20 Best Gifts for Writers | All You Need to Know

Most writers are lone people. They are, at most points, on their own, writing and executing projects handed over to them. This is where you come in as a friend or a family member to be a relief to these people. You can give them gifts to make them feel appreciated and lessen their stress.

Since writing has changed over time, you should know the best ones and how they suit the writers before you get gifts for writers. 

In this article, we will explore the best gifts for a writer and good gift ideas that would put a smile on the face of that writer you love. Before we proceed, we will explore some commonly asked questions about writing and writers. 

What are good gifts for writers?

This is the first question that should come to your mind before you seek gifts for writers. What makes a gift good for a writer and how would he or she appreciate it?

Any gift you are getting for the writer in 2023 ensure it is useful to the writer at that point, and it is a modern item and gift.

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What does every writer need?

Every writer craves gifts and items that can satisfy their needs in writing. They will appreciate it if their needs and problems in their writing process are solved. These are things that would make their writing life easier and smoother.

What to get someone who just wrote a book?

What if you are when you have a friend who just wrote a book? Then, what do you get for that person?

A writer of a newly released book would appreciate it if you offered guides, subscriptions, and material on how the new book can be promoted and marketed.

So, searching for a gift for a new book writer offer subscriptions and guides on how to publicize the book, get book readings, and get large-scale sales of the book.

How do writers get noticed?

Often, writers are locked away or shut out from the public by their job. It takes a long and uncommon process for these people to get noticed, especially when their new books are released.

To gain exposure, they need to be members of writing groups that connect to other writers and have a marketing or publicity agency managing them.

In the next part, we will explore the gifts you can get for writers in 2023 that they would appreciate. In deciding which gifts to buy, it doesn’t matter if the gift is huge or small. You should know the writer well enough and make the right decision.

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20 Best Gifts for Writers in 2023

1. Workspace

A writer cannot be productive well enough without having a proper workspace with all the comfort and material needed. A couple of writers work anywhere at home, killing their productivity.

In 2023, you should create a workspace for a writer whose well-being you care for.

This would not only make the writer productive, but it will also improve his or her writing style and mood. 

A workspace is where the writer writes only, it differs from the rest of the house, and shuts out distractions. This workspace includes a seat, a table, and some other materials.

In a case where it is in the home, it a wall or curtain differentiates it. I

This is a very good gift to get for that writer you cherish. It would warm the person’s heart.

2. Pinboard

A pinboard is offered to a writer to write down their plans and duties for the day and pin them there as reminders. This is most times found in a writer’s workspace. It is to guide writers and make them more focused and productive.

You should get this for a writer you love and watch the glowing smile on that person’s face. Most writers are always deep thinkers and are often derailed from what they set out to do, but having this pinboard would guide them for the day.

You should get this as a gift as the writer would appreciate you.

3. Sticky Paper

This is another great gift for a writer in terms of writing down the ideas and plans the writer has for that day.

Sticky paper works well when the writer has a pinboard, so he or she can paste the sticky paper with ideas and plans for that day on the board.

This, of course, reminds the writer of the plans and ideas for the day. 

A writer will appreciate you very much if you get this gift for him or her. 

4. Mini Speaker

Most writers love it when they are writing and soft music is playing in the background. It makes writing flow easier and better.

This is a good bet for you if you intend to get an excellent gift to make a writer happy.

The mini speaker must be one of the smallest in order not to be too loud to disturb the writer’s mental state while he or she is in the process of writing.

5. Voice Recorder

In some cases, the writer might be too tired to write and would use a voice recorder to avoid losing the ideas as they come.

Additionally, if the writer always interviews people, he or she would be needing a voice recorder for better delivery and recall. The voice recorder helps make their work faster and better.

You also need to get this as a memorable gift for the writer.

6. Laptop

This is what the majority consider as the best gift for a writer in 2023. Writing has evolved past scribbling on paper all the time or using typewriters; it now deals with laptops.

In fact, this is my best gift. If gifted this, I will be excited.

The laptop is like the heart of writing; most writers are incapacitated without it. They help writers write, print, surf the internet, research, do video calls, and do many things that most other devices cannot do.

7. Smartphone

This is also another magnificent gift for a writer you love. Indeed most people cannot do without a smartphone, and almost everyone has one, but it is over 8. to writers and they would love it if you give them one as a gift.

With a smartphone, they can also type, make calls, do video calls, connect on social media, surf the net and many other writing-leaning activities can be carried out here.

Indeed, it is a special gift. 

8. Subscription to Writers’ Club

This one, too, is a fantastic gift to hand to a writer. You can search for a talented writers’ club close to the writer and pay for it if the club has paid subscription.

