15 Best Easter gift ideas for teachers

Easter is a time to rejoice in new beginnings and express love and gratitude to the special people in your life. Gift-giving extends to friends, loved ones, and the community around you, particularly your teacher.

Teachers work extremely hard all year and deserve a little something extra during Easter. What better way to express your gratitude to a teacher than with thoughtful Easter gifts?

Easter gifts don’t have to be elaborate: the thought and effort count in the end. You can give a teacher a homemade gift or a basket filled with sweet treats and personalized gifts. This article will highlight the 15 best Easter gift ideas for teachers. Read on!

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15 best Easter gift ideas for teachers

#1. The Gourmet Choice Gift Basket

Gift Basket

Who doesn’t enjoy an Easter basket? This is one of the best teacher gifts they’ll want to share with the class. If your teacher prefers healthy snacks, the basket can contain anything from jelly beans to chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.

Every detail in the package should be intentional. This is to make your gift-giving experience even more exciting and delicious. It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers. Your teacher will not forget this gift. Thanks for the lovely presentation.

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#2. Easter Bunny Gift Stuffed Animal

Easter gift idea for teacher

This novelty gift is both cute and functional. Throughout the spring and summer, teachers can use it to write notes and letters to their students.

They are made of soft, skin-friendly fabric with high-quality polyester and suitable for your teacher.

Price: $11.65- Buy now from Amazon

#3. Royal Dansk Easter Cookies

Easter gift idea for teacher

These adorable sugar cookies make an excellent Easter present for teachers. They can snack on them or use them to decorate their Easter baskets! Royal Dansk cookies are buttery, crumbly bites of sweetness that taste like a party. It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers.

This limited-edition cookie tin includes spring flavors like lemon lavender, salted caramel, and vanilla folded into the signature butter cookie recipe. You can buy them from bakeries that specialize in Easter-themed sugar cookies.

Price: $12.96- Buy from Amazon

#4. Easter Self-Care Package

Easter gift idea for teacher

This Easter gift box for self-care is ideal for your favorite teacher who needs some alone time to unwind. It includes candy, bath salts, handmade soap, and other Easter-themed items that your teacher will love.

With the sweet scent of Magnolia and the relaxing aroma of Jasmine, you can create the ideal home spa to help relieve stress and tension in both the mind and body. It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers.

Price: $28.00- Buy now from Amazon

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#5. Lavazza Expresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Easter gift idea for teacher

If your child’s teacher enjoys coffee, you can never go wrong with a pack of ground coffee. Classes often begin early in the morning, so this is a thoughtful little gift!

To make it extra special, include a personalized coffee mug. This is one of the ideal Easter gift ideas for teachers. It was also blended and roasted in Italy, giving it a unique taste.

Price: $24.95– Buy now from Amazon

#6. Easter T-Shirts for Teachers


How adorable is this Easter-themed shirt? Nothing says “best teacher” like a statement with an adorable slogan! This tee is perfect for the season, but feel free to get something that she or he can wear all year.

It is one of the ideal Easter gift ideas for teachers. It is a classic fit, lightweight t-shirt. Also, it has a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem.

Price: $19.99 Buy now from Amazon

#7. A New Lesson Plan

Easter gift idea for teacher

A planner is a popular Easter gift for teachers. This way, they can begin the new school year or semester organized and prepared!

This new lesson plan has seating plans, overview planning sheets, and additional data planning sheets. It also has substitute teacher instructions and a calendar of school events schedule

Price:$19.95- Buy from Amazon

#8. Easter Cards

Easter cards

A personalized Easter card is an excellent teacher gift. It demonstrates that you took the time to write a personalized message for them!

It’s a unique gift that they will treasure. The assorted Easter cards set includes 6 irresistibly cute Easter designs with gold foil accents, ideal for children.

With this assorted bulk set of timeless designs, you’ll never be without the perfect card for your teachers.

Price: $5.99- Buy from Amazon

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#9. Personalized Insulated Water Bottle

Easter gift idea for teacher

A personalized water tumbler is an excellent teacher gift. They can use this instead of plastic water bottles to stay hydrated during the hot summer months!

You can get a blank bottle or personalize the double-insulated vacuum elemental water bottle with a personalized text or name by choosing from the unique designs. Elemental bottles come with a limited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind when using them daily.

It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers.

Price:$32.99 Buy now from Amazon

#10. Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate Bunnies

Chocolate Easter bunnies make an excellent teacher gift! They’re tasty and adorable, and they also make great Easter decorations.

