What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying? 15 Facts About Dreaming About Death

Dreams are usually meant to serve as means of escape from reality delving deep into the world of fantasy. What happens when instead of waking up happy you wake up scared, terrified, confused with a deep feeling of loss yet strangely unburdened that it was all a dream?

Dreaming about someone dying is a common occurrence with 80% of people witnessing it at least once during the course of their lives. Dreaming about death might sound scary at first but there are various meanings attached to one’s dream. Hence, what a dream actually means is rarely that someone is about to die.

Hence, the importance of knowing that dreaming about someone’s death doesn’t always mean they will die. This helps prevent panic and fear when you slide back into reality.  

We can dream about different kinds of people dying: it could be loved ones, enemies, or complete strangers. This article will highlight exactly what it means to dream of someone dying and facts are known about dreaming of death.  

What Does It Mean When Your Loved One Dies in a Dream? 

Losing someone we love is one of our greatest fears, what happens when we actually dream of losing them in a dream? Dreaming about someone you love dying puts you in an immediate state of frenzy and worry.

You find yourself trying to protect them from anything that might bring the dreadful dream to reality.

Dreaming of a loved one dying in extremely rare cases means literal death. The dream most time could be trying to indicate the strong bond you share with the person and your fear of ever losing them from your life.

Another explanation of the spiritual meaning of dreaming someone died says that if you’ve been recently let down by the loved one the dream could be trying to show the hurt from the disappointment and the void created. 

What Does It Mean When Your Family Member Dies in a Dream? 

Dreaming about death most times could be triggered due to changes in the relationship between you and the person in question. There are various ways the death of a family member could be interpreted. They include 

  • FEAR OF LOSING A FAMILY MEMBER: The dream could be trying to highlight your fear of losing a particular family member either because you share a strong connection with the person or the important role the family member is currently playing in your life. 
  • FEELING OF BETRAYAL: Dreaming about a family member’s death could be due to a feeling of betrayal. If a particular family member let you down recently, especially someone you never expected it from, the dream could be trying to show the hurt and feeling of betrayal you feel due to the person’s actions. 
  • MISSING THE FAMILY MEMBER: When you have not seen a family member in a long time the dream could be trying to show that you’re missing them. This is seen especially when you have not been separated from the family member for such a long period of time and you are jealous and sad because you are not in their life as it used to be. 
  • CURRENTLY DEALING WITH THE DEATH OF THE FAMILY MEMBER: At times we can dream of the death of an already dead family member this could be due to the deep feeling of grief and blame. This dream shows that you are not over the death of the family member and blame yourself for their death. This mostly occurs if you witnessed the death of a family member and you are finding it difficult to let go and come to terms with reality. 
  • GOING THROUGH A MAJOR CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE: You could dream of the death of a family member when your life is going through major changes like marriage, childbirth, or new financial status. The dream could be showing the rapid way in which your life is changing along with your former relationships, could also be due to the poor way you are handling the change. 
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What Does It Mean When You Dream About The Death Of Someone You Know? 

Dreaming about the death of someone you know could be due to bad feelings you have about the person. The dream is trying to show how you desperately want to get the person out of your life through any means possible.

Dreaming of someone dying who is still alive could be due to the personal resentment you have towards the person and bottled-up emotions. 

Is It Good Luck To Dream Of Someone Dying in Your Family? 

Death in a dream mostly symbolizes the termination of a relationship or part of your life. Dreams about death could have a positive meaning with most people seeing deaths in dreams as a good omen and a sign of prosperity and good luck.

Dreaming about dying could be trying to show a major positive transformation hence the need to reinvent yourself as a good thing is coming your way. It may be good luck to dream of someone dying if it has to do with a positive transformation that is about to happen in your life.

However, it can be very frustrating if your dream of someone dying means the termination of a relationship. The fear of not seeing your loved one again is painful. So, whether it is good luck to dream of someone dying in your family or not depends on the meaning you attach to it.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming Someone Died?

