WritersGig Reviews: Legit or Scam | How it Works

Freelancing is the future. The ability to work at your own pace, from the comfort of your home, is what makes freelancing the best option for most entrepreneurs.

Due to this, there are lots of online freelancing sites promising you an avenue to earn extra cash. While some of them are legit and real, some are also a scam.

Amongst the legit online money-making platforms for writers is WritersGig. WritersGig is a freelancing website that offers writers an opportunity to make money from the comfort of their homes.

Whether this is true or not, we cannot say at this point. As there are lots of factors to consider. And this is what makes this article handy.

Because all you need to know to make an informed decision about WritersGig is contained in this article.

More so, the reviews and mode of operation of the system will help you determine if it’s a legit or a scam way of making money online.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the big question, “What is WritersGig?”

WritersGig Reviews: What is Writers Gig

It is a meeting point for people interested in diverse forms of written content such as blog posts, copywriting, sales copy, and any form of writing with those willing and able to provide them.

In other words, it’s a freelance online marketplace that brings buyers and writers together as businesses for effective collaboration. It serves as another legit money-making platform for people who are interested in making money through writing.

Buyers on the platform include blog owners, tech-enabled businesses, companies, entrepreneurs, authors, and more.

Why was WritersGig created?

WritersGig was officially launched on 1st February 2021 with about 31 users. Talking about why it was created, it was created out of a passionate drive to reduce the unemployment rate in the world.

Basically, it was designed as a platform where people skilled in writing get paid for their services. The platform aim at being the No1 platform where buyers can easily get writers for their work for a fee by 2025.

The teams on this marketplace believe that by 2025 with more publicity and reach for the product, they would have created over 150,000 jobs for Africans on the platform.

How Does Writers Gig Work?

Writers Gig has a mode of operation that is very easy and favorable.

First, you create an account either as a buyer or a writer. After creating an account, if you are a writer, you’re to create a gig. Your gig introduces you to the area of your writing skills and your qualification.

Once a buyer creates an offer, the writer can apply by submitting a proposal which once accepted, gets the handle of the offer.

However, the buyer is expected to make payment before the writer starts the work. And on completion of the work, the writer’s wallet gets credited.

Note, the platform commission fee is 10% of the agreement or contract fee. Also, the writer can only request for withdrawal when there is at least ₦5,000 in his or her wallet.

Thus, the writer’s withdrawal request would be considered after 5 days he or she has made a request.

How Can I Sign up on WritersGig?

The sign-up process is very simple To register as either a buyer or writer, first log on to www.writersgig.com and click on the ‘Get Started icon’. After that, a register page pops up showing you a form to fill.

Carefully choose a distinct username, a valid email address, and a password of at least 8 characters. Confirm the password by inputting the same password in the block.

The eye symbols by the side would reveal the characters you inputted so you’re sure it’s the same password.

After filling in this information, click on the register button.

You will immediately receive a verification email. If you do not get the email, you can click on the resend verification email.

As soon as you click on the verification link, you will be asked to either skip the training or proceed to be trained. It is most prudent that you click the proceed button to take the training.

Now, there are two courses: Content Marketing and the Search Engine Optimization course. Take both courses ardently as you will have to take an assessment test.

There’s no need to fret. This test is to help us know just how good you are at Search Engine Optimization, as we are most concerned about providing our clients with top-notch services.

Test Steps

To take the test, follow the steps below:

  • Choose a topic from the list you are given and write a Search Engine Optimized content.
  • Try to insert the keyword in the first 100 words, and at least five times throughout the entire content.
  • Find relevant links from other websites that best explain the topic you are writing, and fix internal links.
  • Insert featured images and other important images with a file size less than 150kb
  • Click on submit

This assessment test is usually a research topic and will require well-detailed content. It should comprise an overview of the topic and an in-depth analysis of the said topic.

There should be little or no grammatical or punctuation errors. And, ensure you fix your headings in relevant headers and discuss them extensively.

Note that this test should be written carefully and submitted within the next 48 hours.

Signing up on WritersGig is an amazing thing to do, getting to know that your proposal is accepted by a buyer gives a much more exciting feeling.

With most of you asking, “how do I get to know that my proposal is accepted by a buyer?”, this guide will work you through the process, step by step with pictorial representations.

 Read How To Withdraw Your Money From Your WritersGig Dashboard.

How Do I Know Proposal is Accepted By A Buyer

To help you know when your proposal is accepted by a buyer, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

Once you’re signed in and have sent a proposal, the next step is to hear from the buyer via the chat section. You can access the chat section by clicking on the message section as shown in the image below.


Once you click on the message icon, you’ll be brought to the chatbot section where you interact with the buyer to seal the deal. To check if your proposal is approved, the next thing to do is toggle your cursor to the far right icon with an avatar then click on PROPOSALS.

Step 3

Once it loads, your proposals will show up with a yellow icon showing the status of your proposal. If the buyer accepts your proposal, the status changes to HIRED (not paid).

Alternatively, once you’ve been hired, writersGig team sends you a mail notification.

What this means is that your proposal has been accepted and payment will be made once you generate an invoice by clicking on generate an invoice.

How to Verify the WritersGig buyer’s Account

When you click the ‘Register’ button, it takes you to the verification page which contains an instruction to check your email for the verification link, and a button to request another link if you did not receive the email.

You are to check your email and click on the ‘Verify Email Address’ button which takes you automatically into the profile page on the Dashboard as a buyer.

What are the Pros and Cons of WritersGig?


