Do CVS Sell Gift Cards? | List Of Gift Cards Sold At CVS

Gifting is becoming more popular. Every year, 93 percent of Americans buy or receive a gift card, according to Two-thirds of Americans say they’ve bought at least one gift card.

During the holidays, gift cards come in useful. Unlike cash, which appears too mundane due to everyday use, gift cards assist to increase the holiday spirit while also allowing you to personalize it.

You may want to send a holiday present to a friend, colleague, or relative, but you are unsure what will surprise them. Sending them a gift card allows them to choose what they wish to buy.

Let’s show you how CVS sell their gift cards.

Who Is CVS?

CVS Health Corporation (formerly CVS Corporation and CVS Caremark Corporation) is an American healthcare conglomerate that owns CVS Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy chain, CVS Caremark, a pharmacy benefits manager, and Aetna, a health insurance firm, among other brands. Woonsocket, Rhode Island, is the company’s headquarters. 

CVS Health is the world’s seventh-largest corporation by revenue and the seventh-largest firm on the Fortune Global 500 list. Consumer Value Stores (CVS) was created in 1963 by three brothers, Stanley and Sidney Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland, who expanded the business from a parent firm, Mark Steven, Inc., which assisted retailers in managing their health and beauty aid product lines.

The company began as a chain of health and beauty aid stores, but pharmacies were added after a few years. The company joined the Melville Corporation, which controlled a number of retail enterprises, to help with growth and expansion.

CVS Corporation split off from Melville in 1996, becoming a single company trading on the New York Stock Exchange as CVS, following a period of expansion in the 1980s and 1990s.

CVS agreed to buy Aetna for $69 billion in December 2017 and completed the deal in November 2018. The merger’s legal concerns were settled in September 2019.

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Who Is Authorized To Sell GiftCards?

Almost all merchants, both online and in-store, provide gift cards as a means for customers to purchase or send money to friends.

There are no restrictions to who can start a gift card program as long as it aligns to the CARD Act (Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act) passed into law in 2009. New guidelines for gift cards were included in this statute, which mostly addressed credit card difficulties.

Once any retail store starts its gift card program, all it has to do is to inform its customers about it.

The issue for small businesses is to develop a gift card program that complies with the legislation, while also keeping in mind that the vendor you choose may not be conversant with the local restrictions. 

In California, for example, gift cards with a value of less than $10 that had a larger amount before can be redeemed for cash. If you’re a California-based business, check to see if your system supports this feature (and will need to train your staff on how to perform it.)

You’ll also want to make sure your cards are printed with information on how you’ll handle expiration, fees, and other issues. It’s a good idea to consult with your legal counsel before beginning.

Many businesses utilize gift cards for marketing objectives, such as offering gift cards to charitable organizations or mailing free gift cards to consumers who haven’t visited the store in a while.

Because the gift card is given away for free, the merchant has the option of adding an expiration date–as long as the date is explicitly stated. 

Printing different expiration dates for each marketing campaign isn’t possible for smaller retailers because they often only maintain one gift card design in stock. Small businesses choose to keep old promotional gift cards valid rather than printing fresh ones.

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Do CVS Sell Gift Cards?

CVS is an excellent one-stop store where you can get a wide variety of gift cards. Third-party gift card brands from clothes stores, department stores, electronics, sporting goods, travel, restaurants, and home repair & furnishing, as well as Visa and American Express prepaid gift cards, are available at the drugstore merchant.

Third-party gift cards can only be purchased in-store and are not accessible online. CVS gift card deals are typically found at the checkout register or on an endcap. Other stores, especially during the holidays, stash them away in the back rows.

When you buy gift cards for numerous merchants at CVS, you won’t have to pay any extra fees. However, reloadable or prepaid gift cards, such as Visa and American Express gift cards, include a small activation fee.

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card, for example, has a $6 activation fee, while the Green Dot Prepaid Mastercard has a $2 fee.

The cards can be loaded with amounts ranging from $25 to $500, and they’re a wonderful alternative if you can’t find a specific gift card for a retailer that will wow your recipient.

However, the selection of CVS gift cards in-store differs by region. If you want to buy a gift card from a certain retailer, call your local CVS ahead of time to make sure it’s available. Because of its large selection, the Consumer Value Store (CVS) is one of the finest sites to buy gift cards.

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Why Buy GiftCards At CVS?

 CVS is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States, with locations all across the country. With nearly 10,000 locations throughout 50 states, you’re sure to find a CVS near you. Furthermore, CVS provides a great deal of convenience to clients who visit the stores to buy prescription drugs. 

For example, you can get some of the cheapest items on a budget at CVS stores without having to make an extra trip to the grocery store, plus you can get cashback on debit purchases up to $35 per transaction.

EBT, as well as money on Reliacard, is accepted at all CVS shops for SNAP-eligible products. That means you can use your EBT card to purchase protein bars and shakes.

