15 Nice White Elephant Gift Ideas for Kids

There are no two white elephant gift exchanges that are the same. Finding nice white elephant gift ideas for kids can be quite a chore. A white elephant gift exchange is a party game where you exchange amusing and impractical gifts. The purpose is to amuse partygoers rather than to obtain a truly valuable or highly sought-after item.

The white elephant gift ideas for kids appeal so much to them that they constantly look forward to it. Even though they are unconventional, these gifts can cost a lot. But it’s not impossible to find white elephant gift ideas for kids under $50. They range from topical funny gifts to useful gifts that will elicit oohs and ahhs.

Worried about the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids? This article carefully lists 15 of them. They are good enough to get the kids jumping with so much joy. Keep reading.

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15 Nice White Elephant Gift Ideas for Kids

#1. Mrs. Claus Kitchen

Mrs Claus Kitchen

$149.16 on Amazon

This is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids. On this gift, Elves come and go from the building. Elves also move back and forth, removing the bread from the oven.

In the window display, cakes and cookies rotate. The gingerbread man on the roof sways to the music. All functions have volume control and a power switch. At 4.5V DC, it draws 320mA. This gift is cool enough for any kid to scream with joy.

#2. Carole Towne Animatronic Lighted Figurine


$159.99 on Amazon

Anything involving Santa is a must-have, whether it ends up with your nephew who enjoys building Christmas villages or the cousin who could use a little more cheer.

These Animated Christmas Village Houses with 4 Moving Skaters and LED Lights are from durable resin materials. It would last for seasons! This amazing Lighted Christmas Houses figure will add to your Christmas decorations.

They are also meticulously hand-crafted and intricately hand-painted by skilled artisans. It is hands-down one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids.

#3. A mini karaoke microphone


$12.00 on Amazon

This mini karaoke microphone is popular through trending TikTokers, Tinx, and Minji. This gift is ideal for kids who want to sing their hearts out or record social commentary for the entire world to hear.

It’s adorable, entertaining, and easily plugs into the headphone jack of any smartphone or tablet. It is amongst the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids.

It allows the kid to take their sound studio with them wherever they go, at any time.

#4. Printable DIY face masks

Face  Masks

$10.00 on Amazon

Let’s be honest. Wearing masks is getting old. These customizable masks are exactly what kids need to make them more enjoyable.

From the kid who despises wearing masks to the one who simply wants to show off their style, this cool kit includes everything needed to make customized, disposable face masks.

All the kid needs to do is to upload photos—or screenshots of fun designs. They can do this from a phone or computer. The next step would be to print the design on an inkjet printer. Then use the heat-activated adhesive for some no-sew style.

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#5. Soft slipper socks

Soft slipper socks

$7.99 on Amazon

Who couldn’t benefit from a cozy pair of fuzzy socks? These fleece-lined socks are part sock, part slipper, and 100% cozy. They are one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids. The fuzzy slipper socks have gripper dots on the soles and are non-skip and non-slip.

Each package contains one pair of cute slipper socks. There are also a variety of styles available for you to choose from. The multi-style and color can accommodate your kid’s needs such as school, indoor, outdoor, spring, fall, winter, or any cold weather and snow areas!

#6. A standing pencil case


$7.64 on Amazon

Everyone could benefit from an extra pencil case. These witty and ferocious zip-up pencil cases are popular with children of all ages. This pencil case features a Boba tea shape with a straw, making your life more enjoyable.

It has enough space to store and organize your belongings. It is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids.

The pencil bag has two small handles on both sides and a unique pop-up bottle design.  You can pull the top or fold it down to adjust the height of the pencil bag. You can move the pouch by pulling it up and down. It’s a pencil holder that stands on the desk and is portable.

These styles are brightly colored, funky, funny, and quirky—and they’re machine washable. These pencil cases are sure to make them smile, and they might be the only thing that makes them want to return to school after the holidays!

#7. Kids Cool Winter Gloves

Winter gloves

$16.99 on Amazon

Even if the weather is dreadful outside, your tween will sacrifice their fingertips to text their friends. These adorable gloves are also technologically advanced and will keep their hands warm.

The lightweight kid’s gloves are from elastic material and thickened super soft short plush lining with three-layer high-density. They are extra long stretchy double layer cuffs with double-shirred elastic wrists.

This helps to keep the kid’s hands 360°warm while also providing a snug fit. The outer layer of waterproof gloves keeps kids’ hands warm and dry while playing in light rain. Simple but fashionable reflective strips printed on the gloves can improve visibility and safety at night. It is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids.

#8. Organic bath bombs

Bath Bombs

$27.99 on Amazon

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a child who doesn’t enjoy bath bombs. These use kid-friendly essential oils and coconut oil, so after the fun fizzies, they can soak in a moisturizing bath. Furthermore, each of these handcrafted bombs contains a fun little surprise. These bath fizzies will float and fizz in water, giving them a vibrant color.

It is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids. These kids’ bath bombs are both safe and beautiful, making bath time a memorable experience. Aromatherapy aromas that are soothing and gentle, ideal for your child. Bath time for small children can be difficult at times, but not with this bath bomb with toys inside.

