPA). 

Each has advantages and disadvantages, and customers should consult a solar provider to determine which is best for their specific situation:

#1. Cash Purchase 

Cash purchase offers two main benefits for people interested in going solar in Ohio: the first is that panel ownership automatically qualifies homeowners for the federal tax credit.

The second is that while cash purchase requires the largest upfront investment, it also offers the highest return on investment of any of the four financing options.

Assuming a typical 5 kW system costs $19,000, homeowners will be eligible for a federal tax credit, reducing the cost to $13,300, give or take.

Solar renewable energy credits are also available for the first five years of operation, which can reduce costs by hundreds of dollars depending on system output.

Solar savings will cover the cost of the system after about 15 years, leaving at least ten years of solar panel lifespan for pure profit.

After 25 years, a little more than $1,000 in annual savings equals just over $10,000 in net profit. Home values will rise by $9,500 on average.

#2. Solar Loan 

Another option for acquiring a solar PV system is to obtain a solar loan or a home equity line of credit (HELOC).

Qualified solar customers can get a $19,000 loan with no money down and a 4% APR. Borrowers will begin saving on day one, assuming a 15-year repayment plan, and will be $5,000 ahead after the first year. 

On the other hand, loan payments will be higher than traditional utility bills, so that the savings will diminish with each year of the loan. Borrowers will be in the red for most of their system life (up to $7,000 by year 15).

The good news is that the savings will resume once the loan has been paid off. Borrowers will have their first profitable year in year 21. (only a few hundred dollars or so). By year 25, solar borrowers will have saved approximately $4,500.

#3. Solar Leasing

Leasing a solar system allows Ohio residents to benefit from solar energy without investing thousands of dollars in equipment, installation, and monitoring. 

Payments will be set and frequently lower than the utility bill. Customers will save approximately $1,000 after a 25-year lease. It’s not much, but it’s still a good way to help the environment.

#4. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A PPA is similar to a solar lease in that you pay for the energy rather than the system. Homeowners will not be charged installation or maintenance fees and will be subject to low monthly payments for 20 or 25 years, depending on the contract. Homeowners will have saved nearly $3,000 after 20 years!

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What Exactly Are Ohio Solar Incentives?

There are few solar incentives in Ohio. With no utility rebates or state tax credits, homeowners rely entirely on the federal government to significantly reduce the costs of purchasing a solar energy system. 

On the bright side, Ohio does provide some assistance to solar customers, however small:

Tax Exemption 

Ohio provides solar customers with two types of tax breaks:

Property Tax Exemption: A property tax exemption for solar panel systems eliminates taxes on the value added to the home by the system. Most states have a statewide policy for solar systems; however, in Ohio, property tax exemption is determined by the city where you live.

Sales Tax Exemption: Fortunately, Ohio’s state tax exemption on solar energy systems is statewide, so residents will not have to pay taxes on the physical equipment used to construct their solar array.

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What Are The Best Solar Companies In Ohio?

If you are a homeowner in Ohio who wants to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electric bills by switching to solar energy, you must select the right provider for you. 

We’ve researched and compiled our recommendations for the best solar companies in Ohio to help you decide.

  • Solar is Freedom (SiF)
  • Phoenix Roofing and Solar
  • Solgen Power
  • Third Sun Solar
  • Sunhub Solar Energy 
  • Cincy Solar Systems
  • Paradise Energy Solutions
  • Ohio Energy Management
  • GEM Inc.
  • Edison Solar, Inc.
  • Melink Solar
  • Pearlwind
  • Solar Connection
  • Donovan Energy
  • Solar Power & Light, LLC.

#1. Solar is Freedom (SiF)

Solar is Freedom (SiF) is an Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana-based renewable energy company. Our mission is to equip people with the necessary tools to create a sustainable energy future.

The strategy is straightforward: shatter solar industry paradigms and assist people in making the best decision for their property. 

SiF is uniquely positioned to take a holistic approach to solar energy projects, first understanding the project’s goals to create a custom design tailored to each property instead of a cookie-cutter course.

Also, SiF empowers everyone to take the first step toward energy independence at the individual property level.

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#2. Phoenix Roofing and Solar

Phoenix Roofing and Solar have been in Lakewood, OH, for over a decade. They are experts in roofing, solar panels, and siding and gutter installation.

