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Are you thinking about working as a nurse in Florida? Also, thinking of the highest paid nurse practitioners in Florida?

Then read on!

Who wouldn’t want to call Florida home?

According to recently released information, a state is a great place for registered nurses to find employment.

Many job opportunities are available to registered nurses in Florida, and there are several benefits.

In Florida, there is a tremendous increase in demand for nurse practitioners.

That is why we have compiled a list of the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida for those who are interested.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a 28% increase in nurse practitioners employed between 2018 and 2028 in U.S. This rate is about six times faster than the national average for all jobs.

State officials predict that Florida’s growth rate will be even higher.

Becoming a nurse practitioner in Florida can benefit from a healthy job market for at least the next eight years.

It’s interesting to note that nurse practitioners in Florida make good money.

Continue reading this article to find out the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida.

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Who is a Nurse Practitioner?

As advanced practice nurses (APRNs), nurse practitioners concentrate on a single demographic, skill, or medical issue.

Compared to other nurses, nurse practitioners have more responsibilities and can work in a variety of settings and with various patient populations.

Many of the same skills that doctors possess, including patient diagnosis and medication prescription, are also available to nurse practitioners.

To start practicing, nurse practitioners must first pass a state-based licensing exam after completing advanced medical education through a master’s or doctoral degree program.

While some new nurses opt to return to school and become nurse practitioners, others work toward obtaining their nurse practitioner license before beginning their careers.

The range of specialties available to nurse practitioners is expanding as medicine develops.

Instead of practicing general medicine, nurse practitioners almost always specialize, and their pay varies according to their specialty.

Read on to find out the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida.

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Reasons to become a Nurse in Florida

In Florida, nurse practitioners started working independently without a doctor’s supervision in July 2020.

This is good news for Sunshine State residents, who have the fifth worst access to primary care in the country, according to a recent report from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Because these specialists offer services that are a great substitute for those of more expensive physicians, demand for primary care NPs such as family nurse practitioners, adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioners, women’s health nurse practitioners, and psychiatric mental health practitioners is extremely high in Florida.

Salary levels rise along with demand.

How much money do Florida nurse practitioners make?

In-depth information about the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida for 2022 is provided in this article.

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A Nurse Practitioner’s starting salary in Florida

The average annual salary for nursing practitioners in Florida is $56,800, or $27.31 per hour, or $4,730 per month.

Generally speaking, starting salaries in urban areas are higher than those in rural areas.

As you continue to read, you will learn about the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida.

As you gain experience as a nurse practitioner, you will develop additional skill sets if you work with special populations within the context of your broader population’s specialty emphasis.

Your pay almost universally rises as you gain experience.

You will become more marketable as your expertise grows.

Until they have accrued 3,000 hours of experience working under a doctor’s supervision, they do not permit nurse practitioners in Florida to practice family medicine, general pediatrics, or general internal medicine.

The state’s brand-new NP practice authority statute states that.

In order to open your own practice and command a higher nurse practitioner salary in a few years, bank experience when you’re first starting out as a nurse practitioner in Florida.

You are in the same boat as a medical intern or resident, whose pay is much less than that of a board-certified physician.

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15 Highest Paid Nurse Practitioners in Florida

Below are the 15 highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida:

Psychiatric nurse practitioner

Annually: $115,790

Monthly: $9,649

Weekly: $2,227

Hourly: $55.67

Psychiatric nurse practitioners provide therapy or medication to people with mental health problems.

They collaborate with a clinic or hospital but also have their own office.

They are the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida on our list.

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Cardiac nurse practitioner

Annually: $113,760

Monthly: $9,480

Weekly: $2,188

Hourly: $54.70

Cardiac nurse practitioners are experts in treating conditions of the heart and cardiovascular system.

They work in emergency rooms or other healthcare facilities.

For follow-up care or other medical advice, some practitioners may work in a facility that collaborates closely with a hospital.

Orthopedic nurse practitioner

Annually: $112,546

Monthly: $9,379

Weekly: $2,165

Hourly: $54.13

Orthopedic nurse practitioners deal with ailments caused by bone damage or disease.

They can prescribe medication and work in various settings, such as a hospital or an orthopedic clinic.

Although they can advise surgery as a remedy, they do not carry out operations.

Pediatric nurse practitioner

Annually: $108,930

Monthly: $9,077

Weekly: $2,095

Hourly: $52.38

Pediatric nurses treat illnesses and injuries in children and adolescents while offering preventive care.

Pediatric nurse practitioners may work in various settings, including medical offices, clinics, and hospitals.

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Surgical nurse practitioner

Annually: $106,600

Monthly: $8,883

Weekly: $2,050

Hourly: $51.26

Surgical nurse practitioners are one of the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida.

They offer support for all facets of surgery, including pre-and post-operative care.

They assist surgeons in the operating room and interact with patients’ families.

Hospitals are where surgical nurse practitioners are most frequently found.

Women’s health nurse practitioner (WHNP)

Annually: $105,212

Monthly: $8,768

Weekly: $2,024

Hourly: $50.60

Women are given reproductive care by women’s health nurse practitioners, including regular and yearly checkups.

They may assist with routine prenatal checks or treat reproductive system conditions but rarely participate in childbirth.

Family nurse practitioner (FNP)

Annually: $102,950

Monthly: $8,579

Weekly: $1,980

Hourly: $49.49

Adults and children can receive preventive care from family nurse practitioners working in clinics or doctors’ offices.

