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Apparently, many people are eager to know the future, the cause of their life problems, as well as get the solutions to these threatening problems. But many need to learn the right place to acquire such services.

Those who know about astrology’s benefits always wish to sit in a time machine and peep into the future to see what awaits them. Is it really plausible that astrologers can provide access to the future and offer solutions to life-threatening problems?

In Delhi, many astrologers have great knowledge and highly accurate predictions on all world issues. They can help resolve any issues you’re facing.

But how do you find the right astrologer who can give genuine astrology service, especially in Delhi? Not to worry, this article gears towards reviewing the 15 best astrologers in Delhi with years of experience in the world of astrology.

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The most common question that comes to the mind of a total novice is, who is an astrologer? To this effect, we will define it first.

Astrology is the study of celestial bodies, the planets, and the stars and their positions in correlation to the happenings on earth.

Consequently, Astrology can be generally understood as the science of the study of the impact of astronomical items like stars and planets in relation to human lives.

Hence, the position and situation of the celestial bodies (sun, moon, and planets) at the exact time and hour of his/her birth tend to influence or determine the shape of their character, influence their sentimental connections, and as well as predict the possible economic level.


The most common question people ask is, what do Astrologers do? What services do Astrologers of Delhi offer? And how much money do astrologers make in their expertise?

Let’s start with a recap. Astrology involves the study of the complex mixture of the motion of celestial bodies like the sun and moon, the planets, their planetary motion, and how they affect human conditions by analyzing the movements and behaviors through signs of the zodiac.

And to determine a human physiological and morphological variation, Astrologers chart the position of the sun, moon, planets, and other stars at the time of an individual’s birth. 

Astrologers tell you about your future or can predict your life problems and also help you come out of your problems. Astrologers’ exploits go as long as ailing problems to which doctors find no obvious cure.

Thus, the assistance of a scholarly and widely experienced astrologer can help sorrowful and distressed people in removing obstacles inherent in their life. Also, they are regarded as remedy specialists and healers of lover issues or health issues.

Generally, the services offered by Astrologers of Delhi are;

  • 1. fortune-telling/palmistry
  • 2. Love problem solutions
  • 3. Love marriage solutions
  • 4. Family disputes remedies
  • 5. Children control measures
  • 6. Financial problem solutions
  • 7. Business crises aversion solutions
  • 8. Improve health issues
  • 9. Swift and effective healing solutions
  • 10. Hypnotism
  • 11. Psychic readings
  • 12. Removal of negative black magic.

However, to achieve all these, Mantras are chanted for a specific period of time to restore the lost love. The power of mantras compels the mind of that person and they start feeling attracted to their separated lover.

Hence, apart from reading the position of the stars, the sun, and the moon, Astrologers of Delhi use birth chat/horoscope to decipher the reasons behind one’s birth.
Financial issues can also be remedied using psychically correctible through remedial and curative gemstones, the law of attraction, green magic, and the formation of favorable yoga such as

1. The Dhan Yoga.

The astrologers of Delhi are qualified experts in this field and are totally devoted to making people live happy and prosperous life. The best thing about the astrologers of Delhi is that they are totally genuine in their work.

Finally, in the end, astrology offers you a pool of opportunities to learn about yourself and gain in-depth knowledge about yourself. It is a beautiful study that can transform you into an altogether different person.

Also, astrology offers on average to its practitioner a great opportunity to earn in the active service. 

How much money do Astrologers in Delhi make?

To answer this conventional question of how much money astrologers in Delhi make, it is important we mention this. The average pay range for astrologers n Delhian varies greatly because of the global demand of the Astrologers and supply being far less than the demand.

Astrologers can bargain for a hefty fee per question to be asked to them. It is all dependent on the level of experience and reputation of the astrologer cum the rate of the success of his prediction.

From average scaling, Astrologer Salary can start from Rs.5,000 per question, prediction, or astrological services. But for experienced and qualified professionals’ demand can be anything that they wish for and take from the client for astrological services.

