15 Highest-Paid Jobs in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City is a big city with a lot of Western history and warm Southern hospitality. If you’re considering moving to Oklahoma, you’ll be glad to know that it’s a great place to work, live, and play for many reasons. 

We outlined the highest-paid jobs in Ohio below. We also have the job outlook and pros of working in Oklahoma. Keep reading. 

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Job Outlook in Oklahoma

You might be job hunting, or need to change jobs after you move to Oklahoma. No problem. A recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that Oklahoma has one of the lowest unemployment rates of all states.

The U.S. Department of Defense, Walmart, and the Chickasaw Nation gaming business are all prominent and well-known employers in the state. Oklahoma also has many people working in the energy business. The headquarters of several Fortune 500 companies whose main energy business is in Oklahoma.

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Pros of Working in Oklahoma

#1. Job Stability

Oklahoma has a lot to offer in terms of jobs and businesses. The once oil-rich state now has a stable economy because of well-developed industries. There are operations for some Fortune 500 companies here, like BancFirst, Chesapeake Energy, Continental Resources, Devon Energy, and Paycom. 

Also, Oklahoma is home to many new businesses, drawn mainly by the state’s huge cost savings. There are a lot of startup events, incubators, and co-working spaces. They can get your creative juices flowing if you want to make a career out of innovation.

The job markets in cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa are especially strong.

#2. Housing in Oklahoma

The cost of living here is very low. Oklahoma has a lot of space, and it’s not too expensive either. You’ll get a lot for your money in terms of housing and just about everything else. It is the 20th largest state in the country. 

It also doesn’t have as many people, so you can live well there without spending a fortune. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a mansion, this could be your chance!

Zillow says that the median home value in Oklahoma is $124,800, while the median home value in the rest of the country is $229,600. 

Oklahoma’s rental prices are also meager. The average rent in Oklahoma City, the state capital, is only $774/month and the average rent in Tulsa is about $697/month.

In general, the cost of living is also low.

#3. Low Cost of Living

Not only is housing in Oklahoma cheap, but so are utilities, food, and entertainment. 

If you’re moving to Oklahoma from a pricey city like New York or Los Angeles. You can not only live in a big house, but you can also go to clubs and the movies without spending a fortune. 

This sounds like a great mix!

According to US News, Oklahoma has the second-cheapest cost of living and the seventh-cheapest housing in the country. 

Still, it’s important to remember that Oklahoma’s minimum wage, $7.25/hour, is also low.

#4. Fewer people and no rush hour

You’ll love it here if you don’t like being in crowded places. Even big cities like Oklahoma City and Tulsa aren’t as busy as big cities in other states.

The best part is that getting around here is easy because there isn’t much traffic.

The people who live here brag that there is no rush hour. Because of this benefit, most people would move their whole lives to Oklahoma.

#5. Differences of culture

According to the World Population Review, Oklahoma has a median age of 36, but almost a quarter of its people are under 18.

 It has a lot of young people because it is cheap to rent and has good colleges and universities. This has increased the student population.

There are 237,895 units, and 90,139 of them are not family homes.

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15 highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma

#1. General Internal Medicine Physicians

Salary: $205,590

General Internal medicine Physicians have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. They help in the prevention of illness, disease, or damage. They also prescribe or deliver medicine, treatment, and other specialized medical care. 

In addition, they manage and treat common health issues in adolescents, adults, and the elderly. 

This may include infections, influenza, or pneumonia, as well as acute, chronic, and complicated disorders.

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#2. Family Medicine Physicians

Salary: $195,620 

Family medicine physicians have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. They offer preventative care, vaccines, primary care, and treatment. 

Health education, prescription prescribing, ordering and interpreting lab testing, physical examinations, STD screenings, vision/hearing, women’s health, family planning, maternity treatments, and nutrition are also in their job descriptions.

#3. Podiatrists

Salary: $194,020

A podiatrist is a foot specialist. Podiatrists assist patients in caring for their lower limbs, especially the foot and ankle. They may also assist elderly persons in reducing their risk of falling. 

Podiatrists have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

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#4. General Paediatricians

Salary: $187,780 

A general paediatrician is a doctor who treats children of all ages to keep them healthy and thriving. Paediatrician employment requirements include getting a medical degree. 

They may also complete a pediatric residency and obtain licensing. General paediatricians have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

#5. Nurse Anesthetists

Salary: $168,450 

A nurse anaesthetist gives patients pain medicine (anaesthesia) before, during, and after surgery. They deliver drugs to keep patients sleepy or pain-free throughout the surgery. 

Nurse anaesthetists continually check the patient’s biological functions. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

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#6. Mining and Geological Engineers

Salary: $162,720 

Mining and Geological Engineers in mining, safety, and geology identify, extract, and prepare minerals. They also extract coal and metals for use in industry and energy generation. 

