How to Sell Furniture on Craigslist Fast | Expert Guide

If you’re searching for a website or app to buy and sell stuff online, there is no easy option other than Craigslist. Craigslist offers more relevant listings of furniture both new and secondhand for good-eyed shoppers.

On the other hand, Craigslist can also be a vein of gold for the right seller. If you’re not familiar with the right way to make selling on Craigslist, you might be on the road to an enormous loss.

This article highlights the best tips to follow to sell your furniture on Craigslist fast.

Selling your things on Craigslist isn’t as simple as it might sound.

Some key elements to sell furniture on Craigslist successfully can reduce your time and hassle and get you a better price for your products.

Stay with us while we put you through the right step to take if you want to sell your furniture fast on Craigslist.

What Craigslist is Best For

The site has a variety of broad categories and each category has several subcategories, making it easy to navigate to the appropriate section quickly.

For example, the “for sale” category includes subcategories such as computers, books, electronics, sports, motorcycles, and collectibles.

Although Craigslist is very popular in different categories, the market sometimes changes to favor specific items.

For example, Craigslist is great for furniture, electronics, materials, and technology, but less so for home decor. And even less for items like books and clothing.

If you’re looking for items, not on Craigslist, eBay, Etsy, or Amazon are other top online shopping destinations.

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Tips to Sell Furniture on Craigslist Safely and Fast

#1. Create Good Photos of Your Furniture

I can’t stress enough how important good photography is to the success of any online sales ad. I would say that this is even more important than the description itself.

Including good photos is an easy way to make your product stand out from the competition. I recommend photographing your items with a nice camera.

If possible, use a high-quality digital camera. Otherwise, do the best you can with your phone!

Take photos in daylight as this tends to show the true color and condition of the item. Take photos from a variety of angles, including close-ups and a more staged “scene.”

Most importantly, include photos of any damage or problems with your item to prevent buyers from dealing with you on the spot once they discover that big scratch.

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#2. Give a Good Description of Your Product

Before you dive into the items you’re selling, first, remove all the boring information.

Please indicate your location, when it will be available for pickup, whether or not you accept the best offer, whether it is open for trade, what types of payment you will accept (usually cash only), whether delivery is an option, etc.

Never include your phone number in the advert.

Then, continue by describing why you are selling it, the unique features (or flaws) of the design, how you got it, and any additional relevant information.
This is your chance actually to sell the item in words.

Note that Craigslist’s search function will not only search for the title but also the description, so add as many keywords as you can (within reason) to improve search relevance.

#3. Create Multiple Listings

Make several lists of the furniture you want to sell, as well as the accessories that go with it. Think end tables, blankets, cushions, etc. to go with a sofa or chair.

Link your Craigslist sales pages to each other.

To do this:

  • Add hyperlinks to all your other sales at the bottom of every Craigslist listing.
  • Write stellar descriptions.
  • Start with a bulleted list of the item’s functionality.
  • Then add a full description at the bottom.

This structure allows you to take advantage of keywords and the tendency of Internet users to crawl long web pages.

#4. Keep the Listing Short With Captivating Title

Potential buyers want to know a few facts about your furniture, such as:

  • Sale price
  • A concise but clear description of the item, including material and significant defects
  • Measures so that the buyer knows if he can install the furniture in his vehicle. If you sell oversized furniture, they may need help getting it out of your home.
  • Whether the buyer will need to pick up the item or is willing to deliver it.
  • A delay in the pickup (for example: “Available for pickup between 12 noon and 5 p.m. Saturday”).
  • Payment options you are willing to accept (cash only, Venmo)

Just provide this information to prospective buyers to ensure they can meet you for sale.

#5. Do Research Before Stating Your Price

Your antique writer’s desk isn’t the only one on the market. Research to see what other offices are listed, and then decide what you are willing to accept.

If you don’t want to negotiate with your buyers, keep in mind that you are firm in your price and ensure it is on point with other similar items.

If you’re ready to accept the best offer, please list the item at a little higher price to make it look original.

While you’re going to charge a slightly higher price for the item, we’ll get you covered in a minute, you also want legitimate buyers to know that you’re not a scammer.

People who cheat on Craigslist often give prices so low that it’s practically a giveaway. If the price of an item is too reasonable to be true, it is probably a scam.

So, avoid appearing as a scam to your buyers by properly rating your items.

#6. Offer Delivery Service (for Extra Cash)

If you can do home delivery, you will dramatically increase your buyer pool (especially if it is a large item).

Don’t be afraid to charge a fair rate for your time/ fuel.

ConclusionHow to Sell furniture on Craigslist Fast

Earning money quickly and safely on Craigslist takes a bit of preparation.

Ensure your friends or family are with you when you meet the buyer and only deal with cash.

Lastly, present your furniture in the best light at the perfect price. Whether asking for a higher price or bundling your items in a virtual garage sale, these techniques can help you sell your stuff safely and quickly.

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