Spiritually, dreaming about someone dying shows you are going through some changes in your life. For most spiritualists, for you to bring forth a new seed you need to literally die.

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Unlike popular opinion, dreaming about death may not entirely be all scary and bad. The spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying suggests that there may be some change or ending happening in your life.

However, the details of the dream can offer more insight and give more meaning to your dream.

Is Dreaming of Someone Dying Who is Still Alive Good?

Dreaming of someone dying who is still alive can be frustrating. The fear and uncertainty of losing a loved one can be very painful.

For most people, it is a bad sign to dream of someone dying who is still alive. It always suggests that the person may be dead in the spiritual realm.

So, it is not always good to dream of someone dying who is still alive.

15 Facts About Dreaming About Death 

Most people are always terrified when it comes to anything pertaining to death hence the reason why dreams about death are usually an unpleasant and frightening experience. Highlighted below are the top 15 facts known about dreaming of death. 

  1. Dreaming about death does not actually symbolize literal death. 
  2. Dreaming about death could symbolize the end of a phase in your life and the start of another. 
  3. Dreaming about death could be a positive sign. 
  4. Some people see the death dream as a sign of good luck and prosperity. 
  5. Death dreams can mean a desire to end a painful experience. 
  6. Death dreams can represent an inner need to separate from reality. 
  7. Most people dream of death when they are betrayed by someone. 
  8. Fear of loss of a person can cause dreaming of death. 
  9. Dreaming about death is not a pleasant experience and can throw the dreamer into a state of frenzy. 
  10. Some medications can cause nightmares and death dreams examples are alpha-blockers. 
  11. A person suffering from depression has a greater probability of having death dreams due to the state of their subconscious. 
  12. People with thanatophobia I.e., intense fear of death or dying are more prone to dreaming of death. 
  13. Death dreams could be a wake-up call to stop unhealthy habits and practices. 
  14. Dreaming of death serves as a reminder of how precious life is. 
  15. It could be reflecting an ideal that is not attainable. 

Ways in Which Different Cultures View Death In Dreaming 

Different interpretations about dreaming of death have been given since the beginning of history. In ancient history, it was believed that dreaming about your death signified good fortune.

The ancient Egyptians believed that when you see a coffin in your dream it represented rebirth, in the Greek’s Hellenistic era dreams of the death of a loved one were representative of good fortune and prosperity bestowed on the dreamer by their gods.

Despite some cultures viewing dreaming about death as a positive sign during the medieval period, there were some philosophers who strongly held the view that dreaming of death was a bad omen and was a prophecy of terrible things to come.

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The 470AD era is well known for the belief in dreaming of death meaning the real-life death of the person involved. Well known urban legends about dreaming and dying in dreams include 

  • Dreams involving dead loved ones are ghosts 
  • Dreams about parents dying men it would soon become reality 
  • Coffins in dreams symbolize terrible things to come 
  • When you die in a dream you never wake up 
  • When you have amber eyes in your dreams it signifies you are always followed by evil spirits 
  • Dreaming your own death is a prediction of impending doom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I keep dreaming about death?

Dreaming about death continually could be due to various reasons like new medications, depression, or poor mental state. If you have recently gone through a major change, it can also be a trigger.

Why do I always wake up before I die in my dreams? 

This could be due to your body’s physiological fear to death. 

Will my dream of death become reality? 

No, Dreams about death rarely symbolize literal death. 

What does it mean when I see my ex-partner dying? 

This could mean that you have finally let go off the past. Signifies willingness to move on and start a new chapter. 

Why do I keep dreaming of someone who is dead already? 

You might be finding it difficult to come to terms with the death especially when the death was unexpected and you didn’t get closure with the person. This might be due to the unwillingness of your subconscious to accept reality 


Dreaming about dying is a common occurrence and when analyzed properly should give us an insight to what is going on in our subconscious. Despite being a common occurrence, it is not a pleasant experience and normally shows what part of life you are lacking on or should be removed.

Death dreams can be an eye-opener for you to form better relationships with the person in your dream because you are reminded that life is precious and you never know when you might lose them. 



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