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Over the past few decades, the services rendered by public employees have stayed mostly the same. Public safety, health, housing, welfare, and education are the main areas where state and local governments employ people. Transportation, utilities, and environmental services are among the many services state and local personnel offer.

Contrary to the national trend, Texas has seen a rise in the number of public servants in recent years. There are currently 1,964,900 public sector employees in the state, up 3.8% from 2010.

With 112 agencies, the average salary is $45,940.

You may have been wondering who the highest-paid public employee in texas is. How much do they make?

In this post, we will be looking at the 15 highest-paid public employees in Texas in 2022. We will take a look at everything you need to know about them.

Make sure you read this post to the end because it will be insightful and informative.

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Is Working As A Public Employee In Texas Worth It?

Working as a public employee in Texas is worth it. Public employees in Texas receive a substantial amount as salary. In the US, 20.2 million people work in the public sector or roughly 14.5% of the total workforce. Federal, state, and local governments comprise the three main public sector employment categories.

Local government accounts for 63.5 percent of public sector employment in the US, making it the largest segment. State government employees comprise about 23.2% of the workforce, and federal non-postal employees make up 8.8%. You may not be the highest-paid public employee in Texas, but you’ll earn enough money to live above the average middle class.

Most of the top paid public servants are employed by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas, the biggest retirement system in the state that provides benefits to almost 1.8 million people. Top state officials do not earn nearly as much as the highest-paid worker. For instance, both Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton earn a yearly salary of $153,750.

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How To Become A Public Employee In Texas 

Most people interested in a career in public service do so out of a strong desire to give back to their communities, but what else does a career in public service entail? Understanding all of the alternatives is essential because the public service area is vast and includes a variety of various vocations.

Each state agency has its own set of hiring policies, however, they are all in agreement that a State of Texas Application for Employment must be submitted for each post. The use of resumes in place of applications is not permitted. To find out the policies of each organization, get in touch with them.

There are two ways you can finish your State of Texas Application for Employment: go online to WorkInTexas.com and allow them to build and finish your application for you, or finish it yourself by saving an electronic copy or printing a paper copy. The following are the basic steps to becoming a public employee:

1: Where Do You Fit in Public Service?

Step 2: Start by Volunteering

Step 3: Research Salary Requirements & Career Growth

4: Understand the Education Requirements

Step 5: Get Details

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15 Highest Paid Public Employees In Texas

Jimbo Fisher

Salary: $7.5 Million

Jimbo Fisher, head football coach at Texas A&M University, earned $7.5 million in 2018 after signing a 10-year contract in 2017 making Fisher one of the highest-paid public employees in Texas. This happened after he led Florida State to victory in the 2014 BCS National Championship Game. Even though this contract was signed in 2017, it is still on until 2027. This can be equated to $750,000 annually, although that is not always the case.

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Michelle Le Beau 

Salary: $608,850

Michelle Le Beau is the Chief Scientific Officer of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. Dr. Le Beau served as the Association of American Cancer Institutes’ past president and as a former representative on the organization’s board of directors. Dr. Le Beau serves on the National Cancer Institute’s Board of Scientific Advisors. Since 2019, Dr. Le Beau has held a position on the American Cancer Society Board of Directors and she is one of the highest-paid public employees in Texas.

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  1. Jase Auby

Salary: $550,000

Jase Auby is the Chief Investment Officer, Teacher Retirement System. Mr. Auby, appointed CIO in December 2019, is in charge of one of the biggest investment funds in the world ($193 billion). Mr. Auby held the positions of Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Co-Chairman of the Management Committee, and head of the Risk Group, which was in charge of managing and budgeting the risk of the entire investment Fund, before his present position as CIO.

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  1. Eric Lang

Salary: $414,999

Eric Lang is the Senior Managing Director of the Teacher Retirement System. He is in charge of planning and executing the investment strategy and portfolio development. He co-chairs the IMD Management Committee and is on the Executive Investment Committee. Eric participates in the Internal Investment Committee as well. Mr. Lang previously held the post of managing director of TRS’s Real Assets division. He is one of the highest-paid public employees in texas. 

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  1. Kimberly Carey

Salary: $408,000

Kimberly Carey is the Investment Director of the Teacher Retirement System. All aspects of client projects are overseen and participated in by investment directors, who also perform analytical work, develop recommendations, manage investment associates, and create presentation materials. They make recommendations directly to board members, family members, or other family members.

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  1. Brian Guthrie

Salary: $399,999

Brian Guthrie is the ninth Executive Director of the Teacher Retirement System since the retirement system was established in 1937. Under his leadership, the Teacher Retirement System has rapidly grown to have more investments and beneficiaries and he is one of the highest-paid public employees in texas.

