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The best way to get really good at anything is to understudy the best at that particular thing, be it skill or innovative overtures. This applies to even video editors, and it is why we’d be looking at the best Youtube Channels For Video Editing.


If you have ever gone to the theatre to watch a science fiction film, you probably wondered, “How do those guys achieve such great video editing?” 

The experience might have made you become interested in video editing at one point but eventually lost interest since you couldn’t locate a suitable instructor. Well, we completely understand if that’s your case.

There is no substitute for doing what you want to learn, and watching videos is the best way to do it. We have already compiled 10 essential channels you can subscribe to. These roundups contain every one of note in the industry.

10 Best YouTube Channels For Video Editing.

 Video editing and the manipulation of motion graphics are the primary components contributing to popular films’ compelling nature. 

If you are interested in learning how to edit videos, we have compiled a selection of YouTube channels that will not only explain the process of creating those mind-boggling sequences but also instruct you in the fundamentals of video editing.

Follow through with the list to discover which YouTube channels offer the most helpful instruction for video editing. Each of these YouTubers has produced incredible work. 

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2.26 Million Subscribers

Why is Cinecom.net considered one of the best YouTube channels for video editing?

This channel’s material is loaded with helpful videos and walkthroughs of various video programs ranging from animated shorts to guides on how to create superhero visual effects. Most of their instructional films are built on the Adobe Premiere Pro program.

Tutorials on filmmaking and visual storytelling are also included in their content library and the videos listed above. Over 155 million videos have been viewed on Cinecom.com, and the website now has over 2.22 million subscribers. You can learn various video editing and production techniques as well as tips and tricks.

This channel, which was created by Jordy Vanderput and is masterfully hosted by him, will provide guidance on how to use your equipment and tutorials for Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Cinecom has recently published several entertaining lessons that were motivated by various music videos, such as the camera shaking in “HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar, and this video on generating animated scribbles in Premiere Pro, which was motivated by “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link 


1.15 Million Subscribers

Why is TutVid considered to be one of the best youtube channels for video editing?

Nathaniel Dodson established this channel in the year 2006. Tutorials for a variety of editing products, including Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Adobe After Effects, and Da Vinci Resolve in their entirety are uploaded by Nathan.

At the moment, there are 1.15 million people subscribed to the channel, and it has had 111 million views in total.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link

Justin Brown – Primal Video

991K Subscribers

Why is Justin Brown’s channel considered among the best youtube channels for video editing?

The Primal Sound of Justin Brown Justin and Mark, who are brothers, are in charge of running the Video. These folks have you covered with their playlist of the greatest video editing software, which you can access if you are still unsure about which piece of editing software you should go with.

The channel also offers marketing advice and techniques. Their YouTube channel has approximately 954 thousand subscribers and 84 million views.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link

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Justin Odisho

875K Subscribers

Why is Justin Odisho’s YouTube channel considered among the greatest youtube channels for video editing?

Training videos using industry-standard software such as Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro are among the videos that Justin Odisho has uploaded to his channel. 

The tutorial playlists also include color grading, Photoshop filters, film looks and effects, Premiere Pro tools, meme editing, etc.

In addition, Justin regularly analyzes popular music videos and posts reaction videos to his channel. In addition, he hosts podcasts in which he discusses ways in which you can improve marketing abilities and ways in which content quality can be increased. 

Regarding its statistics, the channel has 866 thousand subscribers and 95 million views.

Every single day, Justin Odisho publishes a brand new video tutorial on his YouTube channel. 

The fact that you can get many of the effects he discusses natively without the use of plug-ins, is one of the fantastic things about this program.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

637K Subscribers

Why is the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor channel considered one of the greatest youtube channels for video editing?

The Wondershare Filmora editing program has its official channel on YouTube, which you can find here.

You’ll find a variety of filmmaking methods, video editing advice, camera tricks, and Filmora editing tutorials in this section. The total number of views on this channel is 56 million, with a subscriber count of 626 thousand. In addition, the channel provides regular updates on the most recent effects and features, as well as regular giveaways.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link



329K Subscribers

Why is JustAlexHalford considered one of the greatest youtube channels for video editing?