While personal checks and third-party checks cannot be cashed, you may purchase MoneyGram money orders at CVS, make inexpensive photocopies, get stamps, use a Coinstar machine near my location, and obtain fax services.

As you can see, during a single errand at CVS, there is no scarcity of services. As a result, purchasing CVS gift cards is a terrific way to save time and money on petrol while shopping for prescription drugs or groceries.

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List of GiftCards Sold At CVS

The gift cards sold at CVS include the following categories

#1 Clothing Store GiftCards: Aeropostale gift cards, American Eagle gift cards, DSW gift cards, Forever 21 gift cards, Hollister gift cards, and Lane Bryant gift cards are examples of clothing store gift cards.

#2 Department Store GiftCards: Amazon gift cards, Macy’s gift cards, and Nordstrom gift cards are examples of department store gift cards.

#3 GiftCards for babies and children, such as Buy Bub Baby gift cards, Baby Gap gift cards, and Disney gift cards are available.

#4 Women’s Fashion and Beauty Gift Cards: Claire’s gift cards, DSW gift cards, Sephora gift cards, and Massage Envy gift cards are examples of women’s fashion and beauty gift cards.

#5 House and Garden GiftCards: Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards, Crate & Barrel gift cards, Home Depot gift cards, Lowes gift cards, Home Goods gift cards, Williams Sonoma gift cards, and Harbor Freight gift cards are all examples of house and garden gift cards.

#6 Outdoor and Sporting Goods Gift Cards: Academy gift cards, Bass Pro gift cards, Nike gift cards, and Sports Authority gift cards are examples of outdoor and sporting goods gift cards

#7 Leisure and Travel Gift Cards: BP gift cards and Southwest Airlines gift cards are examples of leisure and travel gift cards.

#8 Apple gift cards, Best Buy gift cards, and Gamestop gift cards are examples of electronic gift cards.

#9 Restaurant Gift Cards: Chipotle gift cards, Cracker Barrel gift cards, Dairy Queen gift cards, Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Subway gift cards, and Texas Roadhouse gift cards are examples of restaurant gift cards.

#10 Movie, Music, Gaming, and Application Gift Cards: Netflix gift cards, Disney+ gift cards, Spotify gift cards, iTunes gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Xbox gift cards, Steam gift cards, and Google Play gift cards are examples of movie, music, gaming, and application gift cards.

#11 Special and Miscellaneous Store GiftCards: Barnes and Noble gift cards, Visa gift cards, Uber gift cards, and DoorDash gift cards are examples of special and miscellaneous store gift cards.

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Are Amazon GiftCards Available At CVS?

Amazon gift cards are available at CVS Pharmacy. Amazon gift cards will most likely be found near the cash registers on one of the card racks. Because Amazon gift cards are so popular, they’re likely to be found in 90% of CVS locations.

If you can’t find them in your local store after searching, you should probably try ordering them online. You can also purchase them in-store at some of these other locations.

Prepaid debit cards from American Express, Green Dot, MoneyPak, Vanilla Visa, PayPal, and Netspend are among the prepaid gift cards available at CVS. Keep in mind that the majority of these prepaid cards have additional fees attached to them.

If you want to buy the same gift for numerous people, gift card packs are ideal. Corporates, for example, can use them to acquire something nice for their employees. 

Here are a few examples of gift card packs available at CVS.

  • Applebee’s gift certificates: Three $15 Applebee’s meals are included in this three-pack. 
  • Chili’s gift certificates: Three $10 Chili’s coupons are included in this three-pack. 
  • 3 packs of Starbucks: Three $10 Starbucks gift cards are included.

Three $10 Subway gift cards are included in the Subway 3-pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Earn CVS Reward Points When Purchasing Gift Cards?

When purchasing gift cards from CVS, you can participate in their rewards program. With each purchase, participants receive regular coupons as well as Extra Bucks or Beauty Bucks. Extra Bucks can be used on any purchase at CVS, whereas Beauty Bucks can only be used on beauty-related items.

Is it possible to buy Target gift cards at CVS?

Target gift cards are available at some CVS locations. Gift cards will be available in a variety of amounts, including $25, $50, $100, and multipacks, depending on the location.

Is it possible to buy CVS gift cards online?

CVS gift cards can only be purchased through the company’s website. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy gift cards for other businesses and stores at a CVS store.

How Can I Get a Discount on CVS Pharmacy Gift Cards?

Purchasing CVS pharmacy store gift cards in bulk is the simplest method to save money. CVS offers discounts on bulk gift card orders of $500 or more through their business collaboration program.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Available At CVS?

Amazon gift cards are available at CVS Pharmacy. Amazon gift cards will most likely be found near the cash registers on one of the card racks.


Remember that if you’re looking for a personalized gift card, Amazon may have a better selection than CVS. Custom Amazon gift cards are a terrific way to give a gift card a personal touch and make it even more memorable for the recipient.

Buying gift cards at CVS is actually a great option because of the other benefits that come with them. Not only do CVS sell gift cards, you can also buy gift cards of other retailers like Amazon from them.



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