These are available in many stores, or you can make your own with a chocolate mold from any craft store. It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers.

Your teacher would enjoy this crunchy cocoa cereal made with certified organic ingredients. For a nutritious breakfast, each serving contains 13g of whole grains.

Price: $15.30- Buy now from Amazon

#11. Fresh Flowers

Easter gift idea for teacher

Fresh flowers are the epitome of “spring has arrived.” Give your teacher a lovely Easter arrangement to commemorate the occasion! This lovely flower bouquet is directly from the farms in its bud stage to ensure a long life. The blooms will open in 2 or 3 days.

It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers. The floral designers carefully arrange each bouquet to ensure quality and consistency during its overnight journey.

Take the flowers out of the box, cut the stems, and arrange them in a vase with fresh water and a flower food packet. Afterward, feel free to gift it to your favorite teacher.

Price: $30.00- Buy now from Amazon

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#12. Plant Pots

Plant Pots

Plants in pots make excellent Easter gifts for teachers who enjoy gardening or simply want something green in their office. Easter is a fantastic time to get your teacher started on spring planting! It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers.

Each planter has a drain hole at the bottom to allow excess water to drain while also keeping the soil aerated and ventilated, extending the life of your prized plants. There are also detachable trays to catch any excess water. There is no need to concern yourself about water leaking and damaging your floors.

The plant pots are also lightweight, durable, and difficult to break because they are made of thick and super sturdy plastic material. Every teacher would appreciate it.

Price: $21.99- Buy now from Amazon

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#13. Scented Candles

Scented candles

Scented Easter candles are yet another excellent gift idea for your favorite teacher. They can use the candle to make their office or classroom smell fresh and clean!

Lavender is well-known for its ability to relieve stress, so it can help your teacher sleep better. Furthermore, they can use it at home every day to relax and make themselves appear to be in a sea of flowers.

Home Scented Wax Soy Candles Bersiler aromatherapy candles are hand-made from natural soy wax and cotton wicks (no black smoke). The fragrances in the soy candles work to fill their room or office with scents. It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers.

Price: $15.99 Buy now from Amazon

#14. Monogrammed Mousepad

Easter gift idea for teacher

A monogrammed mousepad is a cute and useful gift for teachers who spend all day on their computers. This is especially if they work from home. This monogrammed mousepad has an 8 W x 8 H x 0.25 D Dimensions (in inches) and a matte surface.

It is soft to the touch and will not crack or peel. Your teacher simply has to use a gentle detergent to clean. It is made from high-quality recycled rubber.

It is one of the best Easter gift ideas for teachers. This way, whenever they use their computer, the gift would remind them of you!

Price: $15.26- Buy now from Amazon

#15. Basket Tags

Basket Tags

These printable Easter bag toppers are ideal for teachers who are putting together small Easter candy gift bags for their students.

Write directly on tags or use preprinted pantry label stickers to identify what’s inside. There are plenty of tags and string to go around for wire baskets and large fabric storage bins.

This basket tag is ideal for farmhouse labels or minimalist labels home. They are for adding a personal touch to any Easter basket!

Price: $9.95 Buy now from Amazon

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FAQs on Easter Gift Ideas for Teacher

Is it appropriate for a teacher to accept gifts from students and parents?

Receiving small gifts from students and parents is generally acceptable, though some schools have set limits on the number of gifts a teacher can receive before having to declare or even decline them formally.

Is it acceptable to give cash as a form of teacher appreciation?

Gottsman advised that before giving cash, ensure it’s allowed. Many schools, districts, and even states limit how much teachers can accept from families or have outright prohibited cash gifts. You don’t want a teacher to be awkward about having to decline the gift.

What is the appropriate amount to spend on a teacher gift?

If your child only has the teacher for one day, $10 to $20 is reasonable.

Is it appropriate to present a bottle of wine to a teacher?

Giving a teacher a bottle of wine or an alcohol gift card is acceptable.

Is $50 too much for a teacher present?

Once the kids reach elementary school or are in a school with a limit, I believe $25-50 is appropriate. We are paying each of my child’s two teachers an hourly wage at her preschool, where I know the teachers are amazing.


Don’t forget about your teachers when shopping for Easter gifts this year!

Teachers work extremely hard and deserve a special treat from the Easter Bunny (and/or their students)! It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive gift.

A small Easter gift for your teacher shows them how much you appreciate them. It’d hopefully get you in their good graces as the school year winds down!



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