How to Apply for Unemployment in Nevada 2023 | Full Guide

If you lost your job for a reason that was no fault of yours, you might qualify to apply for unemployment. This article provides a complete guide on how to apply for unemployment in Nevada.

Unemployment insurance benefits provide temporary financial support to workers who are unemployed for no fault of their own that meet Nevada’s eligibility requirements.

Learn more about the state’s requirements for receiving unemployment benefits, including benefit levels.

What You Need to Know About Nevada

Nevada is the seventh-largest state in land area and is surrounded by Oregon, Idaho, California, Utah, and Arizona. About 85% of the state’s territory is owned by the government and is covered with desert.

It is home to the notorious Las Vegas, which has attracted millions of visitors to engage in gambling, drinking, and other vices in “America’s Playground” since the early 1900s. It is located in Nevada, a western state noted for its libertarian policies.

Nevada is one of just nine states in the union without a state income tax. It generates enormous revenue from entertainment, casinos, tourism, and eating. The state has all it requires for its infrastructure once you include residential property taxes.

The primary industries in Nevada include agriculture, information technologyenergyaerospace and defense, and health care.

The state’s primary export sector is mining, and tourism is a significant contributor to its economy as a result of its reputation as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” because of the Las Vegas Strip and its northwest neighbor, Reno, which is only a short drive from Lake Tahoe.

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Nevada Unemployment Insurance

Nevada provides Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to individuals who have lost their jobs due to no fault. Employers pay UI taxes to finance the program run by the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR).

Some unemployed or laid-off individuals in Nevada receive cash help through Nevada Unemployment Insurance (UI). The program only offers short-term aid, and it only goes to jobless people who lost their jobs for reasons other than their own.

The temporary aid only lasts until the unemployed person finds employment or is requested to return to their prior position.

Workers can satisfy their financial obligations throughout the unemployed time through payouts from unemployment insurance. However, only employees who fulfill the UI eligibility standards are given the benefits.

Unemployed people must have worked in the state of Nevada during the previous 12 to 18 months to be eligible to file a claim under the UI program.

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Who is Eligible to Apply for Unemployment in Nevada?

You must be a Nevada resident and fulfill the requirements listed below to become eligible for this benefit program:

  • You are unemployed
  •  You must have worked in Nevada for the last year, although other states may have different laws.
  •  Also, you must have earned a minimum salary based on Nevada regulations and receive benefits while actively looking for a job every week.

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What Qualifies You For Unemployment in Nevada?

Nevada Unemployment Insurance (NUI) states that you qualify to apply for unemployment in Nevada if:

  • You are without a job because of no faults of your own.
  •  You are qualified and open to employment.
  •  You create a Nevada JobConnect account. You need to register with a local job service if you formerly lived in Nevada but now reside elsewhere.

Additionally, one of two pay requirements must be met:

  • You must have received payment in three of the base period’s four quarters.
  •  Alternatively, your profits during your base period must be at least 1.5 times what you made during your top quarter. The first four of the most recent five complete calendar quarters before your claim are called the “base period.” Therefore, disregard the most recent quarter (three months) you were employed for and consider the four quarters before that (12 months). Your earnings over those 12 months should be at least 1.5 times higher than your highest-earning quarter’s earnings.

You must have earned a minimum of $400 in your top quarter in either situation.

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What Do You Need to Apply for Unemployment in Nevada?

Ensure you can provide the following details before you submit your initial claim:

  • Social Security number
  •  Residence or mailing address
  •  Call-in number
  •  A legitimate email address
  •  The cause of your recent employment loss
  •  If you are not a US citizen, your alien registration number
  •  If you were a military member for any period within the last 18 months, a DD Form 214.
  •  The work history over the previous 18 months, including contacts and dates, worked.
  •  Information on other states you’ve worked in during the previous 18 months.
  •  If you have had employment with the federal government during the last 18 months, you must also submit Standard Form 8 and Standard Form 50.
  •  Additional pay you earned as a result of a vacation, severance pay, or another circumstance
  •  You must also provide the necessary information if you prefer to have your payments processed by direct deposit. 

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What are the Requirements to Apply for Unemployment in Nevada?

You must fulfill all NESD standards to qualify for unemployment insurance benefits in Nevada. They consist of the following:

Reason for job loss

You must have been fired or faced a plant shutdown if you lost your employment due to no negligence. You only immediately lose your eligibility if you were dismissed, but you must explain why you were let go.

Avvaialbility to work

You must be able to work a regular week for your career or business, both intellectually and physically.

Posses work potential

You must be prepared to start work and be available. This implies that you can no longer be eligible for unemployment benefits if you go on vacation or venture outside of Nevada.

To be able to start working right away if you are given a position, you must have reliable transportation and childcare arrangements.

The ability to file your Nevada unemployment weekly

You have a deadline for submitting your weekly unemployment claims in Nevada. This implies that in Nevada, you must submit your weekly claim within seven days of the week’s end date to avoid having it rejected.

You can submit your Nevada weekly unemployment claim using either the NESD’s automated QuickClaim system or the division’s online claim submission tool.

Be willing to deliver necessary reports.

If you are a union member that receives exclusive referrals to positions in your industry, you must comply with reporting rules and be included on the out-of-work list.

You must be actively seeking work.

It would help if you looked for a job right now. This means you have to make a good-faith attempt to get employment and use strategies appropriate to the work you are looking for.

You must look for employment that complements your abilities and competencies and submit applications to companies that are likely to employ someone with your qualifications.

Possess the ability to use every means for job hunting

You must apply various techniques to get work, including signing up for Nevada Job Connect online or at a local Job Service office.

To apply for a job, you must speak with the hiring manager and submit a formal application only when an employer accepts it. Your interactions must occur on days and at times when recruiting is often done.

