What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Teeth Falling Out?

In dreams, teeth often represent our strength, pride, and abilities. Dreaming about your teeth falling out may represent fears and be powerless, or your inability to hold things together in life.

It could also mean stress, poor nutrition, and dental
conditions. In some cases, dreams about teeth falling out could be due to low self-confidence.

Research has it that 39% of the population has experienced dreams about their teeth falling out, rotting, or breaking at least once in their lives.   

We will discuss this subject; What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out in detail.

Does the dream of losing teeth mean death?

No, teeth falling out in the dream doesn’t point to your death in any way. Dreams are the brain’s way of processing recent events in your life. Dreams might also point to your subconscious urge and cravings.

According to experts, dreams are electrical activities of the brain and have no role in predicting the future. Dreams are more of imagination than perception.

Although dreaming about your teeth falling out can be a scary experience, especially if you have it more often doesn’t mean your death. Rather take comfort knowing that it is a common fresh and there is nothing to worry about.

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Why are teeth dreams so common?

Thirty percent of the population report teeth dreams(Yu, 2012). A recent study was carried out to determine teeth falling out and why teeth dreams are common.

The author suggested two hypotheses teeth dreams are a result of dental distress such as teeth grinding during sleep, or teeth dreams are related to psychological distress.

The first hypothesis where teeth dreams might be triggered by teeth grinding while asleep can result in the sensation of teeth grinding incorporated into the dream.

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This is in line with other studies which show that various sensory stimuli can be incorporated into dream content (Yu, 2010).

The occurrence of teeth dreams can also correlate with the experience of dental distress upon awakening, but not with self-reported teeth grinding.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Your Death?

Relatively often, dreams of one’s death are not so much about physical death. They are about the death of a previous way of life, a transformation that’s either coming or requesting your attention.

The change or transformation might depend on the individual, of course. It might refer to a relationship that is not functioning or perhaps a relationship that might well be starting.

It might also refer to a new philosophy on life in general or one specific aspect of one’s life such as a different job, a different attitude towards yourself or other people.

It also included letting go of a previous attitude that has become negative and unfulfilling.

Seeing your death in a car accident in a dream is a good sign meaning you will fulfill the tasks that you set without much effort.

But if you dreamed that you died in a railway accident and see a dead body, and it is your own body, get ready for a sudden drop of energy and optimism.

If you happened to hear about your death in a dream, this means you will receive some news in real life. If you heard about your death from a friend, you will get good news. Actually, if it was said by someone you do not know, this is a sign of bad news.

If you had a dream that someone found out that you are a deadman and told
everyone about it, this means that your friend will help you with good

Finding out that an ill-wisher is spreading gossip about your death is a bad sign warning from slander in real life. – Sergii Haranenko.

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Facts about dreaming of your teeth falling out.

There are lots of facts that have to do with dreaming teeth fall out, and teeth falling out dreams. Some are positive while others are negative. But it all depends on what you believe in and what works for you.

Here are some positive and negative facts you might want to check out and probably give yourself the relief you need.

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1. Renewed Strength and Self Esteem

To some people teeth can be seen as symbols of power. So when you have teeth falling out in dreams, you can relate to your strength.

It may eventually depict gaining more control over your environment or others.

It can also symbolize a rise in your confidence level in either a business situation or a personal relationship.

2. Personal Growth signs

Teeth indicate growing up: that is it is a sign you are growing up. You are born
without teeth, you get your baby teeth, you lose your baby teeth, you get your adult teeth.

As an adult, this dream could depict an advance from one situation to another.

3. Looking at Loss and Personal Growth

When you have your teeth falling out in your dream, it represents your need to take care of yourself while you’re going through extreme life changes.

You may be encountering growth, uncovering personal aspects that were previously hidden, and improving aspects that had been neglected.

4. A Subconscious Wish of being Nurtured

Teeth falling out dreams can also mean you want to go back to a susceptible time, like when you were a kid when you had your mom and dad take care of everything.

It also implies that you’re facing a period of possible growth, and if you play it right, everything will turn out great.

5. Rebirth and transformation

A psychologist C.G. Jung once said that “the teeth falling out dream symbolizes giving birth to something new”. The act of the teeth falling out indicates the tension and sometimes pain that comes with starting something new.

This new thing might be a new job, new home, new relationship, or going through a period of substantial growth that fits this category.

6. Feeling of insecurity

In our waking world, teeth don’t usually just fall out—which makes this dream
particularly bizarre and could work against the theory that dreams are primarily a means of memory consolidation.

Working on the notion that dreams represent feelings more than literal symbolism, could represent confidence and self-esteem. After all, wouldn’t you be a bit insecure if your teeth suddenly fell out or rotted?

The next time this dream happens, think about any areas in your life where you are experiencing shame or self-doubt.

7. A need for control

Another popular idea is that losing your teeth in a dream is about the need for control. It’s safe to say that you probably wouldn’t choose to have your teeth fall out at night.

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To that end, when you have dreams about your teeth falling out, you ask
yourself if anything is going on in your life that makes you feel not in control such as an issue that’s out of your hands or an overwhelming change.

8. Grief and loss

Having teeth falling out dreams could also symbolize a different kind of loss or even grief. It’s certainly upsetting to dream that you lose your teeth. It might make you think, is there something else I lost recently?

If your subconscious is trying to absorb a real-life loss, it could make you lose other things when you dream.

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9. Could it just be dental issues?

There is also the possibility that this dream relates to literal dental issues. In the Frontiers in a Psychology study, researchers did find that teeth dreams are often related to dental irritation upon waking up as a result of teeth grinding.

Although it’s hard to conclude if teeth issues such as grinding could cause the dream—or if the dream provoked the teeth issues. Still, it could be that the mind may be misinterpreting pain and integrating it into your dreams.

10. Other factors

Other factors include aggression, anxiety, stress, poor nutrition, low self-confidence.

Ultimately, when next you have a teeth dream, ask yourself questions such as: How does it feel? What emotion does it bring? Does it put forward any memories?

In doing so, Naiman says” you can help the dream interpret itself: Often there’s a notion locked behind it and when they can interpret the dream, it helps digest it”.

Also, consider talking with a psychologist who is available to discuss dreams and their meanings.

Meanwhile, a closer look at the emotions that any dreams bring up can help you learn from them—and maybe take a peek into your subconscious, too.


This article has extensively discussed what it means for teeth to fall out in the dream. Do you think this means another thing? Get back to us in the comment section.



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