100+ Free Stickers You Can Request from Companies in 2022

If you like a particular brand, then attaching their sticker on your personal possession will show you are a fan.

While you place the sticker on your car to show you are a fan, you are indirectly advertising the company. And the good news is that a good number of companies give out free stickers to people that support them.

If you are wondering how to get free stickers or the companies that give out free stickers, this article has a pack of them for you.

Here you will find over 100+ companies where you can request for free stickers.

Why Do Companies Offer Free Stickers?

Exposure is one of the reasons companies give out free stickers.

This is true because all you need to do is to place those stickers on the things you own. While doing this, you are publicizing the company.

For instance, consider a brand that gives out free stickers to taxi drivers. Every time someone sees the sticker on the car, the brand gets free publicity. And this can happen hundreds of times a week depending on the route the taxi driver takes.

Advertising is not the only reason why companies hand out free stickers.

They also give out stickers as a generous way to increase customer loyalty.

For instance, when you request free stickers, you usually give the company your personal information. This information helps the organizations to contact you easily by sending you an email newsletter.

This can increase their number of sales.

While different companies gives out free stickers, the following seems to be particular about it:

  • Extreme sports brands
  • Radio stations
  • Clothing brands
  • Outdoor activity brands
  • Political campaigns
  • Car modding brands
  • Charity and non-profit causes

Don’t worry if the company you want to request a free sticker is not in the categories listed above. Our list of companies to request free stickers has a wide range of organizations such as soft drinks, fireworks, and lots more.

How to Get Free Stickers from Companies in 2022

All companies will require you to buy something to get a free sticker. Although most of the organizations on this list will send you a free sticker even if you didn’t buy anything.

Then if you love the sticker and the brand, it is always nice patronizing the company.

300+ Companies to Request Free Stickers

This list of free stickers from companies is grouped into categories. Take your time to explore them.

Companies with Sticker Request Forms

#1. Dickies

This is a popular working clothing brand and they give out a free sticker to those that patronize them. Request free stickers through the link below.


They are specialized in fishing gear and clothes. You will receive a free sticker with their logo which includes a fish. Click below to request a sticker.

#3. American Farmland Trust

If you love “No Farms, No Food” bumper stickers, click the link below to request sticker.

#4. All Downhill

They are into podcasts and they cover music, politics, movies, and philosophy.

You can get a free All Downhill logo sticker by sending that a message on Facebook or Twitter. Start by telling them what you love to hear on their show.

#5. Annie’s

Annie is a food company that specializes in organic food processing such as mac and cheese. To request a sticker fill their form. Click on the link below to start.

#6. Anchor Style – Free Sticker

Choose 3 different designs and get your own Anchored Style Sticker. Click the link below to request a sticker immediately.

#7. BigWords.com

BigWords is a website that compares prices for books, DVDs, music, and games. To get a free sticker to go to the link below and follow the instructions on the page.

#8. Chaco

Chaco is one of the best companies that sell open-toe outdoor shoes. Start by requesting Chaco stickers through the link below.

#9. DCCC – Free FDR Sticker

When you fill out the form, DCCC will send you a sticker saying, “Thank FDR for Social Security”. Click the link below to request free stickers from this company.

#10. Intel Inside

You can place a request for a replacement Intel Inside sticker. Get the free Sticker request form through the link below.

Sports Brand Free Stickers

#11. Fringe Sports Free Stickers

This company manufactures and distributes Olympic weights, kettlebells, and barbells. Request your own free sports stickers by clicking the link below.

#12. Howies Hockey Tape

Are you a fan of a hockey game? All you need to do is fill the sticker request form and Howies will send you their wonderful sticker of hockey players with missing teeth.

#13. Hotbodies Racing

Hotbodies Rcig will send you a set of 5 logo stickers when you buy products from them. Follow the link below to fill out a sticker request form.

#14. The House – Sports Gear

The Hose has great and amazing outdoor gear and wears. Get a free logo sticker just by filling out their sticker request form.

#15. Medco Athletics

If you are an athletic trainer or you want to become an athletic trainer, request a free sticker from Medco Sports Medicine to show you are a fan. Click the link below.

#16. Park City Mountain Biking

Park City Mountain Biking has an interest in promoting mountain biking in Park City, Utah. You can find great videos, funny ones, and some crazy crash videos on their Facebook page. Request free stickers through the link below.

#17. SavageRace

SavageRace hosts 12 races across the country each year. they cath a lot of fun from the mud, water, obstacles that looks brutal. Once you join the race, you will get the Savagerace free sticker. Request through the link below.

