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How to Write an Application Letter for Teaching with No Experience in 2023

Because of its numerous benefits, teaching jobs are becoming more competitive for new teachers, and sending attention-grabbing job applications now requires increased work. That means you’ll have to work harder to write an application letter for teaching with no experience in 2023 to persuade the school’s hiring team that you’re the best candidate for the job.

Your application letter is one of the best and earliest approaches to impressing the hiring team, even if you have no experience. The application letter allows you to display your talents and knowledge while making a favorable impression.

Even if you have no teaching experience, you may write an effective cover letter highlighting the essential skills, education, and training to make you outstanding for your first teaching position.

This post will examine what to put on your cover letter as a new teacher, outline the steps for creating this sort of cover letter, and give some tips to help you.

What is an application letter?

An application letter is a professional document that describes your most important and relevant skills. It is a chance to convince a hiring team that you are the ideal candidate for the position even before you meet with them.

The skills, abilities, and talents you highlight in your application letter form the basis of your conversation during the interview.

So, we now know what an application letter is and why it is essential. Let’s see how to write a decent application letter for teaching even with no experience in 2023.

How do I write an application letter for a teaching job with no experience?

To begin the job application process, follow these steps to create an application letter if you have no teaching experience.

  • Step 1

Provide your first and last name and contact information at the top of your cover letter, including your current email address and phone number. The data will help recruiters contact you for further conversations.

  • Step 2

You can proceed to include the date you want to send your cover letter to the school’s recruiter, their first and last name, and their contact information. It ensures that your cover letter gets delivered to the correct person.

  • Step 3

Even though you do not have any official teaching experience yet, you can provide information about your training and qualifications, internship and volunteering experience, and all accomplishments that reflect your teaching aptitude.

  • Step 4

Some teaching jobs often require specific training and certifications to qualify for the position. If you have these certifications, you can state that you are qualified and thoroughly explain why the extra knowledge makes you ideal for the job.

  • Step 5

It would be best to end with a powerful closing statement to seal the deal. Follow this with a complimentary close and your name.

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What’s the best structure for application letters for teaching jobs with no experience?

Write your cover letters with flexibility, originality, and elegance. So, while you may follow this structure, you can tweak the words to your writing style.

However, remember that an application letter for teaching is still formal, so we recommend that you follow this structure.

#1. Address Your Cover Letter

For an application letter to get a teaching job, you should start with your personal information (name, job title, address) and theirs in the header area. You can choose the appearance and design depending on the template you pick.

While you can align to the left, right, or center, you should stick to the same layout as your resume.

Because an application letter is a professional document, you should always include the date you write the letter.

As for the company’s details, add the letter’s recipient – the school. Include the recruiter’s name at the top of the school’s address to give it a more exciting and customized feel. Then you can proceed to add the name and address of the organization.

#2. Start with a solid introduction

The first goal of sending out applications is to get called for an interview. With a well-written application letter, you can achieve this. But your introduction has to be great. From the greeting and salutation, you start to make an impression.

If you can find the hiring manager’s name, it can make all the difference. So, a greeting like “Dear Ms. Radford” will stand out and tell the recruiter that you did your research.

Recruiters, too, want to know that you wrote a personalized application letter for their school and did not just submit a random copy for every other school.

Note: You can also start without using “Dear.”

After the greeting and salutation, you’d want to go for the perfect pickup line. Think of it as trying to ask a girl out on a date. You will need to grab her attention with your opening statement, yes?

Well, the same rule applies here. You want to start with an introduction that will make a recruiter want to continue reading the cover letter and ultimately call you for further conversations.

Something like this could do the trick:

“As an alumnus of Middletown High School, class of 2017, I was thrilled to see the opening for a science teacher. With my degree in Biochemistry and certifications from the High School Teachers Association, Chicago, I believe I can employ my skills and talents to become a valuable teacher at Middletown High School.”

This opening paragraph mentions the school’s name, so the recruiter knows this is not one of the random cover letters for all “teaching job applications.” It clearly defines this letter as a personalized one.

Also, mentioning the certification makes them more interested in learning more about you.

#3. Describe the perfect partnership for them

Remember that if you saw the teaching job opening, many other applicants may have also seen it. So, at this stage, you want to tell the recruiter why you are a better option than the other 500plus.

A well-crafted application letter that explicitly explains the benefits for you and the school can get you a class to teach even with no experience.

Let’s see how you can explain your unrivaled relevance to the school.

After that killer opening statement, ride the waves and state what’s in it for the school and how you’re the perfect fit for their company.

