Top 10 Youtube Channels for Chemistry

The good news is here. You no longer need to spend much time searching the library for study resources. This problem can be resolved with a quick search and click on the chemistry-related YouTube channels. Since it demands dedication and endurance, chemistry is not a career for the weak of heart.

You might significantly improve by using additional resources, such as YouTube channels for chemistry students. By the end of 2022, it is anticipated that YouTube, the second-most popular social media network after Facebook, will have over 2.6 billion active members and reach 210 million viewers in the United States alone.

According to recent studies, the most watched YouTube content ranges from music and entertainment videos to instructional and humorous ones.

As a result, learning is no longer confined to formal education settings and textbooks. You may watch instructional video files on your laptop or smartphone from anywhere.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top YouTube channels for chemistry students to watch.

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Why study chemistry?

The study of matter, such as atoms or molecules, and how they interact chemically is known as chemistry. The field is quite large because matter constitutes everything. To do their jobs well, chemists frequently need a solid understanding of mathematics, physics, biology, and other physical sciences.

You will take theoretical and practical modules throughout your undergraduate chemistry degree to ensure you have the information and technical skills you need to flourish as a chemist.

1. Chemistry is everywhere

The study of chemistry focuses on the elements that make up our universe. Chemical processes produce everything you can touch, wear, consume, or drink. Studying chemistry lets you discover how the world functions and how things like medicines are made.

2. Career options

Applying your subject-specific expertise in various areas, such as biochemistry, environmental issues, or pharmaceutical research, is a big benefit of having a chemistry degree. An undergraduate chemistry degree covers all the prerequisites for pursuing a career in your desired field.

3. Transferable skills

You will learn a lot of practical skills while pursuing a degree in chemistry. The skills you acquire will be beneficial in fields unrelated to chemistry, even if your degree is designed to offer you the knowledge and abilities you need for a career in the field. These may consist of:

  • Researching
  • Critical thinking
  • Spoken and written English skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Data analysis.

4. Postgraduate opportunities

If you decide that continued study is right for you, there is a clear path forward once you graduate from chemistry. Because they are frequently more specialized and focused than undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees are excellent for diving further into your field of study. In a competitive employment market, having a Masters degree also helps you stand out.

5. Improve the world

Chemistry has the potential to improve people’s lives, just like the other sciences do. Creating new chemicals, materials, and medications is very satisfying. Chemists provide solutions to both personal and commercial issues.

6. Creative thinking

Chemistry has the potential to improve people’s lives, just like the other sciences do. Creating new chemicals, materials, and medications is very satisfying. Chemists provide solutions to both personal and commercial issues.

Top 10 youtube channels for chemistry

#1. Professor Dave Explains

2.02M subscribers


One of the most popular science channels on YouTube, Professor Dave Explains, has over 1.8 million subscribers, making it one of the top YouTube channels for chemistry students. Being able to fully utilize a library of science videos that has grown from a small number of isolated movies.

Dave Farina studied chemistry and has a master’s degree in both chemistry and science education. Before turning to YouTube, he had ten years of teaching experience. The following playlists of videos are available to you:

  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Chemistry
  • Biological Sciences
  • Biomedical Topics
  • Life Sciences/Earth Sciences
  • Mathematics

Under the chemistry section, you’ll be able to benefit from videos from:

  • General Chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Inorganic/Organometallic chemistry
  • General chemistry practice problems

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#2. American Chemical Society

45.6K subscribers


The American Chemical Society is a committed group that supports chemistry research and instruction. Contrary to expectations, their channel doesn’t contain any chemistry-related instructive films. Instead, it collects information such as press announcements from leading chemical makers and interviews with prominent chemists in the sector. This channel is highly recommended for aspiring scientists and professionals. It is ranked second on the top ten list of Youtube channels for chemistry.

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#3. Periodic Videos

1.56M subscribers


Periodic Videos, created by the University of Nottingham, entered the list of top YouTube channels for chemistry since it has been operating for ten years and has a substantial back catalog of videos to view. Even one playlist provides each element’s attributes in the periodic table in chronological order. 

Their demonstrations and experiments are the things that first piqued our interest in chemistry. Because of their consumable, brief movies, you won’t feel confined to a lecture hall. There are other channels for that, but Periodic Videos excel in bringing back the original motivation for studying Chemistry.

