10 Highest-paid Fire Departments in Washington State | Top List

Being a firefighter is a good job if you live in Washington State. They are one of the guys who get paid the most. Firefighters have a lot of time off to go fishing, hunting or running their own side business. And still, get paid well! Here is a list of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State.

Firefighting is becoming a more and more profitable job. In Washington state, firefighters are on a 24-hour shift. This means that they will work about seven shifts every 28 days. The benefits of this plan are easy to see.

Do you have an interest in the highest-paid fire departments in Washington state? Do you want to know the importance of firefighters and what they do? Then keep reading.

Why are the Washington State Firefighters important?

Firefighters are important in Washington State. They do important jobs that other emergency service people don’t. These are-

Life safety.

Firefighters’ main job is to make sure people are safe. They do this by putting out fires, stopping them from starting and giving people medical care in emergencies. In 2022, a firefighter is more likely to be on an EMS call than to fight a fire. This is because efforts to prevent fires have been very successful over the past few decades.

Incident containment.

If an event isn’t handled well, it can go from small to medium to big in minutes. Firefighters might not be able to solve a problem immediately, but they should try to ensure that a small issue doesn’t get worse. 

As part of their job, they learn how to reduce threats and lessen the damage they could cause.

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Safety of property.

Lives are more important than things, but things are still important. The fire service spends a lot of time ensuring things are safe. 

This isn’t just about keeping property safe from fires. It’s also about keeping property safe from the work of fighting fires.

Environmental safety.

Not every firefighter helps put out wildfires, but many do. When they do, they also help protect the environment.

Trying to teach the public.

 When firefighters aren’t responding to emergencies and trying to save lives and property, they are busy teaching people about fire safety and CPR. 

This is very important work because everyone will be safer if more fires get stopped before they start.

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How do Firefighters help us?

Firefighters do various jobs, many of which we’ve already discussed. However, they can also do anything that helps people and requires quick thinking and physical strength.

For example, a firefighting team might help to free people who are stuck in elevators in a building. They might also get asked to help rescue people from a collapsed building.

Being a firefighter means facing new problems and doing new things every day. There is no “one-size-fits-all” guide to a firefighter’s life.

When needed, firefighters do their best to do the job. They also keep the public and their fellow firefighters safe.

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What is the Average Salary of a Firefighter in Washington State?

As of August 11, 2022, a firefighter in Washington state makes an average of $46,226 yearly. If you need a simple way to figure out how much that is, it comes to about $22.22 an hour. This is about the same as $888 per week or $3,852 per month.

ZipRecruiter has seen salaries as high as $94,715 and as low as $23,679. However, most entry-level firefighter salaries are between $38,208 (25th percentile) and $54,891 (75th percentile). The highest earners (90th percentile) in Washington make $79,646 per year.

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10 Highest-paid Fire Departments in Washington State

#1. Eastside Fire and Rescue

Salary: $63,800

The Eastside Fire and Rescue is a fire department that serves the eastern part of King County, Washington. They cover fire protection and emergency medical care.

The department is in charge of services in Carnation, Issaquah, North Bend, Preston, Sammamish, Tiger Mountain, and Wilderness Rim. The area that Eastside Fire & Rescue serves is 190 square miles (490 km2) and has more than 120,000 people.

Paying almost $63,800 a year to firefighters, it is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State.

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#2. Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority

Salary: $63,000

The Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority protects communities south of Seattle and east of Puget Sound. The fire department also provides emergency medical care. These communities are in King County, Washington.

 The department is in charge of services in Covington, Kent, Maple Valley, SeaTac, and the unincorporated King County Fire Districts #37 and #43. Over 225,000 people live in Puget Sound Fire’s service area, which is 108.81 square miles.

They are the most prestigious fire department and made it to our list of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State.

#3. Settle Fire Department

Salary: $62,040

The Seattle Fire Department protects the city of Seattle, Washington, United States, from fires. They also help people who need emergency medical care. The department is in charge of an area with a surface area of 142.5 square miles (369 km2) and a population of 713,700.

This area has 193 miles (311 km) of waterfront. There are 1065 employees, 981 of whom are in uniform and 84 are not. The Seattle Fire department is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State.

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#4. Vancouver Fire Department

Salary: $61,900

The Vancouver Fire Department protects the city of Vancouver from fires and provides emergency medical care. It also contracts with Clark County Fire District 5 in Washington to do the same. The area the department serves is 91 square miles (240 km2) and has more than 288,000 people (2021).

