Matched Betting USA: How to win Money in less than 15 Minutes

Leading gambling bookmakers can be traced to the 1930s. Despite being a high risk investment, its popularity has continued to grow across the US.

Matched betting is a lower-risk betting technique when compared to other forms of gambling. The internet recognizes it as one of the fastest ways to make money online. Yet, it remains a high-risk investment.

This article compiles all the low risk matched betting USA and how to make money off it in 15 minutes.

Yes, catch a glimpse of the steps and guide to make money off matched betting in the USA by taking a glance at the table of contents.

Betting and gambling is a very high-risk investment. Match betting allows you to earn money from betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers

Losing money in betting business was my fate for a few years. This became history when I discovered this low-risk method of betting. Since then, making money of matched betting is now a piece of cake.

After recouping my initial losses from the bookmakers and made lots of earning, I thought to myself, why not share the low risk marched betting USA strategy for free to help people recoup their losses from bookmakers?

The match betting strategy you are going to be learning shortly is scam but a low-risk systematic approach of winning bet I learned from a UK platform. Matched betting is nothing new to citizens of the United Kingdom.

The method is only new to US residents for obvious reasons. We all know betting is not as popular in the United States compared to the UK because of the stringent measures in place in some states regarding betting, but I have no intention of going into details about that.

Now let’s go straight to the point about the low-risk match betting strategy that would see you earn fast money in no time. For more on how to make fast money, read our post on How to get 300 dollars fast

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a no-risk technique that guarantees profit from bookmaker free bet promotions. It is not a magical way of ripping bookmakers of their money, rather a low-risk betting strategy that utilizes simple calculations to turn the odds of bookmakers against them.

The strategy is simply to use offers made by bookmakers such as free bets, odds boosts, etc against them.

In the last three decades, we witnessed the emergence of several betting sites due to the massive amount of money these bookmakers make off bettors. Due to the high levels of competition among bookmakers, gaining, and keeping new customers is a serious challenge faced by all bookmakers.

In a bid to permanently make customers theirs, bookmakers offer lots of incentives. In the United Kingdom and other European countries, these bookmakers offer outrageous incentives in form of bonus and this trend is currently gaining momentum in the US and this is where we come in, the matched betting USA.

Some bookmakers in the US offer bonuses as large as 150% of your first two deposits to entice customers. Have you ever imagined why these bet companies are so confident to offer such insane incentives? That’s because they are certain to gain the money in the long run because let’s face the fact, you can’t beat the bookmakers.

How Easy Is It to Win Matched Betting?

Just one-in-a-million people who win insanely large amounts of money from bets, most bettors lose large amounts of money in bets making the bookies extremely rich, that’s why they have enough money to offer outrageous incentives.

No risk matched betting was probably created by a bettor who has lost a large amount of money to these bookies and sought ways to regain his money. Thankfully, the creator was magnanimous enough to share this insight with people for free.

Lots of people have benefited from this method in the past and so much more still benefit from it especially in the US where the method is newly gaining momentum.

Now, many have asked me a lot of times, why do this? Why do you do matched betting and each time my answers have always been the same – the bookmakers deserve no mercy.

These guys have made multinationals out of people’s hard-earned money. Little wonder betting isn’t allowed in some states in the USA, but if you reside in a state where betting is legal, then good for you because I would be revealing the ultimate strategy that has helped me earned massively.

Matched betting the USA is currently gaining momentum thanks to the abolishment of PASPA, and I think everyone should seize this opportunity to making good money off these bookmakers.

How No Risk Matched betting USA works

The next paragraphs are a full guide you on how to make matched betting. You must understand that this is not gambling in the conventional sense. There is no chance involved with this method and it’s all based on a number of easy calculations.

Enough said, I present to you, the basics of matched betting!

#1. Find an Offer

First things first – the first step in matched betting is to find a suitable offer from bookmakers. Like I stated earlier, there are bookies that offer large bonuses to get hold of you, the plan is to play along with their trick. Find such bookies and sign up with them.

For instance, you’ve found and registered with a betting site offering a free bet up to $40 if you deposit and place a bet of the same amount.

I should warn though – check the terms and conditions given for each bonus to ensure the bookies don’t have hidden bills or anything up their sleeves.

Because most of the times, they give conditions for bonuses like winning a certain amount of money before you are able to make withdrawal or placing bets on odds not less than 1.5 for instance. You should always use decimal odds when doing this. You can easily change the odds format on any bookmaker if they aren’t currently showing as decimal.

After confirming the terms for the bonus and you are certain of no hidden gimmick by the bookies, you proceed to the next step.