You simply go to the writer and inform him or her about the writers’ club as a gift with the registration details and other details in hand.

Writers love networking with other writers because of opportunities and sharing ideas; they would love it with their hearts if you get this for them.

9. A Master Writing Class

This is one of the best gifts for writers. Writers are always learning and working on improving themselves, so you can push them on this by registering them for a master writing class.

It will help them grow in writing.

10. Grammarly Premium

This is one of the most famous software used in writing. It helps in the user’s correction of language and checks for plagiarism.

A writer will love this if you subscribe to this for them. It would make their work easier and less stressful in the editing process after writing. It is a wonderful gift for a writer.

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11. Plagiarism Checker

Paying for premium software that acts as a plagiarism checker is another way to put a smile on the face of a writer. This software scans the writer’s work for plagiarism and directs them to readjust it.

This enables the writer to write more and worry less about unknowingly committing the act of plagiarism. 

12. Scrivener

This is similar to Grammarly, even though they are different software. Scrivener is a good addition to the plethora of gifts here that a writer would love to have.

It helps a writer edit and arrange the work by indicating the areas where words and the structure of sentences are wrongly used. 

13. Novel Factory

This online-enabled software has to do with guiding writers in writing a novel. It helps them with the character formation, the plot and setting creation, and all other features that make up a novel.

This will save writers a lot of stress and time in their novel writing and would be a plus to any writer as a gift from anyone.

It is a good gift idea for a writer.

14. Literary Journal

A writer can very much appreciate things as little as a literary journal as a gift. As small as it is, it is rated well among the best gifts for writers in 2023.

Literary journals would help develop the writer’s style and depth and expand his horizon on writing.

Furthermore, they could also help deepen the writer’s understanding of writing. It is a good gift to get for that writer you cherish.

15. Novel/Collection of Poems/Other Creative Books

This one is very important if you send the gift to a creative writer.

A creative writer would always need to read the works of other writers, especially good and experienced writers, to stay in touch with the best styles and forms of writing.

Any writer will cherish this if you hand it over to them. 

16. Notepad and Pen

A writer, no matter how technically advanced he or she needs, would be needing a notepad and pen someday.

It has to be the portable ones that he or she could easily use to write down the coming ideas. These ideas are, at most points, transferred to the main writing.

If these things aren’t available, most ideas would be lost. It is a good gift to get for a writer.

17. Headphones

This one is a must-have for writers who are easily distracted or in a noisy environment.

If this is the case for any writer you know, then you should be considering getting this device for him or her. It will shut off the noise and distraction and make them stay focused on their duties.

They will appreciate this gift.

18. Books on Writing

These are the types of books you can get for any writer. These are books that teach and guide writers on how to write, ranging from creative writers to technical writers.

They make writers develop in their crafts and excel to a certain degree and level.

A writer will never forget you if you give them these books as gifts. 

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19. Mug and Flask

These are needed to keep the mind alert and the writers awake.

While a writer is working, he or she might be feeling drowsy and would need a hot cup of coffee, and this is where a flask and a mug come in.

Even though this gift may look somewhat small to you, it will be appreciated by the writer in a great way. 

20. Literary Magazines

Getting good literary magazines for writers is also a great way to win the hearts of these writers. They would help these writers improve their writing and advance the way they write in all ways and manners.

A writer would appreciate this much if you get this for him or her. It is a good gift idea for a writer.

FAQs on Best Gifts for Writers

What is the best way to writing?

Writing is not taught sometimes; an individual unconsciously learned it. However, you can learn how to write by reading talented authors, practicing what you read, reading books on writing, and attending master classes on writing.

What is a good work in writing?

Writing good work is not a one-way process; you must have perfected the art of writing and edited your work thoroughly. As a good writer, you should understand that good work comes not only from talent but also from thorough revision, editing, and good writing knowledge. 

What is the best gift to get for a writer?

There is no definite answer to this question. You have to judge the situation and the need of that particular writer before choosing what would solve their problems. 

What is the best gift writers appreciate?

This is just like the question above, a writer would appreciate anything that solves their immediate needs and not the one that is too big among all the items. Therefore, if you’re getting gifts for writers check their immediate needs. 

What is the best opportunity to give to a writer?

As it has been stated earlier in this work, gifts to be given to writers must not necessarily be material or physical gifts; you can also give them immaterial gifts like access to opportunities and subscriptions to guides and writing classes. The best opportunity to offer to writers is granting them access to a good network of writers who can improve their status and connection to opportunities. 


Thus, as you go out to seek gifts for writers, you should be thorough in evaluating the needs of that writer and trying to meet them. They will appreciate it more if your gifts satisfy their immediate needs than how grand your gift looks. You should decide on the best gifts for writers in 2023. 



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