15 Best Solar Companies In Michigan | 2023 Careers, Location

Despite its northern latitude and turbulent governmental policies, Michigan is a fantastic place for solar energy. 

Residents of Michigan now have access to more reputable solar firms than ever. The state also provides a limited net metering program and a solar property tax credit for homeowners who install solar systems. 

This article takes a close look at the best solar companies in Michigan.

Is Michigan a good state for Solar?

In Michigan, solar energy is undoubtedly worthwhile. As of this writing, Michigan has the 25th-highest installed solar capacity, but as more individuals realize the benefits, there are an increasing number of home solar installations. 

If they build an average rooftop solar system size, which in Michigan is roughly 7 kilowatts, they may save about $20,000 over 20 years. 

Remember that the amount of money a solar system in Michigan can save you depends on the size of your home, how much energy you use, and how much energy the photovoltaic panels can produce. 

The best way to calculate the amount of money you will save is to request quotes from nearby companies.

How Can You Save Money When Hiring a Solar Company in Michigan? 

Installing PV panels costs the typical Michigander about $19,670, or more like $13,769 after the federal tax credit. 

Based on average photovoltaic (PV) equipment costs per watt in Michigan ($2.81) and the typical system size needed to reduce utility costs (7 kilowatts), these figures have been calculated (kW). 

Even while the overall cost is less than the national average, many locals may find it prohibitively expensive. 

Naturally, while switching to sustainable energy in Michigan, the majority of potential solar consumers search for ways to save money. 

In the following sections, we’ll detail some of our suggestions for reducing your solar system’s cost. 

  • Use incentives to your advantage 
  • Select high-efficiency solar panels. 
  • Erect solar batteries.

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What are the best solar companies in Michigan? 

Here are the best solar companies in Michigan.

  • SunPower
  • The Green Panel
  • Michigan Solar Solutions
  • ADT Solar
  • Blue Raven Solar
  • Strawberry Solar
  • Windfree Solar
  • Oak Electric
  • Yellow Lite
  • Tiger Solar 
  • Orange Cell Solar
  • Spark Building Energy Solutions 
  • Agathon Solar

#1. SunPower

One of the most established and well-known solar enterprises in the nation is SunPower. Also, the company is one of the best solar companies in Michigan.

The business was established in 1985 and is accessible across the country. 

SunPower maintains an outstanding A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a strong track record of favorable customer reviews despite its lengthy history and extensive media coverage. 

SunPower is more expensive than most brands and has a smaller selection of solar equipment, but both of these choices guarantee that you will receive the highest-quality solar system on the market if you choose them.

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#2. The Green Panel

Local solar business The Green Panel was established in Brighton, Michigan, in 2007. 

Since its inception 15 years ago, the business has expanded to provide services to thousands of homeowners throughout Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, the Upper Peninsula, and other areas. 

The company places a lot of emphasis on using solar items made in the United States and chooses products from Michigan. 

You won’t have to deal with independent contractors during your solar energy project because the organization handles everything, from sourcing equipment to installation. 

The Green Panel has received excellent customer feedback, and despite not being BBB-accredited, the business still has an A+ rating from the BBB.

In addition, The Green Panel is one of the best solar companies in Michigan.

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#3. Michigan Solar Solutions

Another local Michigan solar business that provides outstanding solar service all around the state is Michigan Solar Solutions, making it one of the best solar companies in Michigan. 

The business was established in 2007 and offered fundamental and sophisticated solar systems. 

Similar in brand variety and pricing to The Green Panel, Michigan Solar Solutions also provides warranties, though they are less impressive than those offered by bigger companies. 

Instead of casting a wider net and allowing the customer experience to suffer, Michigan Solar Solutions adopts a “less is more” philosophy regarding solar, concentrating on providing a small number of high-quality products and exceptional service and support.

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#4. ADT Solar

ADT Solar provides domestic customers countrywide with cost-effective solar energy and battery storage solutions (previously SunPro Solar). 

ADT’s solar solutions are built on maximum cost reduction and energy independence principles. 

Solar Power World magazine ranked the solar installer as the fifth largest residential installer in the nation in 2021. 

As solar energy gains popularity, ADT Solar, an Inc. 500 company, continues to expand. 

ADT Solar will send a Solar Energy Specialist to your home to evaluate your energy needs and address any inquiries you may have about solar power.

To make switching to solar energy more affordable, an ADT Solar Specialist may inform you of any incentive programs in your community, such as net metering, which allows you to receive credits for any excess energy you produce. 

You won’t need to worry about setting up schedules or other logistics with subcontractors or outside parties because ADT Solar will handle the entire solar panel installation process.

In addition, ADT Solar is one of the best solar companies in Michigan

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#5. Blue Raven Solar

Detroit is home to the regional office of the national business Blue Raven Solar. 

According to the company’s website, it is an end-to-end, no-frills solar company that only offers solar panel installation. However, battery backups are on the way. 

Blue Raven is still one of the best solar providers in Michigan due to its affordable prices and best-in-class BluePower Plus+ financing program, despite its tiny assortment and constrained service alternatives.

Blue Raven Solar is frequently seen as a small business despite being a large solar firm. 

It is an excellent option for a straightforward solar installation without many frills and bells because of its limited warranty, services, and quick customer support.

In addition, Blue Raven Solar is one of the best solar companies in Michigan.

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#6. Strawberry Solar

A local business called Strawberry Solar, with its headquarters in Detroit, really innovates the solar energy market in Michigan. 

Through cutting-edge technology and qualified technicians, the business is committed to encouraging the use of clean solar energy throughout Michigan. It assists residents in making the switch to solar power. 