You can write the body of your application letter for teaching with no experience in 2023 with words along these lines:

“In my volunteering role as a teacher assistant with Teachers Without Borders, I handled several responsibilities and duties that taught me invaluable skills that I’m confident will benefit Middletown’s science students. I tutored and led a team of students that came in first place at the just concluded Science Fair.

In addition, my innovative and relatable approach to teaching science to teenagers earned me the best teacher award at the Fair. I’m confident that I could achieve better results at Middletown High School, including:

  • A new approach to teaching science to increase overall scores by 61%
  • Tech-enabled methods of teaching and learning to increase productivity by 34%.”

This paragraph emphasized the best skills and talents for the school and its students. The applicant can include numbers intentionally to show the recruiter what they have to offer. At this point, you already sound competent even with no on-the-job experience.

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#4. Describe the perfect partnership for you

Teaching jobs should be win-win situations. So, after telling them why you are suitable for them, you can say why they are also good for you. It will portray you as dedicated and genuinely interested in the role.

“Securing this job as the science teacher at Middletown High School will be a dream come true. As an alumnus, I have experienced first-hand the empowering feeling of the prestigious halls and desirable teaching and learning experience. I will be honored to be a part of the system that made me.

If I get this job offer, I will work to uphold and improve the standard Middletownians have come to know and love.”

Here, you have celebrated the school and community and shown that you are 100% interested in working with them.

#5. A Strong Finish

You have done great up to this point, but we have not finished yet. Every line needs to be intentional for an application letter for teaching with no experience in 2023.

It would help to keep the energy for a solid finish as you briefly conclude your letter. The recruiters have stayed with you through the lines and paragraphs till the end. Now is the time to deliver a conclusion to lead to opening your enclosed resume and, of course, an interview.

I would appreciate the opportunity to talk more about science teacher roles and share how my successful strategies can translate into growth for Middletown High school students.

At this point, you have shown your interest and let them know that the decision is now theirs.

You can finally proceed to your complimentary close (or complimentary closing).

Start with a closing sentiment followed by your name for a formal closing.

For example:


Lisa Merriwick.”

#6. A Postscript for the road

Although this step is not compulsory, it is a beautiful application letter-writing hack. A P.S. (postscript) is a smooth way to put your convincing words one more time before the end of the cover letter. Some of the best application letters for teaching have one.

Here’s what it can look like:


I’m open to having further conversations to discuss how we can increase students’ productivity and score by 61%.”

A P.S. is usually an attention grabber, and this one summarizes the entire cover letter. So, even if a recruiter skimmed your cover letter, they will see this highlight at the end.

What are the tips for writing an application letter for a teaching position?

It would help if you employed these additional tips to write an impactful application letter for a teaching position with no experience:

  • Use the job-related keywords

Read the job description and note the essential skills, qualifications, or experience the school requires while writing your letter. Then, if you have these skills or qualifications, include them in your application letter.


It also works in application letters as it does in resumes.

  • Learn about the company

Research the company online before you compose your cover letter. Consider the organization’s aims and objectives and include them in your application letter to give you an edge even if you do not have experience in 2023. It shows recruiting managers that you are genuinely interested in the role and school.

  • Make it simple to read

Use a standard font like Times New Roman to make your cover letter easy to read. Keep your cover letter to one page and use short paragraphs. It makes it easier for hiring managers to scan and understand your letter.

  • Proofread your letter

A good application letter should be free of spelling and punctuation errors, especially one for a teaching job. Ensure that your words flow logically and make complete sense.

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FAQs about how to write an application letter for teaching with no experience in 2023

What is an application letter?

An application letter is a professional document that describes your most important and relevant skills. It is a chance to convince a hiring team that you are the ideal candidate for the position even before you meet with them.

How do I write an application letter for a teaching job with no experience?

An application letter for a teaching job with no teaching experience in 2023 should include the following:
Your full name, contact information, and date
The school recruiter’s first and last name and contact information
Your training and qualifications, certifications, internship, and volunteering experience, and all accomplishments that reflect your teaching aptitude.
Closing statement.
Complimentary close and name.

Can I use the recruiter’s name in the salutation?

Yes. You should use the recruiter’s name if it is available. It makes the application more personalized.


Writing an attention-grabbing application letter for a teaching post may seem like a lot, especially if jobs in the school are in high demand.

Now you can see that no sorcery is involved in writing a no-experience application letter, and it is not as difficult as you think.

Follow the steps above and land that teaching job of your dreams!




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