15 Highest Paid Jobs In North Carolina | Updated

Many North Carolina industries seek qualified individuals for a range of well-paying positions. We have made a list of these jobs, thus we’d be looking at the highest-paid jobs in North Carolina.

There are many positions available for people with the necessary qualifications and experience, from makeup artists to orthodontists.

You can decide if any of the local jobs are a good fit for you by finding out more about some of them.

In this article, we look at the top 15 highest-paid jobs in North Carolina that you might be interested in. We will also look at the highest paying trade jobs in North Carolina and, the highest paying jobs in NC No experience.

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Why North Carolina?

According to Consumer News and Business Channel’s (CNBC) research, North Carolina is one of the best states in the USA for doing business. NC has a relatively low unemployment rate of around 4.9 percent.

If you want to move your business or yourself to North Carolina for a job, you might consider hiring a moving company.

Moving companies in North Carolina can assist you in planning your move and handling all of your belongings quickly.

Before you make plans for your new life in North Carolina, let’s look at some of the highest-paid jobs in North Carolina.

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15 Highest Paid Jobs in North Carolina

The following 15 jobs all pay more than $60,000 in North Carolina, which is higher than the country’s average salary.

However, the definition of a high-salary job varies depending on your geographic location.

Below are the highest-paid jobs in North Carolina:

#1. Makeup Artist

Average salary: $64,978 per year

We know an individual who applies makeup and prosthetics to clients as a makeup artist.

A makeup artist is one of the highest paid jobs in North Carolina

They are employed in various fields, including theater, fashion, television, photography, and special events like weddings.

Besides applying makeup, they also teach their clients how to apply it, recommend skincare regimens, and stay up to date on all fashion and beauty trends.

They also sketch designs for upcoming looks.

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#2. Human Resource Manager

Average salary: $65,900 per year

A human resource manager is a business expert who oversees the hiring procedure for a company.

Leading a group of HR employees, creating and maintaining the company’s onboarding procedure, and instructing new hires are some of their duties.

They carry out performance evaluations, manage workplace investigations, and uphold workplace safety compliance and regulations.

They also mediate conflicts amicably.

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#3. Sales representative

Average salary: $66,365 per year

A sales representative serves an organization’s sales department.

Their primary duty is to close sales by setting up meetings with prospective clients, preparing and giving presentations, and forming and maintaining relationships with clients.

Along with interacting with customers, sales representatives also keep track of their sales activities, enroll in professional development courses to learn new selling techniques, stay informed about the products offered by their company, meet sales quotas, and address client complaints.

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#4. Director of Marketing

Average salary: $69,107 per year

A director of marketing oversees the marketing division of a company.

To decide how to move forward with their strategies, they handle tasks like developing marketing plans for brands and products, making marketing budgets, analyzing sales forecasts, and observing the marketing trends of competitors.

They also work with the sales department to determine what methods are working to generate quality leads and how they can improve.

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#5. Financial Adviser

Average salary: $69,516 per year

A financial professional who counsels clients on their personal finances is a financial adviser or financial planner.

By giving their clients advice on retirement planning, insurance choices, and investment strategies, they help create financial plans that are tailored to their clients’ short- and long-term goals.

A financial advisor also assesses the potential impact of various life changes on their client’s financial goals and makes the necessary adjustments.

Other responsibilities include investigating investment opportunities, keeping tabs on the economy, and contacting potential customers using various marketing techniques.

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#6. Lawyer

Average salary: $76,711 per year

A lawyer is a qualified attorney representing clients in court on legal issues.

Defense, prosecution, business, tax, family, malpractice in the legal field of medicine, and real estate are a few specialties that attorneys can choose from.

They conduct client interviews, explain how various legal procedures operate, offer legal counsel, and conduct legal research for their open cases as part of their daily duties.

Attorneys represent clients at court appearances, draft legal documents like pleadings, briefs, and wills, and supervise the work of paralegals.

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#7. IT Recruiter

Average salary: $95,141 per year

An IT specialist works for an organization’s HR division.

Their primary responsibility is to assist their employer in filling open IT positions with qualified candidates.

They consult with clients to go over the duties and responsibilities of a position, write IT job descriptions for various websites and job boards, screen applicants to figure out who is qualified for each position, and conduct interviews with various question formats.

IT recruiters attend business conferences to network with other industry professionals and stay current on technological developments by taking professional development courses.

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#8. Chief Executive Officer

Average salary: $104,458 per year

Amongst the highest-paid jobs in North Carolina is the Chief Executive Officer.

A chief executive officer is a business expert who directs the activities of all corporate divisions and makes crucial choices for the company.

Providing leadership across the entire organization, coordinating with the board of directors and all department heads, creating a business strategy, carrying out the company’s mission and vision, and serving as the principal spokesperson are a few of their principal duties.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Managing the company’s financial operations.
  • Collaborating closely with other senior officers.
  • Addressing problems and coming up with solutions.
  • Forging alliances with other businesses.

