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OnlyFans is one of the most popular social platforms for creators and models to monetize their content. It has drawn a lot of attraction since its establishment in 2016, with many YouTubers and celebrities cashing out on the platform.

If you are looking for the top 10 YouTubers with OnlyFans, this article puts together an updated list you will like to see; carefully read through.

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social media network with a subscription-based model introduced in 2016. The platform allows users to sell and buy unique content.

Users will upload NSFW movies and photographs to their accounts, which are paywalled when used as an adult website. An individual must pay a monthly subscription price that ranges from $4.99 to $49.99 to access the content.

The platform experienced a sharp increase during the pandemic when clubs and spotlight areas were shut down, and its workers needed a new income stream.

According to Scarlet Bloom in LA Times, “I needed to diversify my income by making my content, that’s why I switched to OnlyFans.”

Which Celebrities Are On OnlyFans?

While many of OnlyFans’ creators are sex workers, numerous celebrities and influencers also use the site to market content. To promote her single “WAP,” which features Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B created her OnlyFans account.

Cardi uses the platform to interact with fans and tease new music even if she isn’t as active there. Beginning in 2021, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe also established a joint account through which they shared motivational messages with their followers.

Reality TV stars like Blac Chyna and The Bachelor’s Chad Johnson also have a large fanbase on the platform, along with Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood couple Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena.

In 2020, Tyga joined OnlyFans, promoting his music, photos, and videos on the platform.

Top 10 Youtubers With Onlyfans In 2023

The top 10 YouTubers with OnlyFans in 2023 are:

  • Ashley Schwan
  • Taylor’s Diary
  • Jackson O’Doherty
  • Deek Aesthetic
  • Belle Delphine
  • Bobby Burns
  • Lauren Alexis
  • Paton B
  • Olivia Cara
  • Trisha Paytas

1. Ashley Schwan


Ashley Schwan is delighted to give something much more special on YouTube, unlike some YouTubers with OnlyFans accounts who only post nudes or record solo sex movies.

Ashley Schwan established a following on YouTube by creating and posting videos on a variety of topics, such as how to pick the ideal Halloween costume for an upcoming party or how to make the ideal snacks for a party she was giving.

Ashley Schwan’s popularity on YouTube remained on the rise throughout, but there were some videos that were simply too sexy and sexual for that popular sharing platform. The people who follow Ashley on OnlyFans have benefited as a consequence of her decision to diversify and increase her offers. Now that her subscribers have access to unique video footage that is simply too hot for YouTube, they can see for themselves why she is one of the top YouTubers on OnlyFans.

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2. Taylor’s Diary


Taylor, a model for nude art from the well-known YouTube channel Dare Wears, shares her favorite creations on her OnlyFans page, which she uses as her online journal.

Subscribers get the opportunity to gain a close-up glimpse into Taylor’s life that isn’t depicted on screen or in front of the camera, thanks to this innovative platform structure.

Since her page is free to join and she is one of the few female YouTubers with OnlyFans who essentially use it as a social media without being constrained by community restrictions, the majority of her stuff is just there for you to enjoy. She publishes as much obscene and nearly nude content as she wants, including some stunningly seductive cosplay outfits.

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3. Jackson O’Doherty


You would probably be better if Jackson O’Doherty were your trainer. This fantastic dude has been teaching online exercise sessions on YouTube for a while. Because of this, he has amassed a sizable fan base on popular social networking and video-sharing website. Nevertheless, Jackson could not share some movies until he found a new home on the OnlyFans platform.

Jackson has started getting physical with his girlfriend Maddy, another internet phenomenon and video star, since joining the OnlyFans network. They enjoy sharing the ensuing films with their crowds of devoted followers and subscribers because they have fantastic sex together.

It takes something exceptional to reach the top when so many OnlyFans YouTubers are available, and this devoted pair has undoubtedly done that.

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4. Deek Aesthetic


The fitness category of Deek Aesthetic is popular on YouTube and even more so on the OnlyFans network. In fact, some of the most well-known and prosperous YouTube crossovers have originated from the fitness industry, carrying with them hordes of devoted followers and exercise fanatics even as they branched out into new and more pornographic sectors.

YouTube’s content moderator would frown upon a fully naked fitness teacher encouraging followers to exercise and leave. If they did not discover the problematic videos, the algorithm would. However, you can still watch this sexy fitness instructor nude on his OnlyFans page.

His OnlyFans page subscribers will receive workouts that most people can only imagine, and they will soon be sweating and feeling ecstatic in equal measure. For many viewers, Deek is the only YouTuber on OnlyFans who is worth viewing.

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5. Belle Delphine


Belle Delphine, a South African native, recognized for her cosplay modeling, YouTube channel, and most recently, OnlyFans account, is adored by all. It’s no wonder she’s among the most popular models on the OnlyFans website. Look at how large her fan base is—she is undoubtedly among the biggest!

Belle Delphine, arguably one of the most well-known YouTubers with OnlyFans, became prominent in 2015 after the sale of her bathwater went viral. She had previously gained fame on gaming and streaming platforms like Twitch, where she engaged with fans while playing video games live on camera.

What do we think of her OnlyFans at this point? It’s decent, and her OnlyFans xxx content ranks among the best we’ve discovered during our investigation. Even if it’s pricey, we believe it’s worthwhile.