Be ready to document your job-hunting activities.

You must keep a weekly log of your job-hunting activities and retain it the whole time you receive benefits in case you need to back up your claim.

After you start working, you must keep these documents because you could be audited to ensure you follow the rules for conducting a job search.

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How Do I Apply for Unemployment in Nevada?

There are three quick and easy ways you can apply for unemployment benefits in Nevada:

Telephone Application

The Claimant Self-Service portal in Nevada is the quickest way for a worker to submit a claim for unemployment benefits.

If you need internet access, you can file by contacting any of Nevada’s Telephone Claim Centers from Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Following is a list of call center numbers:

  • Call Center for Northern UI: 775-684-0350
  •  Call Center for Southern UI: 702-486-0350
  •  Outside of State and in rural areas: 888-890-8211

Online Application

You should submit your application online, which may be done whenever it is most convenient for you.

You could be put on virtual hold during periods of heavy call volume, which enables you to maintain your position on the call line without holding the phone.

By Mail

If you need to submit your weekly applications by mail due to a handicap or a linguistic barrier, NESD will grant your request.

The reason you may only file by mail must be stated in the written request. A weekly application form that may be submitted back will be sent to you if accepted.

Here is the mail address: Carson City, Nevada 89713 Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) 500 East Third Street

No matter how you submit your application, it will be compared to computer records to see if you were employed while receiving benefits. You are committing a felony if you worked but failed to record your income and then submit a claim.

Infringers will lose their eligibility for up to 52 weeks or until any benefits they obtained in error are paid back. The legislation allows prosecution of all fraud instances, which may result in penalties and jail terms.

When Do I Apply for Unemployment in Nevada?

Employees should file insurance claims within the first week they become jobless or have a significant drop in hours. The Sunday of the week they lodge will be the effective date of any new or reopened claims.

A claim can be made at any moment online. Only Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday at 8 a.m. may a Telephone Claim Center accept a new claim or reopen an already submitted one to 5 p.m.

How Will my Unemployment Benefits Be Paid?

Nevada distributes debit cards as payment for unemployment benefits. The benefits are placed into a debit card that may be used anyplace that accepts debit cards when you get them.

Approximately seven days after you submit your initial claim, your initial payment will be made if you are qualified for compensation. Following that, weeks will be loaded and paid within 48 hours of filing for a qualifying week.

Nevada does not offer a bank transfer option into active savings or checking accounts.

How Much Will I Recieve in Unemployment in Nevada?

If you are qualified for benefits, your weekly payment will be greater than $469 or 4% of your highest qualifying quarter’s earnings.

Say you made $3,000 each month. As a quarter is made up of three months, you might have made $9,000 in that period. Your weekly compensation would be $360 multiplied by $9,000, or 0.04.

The state will send payments through a prepaid debit card rather than an automated transfer into your bank account.

How Long Can I Collect Unemployment Benefits in Nevada?

Unemployment payments are available for a maximum of 26 weeks. The CARES Act, however, expands that window by an additional 13 weeks, giving you a maximum of 39 weeks to receive unemployment benefits.

What If My Unemployment Application is Denied?

If your application is rejected, you have 11 days from when the rejection notification was mailed to file an appeal.

The Appeals Tribunal will send you a “Notice of Hearing” at least seven days before the hearing. You will learn the hearing’s date, time, and place from that notification (it could also be by telephone).

If you want to submit any supporting documentation, it must arrive at the Appeals Office 48 hours before the hearing date.

You can petition the Board of Review if you disagree with the Appeals Office’s decision. You can petition the District Court for an appeal if you are still unsatisfied with the result.

How To File an Appeal for Unemployment in Nevada

Within 11 days of the postmark date on your claim denial, you may submit an appeal request if you are dissatisfied with the decision about your claim.

Your determination letter will also describe the precise process of filing an appeal.

Nevada’s appeals procedure aims to give a claimant for unemployment insurance benefits a fair and unbiased hearing to investigate their case further.

Your written appeal request must be signed by you or a representative you’ve designated as authorized. Your name, address, and Social Security number should also be included.

Following submission of your appeal, a hearing will be held before an unbiased Appeals Referee appointed by the state, and you will be required to attend. After your hearing, the Appeals Referee will make a revised ruling two to three weeks later.

If the request is made during the 11 days of the Appeals Referee’s ruling, this judgment may be appealed to Nevada’s Board of Review.

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How to Report an Unemployment Benefits Fraud in Nevada

Unemployment insurance theft is a growing offense in Nevada. It includes anything from creating fraudulent claims for benefits to hiding facts to do so and neglecting to disclose work and income during the week that benefits are sought.

Other examples of fraud include:

  • Submitting an unemployment application while you’re behind bars.
  • Enabling someone else to do it on your behalf.
  • Applying for unemployment benefits under someone else’s identity or Social Security number.

Any suspected fraud cases can be reported online or by calling 775-684-0475 and choosing option four from the computerized menu.


What is Nevada Unemployment Insurance?

Nevada provides Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to individuals who have lost their jobs due to no fault. Employers pay UI taxes to finance the program run by the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR).

Who is eligible for Nevada Unemployment Insurance?

Nevada Unemployment Eligibility:

You are unemployed
 You must have worked in Nevada for the last year, although other states may have different laws.
 Also, you must have earned a minimum salary based on Nevada regulations and receive benefits while actively looking for a job every week.

How Will my Unemployment Benefits Be Paid?

Unemployment Benefits Payment

Nevada distributes debit cards as payment for unemployment benefits. The benefits are placed into a debit card that may be used anyplace that accepts debit cards when you get them.


This article explored all the information you need to learn how to apply for unemployment in Nevada as well as all the steps you need to step after you have successfully applied. We hope you found it helpful.


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