15 Highest Paid Lawyers In New York City

Come to think of it, if you intend to study law in New York, then getting the details about the highest-paid lawyers in New York may be informative and entertaining. 

Here, we will be discussing lawyers who have a net worth that is at least seven digits long. 

Whose salaries are more than 90% above the national average? What type of lawyers are they? And how did they become so financially successful?

These experts have handled various situations, from the most significant and commonplace to the most intriguing and outlandish. They have built an enormous fortune throughout their lengthy careers and continue to be recognized as the most innovative and hard-working people in their respective industries.

Which Type Of Lawyers In New York City Earn The Highest Salaries?

Considering that some lawyers appear more well-paid than others is a little confusing. If you aren’t familiar with the legal profession, it may be challenging to comprehend the large gap between the salaries of different attorneys.

So, with that in mind, let’s talk about which legal specialties you can find the highest-paid lawyers in New York.

Below is a list of the highest-paid lawyer’s jobs in New York

Medical Lawyers

Annual Salary: From $150,881.

The highest-paid lawyers in New York City are often those who specialize in medicine. This type of lawyer offers their customers various medical law-related legal services and advice. Most medical lawyers work for health care facilities, such as clinics and hospitals.

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Annual Salary- $141,000

An IP is a shortened form of “intellectual property.” Most of the time, they are the second-highest paid lawyers in New York City. In intellectual property law, three separate categories must be well-versed and knowledgeable. These categories are trademarks, patents, and copyrights. 

A patent attorney specializes in securing the rights of inventors and preventing others from copying their work during the patent’s validity.

Trial Lawyers

Annual Salary – $101,000

To keep up with current trends and changes in the legislation, trial lawyers must be well-versed in all areas of the law. They must be aware of precedents to handle new cases. 

If they want to win their cases, they must be able to recognize the tiniest factors that could have a significant impact on them. Successful trial lawyers are confident and well-versed in the law. They are the 3rd highest-paid lawyers in New York City.

Corporate Lawyers 

Annual Salary- $98,822 

There is an average salary of $98,000 per year for Corporate Layers. However, some of the most successful can earn more than $100,000 annually, while others can earn as little as $66,000. 

The average annual salary is $98,000. Clients seek the advice of a corporate lawyer on legal issues relating to a wide range of commercial transactions, including the sale of companies, purchases, and mergers. 

They scrutinize the legalese they prepare for their clients, mostly corporations and businesses, as they sift through offers and prepare contracts. There are the highest-paid

Tax Attorney

Annual Salary- $99,000

A tax attorney’s salary is $99,690 per year.

With an average annual pay of $98,640, tax attorneys earn between $80,000 and $105,000. 

This type of lawyer represents a company when it comes to dealing with government taxing bodies, such as federal, state, and municipal. 

Tax attorneys must prepare legal documents involving liabilities and tax savings for the benefit of their clients, a duty they take very seriously. Tax laws in the United States are constantly evolving, and tax attorneys must keep up with the latest changes as they are passed or proposed.

 If there are any proposed changes to the law, they must be aware of the dates and times. Because of this, in addition to their regular duties, they must conduct extensive research and study. They are the fifth highest-paid lawyers in New York.

Is It Worthwhile To Become A Lawyer?

It’s easy to fantasize about the respect, status, and excellent compensation of a lawyer job. Still, there’s a significant gap between that and practicing law professionally. 

You’ve probably overheard someone saying that a profession as a lawyer isn’t as glamorous as people make it out to be. You need to acquire all the information before you embark on a career path that can have more negatives than positives.

Although being a lawyer has many advantages, these are disadvantages that are certainly not anything to scoff at. It is essential to have a complete understanding of the situation before making a choice. 

Listed below are some of the things to think about before going into the legal profession.

The path to becoming a lawyer is not one for those who are easily discouraged.

After a student has been accepted into law school, they would have to spend 3 years participating in academic coursework and clerkships or internships. 

