10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes Of All Time 2023

If you like basketball, there’s a high chance you want basketball shoes as well. These are the most expensive basketball shoes of all time. You may even be a collector with a wardrobe full of hard-to-find sneakers. 

Basketball shoes exist in an almost infinite number of styles, with new brands and signature player styles being launched regularly. This provides many options to pick from but significantly increases costs. Basketball is currently more than just a sport… 

It’s a worldwide phenomenon being seen and followed from practically every corner of the globe. It has grown into a large industry in recent years, with some of the world’s highest-paid athletes, massive sponsorship deals, marketing, etc. 

And shoe firms adore basketball even more, making multi-million dollar deals with some of the NBA’s top names to headline and even design their new shoe lines. Basketball shoes have evolved from a small selection to a vast selection with a wide range of unique patterns. 

These basketball sneakers have become uncommon, with rare copies fetching thousands of dollars at auction. We will look at the ten most expensive basketball shoes of all time. 

10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes Of All Time

1. Reebok Question: 

The Reebok Question is the world’s most expensive basketball shoe of all time. These shoes are encrusted in diamonds, with 246 gems on the laces.

Additionally, these sneakers were developed by Allen Iverson and are highly fashionable. Because of their designs and diamonds, these shoes are considered the best of all time.

These sneakers are almost $65,000 in price.

Furthermore, as of March 2022, the American fitness footwear and clothing maker has been a subsidiary of the brand management organization Authentic Brands Group. It was founded in 1958 in the United Kingdom as a subsidiary of J.W. Foster and Sons, a sporting goods company founded in 1895 in Bolton, Lancashire. 

The Union Jack was included in the brand’s logo from 1958 to 1986 to represent the company’s beginnings. In 2005, Adidas, a German sporting goods firm, purchased the company.

Global headquarters are in the Seaport District of Boston, Massachusetts, with regional offices in Amsterdam, Montreal, Hong Kong, and Mexico City.

Nike also makes one of the best shoes that can be used for basketball. See 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes Ever Sold.

2. Air Jordan III: 

Because of the superior quality leather utilized in their construction, the Air Jordan III is regarded as the most comfortable basketball jogger globally.

The cost of these joggers is about $50,000, which is extremely pricey, but the comfort of the sneakers more than compensates for the hefty fee. 

It was designed by Peter Moore and auctioned off. These joggers have a unique design that is both elegant and appealing. And featured the Air sole unit for the first time in the line’s history. 

The great Nike designer also developed the now-iconic elephant print and a new Jumpman logo on the tongue, a suitable emblem for Michael Jordan’s shoe as he took flight from the free-throw line at the 1988 Dunk Contest.

The Air Jordan 3 is still a fan favorite today, with seasonal editions, collaborations, and retros, such as the Air Jordan 3 Retro ‘Cardinal Red.’

3. Air Jordan IV: 

The Air Jordan VI is widely regarded as the most comfortable and best jogger for basketball players ever produced by Jordan. Hence it is also one of the most expensive basketball shoes. It has many great features, such as lace tightening and toe gel. Also, it is only available in a few color combinations. 

It is regarded as the most high-end and opulent basketball shoe on the market. These joggers are expected to cost around $35,000 each. The Air Jordan 4 was first teased at the 1989 NBA All-Star Game and rapidly became a Jordan Brand must-have.

Spike Lee’s film Do the Right Thing used the Tinker Hatfield invention. In the Jordan 4 Retro, MJ also hit ‘The Shot’ versus Cleveland, making it the ideal cross-over silhouette between an athletic shoe and a fashion sneaker.

4. Nike Air Zoom Kobe I: 

As previously stated, Kobe Bryant departed Adidas in 2002 and joined Nike to design his trademark basketball shoes. He debuted the athletic Air Zoom Kobe I in 2005 after being dissatisfied with the Huarache 2k4-2k5 and several Jordan shoes. 

During that NBA season, Kobe averaged 35.4 points per game and had a fantastic game against the Toronto Raptors, in which he scored 81 points, the second greatest scoring game in NBA history. 

These achievements made the shoes incredibly desirable, and the fact that only 25 pairs were created put the price at around $30,000, with Nike donating 10% of the proceeds to charity.

5. Air Jordan I: 

The Air Jordan one is also one of the most expensive basketball shoes of all time. Furthermore, the Air Jordan I is the world’s most valuable shoe. Pearlized leather, metallic silver, and metallic white were used in this edition, produced in 1985.

Only 1,200 pairs were made available for purchase, making it rare. 

They’re formed from a mix of two colors: black and red. Tinker Hatfield designed them, the most fashionable basketball sneakers on the market. 

