15 Highest Paid Doctors In California | Updated

Medical professionals often receive higher salaries who fill more specialized and in-demand professions. Oncology, urology, surgery, and anesthesiology are frequently the medical specialties with the highest salaries. You may decide if any professions suit your interests and professional objectives by finding out more about the highest-paid doctors in California in 2022.

We look at 15 of the highest-paid doctors in California in this post, as well as the normal responsibilities and average salary for each position so that you can make an informed decision.

What Are All The Different Types Of Doctors In California?

The medical industry is large and includes many different professions. Unlike other disciplines, medicine has subfields that are essential to humanity’s survival. Among them are:

  • Primary Care Providers
  • Pediatrician
  • Geriatric Specialists
  • Internist
  • Dermatologist
  • Allergist
  • Cardiologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Endocrinologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Geneticist
  • Hematologist
  • Neurologist
  • Otolaryngologist
  • Podiatrist
  • Pulmonologist
  • Osteopath
  • Nephrologist
  • Radiologist Urologist
  • Plastic Surgeon
  • Oncologist
  • Infectious Disease Specialists.

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What Is The Starting Salary For Doctors In California?

In California, the average yearly compensation for a medical doctor is $219,660, according to Indeed. The average starting pay for medical practitioners varies, though. These include things like education background, acquired specific skills, and medical facility preference.

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Top 15 Highest Paid Doctors In California In 2022

If you’re interested in the medical industry, you can check the following list of the 15 highest-paid doctors in California in 2022, along with their salaries and key responsibilities:


National average salary: $405,994 per year

A urologist is a doctor specializing in urology, the field of medicine that focuses on the urinary system and the male reproductive system. The urinary system involves the bladder and kidneys, responsible for blood filtration and urine production. 

A urologist may help identify urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney stones, and bladder infections in patients. Other common issues that a urologist specializes in include erectile dysfunction (ED) and certain types of cancers. Doctors in this specialty are of the Highest Paid doctors in California in 2022.

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National average salary: $330,161 per year

Oncologists are among the highest-paid doctors in California and specialize in the study of cancer. An oncologist collaborates with a patient to develop and carry out a treatment plan after confirming the patient’s diagnosis. They frequently recommend radiation therapy, surgery, and the usage of specific medications.

These treatments frequently have serious side effects. Oncologists frequently help patients experiencing pain and nausea due to their cancer and the therapies they are receiving.

These professionals typically attend training to hone their interpersonal abilities because they frequently have to give patients unpleasant news and need to demonstrate understanding and compassion.

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National average salary: $324,622 per year

Anesthesiologists, whose main responsibility is to give anesthetic medications to patients undergoing surgery, are among the highest-paid doctors in California.

They assist in keeping patients pain-free or unconscious without compromising their lives, depending on the type of surgery.

Anesthesiologists are crucial members of surgical teams because they make sophisticated, contemporary surgeries possible.

Anesthesiologists receive significant training to carry out their work even though the precise responsibilities of the position might be highly complex.

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National average salary: $304,801 per year

A dermatologist who focuses on treating skin, nails, and hair problems is ranked No. 4 on this list of the highest-paid doctors in California. They aid in treating eczema, acne, and other skin issues.

Checking patients for skin cancer symptoms and creating a treatment plan if they find any is one of a dermatologist’s most crucial responsibilities. A dermatologist’s job entails treating cosmetic issues with the surgery, drugs, laser, and light therapy.


National average salary:$296,114 per year

Surgeons are medical experts who assist in patient evaluation and decide whether surgery may be necessary to treat a patient’s condition. They work with a surgical team when they execute an operation.

Most surgeons are general surgeons who conduct a range of surgeries, although some focus on particular subsets of surgery, such as brain or heart surgery. 

Specialist surgeons typically make more money than general surgeons. Specialization frequently necessitates further education, training, and certifications.

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Urgent care physician

National average salary: $293,390 per year

Physicians that treat urgent medical issues without an appointment are known as urgent care physicians. 

One of their most crucial responsibilities is to act as doctors in situations where going to the hospital might not be the best course of action. 

Many urgent care doctors practice in same-day clinics, where clients can go for assistance as problems arise. 

Similar to general practitioners, urgent care doctors can also offer preventative care.

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National average salary: $287,478 per year

Optometrists, often known as eye doctors, are a person’s primary source of eye treatment. They are responsible for testing a patient’s vision, identifying difficulties, and prescribing remedies, drugs, or glasses to address those problems. 