#2. The expense of obtaining an education

Although it is difficult to deny the great earning potential of a lawyer, it is essential to keep in mind that this potential is often offset by a significant amount of student loan debt. By graduating, undergraduate students typically have accumulated slightly over $139,000 in student loan debt.

#3. The uncertain state of the job market’s future

Do you think it’s simple to get hired when you have a legal degree? Certainly not in every case. Even though the BLS forecasts that the employment of lawyers will continue to expand at a rate of six percent through the year 2024, the legal profession market’s future is still uncertain.

#4. A sometimes stressful work environment

Because of the practice of billing clients for time spent on cases, attorneys working for large corporations can anticipate working substantially above the standard 40-hour norm.

Oftentimes, lawyers have demanding schedules and hefty workloads, both of which may lead to increased levels of stress.

Is it worthwhile to become a lawyer? That is something that you can only decide.

Who are the highest-paid lawyers in New York City

Below is a list of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City. 

Joseph W. Belluck

Joseph W. Belluck is one of the founding partners of Belluck & Fox and has significant experience working on the firm’s cases involving asbestos and mesothelioma. He has spent his whole legal career advocating for the rights of wounded employees and consumers, and he is known for his compassion and dedication.  

Joe’s expertise in the fields of asbestos has earned him a national reputation for excellence. His legal work and high ethical standards have garnered him great wealth in recent years, making him one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York.

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Jeffrey A. Block

Jeffrey A. Block formed what is now known as Block O’Toole & Murphy in 1989. As founder of this esteemed firm, he is one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City. Mr. Block has handled many cases for the firm, including medical malpractice cases and construct accidents, making him one of New York’s Super Lawyers

Education- he graduated from Brooklyn Law School.

Stephen J. Murphy

Stephen J. Murphy is known for his courtroom expertise. He currently devotes much of his time to catastrophic personal injury and construction accident cases at Block O’Toole & Murphy 

He was a homicide prosecutor before he joined the firm early. Also, he has been ranked among the top 5% of lawyers in New York City as a “New York Super Lawyer” from 2010 to 2019. 

Additionally, he’s racked up more than $350 million for his clients over the same time, making him one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City. 

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Bradley A. Sacks

Bradley A. Sacks is a formidable litigator; he has been included on the list of New York Metro Super Lawyers every single year since 2009. He is one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City.

Education- Mr. Sacks received his Bachelor of Arts in American History from Clark University in Worcester in 1974. After that, he completed his studies at Brooklyn Law School and was granted permission to practice law in May 2003.

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Seni Popat

As the firm’s founding attorney, Seni Popat has over a decade of expertise representing clients in court.

 He is a Queens, New York bankruptcy and personal injury attorney who has appeared before several judges, settlement conferences, state and federal court hearings, arbitrations, and jurors. 

Seni’s hands-on style is well-known. His peers have officially designated him as one of New York’s Super Lawyers for his amazing track record of outstanding case outcomes.

John Dalli

John Dalli is a co-founder of Dalli & Marino, a personal injury law firm in New York City specializing in nursing home abuse, neglect, bedsores, and sexual abuse.

 The firm is located in New York City. He has represented clients in hundreds of lawsuits involving injuries sustained by senior citizens in New York. In addition to that, he is an active participant in the Columbian Lawyers Association. He is one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City. 

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Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller is one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York. He is also the co-founder of the prestigious law firm: Kuhn chosen. His focus is on litigation and trial practice, particularly in the areas of workers’ compensation and employment law. His practice is primarily in the United States. 

Education: Steve earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Memphis and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Memphis’ Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law. Both schools are located on the University of Memphis campus. 

John Ponterio

John is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.

While working at Dwyer & Brennan, John primarily focused on insurance defense and ERISA-related issues. To form the law office of Schwartz & Ponterio, John teamed up with Matthew Schwartz in 2005.

All aspects of civil litigation are handled by John, although he specializes in legal malpractice and personal injury cases. In addition, he assists with the drafting of wills and the closure of real estate transactions.

