15 Best Gift Ideas for Crafters in 2022

It’s not simple to find the ideal present for the crafty person in your life. There’s a lot to think about, including their talent level, general style, and the amount of time they devote to the hobby they adore. I have combed the internet for a collection of the best gift ideas for crafters that would delight any artisan.

These inventive suggestions — include animal succulent cup kits for crafters, amazing paint pens for crafters, and even the latest heat press machine. This will ensure that their next crafting session is the most enjoyable yet.

Scroll down to find the finest gift ideas for crafters in 2022 of all kinds.

What do you buy for a Crafter

The answer, of course, is MORE CRAFT SUPPLIES!

There’s never enough. It makes no difference what it is. There are never enough yarn, pens, paints, papers, crochet hooks, and scrapbook papers. And there’s always a new project to try, which necessitates acquiring additional craft supplies.

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15 best gift ideas for crafters in 2022

I have carefully and consciously done research on the best gift ideas for crafters in 2022. So, let’s get started finding the best gift ideas for crafters!

#1. Animal Succulent Cups Kits For Crafters

This Etsy best-selling shop has some very incredible DIY craft kit gift ideas. Animal succulent cups are just one of many kits available, including everything from needle felting kits for cats and dogs to pigs, chicks, and sheep.

 They also have felted bracelets and keychains available!

If you’re giving these kits as one of the unique gift ideas for crafters, you can also consider getting them a succulent for inspiration! 

The advantage of purchasing live succulents is extremely difficult to destroy. They require little upkeep and can be purchased in advance to include in a kraft gift box.

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#2. Felting Kits For Crafters

Here are some truly fantastic felting kits. On Etsy, this is a well-liked and highly rated shop. They are the ones who raise the sheep that supply the fibers for their products!

 They also mill their fiber and produce excellent instructions, needle felting tools, and materials.

There are many various kits to pick from if you’re looking for the best gift ideas for crafters. 

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This shop sells a variety of felting kits, including:

  • Teddy Bear Kits
  • Gnome Kits
  • Rabbit Kits
  • Sheep Kits
  • Dragon Kits
  • Chicken Kits
  • Duck Kits
  • Llama Kits
  • Horse Kits
  • Pumpkin Kits
  • and more!

#3.Heat Press Machine

Looking for a unique and exciting gift for someone who enjoys making their clothing, mugs, and crafts? The ideal solution is to use a heat press machine.

A heat press machine is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys customizing items for oneself or as gifts.

HTVRONT also sells a variety of vinyl crafts products to complement the heat press machine on their website. You can even join to earn points and be alerted to special offers and discounts.


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#4.Felting Scarf Kit

Here’s a gift idea for those who want to sew their garments. They may have never tried wet felting before, whether they sew, knit, or embroider. Wet felting produces extremely stunning results.

This shop is a modest Etsy shop with a lot of positive feedback. People are raving about the kits available here, and they may even be customized because Suzanne, the shop owner, hand dyes the fabrics she sells. Wow.

“An unhemmed hand-dyed habotai silk scarf measuring approximately 11″ X 90”, 28 gms of my ultra-soft merino roving, and 5/8 yard of silk and bamboo or silk tussah roving are included in this package (above).

Make a lovely scarf out of it! Copper is variegated, with turquoise and blue-greens thrown in for good measure. This is what I call bohemian, and it’s very striking!”

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#5. Bulk Crystals For Resin Art

Many epoxy resin artists are discovering long clear quartz crystals to use in their work. Real crystals are difficult to come by, but these bulk crystals from Amazon have a lot of positive feedback and would make an excellent gift for a resin artist.

They come in batches of 30-50 pieces and come in a variety of sizes. They’re unsorted and natural, and they’re from the Harena Mine.

 Because they are natural, some may have a tint to them, but if you want genuine crystals, these will suffice. I highly recommend this as one of the best gift ideas for crafters one can get.

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#6.Fire Glass For A Resin Crafter

Fire glass is what you’ll find in those stunning contemporary fireplaces. It’s the gleaming, mirrored glass located at the base of these fireplaces. With resin, this fire glass creates a lovely, reflective effect.

This is the greatest provider for using fire glass in resin art. Because the glass is not tumbled before being delivered, it is exceptionally reflective and bright.

 It’s also tempered and comes in 10-pound jars, so you can use it for large projects. You can also choose between half and quarter-size pieces. This unique gift idea for crafters is price friendly and highly effective. 

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#7. The Proper Respirator Mask For Working Safely With Resin

This is another excellent present for resin crafters, and they will appreciate it. When working with resin, many resin painters do not have the required respirator mask.

