The World’s Most Expensive Toilet Paper 

Toilet papers, not many would admit it’s one of the most essential commodities. We use rolls of it every day; it doesn’t matter if you are a nursing mother, for a quick one in the restroom, or your allergies. But have you ever wondered what the most expensive toilet paper cost?

I haven’t, to be honest until I had to write this post. What I found amazed me and I’m sure you’d feel the same way too. You’d be surprised to see that a particular paper costs over a million Austrian dollars.

This post will be looking at the most expensive toilet papers and where they were produced, stay with me.

Toilet paper brands are vast, so you can be sure you are buying the right one. Don’t put your money on a cheap toilet paper that feels rough and falls apart when you use it or one that would clog your toilet leaving you to spend more money than intended.

Look at the price of the toilet paper you want to buy because the most expensive things give the best result. This would save you from an uncomfortable trial and error process.

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Which is the World’s Most Expensive Toilet Paper?

The most expensive toilet paper roll globally is made in Australia by the Australian company Toilet Paper Man. It is a 3-ply toilet paper decked in 22-carat gold. There is only one in existence. A source says the one roll produced was sold for Aus1.2 million.

#1. Cottonelle

These are the best on this list and the highest score in the user test survey? It managed to make it to the top of this list leaving the likes of Quilted Northern and Charmin Ultra Strong behind.

It has a slightly elastic feel that makes it strong and unique. The distinctive ripple pattern gives a sense of strength and extra cleanliness, making it easily recognizable amongst other brands. 

#2. Berkeley Jensen

It was praised in multiple categories: wet strength, absorption, dry lint, and width. It has 2-ply construction with rippled texture to help clean thoroughly. The downside is it can be slow to dissolve.

This 2 ply toilet paper costs $0.26 per 100. It is another of the best toilet paper. It is thick, absorbent, and dissolves in seconds.

 A toilet paper that gets the job done. It is free of problem rolls and it was rated by both our tester and softness testing machine.

The only downside is that it gets weak quickly but that’s not far-fetched for bath tissue. It is a club brand that can be easily purchased online without being a BJ’s member. Don’t worry the price is fair. 

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#3. Quilted Northern-Ultra Plush

An upscale toilet paper, it has won its spot for the softest and plushest of toilet paper. It came out the winner of the user survey surpassing Charmin Ultra. This toilet paper has a silky feel, it is an excellent choice for anyone who loves its softness. 

It is recognizable by the design embossed on it which makes it unique. It is a 3-ply toilet, the air pockets give the roll a pleasant push back when squeezed. 

The downside as expected from soft toilet paper is that it breaks when used for rigorous cleaning. Quilted Northern might be too fragile for a more aggressive cleaning method. It works for a lighter dabbing and it absorbs well.

#4. Silk’n Soft

 This toilet paper costs 5 cents. It is an alternative toilet paper that is strongly absorbent. It came second in the user test survey, eradicating that Virgin papers are not soft or comfortable.

In terms of appearance Silk’n Soft, perforation looks tougher but still very soft. In terms of strength, this bamboo-made toilet paper comes second to Cottonelle and Quilted Northern because of its opaque nature indicating dense fiber construction.

The downside of Silk’n Soft is that it performed the poorest in the breakdown test, thereby not recommended for sensitive septic tanks.

#5. Charmin

Charmin is ranked the softest. With Charmin, you don’t have to worry about breakage because the 2-ply construction is strong, when tested it had the highest strength when wet. 

It cost 5 cents per square ft. Its absorbent rate was ranked 4.5 out of 5. It also passed the wet and dry lint test, one of the best characteristics a toilet paper could have. 

Charmin has an industrial feel, a starchy feel, and a compressed look in terms of appearance. The feature is a little papery giving it a stronger impression. Because of its high strength, many people worry it may be bad for septic tanks. 

#6. Kirkland Signature 

Kirkland may not be the best on this list but it’s here for a reason. This popular toilet paper is praised for both its strength and budget as it is Costco’s cash crop, the best-selling item in the massive bulk-warehouse store. 

A well-known and well-loved option for both budget and strength that is well researched, studied, and scientifically engineered. It is designed to move from the market quickly as they sell more than a billion rolls per year. That’s not all, this 2-ply construction toilet paper is the biggest of all at 11cm in width. Kirkland has steadily retained this status over the years.