Others might work in environments where they concentrate on treating ailments or wounds rather than scheduling yearly exams.

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Urology Nurse Practitioner

Annually: $97,505

Monthly: $8,125

Weekly: $1,876

Hourly: $46.90

Advanced practice nurses who specialize in urology are known as urology nurse practitioners.

They are one of the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida in 2022.

They collaborate closely with urologists and other medical professionals to care for patients with many urological conditions, from straightforward urinary tract infections to complex kidney stones or cancers.

Adult-gerontology nurse practitioner (AGNP)

Annually: $94,838

Monthly: $7,903

Weekly: $1824

Hourly: $45.60

Adult gerontology nurse practitioners treat illnesses, offer preventive care, and provide evaluation and treatment for the elderly population.

They may work in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities.

Neonatal nurse practitioner (NNP)

Annually: $91,191

Monthly: $7,599

Weekly: $1,754

Hourly: $43.84

Neonatal nurse practitioners treat and monitor sick infants in hospital nurseries or newborn intensive care units (NICU).

They are tasked with explaining care and treatment to a baby’s parents, so they must be excellent communicators.

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Dermatology nurse practitioner (DNP)

Annually: $91,125

Monthly: $7,594

Weekly: $1,753

Hourly: $43.83

Dermatology nurse practitioners identify and treat skin conditions.

Although they cannot perform surgery, they can recommend medications and topical treatments.

Instead of working in hospitals, they work in private medical offices.

Acute care nurse practitioner

Annually: $87,796

Monthly: $7,316

Weekly: $1,688

Hourly: $42.21

Acute care nurse practitioners counsel and treat patients with transient illnesses.

They could do this in a clinic or a hospital. While some opt to work alone, others prefer to collaborate with a doctor.

 They are among the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida.

Emergency nurse practitioner

Annually: $87,082

Monthly: $7,257

Weekly: $1,675

Hourly: $41.87

Emergency nurse practitioners attend to patients in hospital emergency rooms.

They are required to treat various illnesses and injuries, so they must be knowledgeable in various medical information.

Holistic nurse practitioner

Annually: $83,856

Monthly: $6,988

Weekly: $1,613

Hourly: $40.32

In contrast to treating only an illness or injury, holistic medicine treats the patient as a whole person.

Besides diagnosing and treating patients’ physical problems, holistic nurse practitioners offer them social, emotional, and mental support.

Most often, holistic nurse practitioners work in private practice.

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Hospice nurse practitioner

Annually: $83,576

Monthly: $6,965

Weekly: $1,607

Hourly: $40.18

The last on our list of the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida is hospice nurse practitioners.

Hospice nurse practitioners provide comfort and medication to patients near the end of their lives.

Nurse practitioners who specialize in hospice care work in hospice facilities.

They may provide support and direction to the patient’s families besides providing care.

Florida’s Nurse Practitioner Compensation and Benefits

Of course, wages aren’t the only compensation employees receive at work.

Employers in Florida also provide benefits to attract and keep top nursing talent.

Employees can receive valuable services they would otherwise have to pay for out of pocket because they are not taxed benefits.

The following benefits are among those that the state of Florida mandates:

  • COBRA health insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Retirement plans
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Benefits like paid time off, health insurance, and matching contributions to retirement plans, with an average cash value of $42,733 per year, are provided to Florida employees of healthcare-related businesses.

If you work for the federal government, the state of Florida, or a local government in Florida, you can expect benefits of $61,557.

Despite paying less than jobs in the private sector, government jobs have better benefits.

ComponentPrivate IndustryState and Local Government
Paid Leave$10,647$12,279
Supplemental Pay$5,036$1,616
Retirement and Savings$4,892$20,034
Legally Required$10,935$8,886
Total Benefits$42,733$61,557
Average Annual Salary$101,150$100,010
Total Compensation$143,883$161,567



Is Florida a good state for nurses?

One of the states that employ the most nurses nationwide is Florida.
Florida is the third-highest employing state for nurses by state, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).
The high demand for nurses is largely a result of Florida being one of the most popular states for retirement.

Is becoming a nurse practitioner worthwhile?

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 52 percent increase in nurse practitioners’ employment between 2020 and 2030!
Because of the high demand, becoming a nurse practitioner is worthwhile!
You should have no trouble finding new grad Nurse Practitioner jobs or switching to your ultimate dream job because plenty of jobs are available.

What are the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners in Florida?

Cities with the highest paid nurse practitioners in Florida are:
1. Cape Canaveral ($112,891)
2. Bonita Springs ($112,103)
3. Venice ($111,543)
4. West Palm Beach ($109,865)
5. Pembroke Pines ($107,999)
6. Lake City ($105,850)
7. Tarpon Springs ($105,083)
8. St. Petersburg ($104,937)
9. Sarasota ($104,282)
10. Miami Beach ($103,888)

How much money do nurse practitioners in Florida make?

Nurse practitioners in Florida make an average of $86,690 per year. A quick salary estimator yields $41.68 per hour if you need it. This equates to $1,667 per week or $7,224 per month.

Can a nurse practitioner open a clinic in Florida?

If they have a written contract with a doctor, FNPs in Florida are permitted to practice independently, according to the Florida Department of Health and the Florida Board of Nursing.
They may even run their businesses.


We have provided the list of the highest-paid nurse practitioners in Florida in 2022. We hope it was helpful.

Since Florida has an outrageous demand for nurse practitioners, it is worth choosing one specialty as a career. You can also consider the amount you get to earn but be sure you have a passion for it.

Good luck to you!


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