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1.99K subscribers


An initiative of the University of Manchester, CAMERA (Chemistry At Manchester Explains Research Advances) is a collection of brief videos highlighting the Chemistry Department’s efforts. While part of it might sound promotional, which it undoubtedly is, CAMERA outlines some of the key areas of contemporary chemistry research and some of the practical applications of the chemistry the school performs. 

This channel on this list of youtube channels for chemistry is a fantastic method to see the field of chemistry from a larger perspective than that of the classroom and chemistry lab at school if you are a student debating whether to take a degree in chemistry.

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#5. LearnChemE

151K subscribers


LearnChemE was created by the University of Colorado at Boulder professors with a specific target market. LearnChemE contains hundreds of screencasts that might be used as your university professor’s lecture instead of experiments or demonstrations of interesting chemical reactions.

This is extremely technical content that is best viewed by someone already well-versed in the area to brush up on a topic or learn something new. It is not intended for the casual viewer of chemistry videos.

They offer a wide variety of engineering and science movies as well, so their videos are not simply restricted to chemistry. This should unquestionably be at the top of your list of the finest YouTube Channels for chemistry if you want to learn more about intriguing chemistry topics.

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#6. Tyler DeWitt

1.23M subscribers


High school chemistry teacher Tyler DeWitt has amassed a sizable following by simplifying the essential ideas covered in an AP or Intro Chemistry course for students who have difficulty understanding the curriculum. While this will be elementary information for experts in the subject, Tyler Dewitt’s videos are a priceless resource for students just beginning their education or those who need assistance getting through a challenging class. If you’re a beginner, you should add this channel to your recommended YouTube channels for chemistry. 

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#7. ChemistNATE

221K subscribers


ChemistNATE offers educational screencasts on a range of High School and University level chemistry topics, just like the past two entries on our list of the best YouTube channels for chemistry. How is ChemistNATE different from other chemistry-related YouTube channels? ChemistNATE’s videos tend to be more focused on providing answers to specific concerns that arise in lower-level chemistry classes and may not be covered as entirely in other channels rather than offering education on a wide topic.

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#8. CEN Online

21.8K subscribers


Chemical & Engineering News, a journal of the American Chemical Society, has a YouTube channel called CEN Online. The substance of the films on the American Chemical Society channel tends to be more timeless. In contrast, CEN Online concentrates on recent business news that is especially pertinent to chemistry professionals who are now employed.

This should be on your list of the top YouTube channels for chemistry if you’re a working chemist because it’s a valuable resource for knowledge that will keep you current at work.

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#9. Chemical Bouillon

The declared goal of Chemical Bouillon is to combine chemicals with seeing if any interesting or cool patterns, colors, or other visual effects result. The videos that Chemical Bouillon creates of these reactions are then shared with the public as an abstract kind of art. Chemical Bouillon reminds us that sometimes chemistry is just enjoyable to mess about and see what occurs without necessarily being educational.

5.91K subscribers


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#10. NurdRage

774K subscribers


Nurdrage is the last on this list of the top YouTube channels for chemistry. Practical chemistry is the focus of NurdRage. Their films cover a wide range of topics, including how to make glow sticks and thermite. These are the kinds of videos that chemistry students or professionals can unknowingly spend their entire lunch hour binge-watching. You also wouldn’t be alone, since NurdRage has received over 90 million views since their launch in 2008.

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You can obtain original and interesting instructional information on YouTube, a great approach to augmenting digital learning.

These are just a few of the thousands of YouTube channels for chemistry that provide both entertaining and educational content.

With this variety of options, you now have a better opportunity of studying crucial subjects through fun, enjoyable, and interactive films.

FAQs on Youtube channels for chemistry

What is chemistry?

The study of matter, such as atoms or molecules, and how they interact chemically is known as chemistry. The field is quite large because matter constitutes everything.

Are there YouTube channels for chemistry?

Yes. Our list of best YouTube channels for chemistry is suitable for chemistry students.

Can I learn from YouTube channels?

Yes. You can learn varieties of courses from YouTube channels.

Are subscriptions free for YouTube channels?

Yes. They are free.



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