Radio Stations Free Stickers

#18. KSVC Radio

This KSVC Radio is on the St.Cloud State University campus. You can always request a free KSVC Radio Sticker and get a guide from them. Click te below to apply.

#19. Michigan Radio – NPR

If you are a Michigan Radio fan, follow the instruction through the link below to request free stickers. They will send you a bumper sticker and a static cling decal.

#20. World Radio

Christian radio station World Radio gives away free “The World and Everything in It” stickers to fans who fill out their request form.

Clothing Brands Free Stickers

#21. Altamont Apparel Free Stickers:

Altamount Apparel is a clothing brand that aims to inspire young people to think even more and unleash their own unique and individual powers in the world.

#22. Brixton Free Stickers:

Brixton transmits a lifestyle through unique products. For free Brixton decals, send S.A.S.E to:

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Brixton Attn Stickers
1340 Rocky Point Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056

#23. Bayview Prep

This is an online clothing company that sells varieties of shirts, hats, tanks, and lots more. Start by filling out their form if you want to request a sticker.

#24. Backcountry

Backcountry sells clothing and handles outdoor adventures. Fill the form through the link below to request the form.

#25. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is a great outdoor clothing company that will send free stickers to you always. Click the link below to request a free sticker.

#26. Jadelynn Brooke

Jadelynn Brooke is a clothing store that offers cute clothes and free stickers. Their logo is a deer with a bowtie. Fill the form through the link below to request free stickers.

#27. The Lucky Knot

This is one of the best clothing stores that offer preppy clothing with a neuthical theme. Request your own free stickers through the link below.

#28. Medico Apparel

If you follow one of the Medco Apparel social media platforms, they will ship three free stickers to you. For more information to request free stickers, click the link below.

#29. Over Under

Over Under deals on clothing and accessories that emphasize a fishing and hunting lifestyle. Their logo includes guns and dogs, which will be on the free sticker that you can request.

#30. Pelican Coast Clothing Company

The Pelican offersa good line of preppy clothing with a nice selection of colors and styles. Once you fill out their online form, the company will send you a free sticker.

SkateBoard Free Stickers

#31. Arbor Collective Free Stickers:

Arbor Collective create clothe that fits and compliments that skateboard. Send a mail to receive a free sticker.

#32. Consolidated Skateboard Free Stickers:

To get a free consolidated skateboard sticker, send an envelope with their address.

#34. Dakine Free Stickers

Dakine sells backpacks, pads, bags, and other accessories for people who do sports like mountain biking, snowboarding, and skiing. You can get free stickers to use on your sports equipment by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address at the link below.

#35. TGM Free Stickers

Just like many skate brands, TGM skateboards give out free stickers so skaters can decorate their boards. Get your own free stickers by requesting for on through the link below.

#36. Warehouse Skateboards Stickers

Warehouse Skateboards is a store where you can find the most comprehensive collection of skateboard gear for a great price shipped right to your door. You can get it for free by sending a S.A.S.E to the address below.

#38. Zumiez Skateboard Free Stickers:

Zumiez sells skateboards and skate gear. You can get free stickers to decorate your skateboard by dropping into one of the stores or by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address in the link below.

#39. Element Skateboards

You need Element Skateboard if you want a good skateboard. At the same get a free sticker. Get on free Element Logo Sicker by clicking on the link below to submit a request form.

#40. Punisher Skateboards

Punisher Skateboards sells skateboards along with all the gear you need to skateboard safely. Request free stickers through the link below.

Charity and Non-Profit Free Stickers

#41. GoalZero Free Stickers

GoalZero produces the most beautiful set of stickers. Click on the link below to request stickers.

#42. PETA Kids

This is a non-profit organization that fights against animal injustice worldwide. use the link below to fill out their request form for free PETA Kids magazine with your free stickers.

#43. Rails To Trails Conservancy

The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is a nonprofit organization focused on creating a nationwide network of hiking trails. Once you take a survey on their sticker request page, they will send you one of their Rails to Trails Stickers.

#43. Close the Camps

Close the camp is a social awareness to stop dehumanizing immigrants and concentration camps. You can place their sticker if you love to support this cause. Fill the request-free sticker form below.

#44. Coexisters

Coexisters is a social campaign to preach religious tolerance and love. If you will love to support this cause, then click on the link below and follow the steps to request a free sticker.

#45. EveryTown

Everytown is a social campaign to create awareness for tough gun policy. You can join to support them by pasting their logo sticker on your car. Click below to request free stickers.

#46. MoveOn Social Campaign

MoveOn is a social campaign to raise awareness in support of the green movement and global warming. You can request for their stickers by following the steps you will find on their site.

#47. NeverQuit

NeverQuit sticker is a social movement to encourage people to pursue their dreams without giving up on their goals. The American Federation of State sponsors the movement.