Can you study astrology?

It is understandable if you think otherwise about studying astrology. Some are discouraged by the thought that it is cumbersome and complex and may not have many opportunities for earning in the field. However, the above highlights cleared the confusion regarding earnings. That is to say; astrologers earn a good or great sum of income in the field.

Studying astrology is not really difficult but only requires determination and dedication. 

Degree programs can span from three to five years, depending on whether a BSc or an MSc was selected. The first year of the study, students are made to have a basic understanding of the core principles of observational astronomy, the solar system, cosmology, geochemistry and geology.

As from the second and third years, they will cover the key aspects of astronomy in a higher depth with further training in using optical and radio telescopes. Typical modules include numerical and computational methods, and thermal and statistical physics. 

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What subjects are required of me to study an astronomy degree?

Most universities will require high grades in either physics or maths (or both), but some universities may not require it.

What are the careers in Astronomy?

Astrology offers two major opportunities – either you work in the theoretical sphere or in the practical sphere.

Actually, many who did study the course at the university may end up in research-based roles and lab-based work in universities or academic sectors for observatories, planetariums, and museums, developing the displays, delivering workshops for visitors, maintaining the technology, and carrying out research.

Astronomy graduates can also pursue jobs in the government and in the aerospace sector.

Finally, most astronomy graduates practice and earn heavily from it. In fact, one’s success is dependent on the genuity of his services and the result as well.

Now, are you excited to be an astrologer or to meet one? Well, here I am to introduce you to the 15 best astrologers in Delhi, 2023.


In Delhi, there are many astrologers and they are celebrated for their highly accurate predictions and guidance to people’s quest in all life ramifications.

It is said that life challenges can only be surmounted by peeping into the future to know the right step to take and solve the issues.  The best astrologers in Delhi 2021 are:

1. Astrology Gains

Astro guru anubhav, is the founder of astrology gains and a renowned expert in astrology for over years now .he has a wide knowledge of over 3000+ horoscopes.

He is known to give genuine astrology advice to people on different issues of life. His honesty in the field and with his clients made the people of Delhi term him as the Best astrologer in Delhi 

The Astrology Gain’s Services include;

  • Career, Marriage,
  • Love & Relationship issues,
  • Health,
  • Business,
  • Wealth,
  • Property & Litigation,
  • Name Analysis,
  • Child Related issues,
  • Birth Time Rectification,
  • Gemstone Recommendation,
  • Progeny,
  • Husband Wife Disputes,
  • Court Cases,
  • Vashikaran Services,
  • Complete Life Prediction Report,
  • Online Puja etc.

Mob No : +91-7217619956, +91-8218143019, Email id :  [email protected]

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2. Astrologer Shandeley Ji

In relation to love, astrologer Shandeleyji, he is a renowned name in many parts of the Delhi NCR including Gurgaon.

He is popularly known to have a great number of followers that are quite educated and spread over the top position of the field. He is one of the best astrologers in the world.

Shandeley Ji Services includes;

  • JanamKundali,
  • Love Astrologer,
  • Love Problem Solutions,
  • Palm Reading,
  • Love Back Astrologer,
  • Janampatri

Contact Details: Mobile No – 9910195126

3. Dr. Alka Malik

A graduate from Delhi University and has been practicing Astrology since 2008.

Her fascination for the subject led her to master various forms of Astrology which are Vedic Astrology, Vaastu, Lal Kitab, Numerology, and Horary Astrology.
Ms. Malik combines traditional and modern techniques in offering remedies and of which made her unique.

She specializes in issues related to education, career, marriage, health, marriage, business, and children. Residing in Delhi, Ms. Malik is fluent in English and Hindi.

Consult Now
 +91 8939111722

4.  Acharya Murari Vats

With twelve years of experience behind him, Shri Acharya Vats is influential in Hindi and resides in Delhi.