We know how much kids enjoy surprises. This is why our organic bubble bath fizzies include cool small toys the kids will love!

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#9. An improved Uno game


$10.99 on Amazon

You probably played this game a million times as a kid. The ever-popular card game that has become legendary at camping trips and family gatherings has gotten a facelift—a lot of them. There is an Uno game for every kid, from Super Mario to Minecraft to Space Jam. The deck and storage tin in UNO Minecraft has decorations of graphics from the popular video game!

As in the classic game, players match colors and numbers to the card on top of the discard pile! If you’re looking for something with a broader appeal, we recommend this deck.

#10. Slime making supplies

Slime supplies

$24.94 on Amazon

What about a color-changing slime kit for the kid who wants to stake their claim in the slime-making game? This is a cool chemistry kit that transforms into a trendy compound for them to experiment and play with. It is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids. This kit with tons of add-ins and enough slimy stuff to keep girls, boys, and kids glued to the activity for hours!

It comes with over 50 different slime supplies all in one box! 18 wacky crystal slime colors ranging from clear to purple, 12 types of glitter, various foam beads, fishbowl beads, and more!

#11. A headlamp for illumination


$12.97 on Amazon

They don’t have to be a camper to appreciate a headlamp. This clever gift can be for nighttime reading, as a handy light to help them find their way to the bathroom, and, of course, on their next camping trip. If they want to turn the White Elephant party into a dance party, it has seven different lighting modes, including a strobe.

You won’t even realize you’re wearing it. This light is ideal for long-distance runners looking for a comfortable fit, weighing only 3.2 ounces. It features an easily adjustable, ergonomically designed elastic headband.

This headlamp produces more light while using less power, resulting in up to 45 hours of run-time. It is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids.

#12. Bravery bandages with a whimsical design


$17.99 on Amazon

Welly’s bandages have a way of making every boo-boo less painful. These “Bravery Bandages” come in the cutest array of kid-friendly prints that even border on the hip. It has fun patterns and colors that allow you to proudly display your bumps and cuts. It is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids.

Each bandage comes in a clear wrapper, making it easy to find the print and pattern you need in an emergency. It is durable and has a stackable tin packaging that keeps your medicine cabinet organized. It is reusable, recyclable, and even collectible. Also, they are resistant to play and showers.

#13. A lovely prank gift

Prank Gift

$8.99 on Amazon

Part of the fun of White Elephant gifts is that you can give something to a child that you would otherwise not give. The jokesters will love this present. This gift may appear attractive, but appearances can be deceiving. Prank gift boxes appear to contain bizarre products from ridiculous companies at first glance.

Simply “Put Your Real Present Inside the Joke Box” and try to maintain a straight face while the kids try to remain gracious while thanking you for the gift. Then watch them burst out laughing when they realize you pranked them and discover their actual stuff inside.

It is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids. Kids will have hours of prankster fun, and their parents will have no idea who is to blame!

#14. Christmas lights


$13.99 on Amazon

Little kids will enjoy the magical illumination, and tweens will appreciate the ability to add ambiance to their room decor.

The USB plug allows you to connect whatever plug you want or plug it into any USB port. With a power bank, you can use the lightweight light string for camping, barbecues, and other activities.

For outdoor use, the IP65 light string can withstand normal water splashes. The led moonlights are portable and easy to use for setting the mood for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Halloween parties. It is one of the nice white elephant gift ideas for kids.

#15. A French clown hat

Clown Hat

$12.89 on Amazon

Who couldn’t benefit from a new beanie in the new year? Coal is a fantastic brand made by snow and skateboarding enthusiasts. We adore this one because of its playful and whimsical message of indulgence.

Whether your child is a pizza fan or a candy fan, this well-made hat will keep them happy and covered.


If you get stressed out while shopping for gifts that kids would enjoy, planned exchanges are the way to go. White Elephant is the ultimate fun (but intense) gift-giving exchange, from Secret Santa to an office gift exchange.

It doesn’t get much more exciting than becoming attached to a gift that may or may not be yours by the end of the night.

If you agreed to participate in White Elephant this year and are unsure what you signed up for, we hope this article helped.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good white elephant gift?

White elephant gift exchanges are always entertaining. But the best white elephant gifts are those that are a little silly but can still be useful.

What do you get for $15 in White Elephant?

You could go through the list above. The prices of each gift are below each of them. You can pick out your favorite $15 gift.

How do you play White Elephant with children?

Guests Draw a Number from a Hat – Have each guest draw a number to determine the order in which they would select the gifts. Then allow the kids to begin choosing the gifts.

How can you make white elephants more enjoyable?

Choose a gift theme and implement various game rules. Rent a karaoke machine and hold an ugly sweater contest. Bring out the holiday games.

What should the price of a white elephant gift be?

The white elephant party rules are straightforward. Everyone who attends must bring a wrapped gift worth no more than a certain amount — usually between $10 and $20.

Do you personalize white elephant gifts?

No. Make sure you wrap the gifts and have no names on them – secrecy is essential!

What exactly is a white elephant gift exchange?

A white elephant gift exchange is a fun holiday activity in which everyone brings one wrapped gift and leaves with another. Most white elephant gift exchanges work best when all of the gifts are the same price.



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