Top 20 5 Senses Gift Ideas for Her

Nothing says love specifically targeting each sense of your significant other. It’s one of the best gift ideas ever… except you still have to figure out WHAT to get that will satisfy each sense! Though giving gifts is a happy time, finding the perfect gift can be difficult.

Rather than spending hours trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, consider selecting multiple gifts that uniquely express your love. You can stimulate each of them with small gifts or larger splurge-worthy gifts.

This article can help you decide quickly. You will find the top 20 5 senses gift ideas for her below. Let’s get started.

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Top 20 5 senses gift ideas for her

You want something beautiful and meaningful to please the eyes… as well as something they can see! This one has a wide price range, which is great because you don’t have to go overboard if you can’t afford it.

5 sight senses gift ideas for her

#1. Photographs of the two of you.

senses gift ideas for her

You can’t go wrong with pictures of the two of you. From high-tech picture frames that allow you to email pictures to them in real-time to a simple romantic frame. This is a timeless classic that will always make people happy! This is one of the incredible sight senses gift ideas for her.

The photograph’s frame can be unique enough to be by her bedside or her office desk. She would love this gift so much and will always smile when she looks at it.

#2. Artwork.

senses gift ideas for her

Artwork can be done by hand or purchased from a favourite artist. It can be small or large, funny or touching. You should know what kind of artwork she enjoys to ensure it gives her so much joy.

Art makes an excellent gift because it is so personal, from creating the work to selecting a specific piece. Receiving something so one-of-a-kind will undoubtedly make her feel very special.

This is one of the great sight senses gift ideas for her. And because art is timeless, you’ll always have that connection.

#3. Tickets to a movie.

senses gift ideas for her

Movie tickets are a great gift for her because you can plan an entire date night with them! You can either create a “coupon” for a date night or buy tickets or a gift card for this one. This is one of the great sight senses gift ideas for her.

#4. Books.


If she enjoys reading, this could be another great sight gift idea. Scanning the best-seller lists of the New York Times is a great way to get ideas. Books make excellent gifts because they can be thoughtful and, on occasion, thought-provoking.

They can convey sentiment and humour the same way a card can, but they are so much more!

They can assist you in saying things that would otherwise be difficult to express. It is one of the best sight senses gift ideas for her

#5. Plant with succulent leaves.


Succulent plants make excellent sight gifts for people who work at a desk or in an office. They’re simple to care for, don’t stink (because it wouldn’t be a sight gift), and are small enough to fit on a desk. They’re so lovely, and they’ll be something uplifting to look at all day.

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5 sound senses gift ideas for her

#6. Waterproof speaker

senses gift ideas for her

This small waterproof speaker is one of the coolest tech gadgets available. They are surprisingly inexpensive, making it an excellent sound senses gift idea for her.

It will connect to your phone and allow you to listen to music while in the shower! It’s a one-time process, so a cool Bluetooth speaker could be a great gift for your non-tech-savvy girl. It is one of the excellent sound senses gift ideas for her.

#7. AirPods.

senses gift ideas for her

Air pods are a great sound gift idea for people who like to run, work out, or multi-task because they eliminate the need for cords! A new pair of air pods is truly the ideal present.

There are options to suit any budget, and the endless variety ensures that you will find something to compliment anyone’s style. The best part is that it demonstrates that you genuinely care.

#8. Echo Dot

senses gift ideas for her

If your loved one does not already have an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot, now is a great time to get one for them. These little devices are fantastic for listening to music. She would also have access to hundreds of fun playlists created by Amazon. It is one of the good sound senses gift ideas for her. When you buy it, there is a section where you can mark it as a gift.

By selecting this option, the device will not link to any account. If you do not select the gift option, the dot will be pre-registered to your account, which you can then de-register in your account settings before gifting it.

#9. Audible subscription


An Audible subscription is an excellent 5 senses sound gift because it provides monthly access to audiobooks (ideal for people who have to commute to work!). You can sign up for a free trial here, including two free months.

#10. White noise generator

White noise

If music isn’t your thing, but sleep is, a white noise machine makes an excellent 5 senses gift! Most machines emit various noises that aid in deeper and longer sleep. This makes it one of the good hearing senses gift ideas for her.

White noise machines mask environmental or outside noises that may disrupt her sleep. They can help her fall not only asleep but also stay asleep. They may even train her brain to recognize when it’s time to sleep.

5 touch senses gift ideas for her

#11. Massage.

senses gift ideas for her

Whether you want romance (perhaps a DIY massage) or not (a gift certificate will suffice!), this is the ultimate touch gift idea. Massages are not only relaxing, but they are also a total luxury for most of us, making them an excellent gift!

