15 Highest Paid Superintendents In Illinois

Six-figure incomes are common for superintendents in Illinois. In actuality, 320 district superintendents and other senior executives in school districts in Illinois earn $200,000 or more yearly.

Over 75% of Illinois’ 872 superintendents earn six-figure salaries, and may also receive bonuses, housing and vehicle allowances, and other privileges. 

Their high incomes result in considerable future pension benefits. The total pension payments that superintendents get throughout their retirements range from $2 million to $6 million. Despite the good pay, the superintendent job market in Illinois is extremely competitive.

 Who are the Highest Paid Superintendents in Illinois? How much do they earn? These are some questions we’ll be reviewing in this post.

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What Does A Superintendent Do?

 The superintendent directs a project direction, creates the tone, and collaborates closely with the board of trustees. They are in charge of hiring and managing the finance and other officials. It is the superintendent’s responsibility to assess the performance of all hires and ensure that they are capable in their field. 

 To get the greatest outcomes, a superintendent must think about how to distribute the financial and personnel resources of the project to attain success. A superb superintendent functions by a single question: What is best for the project? While being conscious of all the conflicting demands.

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Qualities Of Superintendents

The superintendent must handle several roles while maintaining constant concentration. Here are a few of the top traits every superintendent should possess.


 Dedication is a crucial quality required for every superintendent. They have to deal with difficult choices. A steadfast superintendent always makes the greatest decision for the project’s success. He is fearless and unyielding, unfazed by adversity.


 A good superintendent is perceptive and well-spoken. He pays close attention during meetings and thoughtfully considers others’ points of view. He has a solid grasp of the language and can communicate ideas clearly and briefly. Superintendents must be tactful and courteous while advising administrators and other personnel.


 A superintendent has several responsibilities. His strategic thinking helps him avoid crises and emergencies. A competent superintendent can resolve conflicts through negotiation. He also responds sensitively to any complaints. A superintendent needs to be extremely organized because there are so many roles to oversee. 

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Highest Paid Superintendents In Illinois

 We’ve established that some superintendents have sizeable earnings. Below are some of Illinois’ highest-paid superintendents.

#1. Senior Superintendent. 

 Senior superintendents are among Illinois’ Highest Paid superintendents. They earn an average yearly base income of $120,984. Senior Superintendents manage production daily. They create innovative production procedures for products. 

 Senior Superintendents also provide technical fixes for problems with yield and quality. Being able to maximize the utilization of resources by developing a resource plan for production is necessary for success as a senior superintendent.

#2. Project Superintendent

 As a project superintendent, you oversee construction sites and all activities within them. You must manage all logistics, including scheduling, equipment, staff, safety, and material deliveries. Your responsibilities include ensuring that all safety protocols comply with local, state, and federal regulations. 

Other responsibilities include discussing budgets and timetables with top management. Using your organizing abilities, you cooperate with the project’s contractors, managers, inspectors, and other participants while working on-site. The average base income for project superintendents is $89,913. They are one of the Highest Paid Superintendents in Illinois.

 #3. Construction Superintendent

 Construction superintendents are among the Highest Paid superintendents in Illinois, with an average yearly income of $98,628. They manage a building site construction from design to completion.

The responsibilities of a construction superintendent will vary. Still, they can expect to be in charge of daily scheduling, monitoring all jobs and activities, and ensuring the site is safe and compliant.

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#4. Field Superintendent

 A field superintendent manages every part of a building project. They serve as the focal point and ensure everything is complete and on schedule while on a reasonable budget. 

 Field superintendents need to lead big groups of individuals efficiently. From laborers to foremen to engineers, they are in charge of all the employees working on their property. 

 They also need to make sure that everyone is collaborating well as a team, which requires settling disputes when they occur between various groups of people. Field Superintendents in Illinois make an average of $85,864 per year.

#5. General Superintendent

 The General Superintendent is in charge of the successful utilization of allocated labor, the usage and repair of equipment, and the direct supervision of Foremen or other designated work managers on the projects. To guarantee that construction operations comply with work requirements and regulations, they also supervise the Foremen assigned to the task.

 The General Superintendent is completely aware of managing activities’ key commercial elements and repercussions. In Illinois, a general superintendent makes roughly $93,016 per year. General Superintendents are one of Illinois’s Highest Paid superintendents. 

#6. E&I Superintendents

One of Illinois’s most underappreciated superintendents is E&I Superintendents. They do a wide range of tasks in each industry they find themselves in. They oversee the installation of modules, quality control of electrical instruments, and operate at the site of module manufacture.

They guarantee that the Contractor’s modules are under authorized Quality Control plans, design documents, SNiP, and Russian Law.

E&I Superintendents’ average base pay is $26,393, which is 67% less than the national average.

