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Is askwonder legit? How much does ask wonder pay? These and more are the questions people have been asking. In this regard, we have done extensive research for a review on Ask Wonder.  

The world is fast growing and the window to make money online is ever-green. Is Ask Wonder one of those legit means to make money online?

Legit or Scam?

This article will explore all you intend to know about Ask Wonder.

Sit tight; it’s a knowledge-filled ride.

What Is Ask Wonder Research

Ask Wonder is a crowdsource research platform where researchers can work as assistants for individuals and teams to earn up to $39 per hour researching and summarizing answers to questions.

Askwonder is a global research company that aids individuals and small or medium-sized teams who need detailed answers on topics by engaging freelance researchers.

On the other hand are the freelance researchers who call themselves “your personal research assistant.” It is an online community of intelligent people who get paid to research and give quick answers to questions.

An incredible aspect of this platform is its global presence, which implies you can connect from anywhere in the world and leverage their services.

Is Ask Wonder Legit or Scam?

Is Ask Wonder Legit? Yes, Ask is a legit website established in 2015. The company pays freelance researchers to carry out their customer’s work.

Askwonder is not an online paid survey website but a research company that acts as a middleman between researchers and individuals or companies that need the content.

However, some askwonder reviews show some researchers are unhappy as their works are barely accepted, and they earn a low hourly wage.

Regarding reviews on askwonder, there is a high rate of complaints regarding the lack of regulation in approving the work done by their researchers, meaning there is an increased risk of not being paid as expected.

Notwithstanding, the answer to the question “Is ask wonder legit?” is Yes.

Ask Wonder is legit, but there is no certainty your work will gain approval with immediate effect.

How Much Does Askwonder Pay?

You must be wondering, how much does askwonder pay their research assistant?

Generally, the amount you can earn for research depends on how complex the analysis is or how much time the study will take.

However, research assistants earn an average of about $8 for answering a question and $35 for more complex queries.

More Experience research assistants earn about $30 an hour.

Review team members earn about $1 for every answer to a query they review.

How Does Ask Wonder Work?

Ask Wonder offers its services in two ways. The first is for business professionals or corporations. If you have a question that needs a detailed answer, you can contact askwonder.

They have dozens of freelance researchers called “research assistants” that can attend to your need.

 They also have a special review team that assesses answers to queries to ascertain credibility before sending it to the clients.

Review team members get an additional $1 for every answer to a question they review.

On the other hand, Askwonder employs the services of freelance researchers they call research assistants. As a research assistant, you can conduct research for Individuals or companies for a fee.

So, if you want to apply as an askwonder researcher, here is an outline of the simple steps you need to take:

  • Go to the Ask Wonder website:
  • Sign up as a researcher and fill out the application on the website.
  • Search for research questions that suit you, research, and answer them.
  • Get rewarded.

Let’s delve in deeper to understand these steps.

Sign Up On the Ask Wonder Website

The first step to take as an intending researcher is to sign up on the website.

Generally, Ask Wonder is looking for web researchers with passion, enthusiasm, and experience.

In terms of previous experience, they desire researchers with research experience in a professional academic setting, strong literacy, search skills, bachelor’s degree certification, etc.

After signing up, you are to fill out an application and complete an online quiz and trial assignment to determine if you will gain acceptance into the team.

Unfortunately, Ask Wonder is currently not accepting new analysts, but you can also check frequently.

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After completing the application, you have to wait for approval which takes about seven working days. If you are accepted, you become an ask wonder researcher.

Once on board, you can see a list of available research questions on the website.

Get Research Tasks

After you are accepted, you can claim the research tasks you want to research.

Search for research questions that suit you, research, and answer them.

As a starter on the platform, you will get beginner-level research tasks which are only gigs on writing jobs and sourcing jobs.

As you advance on the platform, you can get other kinds of research gigs and also better pay.

Information about the price that comes with the job is also available on the website.

Ask Wonder is a global company; you can work from anywhere. You can also set your schedule.

Get Rewarded

If you research and the review team accepts, you will get your pay.

According to Ask Wonder, researchers can earn up to $15 to $25 per hour. So the rate you make money depends on how fast you can be and complete your research.

Researchers get their pay through PayPal cash, and the payment process happens every two weeks.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Askwonder

So far, the reviews on Ask wonder have seemed only positive. Nonetheless, there are always two sides to a coin; what are the gains and losses of Ask Wonder?

Let’s delve deeper.

According to ask wonder customer reviews, below is a tabular representation of some of the pros and cons of askwonder:

Ask Wonder is a global platform which means you can get gigs and work from anywhere in the world.The application is rigorous, and the process takes a longer time. 
With Ask Wonder, you can earn extra cash. while still doing your job; it is a passive income source.For a start, the hourly wage may be low. 
Ask Wonder offers more exciting and knowledgeable work, unlike other average-paying survey sites.Inability to choose a topic of your choice.
On Ask Wonder, you can select the questions you love to work on.If the review team rejects your research results, you will likely not receive payment for your efforts.

Who Should Use Ask Wonder?

Doing research and earning money online is a flexible job that does not require the luxury of time as a full-time job. Ask Wonder is a passive source of income.

Just like several Passive income sources, you may not be able to become an overnight millionaire, but you can make some cash while working your full-time job or whatever you do.

If you intend to quit your job and make thousands of dollars every month, bad news, Ask Wonder is not the company to enable you to pull that feat.

However, if you love research and can spare time to carry out some research tasks, then Ask Wonder is for you. You can research questions, review answers, and make some cash.

Your money from Ask Wonder may not be enough to pay for your vacations, but it can pay some bills.

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Ask Wonder Alternatives

Aside from Ask Wonder, there are other platforms you can make money from by conducting research.

We have compiled a list of the best alternative to Ask Wonder; if ask Wonder does not resonate with you, you can try these.

First on the list is Just Answer. Just answer pays researchers to answer people’s questions and satisfy their curiosity in their areas of expertise.

Second, on the list is Prolific. Prolific surveys claim you can get paid to conduct research.

The third on the list is Vasumo. Vasumo is a virtual assistant network that connects researchers and individuals or corporate bodies that need research services.

Fourth on our list 10EQS. 10EQS is a company that provides crowdsourcing solutions to business bodies. They employ the service of remote working subject matter experts who can conduct research and answer questions in their area of expertise.

Fifth on our list is Experts 123, an online site that allows researchers to answer questions or write articles for cash rewards. It is for research experts who can answer questions and contribute helpful articles.

You can work on other sites as a researcher and earn money. They may not be like Ask Wonder, but it is unique to have other options.

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Aside from some complaints, Ask Wonder Customer’s reviews have been positive.

Regarding the research we have carried out for our ask wonder reviews, we can say Ask Wonder is legit and safe.

If Ask Wonder suits your need or taste, go ahead today and explore what they have to offer.


How legit is Askwonder?

Regarding customer reviews, there are dozens and dozens of people saying that they make decent money from the platform.

How do you earn money on ASk Wonder?

First, you need to get started by applying online on their website.

Apply Online and complete their application to show your interest in joining their research community.

If you get accepted, you need to show your research expertise through a simple online quiz and trial assignment.

If the result of the quiz certifies that you are accepted into the team, you can start researching. Explore open requests, dive into research, and say hello to your fellow researchers

How do I get paid online?

Here are several ways to make some extra cash online.

Start a blog. Blogs aren’t just for fun these days.

Take online surveys.

Start an online store.

Sign up for a gig-working platform like Ask Wonder.

Start a YouTube channel.

Become a transcriptionist.

Test websites and apps.


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