How to Apply For Unemployment in Minnesota 2023 | Full Guide

As in every other state, employees who are temporarily out of workespecially when it is through no fault of theirs, may qualify for unemployment benefits in Minnesota. This article offers a guideline on how to apply for unemployment in Minnesota.

These employees will receive temporary financial help through unemployment insurance benefits. Each state has standards for historical wages, benefit levels, and other information.

The fundamental guidelines for claiming unemployment benefits in Minnesota are listed and carefully discussed in this article.

What You Need to Know About Minnesota

Minnesota is a state in the upper midwestern part of the country. With more than 5.75 million people living there, it is the 22nd most populated and 12th biggest state in the union.

In addition to the heavily inhabited North Woods, Minnesota is also home to deciduous woods in the southeast that has been largely cleared, cultivated, and settled, as well as western plains that are now devoted to intense agriculture.

Minnesota is renowned for its outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, fishing, and winter sports, as well as for being the location of Mall of America, the biggest shopping center in the United States.

One of the finest and best areas to live in America is Minnesota. It boasts magnificent homes, excellent schools, and a low unemployment rate. It frequently ranks very high on livability indices. But if you’re Black, none of it counts nearly as much.

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Unemployment Benefits in Minnesota

Unemployment insurance is a state-federal program that offers temporary financial compensation to qualified workers who are temporarily unemployed for no fault.

Although each state runs its unemployment insurance program, they are all required to adhere to the rules set out by federal law. These benefits are only available to help unemployed people get by until they find new employment.

When you lose your job in Minnesota or see a significant reduction in your hours, apply for unemployment benefits immediately. To be deemed jobless, you must put in somewhat less than 32 hours each week of labor.

These benefits supplement income when a person is looking for employment and is unemployed, stabilizing and energizing the local economy and the person.

The Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Programs free job search assistance supplements recipients’ unemployment insurance benefits.

Also, keep in mind that it will take a week to analyze your documents before your eligibility may be determined.

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Who is Eligible for Unemployment in Minnesota?

You must be a resident of Minnesota and fulfill the following requirements to qualify for this benefit program:

  • You must be unemployed at the time of your application.
  •  You must have worked for the past year in Minnesota. In some instances, this time frame could be longer.
  •  Must have received a minimum salary as specified by Minnesota regulations
  •  You are receiving benefits while actively looking for a job every week.

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How Do I Know I Am Eligible to Apply for Unemployment in Minnesota?

Residents of Minnesota are typically considered qualified for Minnesota unemployment benefits if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Possess sufficient income during the base period to conduct the review
  •  Have the capacity and availability to accept an acceptable job when presented
  •  Legally and physically qualified to work in the United States. If a claimant is not a citizen of the United States, they should be able to provide proper work permits.
  •  Working significantly fewer hours or becoming unemployed without the claimant’s fault

Only after the original unemployment application is submitted and processed can eligibility be determined.

Minnesota law mandates that a proper procedure be followed to evaluate your eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits if you are jobless for any cause other than your employer’s inability to fill open positions.

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What Do You Need to Apply for Unemployment in Minnesota?

To ensure a seamless filing procedure, have the following information on hand before beginning your application:

Personal Information

  • (Social Security number)
  •  If you are not a US citizen, your Alien Registration number
  •  the number on a driver’s license or another state government identity
  •  Postal address
  •  Call-in number
  •  Date of birth
  •  If you wish to receive benefits by direct deposit, you will need to provide your bank account number and routing information. Direct deposit requests can also be made afterward.

Employment Background

  • the previous 18 months’ worth of employment history
  •  the name, address, and phone number of each employer
  •  employment dates (month and year)
  •  payment rate
  •  the cause of your departure from the workplace

Specific Details

  • You will want the union name and local/lodge number if you are a union member.
  •  You will want information from your DD-214 if you have served in the military within the previous 18 months.
  •  You need to get information from your SF 8 if you worked for the federal government in the last 18 months.

Knowing if you are eligible for unemployment benefits is crucial. For additional information about unemployment in Minnesota, choose one of the links below.

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What are the Eligibility Requirements to Apply for Unemployment in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, eligibility for unemployment benefits is decided on a case-by-case basis by the Department of Employment & Economic Development (DEED). To qualify for unemployment benefits in Minnesota, applicants must fulfill the following three criteria:

  • Your prior earnings must be over a certain minimum.
  •  According to Minnesota law, you must be out of a job because of someone else’s wrongdoing.
  •  You must be qualified, available, and actively looking for work.

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How Do I Apply for Unemployment in Minnesota?

There are two quick ways to apply for unemployment in Minnesota:

  • Online application
  •  Telephone application

Online Unemployment Application

Numerous claims for unemployment benefits are being processed in Minnesota now, more than ever. New candidates must submit their applications on a designated day. The benefits you get are unaffected by the day you file for benefits.