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#7. Junior Superintendents

 Junior superintendents typically help project superintendents with their assigned fair tasks. Their duties vary and usually depend on Project supervisors. Junior superintendents earn $58,169 annually. They are one of Illinois Highest Paid superintendents.

#8. Manager Superintendent

 Manager superintendents oversee a group of employees; they set objectives, delegate duties, and track advancement. Depending on the organization and sector they work in, a manager’s particular duties may change, but their core obligations stay roughly the same. 

 While monitoring the department’s main objectives, managers track their employees’ progress. They collaborate with human resources to identify and solve staffing shortages, plan and assign tasks, evaluate performance, and, if required, offer more training and guidance.

#9. Union Superintendents

 Superintendents who work for unions have responsibilities like engaging with employees, encouraging and assisting them if they’re interested in joining a union, or bargaining with employers to improve working conditions, salary, or benefits for union members.

There are many kinds of unions, including those for the public sector, the writing industry, construction, and service workers. In Illinois, a Union Superintendent makes an average of $64,887 per year, making them one of the Highest Paid superintendents in Illinois. 

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#10. Electrical Superintendents

 Electrical superintendents are among the Highest Paid superintendents in Illinois, earning an average base income of $,86,605 per year.

It is your responsibility as an electrical supervisor to oversee the design and installation of an electrical system in either new or existing construction. You do tasks in factories, industrial structures, and commercial and residential construction. 

 As a superintendent, one of your duties is to assist in the planning and design of electrical systems under the requirements of each unique project. Following that, you make a timeline, employ subcontractors, and oversee the installation procedure. You are to test and guarantee the electrical system’s safety.

#11. Mechanical Superintendents

 Mechanical Superintendents coordinate foremen and journeymen in an organization. A Mechanical Superintendent’s regular responsibilities include:

  • Managing construction and maintenance projects.
  • Monitoring the performance of various systems.
  • Creating cost estimates for various projects.
  • Hiring and training workers.
  • Enforcing safety regulations. 

 Skills for mechanical superintendents include the ability to operate under pressure, leadership, organizational skills, attention to detail, and technical knowledge. In Illinois, the average pay for mechanical superintendents is $39,229 per year.

#12. Pipeline Superintendent

 A pipeline superintendent oversees field construction projects to ensure they are on time and on budget while keeping safety at the center of all operations to achieve a zero-incidence target.

In addition, they adhere to all applicable local, state, and federal laws and OHSA standards for employee safety. Pipeline superintendents also Plan resource allocation, which may entail cooperating with other contractors in a pipeline system.

#13. Plant Superintendents

 A plant superintendent manages all facility parts, including the budget, upkeep, quality assurance, receiving and shipping, and regular business operations. They typically hire and recruit direct reports besides creating the plant’s annual budget.

 The plant superintendent also oversees the upkeep of the facility and keeps tabs on prices and expenditures.

He collaborates with workers on the shop floor to directly supervise the quality and identify possible improvement areas. With an average base salary of $73,296, plant superintendents are one of Illinois’s Highest Paid superintendents.

#14. Building Superintendents

 The general upkeep of a residential building is the responsibility of the building superintendent. This includes managing normal maintenance, maintaining the cleanliness of the building’s common spaces, and supervising the work of outside contractors for significant repair tasks.

They often live in the complex they oversee and are always on call to address issues with tenants.

Building superintendents are among Illinois highest Paid superintendents, earning an average base salary of $87,464 per year.

#15. Oil and Gas Superintendent

 Superintendents of oil and gas operations are to manage daily gas and oil activities. They always oversee and guide workers in the manufacturing, drilling, and maintenance processes. They come up with innovative goals and plans to guarantee the business’s overall success. 

Superintendents in the oil and gas industry have extensive managerial experience. Oil and gas superintendents in Illinois are among the Highest Paid superintendents, with an average yearly pay of $139,503.

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Frequently asked questions

Are superintendents in demand in Illinois?

The job market for superintendents in Illinois is not so active. 

What is the average salary for superintendents in Illinois?

The average base salary for superintendents in Illinois is $75,420.

Is being a superintendent in Illinois worth it?

Yes, being a superintendent qualifies you for decent pay and several other benefits.

What is the best city for superintendents in Illinois?

Chicago and Naperville are some of the best cities in Illinois for superintendents.

What are the basic qualities needed in every superintendent?

An effective superintendent is goal-oriented and committed to his duties


The Highest Paid superintendents in Illinois maintain the company’s good reputation. Their written and spoken presentations are both professional, forthright, and diplomatic. They concentrate on methods that promote collaboration.

They maintain productive working connections by establishing trust. This article examined the Highest Paid superintendents in Illinois and their typical responsibilities.



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