#2. Qualifying Bet

The second step on matched betting is to qualify for the bonus the bookmakers are offering which is $40 in this instant. The question is how do we qualify for the bonus? It is quite simple and straight forward.

In the qualifying bet, we would play to lose small amount of money which we call the qualifying loss.

Look for a game to place a bet on. The bet should have odds higher than the threshold 1.5 as stipulated on the terms and conditions in the instance given above.

I advise you use moneyline market in NFL or any other sports you are certain the outcome would be either win or lose no draws.

Assuming you place a bet on a game with 1.8 odds, you now need to find the same event on a different betting site and check the odds for the other team. Again, for the purposes of this example, let’s say their odds are 2.0.

Next, you apply a dutching calculator (search Google to get one) to know what your stake on the 2nd betting site would be. Our stake on the first site is $50, now the question is, what stake would fetch us an even return?

Using the dutching calculator, you can easily discover how much you need to stake on the second betting site to ensure our return is evil.

#3. FREE Bet

After placing your qualifying bet, you should automatically qualify for your bonus for free bet. Some bookies would credit you instantly why some credit 48 hours after the end of your qualifying bet. Whatever the case, you are on course to make good money off the bookies.

Now, we need to repeat the same method but on games with higher odds to ensure our profit is large.

Assuming we are placing a bet on a team with 6.0 odds, and the second team — on the second bookmaker — has 1.18 odds.

We need to adjust our dutching calculator settings because we are now betting with our own money on the second site. The idea of the dutching calculator is to help you make calculations to ensure you get even returns from the two bookmakers regardless of the outcome of a game.

Applying the dutching calculator to our simulations, it means we are going to bet our bonus of $50 on the game with 6.0 odds and $211.86 on the second betting site with 1.18 odds. This generates an even profit of $38.13 regardless of the outcome of that match.

When we consider our qualifying loss, it means we still have $35.63 as the net profit in this simulation.

Also, be informed that you don’t necessarily need to place free bet as high as $50 if you don’t have the required amount to dutch on the second betting site as $200 is a substantial sum for many people.

Take your time to know the amount of money you can afford as dutch before placing your free bet as anything less than the required dutching bet on the second bookmaker may see you lose money.

The two major things you should be looking out for is firstly, make sure you don’t go against any max odds if included in the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Secondly, the higher the odds you select, the more profit you make, but also the more money you’ll need to deposit into the 2nd website.

Now, you can join the growing list of bettors make large profit from their welcome bonuses on betting sites. Not so many people know about the matched betting usa or double betting as it is commonly called by some people.

Also, bookies offer free betting to old registered bettors on their site to keep them away from joining other bookmakers. So, even after signing up with a betting site, you can still make matched betting when they offer free bets, so you have to be watchful to see when such offers come up on your dashboard.

The only issue about old bettors is that the free bets or bonuses offered to old customers is not usually as large as the once you get to see the bookies offer to entice newcomers, nonetheless, you can still make good some money as an old bettor.

In the past, betting was frowned at in the U.S. with only a few a states allowing sports betting, But due to the abolishment of PASPA, most states now allow betting, although with different terms and condition.

These top 5 states are among the first to legalize sports betting in the United States:

#1. Nevada

Nevada pops up whenever sport betting in the US is discussed and this is simply because the state is one of the first states to legalize sports betting in the US. 1949 was the year, when sport betting was officially legalized in Nevada and for many years, it ranked as the number one state with the highest betting revenue in the US. The position is currently occupied by New Jersey since the turn of 2019.

#2. New Jersey

New Jersey is known to be a state that originally championed the campaign for sport betting in the United States. Although the campaign was on for eons, sports betting in the state was only legalized on June 11, 2018, when the governor, Phil Murphy signed the bill legalizing sports betting in the state.

#3. Delaware

Delaware is another state that has legalised sports betting since the abolishment of PASPA. The states currently features one of the finest casinos, although there are strict regulations bookies must comply with

#4. Mississippi

Mississippi is another state where sport betting is currently gaining momentum. Betting officially took off in the states in August 2018 with the casino known as Beau Rivage when the football season was on break. There are a handful of betting companies in the state presently.

#5. West Virginia

West Virginia is known to be the 5th state that officially legalised betting in the United States. There are casinos and other betting companies presently in WV.

There are lots of States on the horizon the brink of legalizing sport betting.


I hope you find this article about matched betting USA insightful? This article is written with the best of intentions to bettors in the US and the world at large.

If you follow the guide in this article, you are likely to earn all the money you have lost in matched betting before now. I hope it helps you make a good profit off the bookmakers.

How beneficial is the post to you? Simply reach us through the comment sections or drop your questions for clarification.

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