#48. Need to Impeach

Need to Impeach is an organization involved in the efforts to impeach President Donald Trump. You can request a free impeachment-related sticker at this link

Political Campaigns Free Stickers

#49. Military Times – 5 Free Stickers

Military times produces 4 different print magazines for military families. They will also send out free stickers that show “Support our Troops”  if you use their request sticker form.

#50. The Missouri Firearms Coalition

They will send you a free sticker to you when you fill their request sticker form. Click the link below to sign up for their newsletter.

Other Companies with Sticker Request Forms Include:

  • #51. Hupy and Abraham: Request free stickers here
  • #52. Jeep Beach Jam: Request free stickers here
  • #53. Ked’s Shoes Free Stickers: Request free stickers here
  • #54. Madera Outdoor: Request free stickers here
  • #55. LongIsland.com: Request free stickers here
  • #56. Marsh Wear Free Stickers: Request free stickers here
  • #57. ICANCHU Shoes: Request free stickers here
  • #58. MooseTracks – Ice Cream: Request free stickers here
  • #59. Oklahoma State Sticker Pack: Request free stickers here
  • #60. Orange County Diesel: Request free stickers here
  • #61. PhillyViews: Request free stickers here
  • #62. Pit Viper – Rugged Sunglasses: Request free stickers here
  • #63. Polar Bottle: Request free stickers here
  • #64. Properly Tied: Request free stickers here
  • #65. Saucony Running Shoes: Request free stickers here
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Other Free Stickers from Great Companies

  • #66. Google Play Free Stickers: Request free stickers here
  • #67. Save The Bay: Request free stickers here
  • #68. Southern Tide: Request free stickers here
  • #69. PropertyTied: Request free stickers here
  • #70. Coca Cola: Request free stickers here
  • #71. Madera Outdoors: Request free stickers here
  • #72. Be More Stoked Free Stickers: Request free stickers here
  • #73. Merrel Upper Peninsular: Request free stickers here
  • #74. Make Life Count: Request free stickers here
  • #75. Haley And The Hound: Request free stickers here
  • #76. Half-Moon Outfitters: Request free stickers here
  • #77. Collared Greens: Request free stickers here
  • #78. Burton Snowboards: Request free stickers here
  • #79. Kaleidoscope Coffee: Request free stickers here
  • #80. Fish Hippie: Request free stickers here
  • #81. Buddha Pants: Request free stickers here
  • #82. Boca Coast: Request free stickers here
  • #83. Racer X: Request free stickers here
  • #84. Merrell: Request free stickers here
  • #85. MuirSkate: Request free stickers here
  • #86. San Diego Sticker: Request free stickers here
  • #87. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies: Request free stickers here
  • #88. Michelin: Request free stickers here
  • #89. Billabong: Request free stickers here
  • #90. Pepsi: Request free stickers here

Companies You Can Request Free Stickers by Mail

  • #91. Yelp Free Stickers: Request free stickers here
  • #92. TNT Fireworks: Request free stickers here
  • #93. Morning Brew: Request free stickers here
  • #94. The Hustle: Request free stickers here
  • #95. Finimize: Request free stickers here
  • #96. Whimsical Wolf: Request free stickers here
  • #97. Moosejaw: Request free stickers here
  • #98. Southern Lure: Request free stickers here
  • #99. Jack Link’s: Request free stickers here
  • #100. Saucony: Request free stickers here
  • #101. Be More Stoked: Request free stickers here
  • #102. Fayettechill: Request free stickers here
  • #103. MoveOn: Request free stickers here
  • #104. Vultr: Request free stickers here
  • #105. BoardVitals: Request free stickers here
  • #106. Madera: Request free stickers here
  • #107. Get Drunk, Not Fat: Request free stickers here
  • #108. Scrub Daddy: Request free stickers here
  • #109. Skip the Straw: Request free stickers here
  • #110. Fish Track: Request free stickers here
  • #111. Mica Move: Request free stickers here
  • #112. Apple Pay: Request free stickers here
  • #113. Zion Oil: Request free stickers here
  • #114. Daniel Defense: Request free stickers here
  • #115. Evo: Request free stickers here
  • #116. Boca Coast: Request free stickers here
  • #117. Leucine Zipper: Request free stickers here
  • #118. Shake and Fold: Request free stickers here
  • #119. BUBBA Saves Lives: Request free stickers here
  • #120. Geertsen: Request free stickers here
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There are thousands of companies that give out free stickers that we didn’t mention here. And to get free stickers from them is pretty simple. Once you buy their goods, then they send free stickers to you. You can send an email to them to request a free sticker.

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