Is Netflix An Good Stock To Buy Now?

Netflix (NFLX 2.83 percent) has recently been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The popular video streaming business saw a big bull run during the epidemic as global shutdowns generated a considerable surge of users searching for fresh entertainment.

However, a dismal first-quarter earnings report and the general unfavorable mood around IT companies have caused shares of the streaming behemoth to fall about 70%.

This year has seen the veteran of media streaming receive a beating in the stock market. The long and agonizing descent was interrupted by solid drops following each of the year’s two earnings releases.

For the first time in the streaming era, Netflix is losing customers, and several investors are considering exiting the company.

Is Netflix’s current market price of US$177.34 representative of the company’s true worth? Or is it now undervalued, allowing us to purchase?

Let’s look at the company to find an answer to the question, Is Netflix an excellent stock to buy?

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Netflix Overview

Before answering the question, is Netflix an excellent stock to buy? Let’s have an overview of the company. 

Netflix, Inc. is a subscription streaming service and production firm based in the United States. It was founded on August 29, 1997, and it provides a film and television series library through distribution agreements and its works, branded as Netflix Originals.

Netflix is extremely popular worldwide, as seen by its 221.6 million subscribers. It is a significant player in the distribution of independent films.

Netflix initially sold and leased DVDs by mail, but the sales were soon phased out after a year to focus on the DVD rental business.

Streaming media and video on demand were first made available by Netflix in 2007. Netflix announced the introduction of the Netflix Book Club in 2021, where fans will be the first to learn about new novels, films, and series adaptations and have unique access to each book’s adaptation process.

But Have You Read the Book?, a social series produced by Netflix and Starbucks, will bring the book club to life.

Netflix ranks 115th on the Fortune 500 and 219th on the Forbes Global 2000 list. As of July 2022, it is the second-largest entertainment/media firm in market value. 

Morning Consult identified Netflix as the eighth-most trustworthy brand in the world. 

Netflix was the best-performing stock in the S&P 500 stock market index during the 2010s, with a total return of 3,693 percent. The company has gone a long way from its $2.59 per share pricing in 2005.

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Pros of investing in Netflix

If you’re asking: is Netflix an excellent stock to buy, it’s only natural to be interested in the pros of investing in Netflix.

There are hardly any risk-free investments. You should expect one or more danger flags despite how good a company stock might look. Netflix (NFLX 2.83 %) is no exception.

The company’s stock price has been unpredictable in recent years. It prospered at the start of the epidemic when demand for at-home entertainment skyrocketed.

The reversal of that tendency has become a stumbling block. Below are some of the pros of investing in Netflix.

Netflix Is A Key Figure In The Movie Streaming Sector

Netflix is the indisputable leader in the streaming market. More than a decade ago, the business pioneered this content delivery method. Previously, people had to pay for pricey cable TV subscriptions. Cable TV, in addition, provides less value. You may only utilize cable at home or the workplace.

When Netflix launched its streaming service, people could watch material on their phones, tablets, and computers from anywhere they had internet access. It’s no surprise that Netflix has increased its member base to 221.64 million.

The trend is unlikely to change, and Netflix estimates it may surpass 500 million customers over the next several years.


With 60 million domestic paying customers, Netflix has dominated the US market. The company has now directed its campaign to international countries.

In January 2016, Netflix launched an aggressive worldwide growth push, entering 130 additional countries in a massive global rollout.

By almost every metric, the campaign was successful: worldwide subscribers increased from 27.4 million to 91.5 million in the three-and-a-half years since. Netflix’s foreign contribution margin increased from -19.2 percent in the previous quarter to 16.3 percent in the second quarter of 2019.

Authentic Programming

Beginning in 2013, the company made a concerted effort to create its content. This was a critical approach since unique programming is the only method for the company to differentiate itself over time.

Netflix immediately showed its capacity to create critically praised original content, which is no minor accomplishment. House of Cards pioneered the way, and a flurry of titles quickly followed. 

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Cons of investing in Netflix

A wise investor should be able to look at the bad and good sides of investing in a commodity. Is Netflix a good stock to buy? This is a popular question among potential investors. Determining some of the cons of investing in Netflix will enable you to answer this question better. 

Some of the cons of investing in Netflix are:

Increasing competition

Rising competition is something else that the streaming pioneer has finally acknowledged. Many conventional entertainment and media organizations have developed their platforms in response to the growing opportunity of on-demand video streaming. 

Furthermore, as the streaming sector has become more saturated, there has been a lot of consolidation among the large firms, which has increased competition for Netflix.

The blockbuster combination of Warner Bros. and Discovery and Amazon’s March acquisition of MGM have established competing content libraries that will be complex for Netflix to equal, much alone beat.

In addition to competitors from established industries, Netflix is in a streaming arms race with smaller local platforms in emerging nations that provide more relevant, local-language-based content for as little as $4 per year, complicating its path to faster growth.


Netflix should be simple to value. All you need to know are future cash flows and the required rate of return. With this information, you should generate a reasonable price for NFLX shares.

The issue is knowing the precise value and timing of future cash flows. However, as seen by Netflix’s mid-2019 subscriber shortfall, even the company’s senior executives maybe 46 percent off on membership predictions just three months out.

Changes in inputs such as membership growth, average revenue per user, and margins can significantly impact a company’s current worth.

Netflix is priced at 31 times those 2021 forecasts, even if earnings per share surpassed the Wall Street consensus projection of growth of 234% between 2018 and 2021.

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Why Is Netflix A Good Stock o buy?

