15 Best Apps For Moving | Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Moving can be a very stressful experience especially when you get so confused about what to move first. But thanks to the digital age, we now have apps for moving.

These apps are tools built to assist you with the whole process involved in moving.

From helping you find a new home to helping you organize things, to reminding you about moving, to helping you move, these apps can relieve you of the stress involved with the whole process.

Therefore, if you have intentions to move or relocate, ensure you employ the services of these apps for moving in 2022.

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15 Best Apps for Moving in 2022

Here are some of the best apps for moving to help ease your stress. Feel free to choose the one that best aligns with your moving needs. 


Moving goes beyond just packing and relocating, finding your ideal home is the number one factor to consider. Downloading the Zillow app will save you the stress of looking for a real estate agent or going around in search of a house. The company is based in Seattle and its top-notch services are next to none. 

There are so many home listings across the country that you can find on the Zillow app. With the Zillow app, you get an experience that is equivalent to looking for a real estate agent to assist you with the work.

The app gives you every information you need about renting a house, buying a home, and mortgage. Therefore, Zillow deserves a spot on our list of best apps for moving.

Learn more: https://www.zillow.com

Move Advisor

Despite the number of items and boxes you might want to move, it is important to be organized. This is where the Move Advisor app comes in. The app helps you stay organized during your whole moving process by assisting you to create a timeline for moving.

This timeline involves a checklist that can help you organize things and make the move less stressful. The timeline feature also allows you to include notes and set reminders (with a deadline) to carry out tasks.

The second reason why Move Advisor is on our list of best apps for moving in 2022 is because of its home inventory feature. The home inventory feature allows you to pick up a room and add up the items (from your real room) that you would want to be in that room.

You can save the changes afterward and repeat the process for other rooms. This feature also lets you calculate the entire volume weight of items you’re moving and the total amount of boxes you’re moving.

The next amazing feature of the Move Advisor app is that it makes moving easier for you by helping you source for movers/moving companies, providing you with their contact details and other information you need.

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Learn more: www.moveadvisor.com/app


Shortly is another company that understands your need to be highly organized when moving.

Their mobile app for moving offers you the inventory feature which helps you organize your items by taking photos of them or creating a checklist of the items you’re moving with. You can also keep track of their locations using a QR code label on each box.

Moreover, the technology in this app is super amazing. When you arrive at your new home, you don’t need to start opening each box to figure out the items you need.

Simply use your phone to scan the QR code on each box to know what’s inside. If you’re a highly organized person, then Sortly might be your choicest moving app.

Learn more: https://www.sortly.com/ 


Moving does not just entail packing and unpacking your boxes and items. It also covers the proper arrangements of your pieces of furniture. Hence, the Magicplan app is designed for this purpose.

To help you out with this, the app walks through the space in your room with the aid of your smartphone. Magicplan also provides you with 2D and 3D models to help you with your furniture arrangements. This app is also designed for contractors for site surveying, field reports, estimation, and floor plans. However, non-contractors also use the app.

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Learn more: https://magicplan.app/ 


Sometimes when planning to relocate, you might want to buy stuff for your new home and leave behind some old things you wouldn’t be needing in your new home. This is where Letgo’s services come in. Letgo helps you buy and sell stuff in your community.

Hence, you can sell stuff you don’t need while moving and purchase stuff for your new home as well, all using the Letgo app.

You can do this by simply taking photos and posting them on the app, then interested buyers from your local community will purchase them. This involves less stress unlike when you walk around in search of buyers and sellers.

Learn more: https://us.letgo.com/en 


TaskRabbit is one of the best apps for moving that has a freelance feature. Its freelance feature allows you to hire laborers to do little tasks (cleaning, painting, moving your items to your new home, and so on) in your new home before relocating.

This app is also for you if you need a laborer at the last minute to do some little tasks. So it doesn’t matter the type of laborer you need, TaskRabbit will match you to an available laborer in your city.

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Learn more: https://www.taskrabbit.com/ 


Dolly, as one of the best apps for moving, helps you move only very large items. This app is similar to the TaskRabbit app but is niched down to this particular area.

So if you want to move everything entirely to your new home or you purchase some pieces of furniture or a very large item, just log into the Dolly app and hire a driver for an in-store pickup. And everything will be done for you. 

Learn more: https://dolly.com/ 


Among the best apps for moving to a new city is OfferUp. There’s no way you would be moving without wanting to dispose of or cut down on some belongings. Hence we have OfferUp to help you achieve this. How will you go about it?