All pairs of this model were autographed by Michael Jordan, causing fans to want to get their hands on his signature. The signature on the shoes was permanent and weather resistant. These shoes retailed for about $25,000 at their stores. 

6. Nike Air Mag: 

These futuristic-looking shoes, replete with light-up panels and self-fastening laces, were designed to duplicate those featured in Back to the Future Part II.

After Michael J. Fox was photographed wearing them, they became trendy, and Nike produced 20 pairs, each of which sold for $12,000. 

After thousands of hours of labor, Nike has built a perfect duplicate with space-age materials, an electroluminescent out-sole, and a battery that lasts for 3,000 hours — Nike’s first rechargeable pair of footwear. 

The reproductions were restricted to 1,500 pieces, auctioned off on eBay in September 2011, with the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease research. The auction alone brought about $4.7 million.

Apart from basketball shoes, there are also exquisite shoes you can purchase. Check out: 15 World’s Most Expensive Shoes.

7. Air Jordan V: 

The Air Jordan V is a unique type of jogger with unique characteristics such as a rubber sole and a strap lock. The Air Jordan V, which features a reflective tongue, clear rubber soles, and a strap lock, is the next pair of sneakers in Michael Jordan’s iconic series of shoes in this top. Jordan’s team features an unusual black and silver metal design with 23 on the back.

It’s a model never offered in stores and is only available from shoe collectors. They are thought to be very simple to use comfortably.

When Jordan wore these sneakers in a match with the number 23 printed on the back, they became pretty popular worldwide, but they were never sold in a store.

These loafers are expected to cost over $10,000, which is a lot of money for these basketball-specific joggers. 

8. Adidas KBB Selection: 

The Addidas KBB Selection is also one of the most expensive basketball shoes of all time. Kobe Bryant’s jersey number inspired the name KB8. Because Bryant left Adidas in 2002, it was renamed Crazy 8. Only two pairs of the ‘Golden Shoe’ were ever made, making it extremely rare. 

They were supposed to be worn by Bryant in the 1998 Slam Dunk contest. But it wasn’t meant to be, and the shoes stayed unused.

Due to a lack of interest, the contest was canceled. When they were auctioned off, they fetched $3,000 for eighth place on the list of the world’s most expensive basketball sneakers.

9. Air Jordan XI: 

In 1995, Air Jordan was initially released as a basketball shoe designed specifically for the NBA. The coolest part about these joggers is that basketball legend Joe Johnson wore them during a game. 

Additionally, the cost of these loafers was projected to be around $2700, which was regarded as low compared to Jordan’s previous shoes.

Nonetheless, it is considered one of the most costly basketball sneakers ever created. These joggers had a very professional appearance and were quite comfortable for the players.

10. Nick Air Force One: 

Nick Air force one is last on our list of the most expensive basketball shoes ever. The Nike Air Force One is a basketball shoe first presented in 2005. It was utilized by notable celebrities and athletes, making these joggers more popular worldwide. 

These sneakers are usually unavailable in stores because they are typically sold at auctions or private dealers. It appears to be regular footgear, but this is not the case; these are ideal joggers for gamers.

These professional basketball loafers cost about $2500, which is why they are sold at auction.


In conclusion, basketball shoes have grown in popularity over the years, resulting in increased demand and, as a result, higher prices. 

Fortunately, even though these shoes are pricey, they are well worth it owing to the way they may assist you in playing the game and their collector’s value. Your favorite pair could be worth a lot in the future, so hold on to them and keep them in good shape. 

What is the most costly basketball sneaker you have ever owned? Would you spend $65,000 on the Diamond Questions if you had the money?


What is product placement?

Product placement is a term that refers to the positioning that Brand-name shoe firms will not charge more than what customers are willing to pay. Name companies use the law of supply and demand to inflate the value of their basketball shoes by limiting the quantity of their most sought-after releases to 25 to 30 pairs per store. 

WHen did basketballers start wearing sneakers?

Basketball sneakers have been around since the 1920s. If our grandparents could remember the first basketball sneakers they wore, the original Converse Chuck Taylor would most definitely spring to mind.

What does basketball shoes do?

Basketball shoes act as shock absorbers and provide ankle stability while allowing players to move laterally due to the continual jumping, starting, and stopping. Basketball shoes, as a result, are substantially bulkier than running shoes.
Basketball shoes are also known as athletic sneakers and sneakers. The upper component of the shoe is designed to support and stabilize the foot.
Good design basketball shoes provide players with stability, protecting them from injury and slipping on the court’s shiny floors. Strength also gives players confidence in their boots because they know they have a good grip.


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