These engineers supervise mine shaft and tunnel construction. They design underground mines and coordinate material delivery to processing plants. 

Mining and geological engineers have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

#7. General Dentists

Salary: $154,070 

General dentists examine the medical records of patients. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. General dentists prepare patients for therapy (e.g. by applying oral sedation or anaesthesia). 

In addition, they diagnose dental disorders, examine the teeth, gums, and other areas of the mouth, as well as take X-rays, and do tests. 

They also clean the teeth, eliminate any plaque, recognize dental decay, and treat cavities with fillings.

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#8. Orthodontists

Salary: $152,220 

Orthodontists have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. They help to establish treatment plans for patients and examine patient data, including dental histories, plaster models of teeth, and X-rays. 

Treatment strategies and cost estimates are usually discussed with patients. They use various diagnostic techniques to determine the state of a patient’s teeth.

#9. Petroleum Engineers

Salary: $132,610 

Petroleum engineers assist in the discovery of oil and gas for the country’s energy demands. Petroleum engineers design and develop ways of obtaining oil and gas from subsurface resources. 

They also develop novel methods for extracting oil and gas from older wells. 

Those in this career field have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma.

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#10. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Salary: $131,460 

Architectural and engineering managers supervise a variety of operations. This is based on their understanding of architecture or engineering. 

They direct and organize construction activities or manufacturing activities. These include production, operations, quality assurance, testing, or maintenance. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

#11. Geoscientists (Except Hydrologists and Geographers)

Salary: $127,280 

Geoscientists investigate the Earth’s composition, structure, and other physical features. Geological, physics, and mathematics expertise may be mostly applied in the search for oil, gas, minerals, or subsurface water. Waste disposal, land reclamation, and other environmental issues are not left out.

They may also investigate the Earth’s interior composition, atmospheres, and oceans. This includes its magnetic, electrical, and gravitational forces. Mineralogists, palaeontologists, stratigraphers, geodesists, and seismologists are among those who work in this field.

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#12. Physician Assistants

Salary: $127,240 

Physician assistants make rounds and examine patients and also diagnose illness. They also provide assistance during surgery, order and interpret laboratory and X-ray tests.

They write medication prescriptions and create and implement treatment plans in a few cases. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

#13 Pharmacists

Salary: $126,420 

Pharmacists are responsible for ensuring that medications get administered by the law. They ensure that the medicines supplied to patients are appropriate.

Pharmacists also educate patients on medications, including how to take them, potential side effects, and addressing patients’ questions. 

They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

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#14. Economists

Salary: $126,040 

They are in charge of developing financial and economic projections and models. 

An economist’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Assessing huge volumes of data.
  • Accurately investigating market trends.
  • Designing firm strategies to solve difficulties.
  • Developing economic policies.

They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

#15. Computer Hardware Engineers

Salary: $120,300 

Computer hardware engineers are responsible for the research, design, and development. They also test computer systems and components such as circuit boards. 

Computer hardware engineers are responsible for computer systems research, design, development, and testing. 

They also study components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers. Computer hardware engineers have one of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma. 

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Oklahoma has done better than most states when it comes to income growth. The Bureau of Economic Analysis recently looked at the numbers and found that Oklahoma was one of the top three states with the highest percentage growth in earnings since 2009. 

Oklahoma’s economy was also one of the top five in the country in terms of how fast it grew. This makes the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma a great bet. These jobs are all on an uptrend. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on 15 Highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma

Is it a good idea to move to Oklahoma for any of the highest-paid jobs in Oklahoma?

Yes. If you want to live in a state with great weather where you can see all four seasons in a year, you should move to Oklahoma. Oklahoma has a strong economy, a booming job market, and a growing number of people in their 20s and 30s. This makes it one of the best places in the country for startups and investors.

Which state is better, Oklahoma or Texas?

The CNBC rankings said that Oklahoma had the lowest cost of living in the country. Texas came in ninth, not too far behind. When income and property taxes are mostly taken into account, it looks like the average Texan still does better than their Oklahoman cousins.

How often do people working for the state of Oklahoma get paid?

Some Oklahoma agencies pay their workers monthly, while others pay them every two weeks.

How old do you have to be in Oklahoma to be able to retire?

62. If you have worked as a Justice or judge for at least 10 years and are at least 62 years old, you can start getting full retirement benefits without any cuts.

Is Oklahoma a nice state to live in?

Travel+Leisure studied “America’s Friendliest Cities,” and OKC came in at No. 5 on their list. A survey found that OKC was the city in the U.S. where people were the least rude and snobby.



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