Suppose you need to submit a first-time application for unemployment benefits; use the timetable below to find out what day and when you may do so. You may only apply on the designated day.

To apply, follow the steps below:

  • Check out
  •  Go to Applicants.
  •  Then select Apply for Benefits under I Need to
  •  Input your Social Security Number under “New Applicant” on the Login screen, then click “Start.”
  •  Click the relevant link to get the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Minnesota Unemployment Insurance benefits or to find out more about any of the mentioned issue areas. Click Start the Unemployment Benefits Application if you do not want to. Fill out the fields on each page that ask for information.
  •  You will be required to examine the data you submitted and make any necessary changes before submitting the application.
  •  To submit the application for unemployment benefits, click the Submit the Unemployment Benefits Application button.
  •  Once your application has been submitted successfully, a confirmation page will appear.

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Telephone Unemployment Application

  • Call either of the following numbers to apply over the phone using an automated system – 651-296-3644 for the Twin Cities region, 877-898-9090 for Greater Minnesota, and 1-866-814-1252 for TTY (for those who are hard of hearing):
  •  Decide the language to use (English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali). Press 1 and follow the instructions to talk to a rep and ask for an interpreter if you require assistance in a different language.
  •  Provide your Social Security number.
  •  Select either Frequently Asked Questions or Apply for Benefits if your Social Security number is not recognized.
  •  Observe the directions.
  •  You will be routed to a customer service representative to finish your application when the call has ended.

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When Should I Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Minnesota?

When your hours are drastically cut, or you lose your job, you can make an application for unemployment the same week. You are not considered jobless for the week if you work 32 or even more hours.

What Happens After I Submit My Application for Unemployment Benefits?

Your application must be processed for many weeks before you may begin receiving unemployment benefits. While your claim is being processed or your appeal is ongoing, submit a weekly claim online.

File your weekly claims on time, please. Every week, make the necessary contacts for your job hunt and keep a record of your efforts. You should keep track of your weekly job searches in this employment search journal.

When completing your weekly claim, list all employment and income. Report your gross pay for the workweek, excluding any deductions and taxes. Only report your wages once you have been paid. 

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How Much Will I Recieve for Unemployment in Minnesota?

Your weekly average gross pay for the base period will be the basis for your unemployment benefits, which will be capped at $597 at the state level.

The biggest of your highest quarter’s base period earnings split by 26, reaching a maximum of $385, or overall total base period earnings divided by 104, up to a maximum of $597, will be your weekly benefit amount.

How to Manage Unemployment in Minnesota

You will need to finish a weekly certification to get your weekly unemployment payment and to continue getting it regularly.

This weekly request can be made online or over the phone by dialing the above numbers and using the self-service system. Your weekly certification may be completed in only a few simple steps:

  • Register with your current account.
  •  “Request a Benefit Payment” should be chosen.
  •  Respond to the inquiries from the previous week so that the state of Minnesota to assess if you remain qualified for further unemployment compensation. Report all labor hours and earnings from all jobs, including side jobs and self-employment.

How Long Will I Receive Unemployment Benefits in Minnesota?

Depending on the earnings you made during the benchmark of your benefits account, you can get a maximum benefit term of between 11 and 26 weeks.

This will be the lesser of your weekly total pay times 26 or your base pay for the whole base period divided by 3.

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What If My Unemployment Claim is Denied?

The appeal must be submitted by mail, fax, or online by the deadline stated in your determination letter. Instructions regarding how to appeal are included in this form.

Although losing your job is never simple, financial assistance is available in these unusual circumstances. If you feel you are eligible, consider applying for Minnesota unemployment.


Who Pays for Unemployment Insurance Benefits in Minnesota?

Employers in Minnesota pay a levy that funds unemployment insurance payouts. The financial toll unemployment has on people, families, communities, and the state of Minnesota’s economy is lessened thanks to this unemployment insurance program.

Who can apply for unemployment?

Minnesota unemployment eligibility requirement:

You must be unemployed at the time of your application.
 You must have worked for the past year in Minnesota. In some instances, this time frame could be longer.
 Must have received a minimum salary as specified by Minnesota regulations
 You are receiving benefits while actively looking for a job every week.

How long can I get unemployment?

Unemployment insurance benefits can often last up to 26 weeks, but you must spend them the year after the date you applied. You must call or log into your account every week to request perks.


It’s tough getting through life when you have just been laid off from work. However, unemployment benefits in Minnesota are a great way to keep things going until you can get back on track.

We hope you found this guide on how to apply for unemployment in Minnesota helpful. Also, we have complete guides on how to apply for unemployment benefits in other states. Do well to check them out.


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