The Vancouver Fire Department is barely short on staff and money. They have the unfortunate record of having the most calls per firefighter in the state. AMR provides ALS (Advanced Life Support, or paramedic-staffed) transport.

This makes the population of Vancouver Fire’s service area the largest in Western Washington. The fire department is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State.

#5. Washington Fire Service


The Washington Fire Service gives a lot of calls for help, with medical emergencies the most common. They have two Advanced Life Support Level ambulances that are always staffed. If the number of calls is higher than what staff and resources can handle, the department relies on volunteers and other agencies inside the area to help the community.

Volunteer firefighters take care of fires when they happen. Their firefighters go through a lot of training. The Office of the State Fire Marshall requires them to take a Basic Operations Firefighter course. They are also trained in how to deal with dangerous materials. The firefighters in this department hold a license for either CPR, EMR, or EMT-B/P.

When they get a call from home or work, firefighters go to the station to help with fires. They also conduct search and rescue, and EMS calls. The Washington Fire Service is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State.

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#6. McLean Road Fire Department


The McLean Road Fire Department is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State. These towns depend on volunteer fire departments with few resources. One of the best ways for these places outside of big cities to share resources is to make agreements to help each other.

This method makes it easier to get ready for and respond to fires and other emergencies. This fire department has grown and now helps with medical emergencies, dangerous materials, terrorism, natural disasters, specialized rescue, and other needs in the community.

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#7. Anacortes Fire Department

Salary: $58,060

The City of Anacortes lets people have campfires with firewood or charcoal briquettes as long as they have a valid Recreational Permit.

The Anacortes Fire Department has three fire stations. One is in the downtown area, another is near Skyline, and the third is along Highway 20. Each station is well staffed with firefighters who have experience and are ever ready to work. It is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State.

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 #8. Moses Lake Fire Department

Salary: $58,000

The Moses Lake Fire Department is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State. It is the main department in charge of coordination during a large fire. They have help from the Departments of Commerce, Defense, Homeland Security, Interior, State, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Its job is to find and put out wildfires, rural fires, and city fires that need a coordinated federal response. It also helps all levels of government fight fires by providing extra people and equipment.

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#9. Mukilteo Fire Department

Salary: $57,653

This is one of the few fire departments with a voice communication system. It lets the fire command centre talk back and forth by phone with certain places in the building where the phone jacks. These places include the entrances to the stairwells on each floor.

This fire department allows voice communication between six different places simultaneously. It features a modern fire department and is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State.

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#10. Bay View Fire District

Salary: $57,500

Bay View Fire District is one of the highest-paid fire departments in Washington State. It has many basic and advanced tools to put out fires, rescue people, provide emergency medical care, and do other things.

There is a fire apparatus, a vehicle made to meet the needs of firefighters. Several fire trucks are designed to pump water, including the fire engine: a fire truck, which fights fires but doesn’t have water on board. It also has a ladder truck, allowing firefighters access to high-rise buildings or fires.

A snorkel truck raises hoses high above fires, a floodlight truck, which shines lights on emergencies at night, and a search-and-rescue truck are not left out.

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Firefighters are the first people to get to a fire, accident, or another emergency scene. They often go into burning buildings and other dangerous places to save people. They also try to keep their communities safe.

To be a firefighter, you have to care about your job and want to protect your community. If you are in Washington, you could try to get a job with any of the highest-paying firefighter departments in Washington State above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Washington firefighters get paid?

A Fire Recruit’s starting salary is $52,192 per year. The union contract says it will go up with step, longevity, and cost-of-living raises. In addition to being able to move up in the company, firefighters can also take on jobs that pay more.

How long is a firefighter’s life span with the number of fires they encounter?

A firefighter who started their job between the ages of 20 and 24 could expect to live 54.9 years. This is 2.7 and 2.8 years longer than the German and Hamburg references. The difference in life expectancy for a firefighter between the ages of 30 and 34 was 2.2 years compared to Hamburg and 2.4 years compared to Germany.

Which state pays its firefighters the most?

New York- $ 84,930
California- $80,990
Texas- $79,000
Washington- $75,000

What is the highest position of the fire department?

In a fire department, the position of Fire Chief is the highest you can get. But in most cities and towns, the city manager or mayor is in charge of the Fire Chief.

What kind of firefighter is a Type 2?

The “Firefighter Type 2 (Crewmember)” is the most important part of controlling and stopping wildfires. People in these entry-level jobs often work long days in hot, smokey conditions. They use hand tools and chainsaws to build fire lines across rough terrain.



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