Why is Netflix an excellent stock to buy right now? Netflix has a price-to-earnings ratio of 33. That is the lowest level in a decade. If you prefer, the price-to-sales ratio of 5.7 is approaching the five-year low.

Netflix stock is down 46% from its late 2021 highs. Netflix has had better days, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bounce back in the future years.

Indeed, at chaotic times in the market, such as now, investors have ideal opportunities to acquire excellent company stocks at low prices.

Finally, Netflix is a well-managed, rapidly expanding company with several advantages over competitors. In the coming years, Netflix has lots of potential to expand in size and scope. 

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How to buy Netflix stock

Analyze Netflix

If you’re trying to find an answer to the long-posed question, is Netflix a good stock to buy now? You should do your research before investing in Netflix or any other investment.

If you’re going to acquire shares, you should understand the company’s fundamentals and make sure it has a viable business strategy. Like other publicly listed firms, Netflix files financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States.

You may see its annual and quarterly financial statements on its investor relations website. Volatility, Price per share, and Competition are things to consider while looking through those documents to assist you in determining how much money to invest.

Select brokerage

You need a brokerage to invest in Netflix or any other stock. Brokers act as a middleman between you and the stock market, buying and selling shares on your behalf.

A broker can help you invest for long-term goals such as retirement or short-term earnings. There are several brokerage choices, including full-service brokers and Robo-advisors. Find a broker with cheap costs and low investment minimums so you can start immediately.

Create an account

You may have various account options depending on the brokerage you pick. Brokers may provide retirement accounts, 529 college savings programs, and taxable brokerage accounts.

Taxable accounts

Although taxable brokerage accounts do not provide tax benefits, they have certain advantages. You can withdraw cash at any time and for any cause, allowing you flexibility in accessing the proceeds of your investment.

Retirement accounts

You can earn tax breaks if you create an individual retirement account (IRA) to save for retirement. However, IRAs have one significant limitation: If you withdraw money before age 59, you will be charged a 10% penalty fee and income taxes.

Place an order

If you opt to acquire Netflix stock, go to your preferred trading platform and input Netflix’s ticker symbol—NFLX—along with the number of shares you want to buy. 

If you’re using an investment app that allows you to invest in fractional shares, you may instead enter the dollar amount you wish to invest in Netflix.

You usually have the option of placing the order as a limit order or a market order. Market executions occur promptly at the current price when made during regular trading hours. 

On the other hand, limit orders are only handled when the stock hits a price you specify and might be a smart alternative if you anticipate a price decline shortly.

Netflix is listed on the Nasdaq, the world’s second-largest stock exchange. The Nasdaq trades between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday.

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Points To Note Before Investing In Netflix

Netflix stock (NFLX 2.83 %) has been one of the finest stocks to hold over the last decade, with a more than 3,000 percent increase since September 2011. Below are key points to know before investing in this stock. 

Decelerating subscriber growth

Paradoxically, one of Netflix’s most appealing qualities for investors also happens to be a weakness. The consequences can be severe when quarterly subscriber growth falls short of market expectations. This occurred when NFLX released its second-quarter earnings.

In contrast to Netflix’s projection, which called for an increase in paying subscribers of 5 million worldwide during the quarter, the figure came in at just 2.7 million. This mistake is as significant as it seems; it was just Netflix’s fourth letdown in the previous 14 quarters.

The 46 percent deficiency stood out clearly from the previous three misses, the biggest of which was 27 percent. Following the release of the results, shares dropped more than 10%. Furthermore, in the second quarter, Netflix lost 130,000 customers in the United States.

Content loss and competition

Can you envision a world without Netflix’s premium content? While gaining the initial subscriber is the major hurdle for subscription-based models, the strategy only works if you keep your clients.

Unfortunately, all three of Netflix’s most popular shows – The Office, Friends, and Parks and Recreation left Netflix after being outbid by rivals for future rights.

A potentially much larger drawback is the massive loss of Disney material as the House of Mouse launches its streaming service, Disney+, in late 2019 with an unparalleled content armory.

Disney is betting on itself by not renewing a license arrangement with Netflix. This implies that several popular Disney properties, including a handful of Marvel films and the Star Wars franchise, will be accessible exclusively on Disney+.

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Our view

Netflix is the market leader in streaming video. It is predicted to increase at a double-digit rate in the coming years. As a result, getting Netflix stocks might be an excellent opportunity for investors searching for companies with full potential.

Even with the stock price dip, those who trust in the company’s ability to stay at the top of the industry while not losing too much market share to competitors may find the low value of Netflix stock to be the perfect time to be invested into.

Frequently asked questions

Is Netflix a good stock to buy?

Despite its dip in the past months, investing in Netflix should be a good play in the long run.

Is Netflix a good long-term investment?

Although its whole business strategy center on membership fees and no advertising income, Netflix is a genuinely successful corporation and should be an excellent long-term investment. 

Why is Netflix stock so low?

This year, Netflix’s stock has struggled as the global epidemic boom in user sign-ups faded. Investors shifted away from high-value technology and growth businesses owing to increasing bond yields.

Did Netflix stock ever split?

Netflix last split its shares in 2004. A stock split makes the firm more accessible to investors and employees who want to invest but can’t afford hundreds of dollars for a share.


If you’ve been watching Netflix stock for a long, now could be the moment to take the plunge. Its optimistic future earnings forecast isn’t wholly represented in the current stock price, which suggests it’s not too late to invest in NFLX.

However, before making investment decisions, examine other criteria, such as the management team’s track record, to create an informed judgment.



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