Alex Halford is responsible for producing instructional videos for various products, including Sony VEGAS Pro, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Movavi Video Editor, amongst others. In 2012, when he was still a teenager, Alex launched his career on YouTube by posting how-to videos about cars.

The channel currently has 328 thousand subscribers and 64 million views across all platforms combined. In addition, his channel features content such as tutorials on Photoshop, the deep web, and OBS — broadcasting software.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link


303K Subscribers

Why is the YouTube channel Bai considered one of the finest youtube channels for video editing?

When it comes to being familiar with a wide variety of video editing tools, Bai is one of the greatest channels on YouTube to subscribe to. Bai covers a wide variety of editing software, ranging from Adobe Premiere Pro to VSDC, and provides many how-to tips and tutorials.

2013 marked the beginning of Bai’s adventure as a teacher on YouTube. Their content contains concise films that will teach you new audio production, video editing, and photo editing abilities. The channel has over 65 million cumulative views and over 298 thousand subscribers.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link

Adobe In A Minute

165K Subscribers

Why is Adobe In A Minute considered one of the greatest youtube channels for video editing?

Adobe in a Minute, as its name suggests, offers tutorials that are concise, easy to understand, and updated frequently. These tutorials cover Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop. 

The most significant advantage that the channel possesses is the easily consumable form of the content.

The entire information on the channel is presented in the form of condensed movies on Adobe software ranging from two to ten minutes in length. 

The Adobe in a Minute YouTube channel was launched in 2016, and as of right now, it has amassed a total of 154 thousand followers and 23 million views.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link

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Chris’ Tutorial

75.3K Subscribers

Why is Chris’ Tutorial considered one of the top youtube channels for video editing?

Chris began his tutorial in 2014, and the channel currently hosts a wide variety of content across various topics. 

Chris tries to cover practically every software-related topic, from browser and VPN evaluations to game creation lessons and everything in between.

You will find many video editing tutorials and transition guides on this channel created with DaVinci Resolve. Chris’s instructional video currently has 73,580 subscribers and has been viewed 23 million times. Chris is also an instructor for more advanced classes on other websites, such as Skillshare and Udemy.

You can visit the channel by clicking this link


At PremiumBeat, they work hard to expand their presence on YouTube by uploading many new lessons on various video production topics, including filmmaking, video production, video editing, motion graphics, and color grading. Additionally, they will let you know when their most recent free materials, such as transitions, LUTs, SFX, and wedding video elements, are available for download.

Their staff writers will show you how to pull off some tricks in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and FCPX in a series of videos that can be found on their YouTube page. You’ll also see a significant contribution or two from their wonderful contributors. 

You can learn to tie knots and coil wires with the help of Mark Vargo, an ASC. 

Lewis McGregor provides advice on effective lighting settings in this video. 

Jason Boone can provide tips on the most recent workflow for video editors. 

You can visit the channel by clicking this link


This is the end of our journey for this article. We hope you find inspiration and learn from some of these best YouTube channels for video editing creators and start working on your special project. 

As video and streaming services continue to take over the entertainment sector, aspiring video editors’ work opportunities are rapidly expanding. All of the videos you watch on Netflix and YouTube were edited by a talented video editor. 

This means that if you have the right education and training, you will never have a scarcity of jobs. Attending school and receiving a formal education is the greatest way to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. 

From the ground up, your curriculum is designed by industry experts who know exactly what your future employers are looking for. When it comes to getting ahead in the job market, formal schooling is an excellent way of doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Video editing that important?

Video editing is critical because it allows us to connect emotionally and sometimes feel as if we’re actually in the movie we’re viewing thanks to the seamless integration of pictures and sounds. In the film industry, video editing is one of the most crucial jobs… Because skilled video editing may make or break your film, it is just as crucial to find a good video editor as it is to choose a good camera to shoot with.

Is Video editing a good career choice?

Video editing is an excellent career choice. There are so many options and new ideas are always being developed. The result is a long-term professional path that will keep you financially secure. Video material isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, barring the sudden invention of a new medium. Choosing a profession in a stable industry is always a good idea.



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