Additionally, they can spot early warning indications of vision and eye problems in the future and periodically check such patients to keep track of their eye health.

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National average salary: $256,733 per year

A doctor who focuses on treating mental health issues is a psychiatrist. Due to the larger importance of patient interviews in their position, their career is distinct in the medical industry. Scanners and other diagnostic procedures may still be necessary for a diagnosis, although they cannot reliably establish the majority of mental health disorders. 

Psychiatrists frequently check on their patients’ conditions and determine whether any adjustments to their treatment are necessary. Regular follow-up consultations are the norm. 

Many psychiatrists have further training in psychotherapy and can give patients medicines.

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National average salary: $234,949 per year

Because they specialize in treating disorders of the nervous system and the brain, neurologists are among the highest-paid doctors in California. This comprises ailments affecting the neurological system, muscles, and spinal cord.

Neurologists frequently use Reflex hammers, lights, and coordination tests to assess a patient’s reflexes and other neurological responses.

Ordering brain scans or conducting electromyography (EMG) testing are additional responsibilities. Some of the duties placed upon neurologists may necessitate additional and specialized training.

Orthopedic surgeon

National average salary: $201,507 per year

having a yearly salary of over $200,000 on average On this list of the highest paid doctors in California, orthopedic surgeons come in at number five. They are experts in skeletal system disorders and those that impact the muscles, tendons, and joints. Many practitioners in this field further specialize by concentrating on certain body parts or sports injuries, for example.

One of the many ailments that orthopaedists assist in treating is mobility problems brought on by inflammation, discomfort, and stiffness in the joints. They also aid in treating muscle injuries, joint dislocations, and bone fractures. Despite the profession’s name, most orthopedic therapies are non-surgical.

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National average salary: $139,059 per year

Neurosurgeons are doctors who specialize in operations on the neurological system, particularly the brain.

Although practically all surgical procedures require great care, even small mistakes in neurosurgery can have major negative effects on a patient.

For their patients, neurosurgeons help remove tumors and treat crippling conditions that damage the brain and nervous system. The specialty is ranked as the sixth highest-paid doctor in California.


National average salary: $199,011 per year

A doctor with expertise in the cardiovascular system is called a cardiologist. This system, which consists of the heart, blood vessels, and blood, circulates oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Cardiologists often assist their patients in diagnosing, treating, and preventing cardiovascular disorders. This list of the seven highest-paid doctors in California ranked it seventh.

General practitioner

National average salary: $141,300 per year

Primary care physicians are general practitioners. Their typical responsibilities include:

  • Treating patients for common ailments.
  • Educating people about their health.
  • Making appropriate referrals to specialists and testing facilities.

Family doctors, who provide a comparable function with a stronger focus on meeting the health requirements of an entire family, are often general practitioners who have also completed family medicine training.

Obstetrics and gynecology physician

National average salary: $80,460 per year

Obstetrics and gynecology specialists are among the highest-paid doctors in California. These medical professionals focus on diagnosing and caring for women’s reproductive and general health.

They aid in diagnosing and treating various disorders, including infections, infertility, hernias, and menstruation problems. Regularly screening for cervical cancer symptoms is another crucial responsibility of obstetrics and gynecology doctors.


National average salary: $77,746 per year

Doctors that focus on treating children are known as pediatricians. They see patients as young as babies and as old as 18 to 21 years old, while many teenagers choose to see a general practitioner once they are no longer considered minors. 

Pediatricians are informed about children’s growth and the frequent diseases affecting kids of all ages.

Since their job frequently needs them to soothe anxious or terrified youngsters while providing necessary care, pediatricians also benefit from having great interpersonal skills. The highest-paid doctors in California are pediatricians.


There is no denying that doctors are some of the top paid traditional professionals in California, even though it might be challenging to calculate the highest paid doctors in California. 

You should keep in mind that becoming a doctor requires a significant investment of your time, money, effort, and mental health while estimating your salaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Highest paid doctors in California

With an average pay of $405,994 per year, urologists are the highest-paid doctors in California.

What are the highest-paid doctors in the United States? 

With an average yearly pay of $405,994, urologists are the highest-paid doctors in California.

Why do physicians in primary care get paid less?  

Primary care doctors see more patients on average and carry out most of a doctor’s tasks, yet typically bill for fewer services than specialists. Mostly because they need less schooling and training than surgeon-trained doctors.



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