Education- John Ponterio is a New York University and Brooklyn Law School, he is one of New York’s Super Lawyers.

Jeffrey Chabrowe

Jeffrey is the founder of the Law Office of Jeffrey Chabrowe in New York City. He is known nationally as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the country.

Jeffrey has worked for over 20 years to protect the rights and best interests of clients in the New York City area who are facing severe criminal charges.

Education- In 1993, Mr. Chabrowe got his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University. In 1998, he got his law degree from Fordham University School of Law.

Igor B. Litvak

Igor B. Litvak, a lawyer who specializes in criminal defense and who is based in Brooklyn, New York, established The Litvak Law Firm. In the areas of law known as assault, cybercrime, domestic violence, drug crimes, DWI/DUI defense, white collar crimes, homicide, and sex offenses, he offers his services to clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island.

Education- Mr. Litvak attended Rutgers Law School to acquire his law degree after graduating from Baruch College – Zicklin School of Business with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing management and political science.

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Steven Goldberg

Steven Goldberg is a partner at Goldberg McCone LLP in New York City. He only practices tax law and helps people and businesses all over the region with tax audits, criminal tax defense, international transactions and how they affect taxes, and IRS collection efforts. 

Education- Mr. Goldburd went to Brooklyn College as an undergrad, earning a Bachelor of Science in accounting. Then, he went to Fordham University School of Law to study law. In 2003, he got his Juris Doctor degree.

Mercedes Colwin

Mercedes Colwin helps people with a wide range of legal issues, such as criminal defense, product liability, and civil rights violations. Ms. Colwin is in charge of running the Gordon & Rees, LLP office in New York City. Ms. Colwin has been praised by both her peers and the general public.

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Darren P.B. Rumack

Darren P.B. Rumack is a New York City labor and employment attorney

Mr. Rumack has vast experience in both single plaintiff and class action lawsuits. He is one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City.

Education- Mr. Rumack is an alumnus of Cornell University’s New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial and labor relations. 

Above all, he is one of the best in his field and of New York’s super lawyers.


He is the senior partner of Golomb and Longo and specializes in handling personal injury situations in which catastrophic injuries are involved.

Golomb is a tenacious litigator who will stop at nothing to obtain maximum compensation on behalf of victims of negligence. Mr. Golomb has been in the legal profession for more than four decades and is one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City.

Education: After graduating from Cornell University in 1970, he acquired a bachelor’s degree in English from St. John’s University School of Law. 

Timothy J. Maier

Timothy J. Maier is a patent, intellectual property, and trademark lawyer. He represents clients from all over the world. He is one of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City. 

Education Mr. Maier earned his bachelor’s degree in 1996 from Vanderbilt University and his Juris Doctor in 2000 from George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School, where he concentrated on patent law.

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Final Thoughts 

From reading the article, it is clear that even though all lawyers belong to the same profession and share the same name, some specialties within the legal profession earn more money than others. Look at our list of the highest-paid lawyers in New York City to get an idea of the areas of law in which they specialize. I sincerely hope it will assist you in deciding which path to take.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ?

How is it possible for a lawyer to make seven figures?

Here are some of the steps a lawyer can take to make up to seven figures
1. Manage your legal practice as you would any other enterprise. You went to school for law because it is a respectable profession, but the seven-figure barrier in your law practice, you need to run it like a business
2. Concentrate on a specific subfield
3. Identify your ideal target market
4. Take care to monitor the financial health of your company.

How much money do the most successful lawyers in New York City make?

Although ZipRecruiter has received salaries ranging from as high as $271,604 to as low as $13,116, the bulk of Lawyer salaries is currently in the range of $71,043 to $123,506.

Which subspecialty of law brings in the highest money for its practitioners in New York?

The annual salaries of medical lawyers are often the highest of all legal specialties. This category of legal professionals offers their clientele a wide range of medical law-related legal advice and services to meet their needs.

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