So, because the team is committed to their work, we have established ourselves as one of the best roofing companies in Cleveland, OH, and the surrounding areas.

Phoenix, in addition to its other services, can assist you with insurance claims! When it comes to repairs or remodeling, you already have enough without dealing with insurance claims. 

They simplify the process from beginning to end to make it simple and painless for their clients.

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#3. Solgen Power

Solgen Power began operations at the end of 2017 in one of its founders’ garages. Chris Lee, Daryl Kelly, and Roby Clyde, the company’s founders, have 30+ years of experience in the solar sales industry. 

With rumors of new government incentives on the way to their home state of Washington, they knew they wanted to give their communities a chance to benefit from solar energy. 

Since 2017, Solgen Power has been ranked as the “12th Fastest Growing Company” by Inc 5000, employing over 1000 people and installing solar on over 8000 homes nationwide.

In addition, the company is one of the best solar companies in Ohio.

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#4. Third Sun Solar

Third Sun Solar is the Midwest’s leading full-service provider of renewable energy systems.

They consistently deliver value to their clients and partners, and they do so with skill, talent, enthusiasm, and a dedicated workforce that believes in their mission: to accelerate the growth of clean energy solutions for the benefit of all. 

Furthermore, they take pride in making solar accessible to their customers. Their approach is to provide the best value solutions in every case. 

Their sterling reputation means everything to them, and they have earned it over 17 years of commitment to best practices, cutting-edge technology, and compassionate customer service.

In addition, Third Sun Solar is one of the Ohio solar companies.

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#5. Sunhub Solar Energy 

Sunhub, at its core, is a solar product marketplace where users can buy and sell used and new solar products. However, Sunhub’s mission is much broader, making it one of the best Ohio solar companies.

The company’s mission is to create a community for solar professionals such as wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, installers, and distributors. 

Furthermore, this will allow them to expand their businesses while assisting communities, individuals, and businesses become more energy-efficient and protect the environment. To succeed, Sunhub must prioritize its customers. 

This implies that it must concentrate on you. Sunhub must prioritize the customer. This includes selling 100 or more mono solar panels or purchasing a grid-connected 1kW inverter to get started.

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#6. Cincy Solar Systems

Cincy Solar Systems is one of the best solar companies in Cincinnati. Solar Panel Installation Cincinnati has a highly skilled team. 

The team can handle any solar panel installation, including commercial installations. 

They not only supply high-quality solar panels, but they can also repair or maintain existing solar panels. 

Solar power is the future of home maintenance and is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Cincinnati residents rely on the solar panel installation team for skilled craftsmanship and high-quality materials on all projects. They are the best solar company in Cincinnati.

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#7. Paradise Energy Solutions

Paradise Energy Solutions, PA, has designed and installed over 1,700 PV solar energy systems for businesses, farms, and homes throughout the mid-Atlantic region since 2009. They are a full-service solar energy company that will handle everything. 

They install solar panel systems, EV chargers, and energy storage solutions and have a solar maintenance and service team in-house.

We currently offer solar services in the following states: DE, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, and WV. Also, Paradise Energy Solutions is one of the best solar companies in Ohio.

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#8. Ohio Energy Management

Ohio Energy Management can help you save energy by improving your building and monitoring your energy consumption.

This is without any loans or upfront capital. The company specializes in energy-efficient building retrofits, Building Automation Systems, and ongoing retro-commissioning. 

They aim to cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and conserve energy.

Rate Lock is a service Ohio Energy Management provides that prevents your gas and electric rates from rising during the inflationary period. 

It is free and risk-free. For the past 13 years, Ohio Energy Management has been serving the needs of businesses.

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#9. GEM Inc.

Solar Power World ranked GEM Energy 24th among US solar developers.

They are a NABCEP-certified installer and an NYSERDA participating commercial/industrial contractor. Also, they are one of the best solar companies in Ohio. 

They handle all aspects of solar development, such as financing/incentives, permitting, design, construction, interconnection, ongoing maintenance, and funding/financing. 

The ZooSolar 7653 GEM Energie process centers on an automated, best-in-class installation system that provides the most cost-effective solar solutions to Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan customers.