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6. Bobby Burns


Bobby Burns is one Youtuber on OnlyFans that you might want to check out. This YouTube star has grown his YouTube following to the point of no return.

On YouTube, this recording artist from Nashville was primarily known for his songwriting skill and his love of performing. Still, on OnlyFans, his fans are seeing a completely different side of this beautiful hunk, and they are enjoying what they see.

Bobby will be a true superstar; not all YouTubers with OnlyFans have what it takes to flourish in this competitive and demanding environment. Bobby Brown is exposing far more skin in his new space on the internet and his new job as a YouTuber with an OnlyFans account, sharing fully naked and XXX photographs and sexually explicit films with his current fan base.

People who enjoy his music are excited to get down and dirty with their favorite singing sensation and are humming along as they get off to his very sexy videos.

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7. Lauren Alexis


Subscribe to Lauren Alexis’ Gold Status OnlyFans profile to get the chance to see her in all her splendid explicit glory. You receive access to hundreds of new photographs and videos she’s just started uploading and a thoroughly engaging subscription experience that you won’t find anywhere else for just $15 per month.

As a subscriber, you can gain access to Lauren on various levels, from simple, pleasant banter to Daddy-level devotion. It’s no surprise that this OnlyFans account is receiving so much attention.

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8. Paton B (Angel)


The legendary Payton B, a favorite among cannabis aficionados from coast to coast and worldwide, comes in second on our list of the top YouTube OnlyFans stars. Payton B, most known for her mukbang videos, has turned her love of marijuana into a thriving online job. However, she may feel even more restrained now that she has joined OnlyFans.

Of all the known YouTubers, OnlyFans Angel is one of the biggest and most successful.

On her OnlyFans page, you will find Angel applying makeup to make herself even more beautiful when she is not lighting up a bong or igniting her head with delectable cannabis delicacies.

Angel is the go-to place for cosmetic advice and cannabis-related content for some youtube subscribers, and this trend has continued with her presence on OnlyFans. Why not drop by and check what Payton B is up to?

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9. Olivia Cara


Next up on our list of YouTubers with OnlyFans is the beautiful Olivia Cara. With her big, beautiful well-endowed body.

Since her earliest days on YouTube, Olivia has been making waves and winning followers. Still, she soon became disenchanted with the numerous guidelines and limitations on that more conventional video site. Oliva Cara looked for a better match for your fantasy as her cravings grew more sensual, and she has found one on OnlyFans.

Olivia Cara continues to upload famous footage to YouTube, but she reserves her sexiest and hottest material for her expanding community of OnlyFans subscribers.

For more raunchy content, her fans can tune in to her site daily for new content, including a full-body picture featuring her huge boobs and her truly amazing ass.

A service Olivia is glad to offer to her most benevolent supporters is the ability for subscribers to request private hardcore XXX films and images. Although the number of YouTubers with onlyFans is growing, this video babe has consistently gone above and beyond to keep both her current followers and her new ones completely delighted.

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10. Trisha Paytas

ChannelSubscribersVideo Views

Trisha Paytas is one of the top-rated youtube with an OnlyFans account. Unlike other YouTube stars that wait for subscribers to start rolling in once they shoot a video, Trisha Paytas wins the hearts of her fans by sharing intimate aspects of her life with her subscribers.

She shares their day-to-day life regularly while chatting with men who follow through on her. This known Youtuber is indeed a queen of engagement. You can check out her page.

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Is Onlyfans Profitable?

OnlyFans has a minimum and maximum subscription rates. The lowest subscription rate is $4.99 per month, while the highest is $49.99 per month. As a creator, you can also set up tips or pay a private message fee at a minimum of $5 to boost earnings and engage with your loyal fans.

Despite having a $6.50 monthly subscription fee, Miss Swedish Bella (real name Monica Huldt) is one of the highest-paid creators on OnlyFans. Most of her income comes from the fees she charges for work contracted out via private chat. According to Business Insider, Huldt has more than 1100 members and earns more than $100,000 annually on OnlyFans.

Despite OnlyFans’ best efforts to assert that its platform enables celebrities and singers to profit from their investment in its OFTV service and social media following, erotica remains the site’s primary draw. With 188 million registered “fans” who can purchase videos and pay for messages from their favorite artists, OnlyFans has 2.1 million written “creators” who may sell material.

The top earners make substantially more than everybody else. The top 1% of accounts make 33% of all the money, and the top 10% earn 73% of all the money.

FAQs On OnlyFans

What is Onlyfans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social platform where users can sell and purchase original content.

How much has Onlyfans paid out in the last two years?

OnlyFans has paid more than $500m (£433m) to its reclusive owner in the last two years.

Who is the most famous female YouTuber?

Elizabeth Koshy is the most popular YouTuber with 17.4m followership.

What are the average earnings from OnlyFans?

The current average Earnings from OnlyFans is $180/month.

Who is the highest seller on OnlyFans?

According to Statista, model and TV personality Blac Chyna is the top-earning creator on OnlyFans, with an estimated $20 million per month.

Is there an OnlyFans app?

There is no OnlyFans app. The website works well on desktops and mobile.


While there may be a difference between OnlyFans and YouTube, there is a mild commonality between both platforms, as users are free to express their creativity in exchange for a fee usually paid by subscribers.


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