He holds a master’s degree in Astrology from the University of Sanskrit, University. Also, he is known to be incredible in Astrology due to his constant accurate readings and predictions.

As a result, the Astrologer has transformed several lives and as well resolve problems for many people who reach out to him. 

He is one of the best astrologers in Delhi.

Acharya Murari Vats services include; Vedic Astrology, VaastuShastra, Gemology, PrashnaShastra, Rudraksha.

Contact; +91 98992 77552

5. Jyotish Acharya Madhuri Ji

Jyotish Acharya Madhuri Ji an amazing upcoming Astrologer with good knowledge in prophetic issuance of life problems like progeny, profession, marital compatibility, love life, financial stability. 

The Astrologers Services includes:

  • Birth Time Rectification,
  • Remedies,
  • Palmistry,
  • Numerology,
  • VastuShastra,
  • PrashnaShastra,
  • Astro Guidance for Education,
  • Profession,
  • Finance, and
  • Matrimony.

Contact Details:

Astrologer Madhuri
Address 1: -2162/14, West Patel Nagar New Delhi 110008
Phone: – 7011161223,    – 7011161224
E-Mail: – [email protected]

6. Astrologer Pankaj Kumar

Astrologer Pankaj Kumar is a famous astrologer in Delhi, India. He is an expert in predictions and very learned with immense knowledge in the field of Astrology, LalKitab, VastuShastra, Feng-Shui, PyraVastu, Numerology, and Gemology.

He is a professional astrologer committed to reaching out to people who needs his expertise and advice on various aspects of their life that requires astrological solutions.

Pankaj Services include;

  • Astrology Services,  
  • feng-shui services,
  • gemology services,
  • Corporate Vastu,
  • Lalkitab services,
  • love, health, career, and
  • Numerology.

Contact Details:
Astrologer Pankaj Kumar A-164, First Floor, Ektavihar, Jhilmil Colony Delhi-110095.
Phone +91 – 99 1072 7979 Email [email protected]

7. K.P. Tripathi

Tripathi did his M. Tech from B.H.U (Banaras Hindu University). He was rewarded with a National recognition and has 20+ years of experience behind him.

He is one of the best astrologers in Delhi.

Tripathi astrological Services include;

  • Business consultancy,
  • Career Guidance,
  • Vastu analysis,
  • Relationship problems,
  • marriage consultation,
  • gemstones consultation.

Contact Details:
NEW DELHI-110027
PHONE NO-91-9212231120,91-9212121120

8. Astrologer Ankit Tyagi Ji

Astrologer AnkitTyagiji has made remarkable fame in the spheres of Astrology and Vastu.

This Astrologers in Delhi is very passionate about the study of planets to predict the future and as a result, has worked with prominent astrologers for years.

His Services includes: Profession guidance, Matchmaking, Love report, Career advice, Gemstones, Consultation, Marriage Guidance, Health Report

Contact Details:
G.T. Road,
lalkuan, Ghaziabad,
Delhi NCR – 201009
Call: +91-8860590158
Email id: [email protected]

9. Astrologer Deepak Batra

Having won as Gold Medallist in Astrology and bestowed with a Doctorate in “VaastuShastra”.

Astrologer Deepak Batra is globally known for his popular slogan “VAASTU VIGYAN KARE KALYAN BINNA THOD FOD BANE MAKAAN”, which means he Rectifies VaastuDosh without destroying & demolishing any structures at your Home & Work Place.

He is a well-acclaimed wizard in Astrology that juxtaposes Astro with Vaastu and has successfully found a way to process his client’s future in achieving brightness and success in all ramifications.

His Services includes: Kundali Making, Horoscope, Gandmool dash, Gemstones, VastuShastra.

Contact Details:
214, Ring Road Mall, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi-110085
[email protected]
011-47069160, +91-9718300060

10. Guruji Bharat

Guruji Bharat is famously known as a specialist in Numerologist, Gem Stone Consultant, and Vastu.