Just snap each item you do not need again, attach a price and description to each of them, then upload them on the OfferUp app. Interested buyers will message you concerning their item(s) of interest and the selling procedure will kick-start. This is an effortless way to sell off the stuff you don’t want.

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Learn more: https://offerup.com/ 

Google Keep

You’ll agree with me that moving to a new house comes with so much confusion that you might even forget some of the things you need to do. That’s why you need an organizational app like Google Keep.

With Google Keep, you can easily put down what’s on your mind, and set a timely reminder with a location attached to it. 

As one of the best apps to remind you to move, Google Keep’s intuitive design makes it easy for you to add a checklist or write down notes.

Google Keep offers you several options from creating checklists to handwritten notes to ordinary notes, voice notes, and photo notes. Therefore, choose the one that works faster and better for you, then go with that.

Learn more: https://keep.google.com/u/0/ 

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Facebook Marketplace

If you’re a Facebook user, you must have come across the Facebook Marketplace in the Facebook app. Facebook Marketplace allows millions of Facebook users to make sales and purchases on the Facebook app. This medium allows you to reach many buyers and sellers. 

So if you’re moving and looking to sell some stuff you don’t need, then simply make a list of the stuff you want to sell and upload them on the Facebook Marketplace.

People living within your city or your Facebook friends might be interested. Remember, you can also purchase items that you need for your new home from the Facebook Marketplace. In addition, you can also buy landed properties from there too.

Learn more: www.facebook.com/marketplace/ 


Due to the stress and busy schedules that come with moving, you may not have ample time to clean up your old house before moving and your new house before you move in. That’s why we have the Handy app.

Handy as one of the best apps to get you moving provides you with handymen to handle all your cleaning needs. The more reason it deserves to be on our list of best apps for moving.

Learn more: www.handy.com 


The Unpakt app assists you with searching for a reliable moving company. Not just that, but the prices are also accurately calculated. This is one remarkable thing that makes Unpakt incredible amongst other apps for moving.

However, this app will require some information from you. This information includes the date you want to move, the name of the city you’re moving into, the move size, and the name of the city you’re moving out from.

Interestingly Unpakt also reminds you about the number of days that are remaining until you move.

Learn more: www.unpakt.com 


Have you moved into a new city and found it difficult to figure out places around the city? Then download the Nextdoor app. This app specializes in keeping you aware of your neighbors and neighborhood. Hence, it must be on our list of the best apps for moving.

You don’t need to panic about sharing sensitive or personal information on Nextdoor because the app is safe and the platform contains only genuine members. It is also an avenue to get to know people and make friends.

Additionally, Nextdoor will notify you about any information or crime in your neighborhood so that you will be carried along.

Learn more: https://nextdoor.com/ 

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Trulia serves as both a real estate app and a neighborhood app. What does that mean? It means Trulia can assist you to buy or rent a house in the U.S. and also acquaint you with the latest happenings, crime, places, etc around your neighborhood.

Doubling up as a neighborhood app makes it among the best apps for moving to a new city. Ensure to check it out. 

Learn more: www.trulia.com/ 


Are you searching for an easy way to buy a home or sell your home? Redfin offers both services. Redfin has a real estate agent, who lets you know the worth of your home, and allows you to compare mortgage rates.

If you want to purchase a home on the Redfin app, you’re free to peruse the pictures, homes, and every information you need to know.

Whereas if you want to sell your home on the platform, you will be required to pay a certain amount of money. Redfin is among our top picks on apps to get you moving.

Learn more: https://www.redfin.com/ 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does an order for service mean?

An order for service is a document that permits the mover to move your items. It contains the fees you are to pay for moving and services like storage and packing. 

Can I get the above apps for moving for free?

While some of these moving apps are free, some are not. Their respective websites have been provided, so check them out to find out more.

When is the best time to move?

Summer. Summer is the best time to move or relocate because of the good weather conditions during that period. Therefore to be on the safe side, you are advised to book your move in advance (because moving companies are usually very busy during summer) or risk moving alone. Or you can also move during the winter and late fall months.

Why should I use a moving app?

Using a moving app to relocate saves you a lot of stress and gets the work done for you faster and more efficiently.

What operating systems do these moving apps support?

These apps can be used on both Android and iOS devices.


You don’t need to stress yourself by doing all the tasks associated with moving. Thanks to the digital age, you can now limit the stress that comes with moving, buying, or selling a home/your items by downloading any of these apps for moving. They will help you move effortlessly.



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