How To Move Out Of Your Parents’ House | Easy Actionable Steps

You’ve finally decided to move out of your parents’ house. Congratulations!

The whole process can be overwhelming that you’d wish to crawl back into the safe nest of your parents’ home. I’ve been there and understand that feeling perfectly.

Just brace up and plan accordingly.

The benefits far outweigh the stress. For instance, you’ll learn home and financial management.

Wanna join me to achieve this feat? Come let me show you the steps I took to prepare for my transition to adulthood.

Actionable Steps: How to move out of your Parents House

#1. Set A Date

You may write this as a goal to avoid procrastination on moving out of your parents’ house.

Consider informing your parents about this decision so they can hold you accountable.

#2. Save Towards it

We advise on opening a rent account and begin saving immediately. Although there are easy mortgage loans, it will only put a strain on you financially to start your independent-living on a loan.

Therefore, save towards the cost of moving out, as well as hiring a moving company, purchasing new furniture, application fees, and the likes.

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#3. Get a Steady Income

With a steady income, saving and paying your miscellaneous expenses will be easy. Moving out is not worth it if it damages your financial security.

#4. Find a Roommate

This depends on where you’ll live and the cost of rent, getting a roommate to offset the bills is not a bad idea.

While it may take time for you to adjust, it will be of help to combat the loneliness that will arise from moving into a new neighborhood.

#5 Find a House/Realtor

What is moving out without a place to live? Keep your budget in mind as well as proximity to your place of work or school. Also, consider the amenities available in the house and the security of its surroundings.

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#6. Plan your Move

To remove the cost of hiring a moving company, you may borrow a truck or have your friends drive you. If not, hire a professional moving company. They will save you the stress and make sure your belongings arrive fast and safely.

#7. Furnish your New Space

If your new home requires renovations like painting and repairs, fix that before moving. Fix your electricity and all other cable connections. Furnish the apartment as well so that you can settle in faster.

#8. Pack

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This is where the work begins. Depending on how you pack, you might end up missing some items for even up to months. I experienced this when I moved. As a result, I now own 2 hairdryers, pressing iron, and some other essentials.

So, have an organized packing arrangement. Label every box accordingly. We advise packing the non-essentials first. Those items that might not be needed in your new crib can be left behind at your parents’ house.

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#9. Move and Unpack

Yes, the set day is here and you’ve moved. It is time to unpack and live your free life.

#10. Change your Mailing Address

Unless you want your parents receiving the mail, you need to change your mail address.

All you have to do is go to and choose the date that you wish to begin forwarding your mail.

Don’t forget to also change your credit card billing address and let your bank know that you’re moving. You may choose to email your friends with your new address.

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Moving out of your Parents’ House Checklist

These are some of the checklists to consider when moving

  • Bed with sheets
  • Trash bag and cans
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Food and water
  • Shower curtain
  • Lamp
  • TV and stand (optional)
  • Kitchenwares
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Curtains
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Furniture


Whether you’re moving locally, or across states, cold feet and anxiety are to be expected. But, don’t be afraid to move out of your parents’ house, it is a giant stride for an independent life. Follow these tips on how to move out of your parents’ house to make it easier and achievable. Good luck with your move!


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