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#9. Veterinarian

Average salary: $110,686 per year

Are you surprised to find Veterinarian among the highest-paid jobs in North Carolina? Well, don’t be!

A veterinarian is a doctor who diagnoses and manages diseases in animals.

While some veterinarians focus on treating larger animals like horses or other farm animals, others treat pets like cats, dogs, birds, and other common house pets.

Among their responsibilities are evaluating animals, conducting diagnostic tests, performing surgery, and writing prescriptions for medication.

They offer preventative care by performing wellness checks on animals and educating clients on how to maintain the health of their pets.

Euthanizing animals, adhering to veterinary protocols and laws, and keeping up-to-date patient records are other responsibilities.

#10. Primary Care Physician

Average salary: $112,954 per year

A primary care doctor is a health care provider who treats patients of all ages, from newborns to the elderly.

They review medical histories, pay attention to patients’ concerns, perform physical examinations, and decide whether they need to order additional tests like ultrasounds or CT scans.

In accordance with their age and state of health, patients are also counseled on appropriate diet and exercise, treatment plans are suggested, and they refer patients to additional healthcare professionals.

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#11. Labor and Delivery Nurse

Average salary: $115,320 per year

A hospital’s delivery department employs a labor and delivery nurse.

Their major responsibility is to look after mothers before, during, and after childbirth. Before labor, they give pregnant women advice and information.

They monitor the baby’s heartbeat, measure the frequency and duration of the contractions, give mothers pain relief, and guide them through labor.

They test newborns after delivery and give women instructions on how to care for themselves and their children.

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#12. Podiatrist

Average salary: $167,683 per year

A podiatrist is a medical specialist who specializes in treating injuries to the feet and ankles, and other lower extremities of the body.

They handle various tasks, including performing diagnostic procedures like ultrasounds or X-rays and inspecting the troubled area of the patient to rule out any illnesses or injuries.

They perform foot and ankle surgeries, laser therapy, and casting to treat patients’ conditions.

#13. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $241,197 per year

A doctor with expertise in mental health is called a psychiatrist.

They handle various tasks, including evaluating patients to diagnose them and creating individualized treatment plans by looking at their medical histories, asking them questions, observing their behaviors, and performing tests.

Medication prescription and psychotherapy, in which the patient and the psychiatrist discuss their problems, are two of their treatment options.

Along with working with other medical professionals and documenting each patient’s diagnosis and progress, other responsibilities include regularly checking in with patients to assess their progress.

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#14. Orthodontist

Average salary: $251,418 per year

dental specialist who focuses on repositioning the teeth crooked in the mouth is known as an orthodontist.

They also treat other mouth and jaw problems in patients.

They also fit patients for various orthodontic appliances, such as braces or expanders, and instruct them on properly caring for their teeth and appliances.

Some of their tasks include making plaster models of patients’ teeth and taking X-rays of patients’ teeth to develop individualized treatment plans.

They collaborate with other dental specialists, supervise the work of orthodontic assistants and other staff members, and, as necessary, refer patients to other specialists.

#15. Ophthalmologist

Average salary: $375,600 per year

An ophthalmologist is a doctor who focuses on treating conditions affecting the eyes. They are the highest-paid jobs in North Carolina.

They also perform procedures in removing cataracts or repairing the cornea, diagnose eye injuries or diseases, and provide routine eye care like yearly exams.

An ophthalmologist collaborates with other medical professionals, performs complex surgical procedures, supervises the staff at their office, recommends eye care products, and keeps up with technological developments and emerging trends in eye care.


What is a good yearly salary in North Carolina?

However, most salaries considered for average jobs are between $39,820 and $59,528.
Those who earn $72,400 annually are regarded as top earners.

How can I get high-paying jobs?

Here is how to land a job with higher pay:
Perform well in your current role.
Develop business relationships.
Develop your skills.
Assume new obligations.
Examine your current pay.
Go over your internal options.
Examine job postings.
Update your resume and apply.

What is the largest employer in North Carolina?

The biggest private employer in North Carolina, along with twenty-one other states, is Wal-Mart.

Is North Carolina a good place to work?

On a recent list of the best and worst places to work in the United States, published by Oxfam, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting poverty, North Carolina came in dead last because of its $7.25 minimum wage, and inadequate unemployment benefits, and lack of worker protections.

Is there a lot of work in North Carolina?

A study shows that the state has 0.97 jobs for every unemployed person. There are 97 jobs available in North Carolina for every 100 job seekers.


These are the highest-paid jobs in North Carolina.

You must go through a rigorous educational and training program to earn a six-figure salary.

However, we still advise going with your interests. Choose a job that you are interested in, even if it is not one of the highest-paid jobs in North Carolina so that you can outperform your rivals.


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