As a turnkey solar provider, Strawberry Solar takes care of all aspects of your system, including design, installation, and maintenance. 

The business provides tailored energy solutions that meet your needs using cutting-edge 3D modeling technology.

Due to the modest size of this local installer, Strawberry Solar, you should prepare to spend extra for the luxury of superior service and individualized attention. 

Before signing a contract, consider these trade-offs because the company’s warranty and service options are standard for a smaller solar provider. 

The costs at Strawberry Solar are comparable to those in Michigan. Some reviews say the company’s prices may occasionally fall below average. 

Our opinion is that the company’s warranty is its weakest product. 

Strawberry Solar’s installation warranties are only good for ten years, far less than the typical 25 years most companies offer for their equipment.

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#7. Windfree Solar 

You can find local offices all over Michigan for Windfree Solar, a regional solar business headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. 

The business has a wealth of local expertise and is knowledgeable about Michigan’s solar laws and incentives. 

It can also assist you in designing a system that will withstand the harsh Michigan winters because it is accustomed to the difficulties of installing solar systems in the Great Lakes region. 

The company provides two years of free monitoring and a standard selection of solar services.

For a local installer, Windfree Solar is bigger than average, providing consumers with excellent customer service and competitive pricing. 

The company offers a strong warranty, and customer feedback is overwhelmingly favorable. 

Prices from Windfree Solar are typically below average, considering the caliber of the job you get. 

Commercial solar projects account for a sizable portion of the company’s business, which could help to lower the price of its residential services.

In addition, Windfree Solar is one of the best solar companies in Michigan.

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#8. Oak Electric 

They are a family owned business with headquarters in Waterford, and the fourth generation is currently roughly 4′ tall. 

Along with solar, they also provide electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, and generator systems. 

They want to show you all your options for saving money in your home, not just installing your solar. In addition, Oak Electric is one one of the best solar companies in Michigan.

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#9. Yellow Lite 

A company that uses sustainable energy, YellowLite focuses on installing solar panels in homes and businesses. 

Grid-connected, standalone, and hybrid photovoltaic systems are their area of expertise. 

They can accurately forecast the return on your green energy investments with their qualified NABCEP-certified engineers and enable you to take advantage of solar panel usage’s advantages.

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#10. Tiger Solar 

They like educating, empowering, and assisting their clients in selecting the finest renewable energy option. 

Their branches are run by your neighborhood’s proactive, approachable, and accountable in-house solar specialists. 

You can rely on them to plan and construct a durable, renewable energy system because they have 18 years of experience. 

What matters most is building strong partnerships and providing the best sustainable energy systems. 

They don’t prioritize outpacing competitors in terms of growth or project completion. To provide you with the greatest experience possible, they’re driven. 

They inform, inspire, and assist you in locating the best renewable energy solution. They want to know why you chose to go solar and how they can help you realize your dream.

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#11. Orange Cell Solar 

It makes no difference if the solar array is sizable, employing a ballast racking system on a commercial roof or a modest twelve-panel system on a single-family house. 

They only work with the best, top-tier gear produced by the most reputable and technologically cutting-edge solar companies. 

They collaborate with market leaders who provide the greatest performance and warranties. 

Offering the best in the business makes their job much more straightforward and ensures you receive a system that performs at its peak.

In addition, Orange Cell Solar is one of the best solar companies in Michigan.

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#12. Spark Building Energy Solutions 

In 2009, Spark Building Energy Solutions was established to improve the sustainability and efficiency of buildings. 

They strive to deliver greener, cleaner technology because of the constantly growing fossil fuel demand and their negative environmental impact. 

They provide energy solutions that support your sustainability objectives while reducing your carbon footprint.

In addition, Spark building energy solution is one of the best solar companies in Michigan.

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#13. Agathon Solar 

Agathon Solar, a Michigan-based solar energy provider, offers a complete turnkey solar solution. Also, it is one of the best solar companies in Michigan.

They provide residential, agricultural, and light business services to the state. 

Their solar energy, battery backup, and generator solutions aim to benefit their clients by encouraging them to practice stewardship.

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FAQs About The Best Solar Companies in Michigan

Who in Michigan has the most solar installation experience? 

Residential solar system installation has been a speciality of The Green Panel, Michigan Solar Solutions, and Windfree Solar for about 15 years throughout Michigan and the Great Lakes region. Although SunPower has nearly 30 years of industry experience, not everything was gained there. 

Is solar power productive in Michigan? 

Yes, it is. Even the Upper Peninsula isn’t that far north to make solar systems useless, even though solar panels produce less electricity at northern latitudes.
In addition, colder climates can increase the efficiency of solar panels, so Michigan’s severe winters help to offset the state’s lower output due to its location farther north than most others.

Does the installation of solar panels raise the value of homes in Michigan? 

Absolutely, yes. According to experts, adding solar panels to a home will improve its value by 4.1%. This implies that solar panels in Michigan add around $10,000 to the typical home’s value. 

Is there a solar tax credit in Michigan? 

Although Michigan does not provide a state tax credit, residents are still entitled to the federal income tax credit. A net metering program also existed in Michigan but was discontinued in 2009.
Approximately half of the value of the energy that solar panel owners produce is credited to them by the Michigan Public Service Commission, which replaced the state’s net metering program with this credit.


SunPower is one the best solar provider in Michigan if you can afford its high pricing. The business offers some of the best solar technology available, and via first-rate customer service and a specific guarantee, it gives the best long-term service. 

The Green Panel and Michigan Solar Solutions are great options if you’d instead work with a nearby business. Both businesses offer excellent customer support and access to a wide range of premium solar equipment brands.



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