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#10. Edison Solar, Inc.

Edison Solar, Inc. is a solar sales and installation company based in Milan, OH. Since 2007, it has served North Central Ohio. This includes the counties of Erie, Huron, Sandusky, Lorain, and Ottawa. 

The company provides full-service solar installations for commercial, residential, and industrial clients. You can also order thousands of solar products wholesale from them directly. 

Edison Solar is a full-service provider of solar energy. They can handle all phases of any solar project. 

Also, the company’s primary focus is grid-tied systems. 

They offer consumers the benefits of owning power generation and the electric company’s security and storage capabilities. Their work begins with a site assessment to determine what is feasible in your location.

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Melink Solar is a nationally recognized commercial solar and geothermal energy solutions provider. They are a full-service commercial solar EPC company that can handle the entire project. 

The team will assist you in designing the system and obtaining the necessary supplies. They will also construct the solar array and monitor its performance throughout the project’s lifespan. 

Melink’s clean energy services have provided solutions to clients worldwide for over thirty years. They reduce carbon emissions, increase the value of buildings, and increase company profitability. They did something similar with their Net Zero campus.

In addition, Melink Solar is one of the best Ohio solar companies.

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#12. Pearlwind

Pearlwind is a Business Service Organization that saves energy. Sustainability technology firm. This company distributes Sylvania LED lighting and other high-quality products. 

Solar energy contractor. Wind turbine contractor. Contractor for water conservation and metering. Anaerobic digester. Fuel cell and biofuel generators.

The licensed electricians at the company have the tools and experience to handle most electrical projects. They have satisfied customers since 2008. 

Pearlwind can design your solar system to offset 100% of peak summer electricity consumption, one of the most expensive months for commercial businesses.

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#13. Solar Connection

Solar Connection is one of the best Ohio solar companies. They provide many solar system options that other companies do not. Why? Because they are constantly being educated and learning about changes in the solar industry. 

In addition, they are “real” licensed electricians. Their internal capabilities range from small- to large-scale solar array systems management. In contrast, their competitors outsource their installations and limit their commercial size.

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#14. Donovan Energy

Donovan Energy, a clean energy company, is a forward-thinking company. They provide energy-saving solutions to reduce energy costs, finance energy projects (PACE financing), and reduce energy consumption (LED lighting and HVAC, Building Envelope Solutions, and renewable energy generation). 

A team of industry experts in commercial and non-profit organizations powers energy savings. 

Education, medical real estate, parking, and municipal and non-profit healthcare are all included. Donovan Energy consults on and implements innovative energy solutions.

In addition, Donovan Energy is one of the best Ohio solar companies.

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#15. Solar Power & Light, LLC.

SP&L Commercial Solar offers advanced engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) and other Solar PV solutions. They provide turnkey projects, financing, consulting, and project development.

Furthermore, the company is an innovator that produces results that help you save energy. This technology is compatible with low-light inverters. 

The factory’s automated wire racking system and wire harness assembly are performance-optimized. 1MW per week can be produced by robotic laser-guided installation technology. SP&L approaches development through an integrated partnership model. 

SP&L can manage all aspects of solar deployment, including financing, design, construction, and operation.

In addition, SP&L designs are intended to be cost-effective, quick to complete, and require little maintenance.

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FAQs About The Best Ohio Solar Companies

Is Ohio a good place to go solar?

Ohio also has a renewable portfolio standard with a solar carve out, which requires utilities to source 12.5% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2027. Going solar in Ohio is an excellent choice because of net metering and the 30% federal tax credit.

Where is Ohio’s first solar plant located?

The two active First Solar factories in Ohio are in Perrysburg and Lake Township, with a third set to open in the first half of 2023.

Are solar panels in Ohio worthwhile?

Over 20 years, solar customers in Ohio have saved an average of $16,410. Customers who use the EnergySage Marketplace to connect with a solar installer in Ohio have a solar payback period of 12.57 years.


Choosing the best solar installation company is your most crucial decision regarding your solar panel investment. It isn’t easy to find the best Ohio solar companies.

The solar industry, like any other, has its share of quick-talking salespeople, high-pressure tactics, and exaggerated performance claims. So, here’s an honest list of the best solar companies based on various criteria. We hope you find the right one for you.



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