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Do you enjoy a good scream from time to time? If so, then it’s likely that you enjoy watching horror content! There are thousands of great Youtube channels for horror lovers, and they can make for a highly enjoyable evening!

But are you aware of the many benefits of watching horror movies? Before we list the 10 best mystery YouTube channels, we’ll share the benefits of seeing horror content.

What Are Horror Films?

Horror is a film genre that seeks to arouse fear or disgust in its audience for entertainment purposes. They usually deal with dark subject matters and may address subversive ideas or concepts. Monsters, apocalyptic occurrences, and religious or folk beliefs are all common features.

Horror film tactics have been found to elicit psychological responses in an audience.

After seeing a horror film, you are likely to feel a sense of accomplishment and mastery over the threat you’ve experienced, which makes you feel more confident in your ability to handle other anxiety-provoking situations.

Why Are YouTube Channels For Horror Fans A Good Idea?

According to Verywellmind, horror is one of the most interestingly popular film genres. They routinely top the box office and many of their characters have become part of the cultural zeitgeist.

Watching horror films on Youtube can positively impact your mental and physical health, like boosting your serotonin levels and helping you burn calories.

Accordingly, “[Horror] can actually teach us how to handle real-world stress better,” Oaklee said. “During a stressful film, we intentionally expose ourselves to anxiety-producing stimuli.

We rarely engage in the same unhealthy coping mechanisms we use in real life. Scream movies teach us how to manage stress at the moment. This practice can translate to helping us manage everyday stressors and fears.”

Because we don’t face real-life hazards as frequently as ancient humans, watching horror films can be a fresh experience that allows us to exercise our intrinsic threat detection system.

This not only increases the audience’s interest in horror films, but also allows them to experience things like the post-apocalypse, alien invasions, and the threat of an assailant in a safe atmosphere.

Best YouTube Channels For Horror Fans

Here’s an outline of the best Youtube channels for horror fans:

1. Chills

Subscribers: 5.96M

Views: 1B

If you’re looking for a list of the most dreadful videos on the Internet, Chills has you covered. While some of the videos listed by Chills are clearly staged (I.M.O), it’s are still super creepy and entertaining.

Every Thursday and Saturday they upload a new list video where they analyze a multitude of unexplained events, these include possibly real ghosts caught on video, mysterious creature sightings, unsolved mysteries, and basically, the scariest things ever found online for your entertainment!


2.Top 5s

Subscribers: 3.42M

Views: 815M

You MUST subscribe to this channel to see horrifying videos and visuals about ghosts, mysteries, and aliens (UFO). Apart from the scary stuff, Top5s is well-known for its high-quality production and content.

This is the best youtube channel for horror fans. You’ll appreciate Top5s’ attention to fact-checking and ensuring that everything uploaded is as accurate as possible. This channel will not contain any staged or fabricated “scary” videos.


3. Top 5 Unknowns 

Subscribers: 2.06M

Views: 364M

Top 5 Unknowns is one of the best mystery channels. With over 1,020 videos, this channel has a variety of stuff that will keep you binge-watching all night.

They post videos related to the paranormal and bring fun facts for people to learn. The channel also aims to enlighten and bring awareness to cases usually not covered on mainstream platforms by collecting 5 findings, which are all referenced findings.


4. Lazy Masquerade

Subscribers: 1.45M

Views: 258M

The creepiest YouTube channel for horror fans on our list is undoubtedly Lazy Masquerade. While this channel covers a wide range of horror topics, they are well known for their Creepy Reddit & 4chan stories, as well as other scary unsolved mysteries.

This channel goes with the fancy description ‘The Best Things Happen in the Dark’.


5. CZsWorld

Subscribers: 1.05M

Views: 137M

CZsWorld is an excellent horror Youtube channel, with videos examining the history of many horror movie characters and Easter Eggs from each episode of the big horror franchises.

For horror lovers, the channel has assembled a history of Drew Barrymore’s character Casey Becker as well as mapped out the Easter Eggs from each of the first four films, including signs that could help eagle-eyed fans discover the killers early, rather than falling for one of the Scream franchise’s many red herrings.


6. WhatCulture Horror

Subscribers: 390K

Views: 117M

WhatCulture Horror is a nice Youtube channel to go for generalist horror stuff if you’re seeking everyday content. While few videos focus just on Scream as a franchise, many of their list-based videos compare Scream to other major horror films.

Because the channel tends to feature darker content, it may not be suitable for viewers who exclusively love meta-horror or horror comedies. Those wishing to expand their horizons might go through their videos for their favorite tropes or notions and see what films feature them.


7. Scary Mysteries

Subscribers: 736K

Views: 172M

Next on our list of best YouTube channels for horror fans is scary mysteries.

Scary Mysteries gives you the most bizarre stories globally and from the news. This channel covers everything from UFOs and true crime to the paranormal and missing person cases, as well as everything in between.

They give you the facts straight, so sit back, relax, and binge-watch this bad boy! NEW UPLOAD EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND FRIDAY.


8. PossessedByHorror

Subscribers: 221K

Views: 20M

Sarah Hawkinson’s horror film-focused YouTube channel, PossessedByHorror, is also a YouTube sensation on her lifestyle channel. Sarah creates a lot of videos in which she reviews her favorite horror films and genres, as well as rating and tier list videos in which she compares them.

While Sarah admits that Scream is not her favorite horror franchise, due in part to the same issues that Reddit users have raised over the years, she treats the franchise and its characters with respect, honoring them for their place in horror culture, and fans will be intrigued by the connections she makes between Scream and other horror classics.


9. Beyond The Mask

Subscribers: 41.1K

Views: 6.5M

Beyond The Mask is a British YouTube channel dedicated only to Scream. It discusses the films, the MTV series, unsubstantiated fan theories, and different drafts of the films’ scripts to present some of the most in-depth examinations of the franchise available.

Not every post is a winner, but they update numerous times a week, so there is plenty more information to explore if one video isn’t up to par. A word of caution to fans with stringent time constraints: it is easy to get lost in the Scream rabbit hole on this channel, losing hours to its never-ending content.


10. The Drew Barrymore Show

Subscribers: 507K

Views: 108M

Drew Barrymore is well-known in the horror fanbase for playing Casey, who died in the opening scene of the first Scream film. While her chat show is not focused on horror, she enjoys the franchise and is an excellent source for all things Scream.

If you are desperate for content that takes you on a journey where Casey Becker survived and was inspired by Gale Weathers to get into the media industry, then this Youtube scream channel is a must-watch.


FAQs On Best YouTube Channels For Horror Fans

Are scary movies good for you?

Watching horror films can improve your mental and physical health by increasing serotonin levels and assisting you in burning calories.

How do I create a YouTube channel?

You need to follow these instructions to create a channel that only you can manage using your Google Account.
Sign in to YouTube on a computer or the mobile site.
Create a profile picture
You’ll be asked to create a channel
Check the details (with your Google Account name and photo) and confirm to create your channel.

Which type of people like horror movies?

Horror contents are for people who seek out sensations, and people with low empathy level.

How much does a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers make annually?

The average YouTuber with 1 million subscribers makes roughly $60,000 a year


Horror content let us vicariously explore the nature of evil, both in others and in ourselves and grapple with the darkest parts of humanity in a safe environment.

I hope our list of best YouTube channels for horror fans satisfies your search intent.


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