This toilet paper is also a bath tissue perfect for all skin types. Its absorbing game is rated 3.5 and its strength is 3 out of 5. It is the biggest, widest and best to purchase in bulk.

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#7. Angel Soft

Just like its name, Angel Soft is soft and strong and available at a cheap price. For soft toilet paper, Angel soft is long-lasting I.e you won’t need to change it as often and you get the best quality at a price that won’t scare you.

Its features are that It is recyclable, septic safe for well-maintained sewer and septic sewer. In addition, SFI Sustainable Forestry Initiative attests that Angel Soft bathroom tissue is made with sustainably-sourced trees.

Angel’s soft embossed texture looks sparse and crude in terms of appearance. It is on the same wavelength as Kirkland with the difference being in the strength. Kirkland is stronger than Angel Soft according to the test score.

It comes in different options, Angel Soft.

Mega Rolls equals 4 Angel Soft Regular Rolls. Each Angel Soft Mega Roll toilet paper roll comes with 480+ 2-ply sheets. Mega rolls also fit most toilet paper holders and they last longer than Angel Soft Regular Rolls.

Although It received very average scores in almost all categories. It’s still one of the best and most expensive toilet paper.

#8. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation Natural Bathroom Tissue costs about $1.37 per roll (four cents per square foot). It was established in 1988.

A part of the recycled-toilet-paper game, It’s the only roll in our lineup that uses recycled paper stock. However, in a blind test, we could hardly tell the difference between virgin toilet paper.

Angel Soft managed to be better than Seventh Generation when it comes to comfort. Its production uses recycled paper stock saving trees and the environment from chloride bleach unlike Angel Soft uses Virgin paper pulp.

It is white like its virgin competitors, though it’s PCF (Processed Chlorine-Free) with oxygen-based bleaches instead of the ultra-harmful chloride bleaches used for virgin paper processing. The latter releases carcinogenic dioxins into the environment, one of the most toxic chemicals on earth.

Experts debunked the danger of BPA in recycled toilet paper, citing that receipt paper is the real danger, containing a thousand times more BPA than toilet paper. In comparison, toilet paper has only microns.

A shocking 98% of toilet paper in the United States uses virgin-paper pulp, versus 60% in Latin America and Europe. Choosing recycled toilet paper is an excellent start to buck the trend and help relieve staggering deforestation.

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#9. Scott 

Introducing the single-ply roll that lasts longer than the other rolls. Its 1000 sheet roll surpasses that of anyone on this list. With 1000 sheets, it’s easier to gobble up as much as you need. 

Scott is considered eco-friendly but is firmly off the trend for luxury games. This one-ply toilet paper’s upside is that it scored best in the Breakdown test. It helps that it falls apart immediately it’s in water which is what septic tanks RVs users need. Aside from being easily broken down, it also passed the dry lint test.

The downside is doubling or tripling the layer of this toilet paper, which can be a hassle to some people, but Scotts is a pretty good choice. 

 It is FSC certified meaning that the process is monitored for the sustainable process. It is a perfect choice for eco-friendly consumers. 

#10. Caboo


Caboo was made from bamboo. It is a green toilet paper that touts itself as tree-free. This 2-ply toilet paper was top amongst its competition. It is the softest, safest, and most sustainable toilet tissue. Its special feature is that it is skeptical and eco friendly 

It is cheaper than the Seventh Generation but wasn’t as strong or thick as our plush option. It is soft and has an average score for its softness and absorbency.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the most expensive toilet paper roll in the world?

The most expensive toilet paper roll in the world is made in Australia. It is a 3-ply toilet paper decked in 22-carat gold. 
 There is only one in existence. A source says the one roll produced was sold for Aus1.2 million.

What is virgin paper?

Virgin paper is the kind of paper that does not contain any recycled content and is made. 
Toilet paper is mainly made from virgin paper. It doesn’t contain any recycled material. These kinds of toilet paper are manufactured from new pulp, the main component for toilet paper. Some companies avoid the use of virgin paper to save the forest. 

How long does toilet papers last?

Toilet papers last long regardless of the expiration date that the company lists on the toilet paper packaging. It can last year or even decades as long as they don’t get wet or dust or dirt in them.

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 Don’t go above and beyond for the simple task of choosing toilet paper. Choose something within your budget and don’t forget it would still end up in the drain. 



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