 The filters in this one-size respirator mask are N95 equivalent and filter gasses and organic vapors.

This safety mask also checks the comfort box (as far as a full face mask respirator can), with a ‘flex-fit’ head harness that stays in place once you adjust it to your head. 

Because it is silicone-based around the nasal area, it is extremely comfortable. It also includes 5 easily adjustable straps that can be tightened with a single pull.

Due to its adjustable strap, the Parcel PD-100 mask is a one-size-fits-all mask. You won’t have to worry about your breath fogging up the inner visor because it includes an anti-fog face lens! Its adjustable strap ranks it one of the best gift ideas for crafters in 2022.

This respirator is a portable mask with high-density elastic straps to ensure that the mask stays where you put it.

 You won’t have to alter your resin art all the time. It’s as simple as putting it on, adjusting it, and then forgetting about it. If your crafter enjoys other types of art, this respirator mask may be used for a variety of projects, which is another reason we like it. 

This respirator’s adaptability is incredible; we use it for spray painting, alcohol ink art, woodworking, sanding, and so much more.

We also recommend buying it directly from the source to ensure you get the right mask and not a knockoff, especially since it comes with a 1-year factory warranty.

Buy on Parcel 

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#8.Resin For Crafters

If you’re looking for resins to give as gift ideas to crafters, ArtResin is a great place to start. It’s versatile, non-toxic, and simple to deal with.

We’ve used ArtResin on several projects and it’s one of our favorite epoxy resins to use. This resin is extremely simple to use and has a resin-to-hardener ratio of 1:1.

ArtResin is a high-gloss resin that is commonly used for jewelry, thin pours or molds, and geodes, among many other crafts. One of the greatest resins for crafting your own dried flower pendants is this one.

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#9. Paint Pens For Crafters

Because of their fine point, these paint pens are ideal for resin art. This makes it very simple for them to achieve such delicate lines. 

We like this kit since it comes with six pens, so you’ll always have some extras on hand if you’re building a lot of geodes to sell. There’s nothing quite like running out of a white paint pen right when you need it.

These paint pens are very versatile. They can work on several surfaces if your crafter is into painting, canvas art, cardmaking, or more. We highly recommend these paint pens as one of the gift ideas for any crafters. 

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#10. Paper Making Molds

If your crafter has ever expressed an interest in manufacturing their paper, you can provide them with the necessary supplies.

This three-piece wired frame kit is ideal for crafting homemade paper. Whether your maker enjoys scrapbooking, making gift tags, making homemade cards, or simply being creative, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re thinking about gifting your artisan a paper crafting mold, don’t forget to include dried flowers, which we’ll discuss later.

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#11. Vintage Scrapbooking Kit Gift For Crafters

This is a lovely scrapbooking present you may give your crafter whether they are into scrapbooking or want to go into scrapbooking.

 This is a 130-piece vintage-style papercraft scrapbooking set, so imagine a dusty rose, creams, and browns. This would be a lovely scrapbooking project.

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#12.The Heat Gun For Crafters

A new heat gun will be much appreciated by any resin craftsperson in your life. This heat gun will perform brilliantly on each layer of resin if the resin is poured in stages.

The heat causes the resin to become more fluid, allowing the bubbles to escape and pop at the surface. It is one of the unique gift ideas for crafters one can purchase. 

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#13. Jewelry Making Kit For Crafters

This jewelry-making kit has everything you’ll need to make high-quality jewelry. The following items are included in this jewelry kit for crafters:

  • 3 jewelry pliers
  • 2 rolls of copper wire
  • 1 elastic string
  • 1 waxed necklace cord
  • 2 rolls of necklace chain
  • 6 needles, 2 tweezers
  • 1 caliper
  • 1 awl
  • 1 jump ring opener
  • 1 thimble ring
  • 1 thread scissors
  • 1 tape measure
  • 3 needle threaders
  • 1 zip pouch
  • 1 adjustable helping hands
  • 1830 pieces of jewelry findings, including the essential tools for most earring creation, necklace repair, and bracelet repair applications.

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#14. A Bead Spinner Gift For Crafters

This present idea will be a tremendous success with your crafter whether they enjoy crafting handcrafted jewelry or working with beads.

A bead spinner is a very useful craft item that every jewelry maker should have.

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#15. A Paper Quilling Kit

Paper quilling is a really rewarding type of art to undertake since it is very serene and relaxing, and it produces beautiful pieces of art for a variety of uses.

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There are numerous gift ideas for crafters but then, knowing the best ones can be exhausting.

 The best gift ideas for crafters out there in 2022 with the place of purchase have all been outlined in this article, do well to read it between the lines to fully understand the best gift ideas for crafters. 



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