Just like every platform has advantages and shortcomings so also is WritersGig. For this marketplace

  • The platform connects young, talented, smart african writers to the rest of the world.
  • There charges are very affordable compared to what is obtainable elsewhere.
  • It have effective customer’s support system that attends to customers through phone calls, emails and live chat sessions.
  • It’s easy for beginners to earn money on the platform. it gives beginners or amateur writers to grow their profiles.
  • The system has a fraud detection system that protects its users.
  • The system has a seamless and secured payment system. Buyers can make their payments easily.
  • Its a wonderful opportunity for Africans.
  • Users can easily access the admin without stress.
  • The system is mobile-friendly.


WritersGig is a new marketplace with excellent features and benefits for its users. In as much as its numerous benefits, there are still some challenges the system is working on. These challenges pose cons that will be corrected in no time. Some of these include:

  • Many of the features on the platform has not really pass through the test of time because it is new.
  • The payment system is localized. Africa system continue to match up with there counterparts like paypals.
  • For the main time, the interface for users possess some challenges. Beginners might find it difficult navigating around the platform. Nevertheless, it’s really not a big problem because the system has a chatbox that helps to tackle that problem.
  • The system doesn’t support cryptocurrency.

How Can I earn on WritersGig?

Sure, you are making big bucks on writersGig once you’re a good writer. WritersGig is an excellent site for freelancers to earn money.

Just like most writing platforms where you earn once you complete a project, WritersGig also allows you to earn money from completing any writing project. In the meantime, that is the only way to earn on the platform.

Can I Make Withdrawal anytime I want on WritersGig?

Well, you can make withdrawal anything you want providing you’ve at least ₦5000 in your WritersGig wallet.

Note, your withdrawal request would be considered after 5 days you made a request. Before this, there are steps to take for your withdrawal to be successful.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully make a withdrawal:

Step 1: You have to include your bank details on or before making withdrawals

Step 2: For you to withdraw, you need to complete your verification. Simply, provide any government-approved ID like national ID, driver’s license, etc.

And step 3: If you have not uploaded a government-approved ID before clicking the withdrawal button, you have 21 days to upload your document or risk account suspension.

Note: The verification is to match bank account details to the individual requesting withdrawals on the platform. This forestalls fraud issues and helps WritersGig manage any financial issues that may arise.

How To Withdraw Your Money From WritersGig

To withdraw from your account, you need to reach the stipulated threshold. Basically, you must have a minimum amount of ₦5,000 on your Writersgig account before requesting withdrawals.

Step 1: Log in to your Account

Log in to your WritersGig account and click your Profile Picture thumbnail from the main menu bar. Then click on the “Request Withdrawal” option on your dashboard.

2: Ensure you have money in your Ledger Balance

The ledger balance entails all payments made to your account by buyers, while the available balance is the amount you can withdraw.

The Ledger Balance money appears once you’ve created an invoice, and it’s approved by a buyer.

However, it’s important you understand that having money in your Ledger Balance doesn’t mean it’s withdrawable.

See what it looks like to have money on your Ledger Balance.

Step 3: Check Your Available Balance

As earlier mentioned, the available balance is the amount you can withdraw.

Usually, the available balance culminates the total sum for the articles buyers have approved. Once you’ve completed your jobs by a particular buyer, the money drops from the Ledger Balance to your “Available Balance.”

If it’s ₦5,000 and above, you can withdraw all or a specific amount.

See what it looks like when your work has been approved by a buyer and your money appears in your “Available Balance.”

Note: You can only make a withdrawal if you have up to ₦5,000 on your Available Balance.

Step 4: Start Withdrawal

  • Indicate the amount you need to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal amount is #5000.
  • Click on the submit button to submit your request.
  • Provide your bank account details that will be used for withdrawal.
  • As soon as you do this, you will get a notification that your withdrawal process has been initiated, likewise an email notification.

How Can I Create an Offer on WritersGig?

To create an offer, you must first complete the signup process and set up your profile as a buyer.

After that, the next thing to follow the steps:

  • Go to your homepage as a buyer and click on “My Offers”.
  • Once you’ve clicked on “My Offers”, you’ll see a drop-down. Now, select the “Create Offers” option.
  • A dropdown where you will create the offer shows up, carefully fill up all the boxes and sections.
  • Submit your created offer to the admin for review.

Remember, while creating an offer on writersgig:

  • Do not share your contact. Sharing contact information to communicate off of WritersGig is not allowed by our Terms of Service. This could lead to a sanction from the admin and/or also, cause your Buyer Offer to be rejected.
  • So, please do not include any contact information in your Offer or attachments.
  • Show Respect. Showing respect is essential in a digital marketplace. And treating others with kindness and professionalism is what being part of the WritersGig community is all about.
  • Adhere to Set Standards. Make sure your Offer is aligned with WritersGig Terms of Service and Standards.

WritersGig Reviews From Users

Here are reviews made by some WritersGig registered users who are active:

Writers Gig is an exceptional platform for writers who want to earn some money from writing and bloggers looking to hire professional quality. Their user experience is unique and if they can increase payment options, it will be a lot better…

Ebere Asogu

WritersGig is a nice platform to earn some extra cash. The interface is seamless and easy to use.

Victory Ihejieto

WritersGig is a great Platform to write and get Paid, whatever your level of experience. It is seamless, the interface is immaculate, and the support team is probably the best I’ve seen. I highly recommend.

Victor Femi-Lawal

Is Writersgig Legit or Scam

For the platform’s users’ reviews, is no doubt that this writing marketplace is 100% legit.

Bottom Line

For trustworthy auto insurance, you can trust only a few companies. And I strongly believe this Writers Gig Review has given you a new perspective on a freelance writing platform that is great for you.



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