10 Best Animation Apps For Android | All You Need to Know

Searching for an animation app that is easy to use to make animations on mobile devices can be very difficult since the majority of the animation apps were built for desktop devices.

Also, it can be intimidating to pick the right tool to use since there are plenty of them apps that can be used to create animations and each has its benefits and downsides.

This article will provide a list of different animation apps that run on iOS and Android devices so you can get to make your animations on your phone. The list in this article also covers everything you need to know to create animations such as tweening, onion skipping, stop motion, voice-overs, and even 3D animation. Read on to get all the information you need on animation apps.

What is Animation?

Animation is the process of making films in which inanimate objects like drawings or puppets appear to move. The films here are just a mix of animation and full-length features.

Animation works by using optical illusion where a sequence of still images in a quick enough succession tricks the viewer to interpret them as a continuously moving image.

Animation is possible due to a biological phenomenon known as the persistence of vision and a psychological phenomenon called phi.

Types of Animation

There are several categories of animation design and they include 2D animation and 3D animation. Generally, animation is a time-consuming field and it comes with lots of technical and creative requirements but 2D animation is quite easy to produce when compared to 3D animation. 2D animation comes in handy when you want to engage your audience with minimum effort.

On the other hand, 3D animation requires more time, effort, and attention to model 3D (360 degrees) experiences. 

Both 2D and 3D animations are engaging and intuitive ways of getting and retaining the attention of your audience.

Desktop Vs Mobile Animation Apps

The majority of animation software is built to be used only on desktop devices; normally PCs and laptops and they are regarded as industry standard while mobile animation apps run only on smartphones unless you use an emulator.

One major difference between desktop and mobile animation apps is that for desktop applications, you are equipped with the ability to customize a lot of small details of your animation to your unique creative taste while mobile animation apps restrict your creativity to certain features provided on the app.

Another difference is that most times, you have to pay for the desktop animation apps while most of the mobile animation apps are free though, some will require you to subscribe to a fairly cheap premium version to unlock more features and gain more control over your animation or remove the watermark.

Desktop animation software is used to create long projects with intricate animations without frustration arising from lags, bugs, or glitches since they are tested and used by verified companies. The mobile animation apps can be built by anyone and uploaded to the play store and most times won’t be tested or verified since they are not used by companies to create animation projects.

The processor of most smartphones is not capable as the processors of the PCs and laptops used to create large animation projects. 

Also, the widescreen of PCs and laptops provides enough room to see and edit the details efficiently. At the same time, the small screens of smartphones are inefficient and slow down the animation process.

It is difficult to draw and animate objects in mobile animation apps without a stylus as your sketches will be terrible because of the small screen size of smartphones. On the other hand, it is just easier to sketch on the laptop while using the mouse.

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10 Best Animation Apps for Android Devices

Below is the list of the 10 best animation apps for android devices in no particular order or ranking:

1. Flipaclip (Cartoon animation creator and art studio):

This is free animation software created by Visual Blasters LLC. The animation here is based on frame-by-frame animation like an old flipbook. 

This is an ideal app for anyone looking to create basic cartoon animation as it comes packed with all the perks of modern animation technology and an old-school feel.

It is easy to use, plenty of intuitive features, downloadable animation gallery without a watermark, it is good for all kinds of 2D animation

2. PicsArt Animator: GIF and Video:

This is an animation app created by PicsArt, Inc. It can even be used to create stickers and animate them with a creative set of tools in the app. The animation here also works on the frame-by-frame principle.

The animation creator is simple to use, it comes with downloadable pre-composed animation, can be used to create stickers, GIFs, and funny doodles, can add multiple layers and create complex animation and can control the length and speed of the animation.

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3. Animation Desk:

This app is famous for creating frame-by-frame animation using android phones. It comes with an intuitive drawing environment to create animations.

it is packed with lots of features, a friendly user interface to understand features, great painting tools, and color variants, it can add multiple layers of animation.

4. Anitales:

This app is designed to make kids fall in love with creating animated stories. All they need is to choose a cartoon story location and personalized characters, customize them to their taste, and add a voice-over.

It comes with a variety of scenes, skies, props, and music to add, you can customize characters, perfect for storytelling, great for kids, intuitive user interface.

5. StickDraw:

Very simple and fun animation is used to create basic animations. It is designed specially to draw stick figures and animate them based on a frame-by-frame method.

It gives you good control over your animation, great for beginners, easy to animate, and also has an intuitive user interface.

6. Anime Maker:

This app is similar to the StickDraw animation app working with the same frame-by-frame animation principle.

It has all the basic features to create well-adjusted animations and it’s also a great tool for beginners.

7. RoughAnimator:

This app is used to create hand-drawing animations based on traditional frame-by-frame animation. It is a fully-featured app and is great for beginners.

The advantages that come with this app include the option to import audio, create a timeline with unlimited layers to animate, and custom brush for better drawing.

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8. Stop motion studio:

This free app can be used to create professional animations within a short time. It gives you full camera control while being able to adjust focus, exposure and white balance, and even the shutter speed. 

This app comes with a lot of in-built features that make animation design simple.

9. LookSee Animator:

This is another popular animation app that makes it possible to create stop-motion videos and time-lapse videos using a phone or tablet.

With this app, you get full control over the effects of your animation such as exposure, balance, and focus while also allowing you to add special effects.

The distinguishing feature of this app is that you access all your animations from any other device using your account.

10. Textro:

This animation app is ideal for anyone who wants to create a text animation for social media posts. This app makes animating text fun and simple.

It comes with features that allow you to add your music, and import your pictures as background. All you have to do is add your text, pick a font, and color combination, and choose your preferred animation style and then you’ve created your animation successfully.


Though creating animations on android devices can be difficult sometimes, these apps listed in this article go a long way to making animating objects using your phone simple. 

Also, it is important to know that most of the animation apps listed here focus only on 2D animation. 3D animation using an android may be possible but will surely come with a lot of challenges.



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