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  1. David Veal

Salary: $395,000

David Veal is a Director of Investments, Employee Retirement System. He is one of the highest-paid public employees in Texas. David T. Veal was appointed as the Chief Investment Officer of the Employees Retirement System of Texas. Tom Tull, who retired in August, is replaced by him.

More than 20 years of investment experience in the public and private sectors are brought by David Veal. He formerly held the positions of director of strategic partnerships & research at the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and chief investment officer for the City of Austin Employees Retirement System. He served as ERS’s global strategist and emerging markets portfolio manager from 2009 to 2012.

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  1. Mikhael Rawls

Salary: $387,991

Mikhael Rawls is an Investment Manager in Teacher Retirement System. He previously worked as an investment analyst with the Teacher Retirement System of 2018. He is currently focused on Fund investments across all private equity strategies and geographies

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  1. Barney Timmins

Salary: $384,375

Barney Timmins is the Chief Investment Officer of the Texas Education Agency. The task of protecting a company’s asset portfolios falls within the purview of chief investment officers (CIOs). They typically oversee a group of competent specialists that assist in creating both short- and long-term investment plans, suggesting investments, and allocating funds. No credit card is necessary; free trial.

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  1. Dale West

Salary: $380,000

Dale West is the Senior Managing Director of the public market with the Teacher Retirement System. Mr. West’s team oversees the Trust’s portfolio of public market equity assets, including $12 billion in hedge funds. 

Mr. West serves on the TRS Investment Executive Committee, Internal Investment Committee, and Management Committee. 

He is a trustee of the Standards Board for Alternative Investments.

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  1. James Nield

Salary: $369,999

James Nield is the Senior Managing Director, Chief Risk Officer, Risk and Portfolio Management with the Teacher Retirement System. The chief risk officer is the executive responsible for facilitating the efficient and effective governance of key risks and related opportunities to a business and its many segments. He is one of the highest-paid public employees in Texas.

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  1. Kathleen Hoffman

Salary: $369,999

The Chief Investment Officer’s chief of staff and the head of the internal investment committee is Katy Hoffman. She participates on the Investment Executive Committee as well. Ms. Hoffman’s previous role was overseeing investments in the Trust’s long-oriented equities and hedge fund portfolios as a Senior Director on the External Public Markets team.

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  1. Emerson Halstead

Salary: $356,825

Emerson Halstead is an Investment Manager at the Teacher Retirement System. Halstead Emerson W has worked for the Teacher Retirement System of Texas since 2019. His pay is 79 percent greater than the median wage in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and 31% higher than the national average.

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  1. Grant Walker

Salary: $354,999

Grant Walker is the Senior Director of Real Assets, the Teacher Retirement System. Real Assets oversees a global portfolio of commercial and residential real estate interests. They invest in all property categories, including office, multi-family, retail, and industrial buildings, focusing on sites in large areas. Through commingled funds, separate accounts, co-investments, and direct primary investments, they take part in both debt and equity investments.

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  1. Neil Randall

Salary: $354,999

Neil Rendall is the Senior Director of Private Equity, Teacher Retirement System. Private equity makes direct, joint, and pooled investments. The group is interested in investing in privately held common and preferred stock, convertible securities, debt obligations, and other assets linked to an issuer’s ownership.

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One universal thing across every profession or career is that before one begins to earn high, one must attain some level of experience and professionalism. We have listed the 15 highest-paid public employees in Texas in 2022. We hope you found this post as informative as promised. 

Feel free to let us know what you think.


What is the current unemployment rate in Texas?

As the overall number of nonfarm jobs increased to 13,357,100, the state experienced new employment highs for the seventh consecutive month. Since May 2021, Texas has added a total of 762,400 jobs. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Texas fell from 4.2 percent in April 2022 to 4.2 percent in May 2023.

What Texas county has the highest unemployment rate?

With 5.6 percent in September, Texas’ unemployment rate decreased as well but has consistently remained higher than the national average. The COVID-19 effect would later be seen in the state, where the unemployment rate peaked at 12.9% and has since surpassed the national average.

How big is the public sector?

The ratio of government spending to total economic production has long been used to gauge the size of the public sector. (often signified by GDP), both values being expressed in the respective country’s current currency.

How many people work for municipal and state governments?

In the United States, there were 145.05 million full-time employees of state and local governments in 2020.

Where in Texas is the unemployment rate the lowest?

A high employment rate is a good sign of a city’s overall health, even if you’re an employer seeking a strong community to relocate to. And Bellaire, the Texas city with the lowest unemployment rate, wins the prize in this regard.



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