It is one of the great touch senses gift ideas for her. A massage is an ideal present! Why? Because it guarantees to help relaxation, de-stress, and increase blood flow and flexibility. It can also make her extremely happy!

A massage is an excellent way to demonstrate your concern for her health and well-being.

#12. Pedicure.


This is similar to getting a massage but much less expensive and far less romantic if that’s not your thing. However, pedicures are AMAZING, so they will impress!

#12. Pajamas.


Nothing beats a new pair of comfy pajamas! This is a nice finishing touch- just make sure they’re super comfortable. A comfortable pajama in a warm bed can be one of the best parts of the day, especially after a long and exhausting day. It is one of the great touch senses gift ideas for her.

With so many different pajama designs available nowadays. You can find a great set of pajamas for anyone; for example, a silk pajama cut in a sexy pattern could be a great gift for her.

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#13. Blankets

senses gift ideas for her

Okay, if you’ve never used a weighted blanket before, you should. Long story short, it simulates a hug…all night long! They have been scientifically proven to improve sleep and are incredibly comfortable.

It’s a great 5 senses gift idea for people who have trouble sleeping and anyone who sleeps alone (even if it’s just for now!).

#14. Oils and lotions

Oils and lotions

Lotions and oils exemplify touch, making them a fun and easy choice in this sense. They’re also reasonably priced, making them suitable for those on a tight budget.

#15. Clothes.


The touch gift is an excellent opportunity to give a nice piece of clothing; make sure it’s something special. It’s a great 5 senses gift idea for her.

Clothing is perhaps the most personal gift you can give, and a lot can go wrong, especially regarding size and style. But it is for her. You can trust yourself with it.

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5 smell senses gift ideas for her

#16. Perfume or Cologne

senses gift ideas for her

For obvious reasons – nothing elicits a scent like a fragrance! – this is the obvious choice for a 5 senses smell gift. It conveys the sender’s emotions as well as their personality.

For example, perfume gifting can match her preferences while also demonstrating affection for her. You must be aware of her preferences to give this gift right. It is one of the very best smell senses gift ideas for her

#17. Herbs in pots

senses gift ideas for her

This is a funny smell idea for people who like to cook or love plants! Herbs are very fragrant, so they’re a great way to honor the gift of smell. Your only limitation is your imagination, but here are a few suggestions.

The Mediterranean herbs are prostrate rosemary, marjoram, oregano, continental parley, and sweet basil. French herbs include chervil, chives, bay tree, sage, fennel, tarragon, parsley, and sorrel. You can pick from any of these to make her smile.

#18. Candles.


Scented candles are another enjoyable and obvious option for your 5 senses smell gift. The scent options for women are endless. There are plenty of fun ones for men to consider as well – scents like Frasier Fir, Evening Bonfire, and Warm Woods are ideal for guys.

#19. Soap bombs.

senses gift ideas for her

The right bath bombs smell amazing (not to mention feel amazing), so they’re great as smell gift ideas and affordable! These are the ones I adore. They smell fantastic and are an excellent value. When dissolved in water, bath bombs release citric acid, which fizzes up and helps loosen damaged layers of skin.

Bath bomb oils are also highly moisturizing. Soaking in a hydrating oil tub will leave her skin soft and supple. It is one of the best smell senses gift ideas for her.

#20. Diffuser for essential oils

senses gift ideas for her

One of the most important characteristics of essential oils is their aroma. Diffusers are, therefore, an excellent choice for odour gifts! This diffuser has a 400 ml capacity and atomizes essential oils using cutting-edge wave diffusion technology for ultimate wellness. It has seven ambient light modes with two intensity settings for fourteen different light combinations.

The diffuser also has four timer settings and an auto-shutoff feature for low water levels. Also, it is made of BPA-free plastic and features a lovely printed wood grain design.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Senses Gift Ideas for Her

What should I give her as a gift of my five senses?

Whatever you choose, the gift of sound will continue to ring in their ears joyfully!

What do you get a woman who has it all?

You can get her gifts that appeal to her sense of smell and touch. One can never have enough of that.

What should I buy a girl to make her happy?

Girls love thoughtful gifts. She would appreciate any gift that bore a careful thought. Think about it and pick any of the gifts above to make her happy.

What makes a good gift for the sense of sight?

Anything that she looks at and joy wells up in her heart is the gift of a good sense for her.

How much should you spend on a gift for her?

You can spend anywhere between $30 to $20 on a gift for her. You can also find gifts of lesser prices if that’s what you want.


These gift ideas can arouse all of her emotions and make her feel loved and pampered. Now you can relax, look over these fantastic gift ideas, and buy what appeals to you the most. Remember that you can get her more than one gift because she is so important to you.



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