Generally, His mission in life is hinged on bringing joy, prosperity, success, and well-being to his people by helping them in their life problems and lead them to a more fulfilled and satisfying life.

His Services include:  Money, Business, Career, Relationship, Health astrology services

Contact Details:
91 99 999 50 101
[email protected]
+91 99 999 50 101

11. Anima Bhattacharya Ji

A world-famous Astrologer, Anima Bhattacharya from Varanasi, resides in Delhi.

She is known to have a high level of intuitive power as she aligns her predictions with God.

Anima is expertise in Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, VaastuShastra, and FengShui.

She gives accurate predictions on subjects related to Vedic Astrology, including horoscope matching, marriage, love, education, career, horary, finance, progeny, childbirth, and longevity. 

She is known to have a simple, practical, and effective in her Pooja and Vedic Mantras, and remedial measures always accompany her astrological consultations.

Her Services include: 

  • Astrology Consultancy
  • palmistry
  • gems
  • Vedic pooja
  • Vastu consultancy
  • mantra
  • yantra
  • neurology consultancy

Contact Details:
Address: Anima Astrologer, MayurVihar Phase-1, Delhi-110091
Email: [email protected]
Phone:+91-9899380854, +91-9211188879, +91-9654108569

12. Ms.Rachna Sindhwani

After obtaining professional training, she started offering her services to people. She is an expert in Nusht Kundali that deals with various events in people’s lives.

Ms. Rachna Sindhwani is highly skilled in the field of Vedic Astrology, Vaastu, Numerology, and K P Astrology.

She works as a Vaastu Consultant

Her services include; Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, Reiki, Tarot Card Reading, and Meditation.

She has experience of sixteen years in the area.

Contact details:7 Sh. Sunil MittalWZ-820 A, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027. 011-25100894

13. Shri Rajan Khillan

Shri Rajan Khillan has a degree in Commerce from Delhi University. He resides in Delhi and is fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi.

He is a guru in karmic astrology in relation to reincarnation knows how to use rituals to ward off the mental problems of his clients.  

Shri has offered successful and accurate predictions in health, finance, wealth, relationship career, family, marriage, 

This gifted Astrologer is an expert in Financial Astrology, Medical Astrology, Career Counseling, Corporate Astrology, and Matchmaking Remedial Astrology. 

Contact address:

131 Main Rd W. St Albans, VIC 3021
P: (03) 8001 7170
F: (03) 9364 1542

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14. Sudhir Sharma

Sharma is an Astro Counselor, a Spiritual Healer, and founder of Vedic Astro Insights, which provides Astro Solutions related to Wealth, Love, Relationships, Marriage, Education, Family, Career, Fame, Success, Politics, Peace of mind & Purpose of Life. Vedic Astro Insights is an Astrology Service Provider in Noida, who will help you to grow Psychologically and Spiritually in this life. 

Contact details: Ia-23a, MIG Flats Ashok Vihar-I New Ashok Vihar 1, Delhi-110052
+91 (11) 274-363-97

15. Shri Rajkumar Pandey

Trained in Vedic Astrology, he has immense knowledge in the field with fifteen years of experience. His fascination built his interest in related sciences and propelled him to go deeper into various forms of Astrology.

He is good at blending ancient wisdom and modern science which opens the opportunity for new methods of understanding the human psyche. steemed Astrologer resides in Delhi.

His services include;

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Numerology, and
  • Vaastu.

Contact details; 2/133, ARYA NAGAR KATHMANDI SONEPAT
[email protected]


Conclusively, there are Astrologers in Delhi celebrated for their highly accurate predictions and guidance but in this blog; you have come to meet the 15 best astrologers of Delhi.

There are a number of benefits when you consult with the best astrologers in Delhi and they offer you the best astrology services in all life ramifications.


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