Casting360 Reviews: What Users Are Saying About Casting360

Casting360 as a premier online vehicle for matching casting directors with talent, has, over the years being, occupying a vital niche in the entertainment industry. Even at that, there is still contention about its existence.

Considering that, we did extensive research about the company. In our findings, we realized that some believe that it’s a scam, and others say it’s legit.

And being aware that you might be asking, ‘which is correct?’, we have decided to review In this review, we will take you through what the company deals with, how it works, its features, pros, and cons.

With this casting360 review, we are sure you will make the right decision.

Let’s Go!

Casting360 Reviews: What is Casting360?

Casting 360 is an online platform that ties professionals in the sector with available talent, established in 2010. Basically, it gives business professionals access to one of the largest accessible talent databases, which include actors, extras, singers, dancers, musicians, and models of all types, ages, and backgrounds.

Its major goal is to build a new product that users would want because it is so beautiful, so intuitive, so practical, so easy to use, and so well suited to user requirements.

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How Does Casting 360 Work?

The company collects input from filmmakers, casting directors, and executives of network television to design a website based on their specific requirements.

With the data it has collected over the years, it has built a customer base of over 1 million users in less than a year. And also has been nominated for a Webby and for a WebAward in the Jobs category.

Becoming a member of casting 360 either as a filmmaker, casting director, photographer, director, or other entertainment professional is simple. All you need to do is to visit the site and sign up.

Another interesting thing Casting360 does is that it permits talent to create effective portfolios utilizing photo, audio, and video capabilities.

And once you are a member, you can post casting calls, search talent portfolios, contact performers directly via e-mail or telephone, and send individual messages as well as batch messages.

Once a portfolio has received approval, you can view casting calls specific to your area, click on Submit to this Casting Call, or add one to a Favorites page. Then, a casting director receives the portfolio and contacts the talent if interested.

Additionally, you may also participate as a participant in workshops offered by industry experts and enroll in video acting lessons from the business.

And for those who are not contacted within 90 days, Casting360 promises that the registration fee will be refunded. The monthly service may be withdrawn by talent representatives at any time.

Such people lose access to casting calls and other features of Casting360, but their portfolios remain involved in the search for talent.

What are the Features of Casting360?

Casting360 has Casting calls for the following;

  • Television shows
  • Movies
  • Theater
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Music videos

Is it expensive to use Casting360?

Users pay $1.98 for signing up for Casting 360. It seems fairly reasonable. However, that’s basically a trial fee. You pay $44.90 monthly after 14 days which is pretty expensive.

What are the Pros of Casting360?

Pros have to do with advantages or benefits. The sole benefit of Casting 360 is that several casting calls can be viewed. For those who are serious about acting, it will be useful.

It’s not enough, however, for what you have to pay monthly, particularly when the casting calls tend to be open. Thus, in various other locations, you will also see the same detail.

Also, you will get a 7-day free trial to use the platform without paying once you register.

What are the Cons of Casting360?

Cons, on the other hand, have to do with the pitfalls of casting 360. These downsides are what contributes to people’s negative view of it.

First, you can call them online and not do it all. It’s supposed to be a positive thing, obviously, but it isn’t. Also, they make bold assumptions about the likelihood that people in the industry have.

Another big challenge with the company is even the daunting process involved in actors, and they make it more difficult. It is just like they take advantage of people’s dreams while they make rosy promises that they cannot meet is all the company really does.

Also, while the termination process of a contract with any company should be easy, the Casting360 case is different. It’s difficult to cancel your agreement with the company. And most times, charges more than expected.

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How Does One Sign Up On

To sign up with Casting360, visit the official website below. Note, Casting360 is not accepting new members currently.

Casting360 Sign Up

How do I get started once I sign up?

To get started once you sign up or log in, follow the steps below:

#1. Set up your Profile

First, with correct details about yourself, your qualifications, your history, and your experience, set up your profile. Casting Directors look for talent based on details such as age, gender, place, height, weight, and abilities based on their profile.

#2. Upload the images

Stage 2-. Upload yourself with simple, well-lit, close-up, and medium images. One of the key elements to having your foot in the door is your pictures.

#3. Submit Casting Calls

The most valuable advice we can give you is to send as many casting calls within your region as possible. Proactive, diligent, and never giving up are the most popular participants.

Just to get their feet wet and gain some experience, they apply to casting calls just about every day and to a number of casting calls. It’s just a game of numbers.

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How, Then Can I Submit Casting Calls?

Tap on the title of the casting call when you find a casting call that’s right for you. The casting call definition and breakdown will be available to you.

You can find the form of request at the bottom of the casting call description – you can either write a personal message to the casting director and click ‘Send’, apply via an external connection, or contact the casting director via phone or email.

There are also so-called open casting calls, where you have to appear in the location sign at a particular moment.

What if I want to Cancel my Membership?

It’s possible, although not very easy. To get to do that, contact customer support at 1-800-508-0298 Monday-Friday, 7 am-5 pm PST. They will tell you the next line of action to follow.

To get more information about Casting360, click on the link below.

Get more Information

What Users are saying about casting360: Casting360 Reviews

There have been a lot of reviews of Casting360. Below are some of the things its members said:

This site works… I just signed up yesterday, and this morning I got a response from the Lana Reid show, and I will be on the show on August 26th… Thank you, Casting360! -Derek B.

I was treated like a star before becoming one! just with so much support over the phone! Thank you 360 -Bridgette Jones

The website to your future:
Casting 360 is a great website, and everyone should subscribe to it because it can help give people a bright future. -Levar Shawkat

Stolen personal data:
My data and high school photos were posted on their website without my knowledge or permission. I have no idea where they got them from. When you call their customer service numbers, they either don’t go through, or you get an answering machine (even when you call within their alleged business hours). Either they are stealing people’s data or allowing phish on their site! -MH



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